XSF Discussion - 2018-12-27

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  231. Ge0rG According to my calendar, Board meeting is imminent.
  232. Ge0rG ralphm: that mail I sent to you and to info@xmpp.org re use of the trademark for JabberSPAM, are there any news on this?
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  235. Guus stumbles in.
  236. nyco hi all
  237. Guus Ge0rG Is this related to the SJ-client (previously: SafetyJabber) that was discussed a couple of days ago?
  238. Guus (just curious, I don't have any updates for you)
  239. MattJ Unrelated
  240. MattJ And hi :)
  241. Guus o/
  242. Guus ralphm, Seve you guys here?
  243. Guus Given the time of year, we'd best progress without them I think.
  244. Guus swings ralphm's might hamm^?^?^?^?gavel
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  246. MattJ Wfm. Note that I'm joined by phone, can't access trello
  247. Guus Roll call: I've seen MattJ and nyco
  248. nyco yep
  249. MattJ Or probably can, if it is public
  250. Guus Agenda: given our low turnout and the season, I'd not mind keeping this one short.
  251. MattJ +1
  252. Guus I think it's public, Mattj: https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings
  253. nyco agree
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  255. Guus Does anyone want to add something to the agenda?
  256. nyco nope
  257. MattJ Not I
  258. Guus and, while we wait for that feedback: would someone be so kind as to step forward and do our minutes?
  259. nyco sure
  260. Guus Preferably not a board member, but beggars can't be choosers...
  261. Guus thanks nyco
  262. Ge0rG isn't sure what the current process for jabber trademark is
  263. Ge0rG But last time it *also* required a board vote.
  264. Guus Ge0rG let me circle back to that during AOB
  265. Guus which I expect will be in a few seconds from now...
  266. Guus 1. Meeting with Peter
  267. Guus didn't happen - we've exchanged some dates, but communication broke down during the holidays.
  268. MattJ NP, as long as there is progress
  269. Guus Which I think also covers the "financials" & "search for ED" agenda items, unless someone wants to add anything.
  270. Guus MattJ - I'm confident we'll get there, eventually. 🙂
  271. Guus 2. Summit & Fosdem
  272. Guus A schedule was released for talks in the DevRoom
  273. Guus not a Board thingy per-se, but it's interesting to see a number of XMPP-related talks on there.
  274. Guus I don't have anything else to report besides that. Anyone?
  275. nyco hotel? venue for summit?
  276. nyco just for info
  277. Guus venue will be Cisco, hotel undetermined.
  278. Guus 3. GSoC
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  280. Guus We previously agreed to wait until mid-January to see if someone steps forward to act as an org admin.
  281. Guus I've not heard from anyone so far.
  282. Guus We might want to renew the call for one, but other than that, I don't think there's much to do there.
  283. nyco we should re-issue a call for orgadmin?
  284. Guus I'll follow up on the email I sent earlier.
  285. Guus woudl that work for youj?
  286. nyco maybe it has to be done on a regular basis, like weekly?
  287. nyco yep
  288. Guus I don't think spamming the members would help.
  289. nyco oh
  290. Guus and probably only annoy people
  291. nyco I see
  292. Guus k?
  293. MattJ Wfm
  294. Guus 4. AOB.
  295. Guus Ge0rG, you had something.
  296. Guus I've not worked on/with Jabber trademark issues myself. From a quick google, this seems like an appropriate place to start: https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/jabber-trademark/
  297. Guus knowing you, you've already found that, so it must have issues for you to bring this topic up.
  298. Guus A bare-bone process is described here: https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/jabber-trademark/license-decision-process.html
  299. Guus Ge0rG, can you specify your question/remark?
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  301. Guus While we wait for Ge0rG to alt-tab back, any other AOBs?
  302. nyco not from me
  303. Guus to use this as somewhat of a soapbox: To work around complexity of parts of the infrastructure being maintained by individuals, I've created a github organization that holds all code for the IM-observatory.
  304. Guus I'd like to invite anyone interested in contributing to join us at https://github.com/xmpp-observatory
  305. Guus note that this is not a XSF activity
  306. Guus (I'm not sure why, but as some people insist it's not, it's not).
  307. Guus Ge0rG - going once, going twice...
  308. Guus 5. Date of next
  309. Guus although I expect most will still be in holidays-mode, let's aim for +1w again
  310. nyco probabilities are low for me +1W
  311. Guus ok, thanks for the heads up nyco
  312. Ge0rG Guus: sorry, I was asking for a trademark permit to use on the JabberSPAM project
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  314. Guus Ge0rG that being your project?
