XSF Discussion - 2019-01-10

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  153. MattJ pep.: you're not an issue :)
  154. MattJ It was more a general observation that we need to control access somewhere
  155. jonas’ Guus et al., going to fix my council bio in the afternoon
  156. jonas’ not sure what to put in it, never worked with XMPP professionally :)
  157. jonas’ (unless you count the failed experiment to save XMPP from being ditched in the company I worked for at that time)
  158. Guus I thoroughly disagree that we're controlling access in any meaningful way.
  159. Guus we're making it hard for people to be effective, yes.
  160. jonas’ for the xmpp.net thing, I think we are
  161. jonas’ or at least, we can be, if iteam reviews the diff before using a new image ;-)
  162. Guus but there's hardly an access policy being enforced.
  163. Guus @jonas', in your bio, quote your role as editor, and one or two contributions you made over the year. That'll quickly get you to a couple of lines of text.
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  165. jonas’ is your client doing the '@' thing or are you?
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  167. Guus I am, in an attempt to make my client do mentions. It triggers autocomplete, but I think a bit of parsing fails properly recognizing the ' being part of your name
  168. Guus so, it it can't do mention, it'll send the @ symbol
  169. Guus jonas’ <-tab completed
  170. Guus @jonas' <- typed manually
  171. Guus right,there's a difference there.
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  176. jonas’ the tab completed one does work as a highlight in my client, the other one doesn’t :)
  177. jonas’ fun bugs to discover :)
  178. Guus Yeah, the mention is in context of xep-0372
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  180. Guus I found another bug where it's case sensitive too
  181. Guus and, as the failed mention neglects to remove the @ symbol, some clients fail to properly recognize the name, resulting in no kind of notification being triggered at all
  182. Guus quite the opposite of what was intended
  183. Guus took a while to figure out why this was happening 🙂
  184. Guus https://github.com/conversejs/converse.js/issues/1401
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  190. jonas’ Guus, the reason why it doesn’t tabcomplete is that ' (what you are typing) and ’ (what I am using) are different characters :)
  191. Guus ah. My font renders them the same
  192. jonas’ it’s a trap :)
  193. goffi dwd: yes all good now (sorry I wasn't paying attention to the chat last evening)
  194. Guus updated / closed the ticket
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  196. Guus Upon (very) close inspection, my font _does_ render them different. I think thre's a one pixel difference
  197. jonas’ Guus, lol
  198. jonas’ you could still argue that converse should normalise those by the way, because it’s hard for non-weird people to type those
  199. jonas’ although the NFKC procedure doesn’t normalize it, so it would have to be a custom lookup table
  200. Guus meh. I'm shooting to much issues for that project as it is 🙂
  201. Guus could you / someone confirm that this is roughly what we want, summit announcement wise? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/503
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  203. jonas’ I think there’s a more proper way to link to the page from the markdown
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  205. jonas’ I’ll have to look into it, one sec
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  207. jonas’ yeah, try {filename}pages/community/... instead of /community
  208. jonas’ that’ll use pelicans linking mechanism which is more robust against use of save_as in the page itself
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  210. Ge0rG Guus: the content looks good
  211. Guus @jonas' I dont' understand
  212. Guus hargh
  213. Guus jonas’ I don't understand.
  214. jonas’ substitute: * [XMPP Summit 23, Brussels, Belgium](/community/events/summit23) with * [XMPP Summit 23, Brussels, Belgium]({filename}pages/community/events/summit23)
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  217. Guus jonas’ will that work in that index.html too?
  218. Guus I"m not sure if that's parsed?
  219. jonas’ I’m not sure about index.html either, so let’s play it safe there
  220. jonas’ (and I don’t have a xmpp.org checkout at hand to test)
  221. Guus change pushed.
  222. Guus jonas’ like that?
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  224. Guus oh, that actually doesn't work
  225. Guus my docker instance generates a link to http://localhost:8080/community/%7Bfilename%7Dpages/community/events/summit23
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  229. jonas’ meh
  230. jonas’ then revert
  231. jonas’ sorry for the misinformation (maybe it has to do with our pelican version?) but actually that’s supposed to work
  232. Guus no problem
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  236. Guus merged
  237. jonas’ \o/
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  263. Guus So, I was annoyed by the manual copy of sidebar menus, and did this to "fix" things: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/504
  264. Guus reviews are very welcome.
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  267. dwd goffi, Thanks for the pointer.
