XSF Discussion - 2018-12-24

  1. neshtaxmpp

    happy christmans familly.

  2. mimi89999

    Would it be possible to add registering against a MUC server and subscribing to rooms to XEP-0357 or would that require a new XEP?

  3. Ge0rG

    > For the last step, the App Client sends an IQ-set to the user's bare JID with an <enable /> element qualified by the 'urn:xmpp:push:0' namespace Just send that to the MUC JID and be done.

  4. Ge0rG

    mimi89999: you should register with individual MUCs, not with the domain

  5. mimi89999

    Ge0rG: I think that it would be better to register with the MUC server and subscribe to individual MUCs.

  6. Zash


  7. Zash

    There's nothing else like that in MUC/XMPP

  8. Zash

    Interactions are generally with individual rooms.

  9. Ge0rG

    mimi89999: how would you "subscribe"?

  10. mimi89999

    With an IQ sent to the MUC JID?

  11. mimi89999

    Would allow to avoid generating a secret for every room.

  12. mimi89999

    Or token

  13. Ge0rG

    Can't you reuse the same token everywhere?

  14. mimi89999

    Nah. They are constantly refreshed...