XSF Discussion - 2018-12-04

  1. pep.

    "Movim has been and will always be a Free Software", you want to say "free software" without "a" I'd say, I think it doesn't mean what you think otherwise

  2. pep.

    edhelas: ^

  3. ralphm

    There's contention about such grammar. I think both are defendable.

  4. ralphm

    Similarly some people regard data as a singular, some as plural.

  5. pep.

    Fun, more chances to disturb the enemy^W^Wforeigners

  6. pep.


  7. ralphm

    Well, sure. Software is officially a mass noun, but language is fluid.

  8. ralphm

    And the word data is from Latin datum, so plural, but nowadays also used as a mass noun, which takes a singular form.