  315. Ge0rG https://github.com/JabberSPAM
  316. Ge0rG Guus: yes
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  319. Guus And I think you mentioned you did already contact Peter and info@, as instructed on the website?
  320. Ge0rG Guus: Ralph and info
  321. Guus I'm not sure how I can speed things up, apart from touching on this when ralphm and me speak to Peter.
  322. Guus I'll make a note on our board's trello board.
  323. Guus to make sure we follow up
  324. Ge0rG Guus: let the board vote it, I suppose, under the condition that Peter approves
  325. Guus Ge0rG seems sensible
  326. Guus I've added it to Trello
  327. Guus Board members, lets review the request, and prepare for a vote next week, if it comes to a vote.
  328. Guus in the mean time, I'm hoping that either Ralph or Peter will confirm this course of action, or suggest an alternative.
  329. Ge0rG Last time I did a PR against xmpp.org, but that lead to confusion among Board, and the official process never was changed.
  330. Ge0rG I'm not even sure anybody is receiving mail for info@
  331. Guus MattJ, as iteam, could you check if that's the case?
  332. Guus I fear we're loosing people.
  333. Guus I'm sorry to prolong this, Ge0rG - i'm hoping for more news next week.
  334. Guus bangs gavel
  335. Guus hears gavel echo in empty room
  336. Guus see you all next week.
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  338. MattJ Sorry, lost connection for a bit
  339. nyco see you, thx all
  340. MattJ I don't have access to the mail server but I can ping the iteam list
  341. MattJ I'll also chase (again) what we can do about Seve's mail situation
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  349. Seve Hey guys, sorry, I had no Internet connection all of a sudden, I'm in a village and could not do much, I apologise
  350. Seve Was unexpected, could not imagine it happening
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  363. Guus No worries Seve - I would have been amazed if we had a full board anyways, with the holidays and all.
  364. Guus Thanks MattJ
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  396. Neustradamus It is possible to reopen tickets because it is not resolved... https://github.com/xmpp-observatory/xmppoke-frontend/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aclosed https://github.com/xmpp-observatory/xmppoke/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aclosed
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  431. Guus Neustradamus Yes, I'm closing your tickets. Please create pull requests with your desired changes instead.
  432. Guus I shall continue this policy in an attempt to get you to contribute to the code directly, instead of creating many issues. You are persistent, and have many suggestions. Supplying pull requests will save a lot of time for both of us.
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  492. 35c3.de.half-shot Hello!
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  496. Matthew waves from matrix (we just turned on the first cut of a proper matrix<->xmpp bridge, thanks to 35c3.de.half-shot's ministrations)
  497. Matthew using xmpp.js and XEP-0114 fwiw.
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  499. oli 😎
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  501. Matthew feels a bit like First Contact. (not sure if that makes us the vulcans or zefram cochrane; probably zefram all things considered)
  502. oli Matthew: is there a room we can join
  503. oli ?
  504. Zash What's supported?
  505. Matthew we're just setting up a room/MUC for it
  506. Matthew and it's very early days; basic MUC & DMs (i think DMs are only initiatable XMPP->Matrix right now)
  507. Matthew need to hook up presence, profiles, membership list syncing for MUCs etc
  508. Matthew oh, and it's only matrix->XMPP joinable MUCs or explicitly provisioned ones, rather than freeform XMPP-joining-anywhere-in-Matrix as yet
  509. Matthew although uhoreg has a prosody module which could evolve into the latter.
  510. Matthew sets up a room rather than spamming here
  511. MatthewX (gah, no /me)
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  514. Matthew right, if anyone's interested, xmpp:matrix-appservice-purple@conf.xmpp.matrix.org is now bridged through to the dev room for the bridge in question
  515. Matthew which maps to #matrix-appservice-purple:matrix.org on the Matrix side
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  519. oli what will be my name on the matrix side? nick, full JID or something else?
  520. MatthewX nick
  521. MatthewX with a truly ugly mxid which has an escaped jid within it.
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  523. Matthew to be precise... @_xmpp_xmpp-js_xsf=40muc.xmpp.org=2foli:matrix.org
  524. Matthew (all these mappings are placeholder though whilst we sort it out)
  525. Zash Temporary placeholders? Typical thing to be around until the end of time :P
  526. MatthewX hah, indeed
  527. MatthewX but i'd expect the MUC-style JID to get replaced with the real JID in future (if it's available)
  528. MatthewX and we'll definitely replace the @_xmpp_xmpp-js_ with just @_xmpp_
  529. MatthewX given we really don't need to know what stack it's using
  530. MatthewX that said, matrix IDs aren't really meant to be publicly visible, so it's not the end of the world that it's fugly.
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