XSF Discussion - 2018-12-28

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  97. Ge0rG

    Do you really need to encode the protocol in the user part, or would it suffice to have a domain per protocol (making it something like @jid:xmpp.matrix.org)

  98. fippo

    note that : is not valid in the domain part... i think i complained in 2004.

  99. Ge0rG

    fippo: this is about the matrix side of things. Not that I knew anything about that...

  100. fippo

    if matrix has not learned the lesson to include a protocol prefix then...

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  102. Zash

    fippo: My advice to you is to close your eyes and back away

  103. oli

    which lesson

  104. oli


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  108. Zash

    That URLs/URIs are good

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  110. Zash

    And namespaces in general

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  140. jonas’

    fippo, are you takling about XMPP? : is valid in the JID domain part

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  142. fippo

    doh. i meant the node part -- which means you can't have scheme:user@host

  143. jonas’

    that’s a good thing if you want to use it for something else though

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  172. Matthew

    > <@_xmpp_xmpp-js_xsf=40muc.xmpp.org=2fGe0rG:matrix.org> Do you really need to encode the protocol in the user part, or would it suffice to have a domain per protocol (making it something like @jid:xmpp.matrix.org) yeah, @jid:xmpp.matrix.org would work better (but mean we’d have to run a seperate vhost per bridge, but that’s not a bad thing)

  173. mathieui

    that looks great

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  206. Ge0rG

    Also that quoting format... 😱

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  220. 35c3.de.half-shot

    Oh yes, the fallback reply format on Matrix isn't great. The bridge is quite young, and doesn't really do formatting just yet.

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  230. Ge0rG

    35c3.de.half-shot: are you aware of the xmpp assembly? I'm sure you can find some folks glad to help out. I've even heard that iNPUTmice from conversations committed to work on a bridge to matrix (under the condition that the protocol stabilizes), so it might be good to bundle efforts

  231. pep.

    I went to help a bit already with the setup

  232. pep.

    I'll go say hi again today probably

  233. Ge0rG

    pep.: awesome!

  234. 35c3.de.half-shot

    Yep :) can have a chat.

  235. 35c3.de.half-shot

    And actually pep. got the bridge going in the first place :D

  236. 35c3.de.half-shot

    (well, pointed us in the right direction for prosody)

  237. Ge0rG

    I'd love to have a first class bridge running, with support for all the nice xmpp features.

  238. Ge0rG

    Most modern features should be covered already, but we probably need Carbons from the component domain for the parallel use of native clients

  239. 35c3.de.half-shot

    So yes, Matthew is probably your guy to talk to on protocol stabilization although we are commited to getting a 1.0 out the door within the next couple of months iirc.

  240. 35c3.de.half-shot

    And our full intention is to make a 100% feature compatible bridge where possible.

  241. Ge0rG

    Most modern features should be covered by XEPs already, but we probably need Carbons from the component domain for the parallel use of native clients

  242. pep.

    Tbh I am not really fond of xmpp.js and manual xml writing, but I we'll see where that leads the bridge

  243. pep.


  244. Ge0rG

    pep.: I think the important thing is to have somebody with a long term commitment to maintain it

  245. 35c3.de.half-shot

    Also, yes I'd like to have a chat about carbons and resources because it's a bit alien from my pov.

  246. Ge0rG

    35c3.de.half-shot: I'm not there, and my time is unfortunately very limited, but feel free to ask here

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  248. Ge0rG

    35c3.de.half-shot: think of a resource as a semi stable client Identifier. They are mostly opaque, but sometimes contain a client name. Ideally, each client installation should have a unique one that's persistent, but some implementations have other ideas

  249. Ge0rG

    35c3.de.half-shot: for message routing, you should always send to the bare JID (no resource), and have the server figure out everything

  250. 35c3.de.half-shot

    Ah okay, like "half-shot@half-shot.uk/MyPhone". I know that gajim tends to make one like "gajim.sdjgjw" unless you force it :/

  251. Ge0rG

    (except for MUCs, there everything is different)

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  253. Ge0rG

    35c3.de.half-shot: exactly. The problem with "MyPhone" is when you get a second phone and both try to use the same

  254. 35c3.de.half-shot

    I see :)

  255. 35c3.de.half-shot

    This sounds analogous to matrix device ids. Interesting.

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  263. Ge0rG

    I have a feeling that matrix ends up reinventing most of the things xmpp handled a decade ago 😉

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  276. vanitasvitae

    Great to see a colaboration!

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  295. Guus

    > Great to see a colaboration! Exactly!

  296. Ge0rG

    the bridged users are gone.

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  432. Matthew

    yeah, membership syncing isn’t hooked up yet

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