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  291. jonas’ Guus, request a review from me, will see if I can look into it this afternoon
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  297. Guus jonas’ done
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  368. Zash MattJ: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/696#discussion_r213904512 stumbled upon this
  369. Ge0rG This is wrong on so many levels, I can't even...
  370. MattJ Replied, thanks :)
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  386. debacle Someone from the Berlin XMPP meetup likes to write on the wiki. It's about the sprint. Who should be contacted to create an account?
  387. Ge0rG debacle: I can do that
  388. Ge0rG needs a username in wiki CamelCase syntax and an email address for password delivery
  389. debacle I pass your JID to him, Ge0rG?
  390. Ge0rG debacle: feel free
  391. debacle thnx
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  398. Neustradamus Guus, MattJ, my dearest congratulations for xmppoke/xmppoke-frontend and XMPP.net!
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  401. Guus Thanks!
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  425. nyco I'll be 5-10 min late for the meeting
  426. nyco sorry
  427. Seve Ok
  428. ralphm set the topic to XSF Board Meeting | Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/ | Agenda https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings
  429. ralphm bangs gavel
  430. ralphm 0. Welcome + Agenda
  431. MattJ Hey
  432. ralphm Hi!
  433. Guus hello
  434. ralphm Who has anything to add to the agenda?
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  436. MattJ Nothing here
  437. Guus Agenda has been filled over the last few weeks, on trello
  438. Ge0rG still has the same topics as last week
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  440. Guus (I'm hoping you guys try to keep track of that during the week, in order to prepare)
  441. Seve has nothing to add
  442. ralphm I do, but I still ask anyway.
  443. ralphm 1. Minute taker
  444. Guus 👍
  445. ralphm who?
  446. ralphm ...
  447. ralphm 2. Commitments
  448. ralphm Sending out an e-mail to finally schedule a meeting with Peter today.
  449. ralphm 3. GSoC
  450. nyco here
  451. ralphm Guus, I suppose no admins have signed up?
  452. Guus Actually, one has
  453. Guus Florian / flow volunteers.
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  455. nyco oh, cool
  456. Guus To quote him:
  457. Guus > I would be happy to help the XSF and the XMPP community with GSoC, including acting as an organization admin. > I've been a mentor three times, visited different GSoC events (mentor summit, local meetings) and know various other GSoC mentors and admins from other organizations.
  458. ralphm That's great!
  459. Guus hargh, doorbell, one sec
  460. Guus and back
  461. Seve Sounds awesome, flow thanks
  462. Guus I suggest that we let flow take the reigns on this, and see if he can organize an XSF umbrella for GSoC involvement of projects that are interested.
  463. ralphm I think that Kev was our last admin, so I hope he can answer any questions Flow might have.
  464. Kev Hmm?
  465. Kev Oh, GSoC.
  466. ralphm yes
  467. Guus I motion that we bestow upon Florian the role of XSF GSoC'19 admin, and that we ask him in that capacity to organize an XSF umbrella for projects that which to participate.
  468. Kev We must have co-admins BTW.
  469. nyco +1 and +1
  470. MattJ +1
  471. Kev So Flow on his own isn't enough here.
  472. ralphm Kev: to review applications, you mean?
  473. Kev (At least in name, even if they don't do anything, there must be other people willing to do stuff if Flow doesn't)
  474. Kev No, I mean Google require there not to be only a single admin.
  475. ralphm How did we do this before?
  476. Kev I found people who trusted me enough as admin to put their name down in the expectation they didn't have to do anything, generally.
  477. Guus Arranging for a correct registration with Google shall be up to him, then.
  478. Guus We wanted someone to lead the effort - I feel that we now have one. He can take it from here.
  479. Seve Feels like a solid start +1
  480. ralphm +1. As it is a requirement to complete the application, I am curious to see who Flow will draft.
  481. Guus I'll let him know that we accepted his offer to act as admin
  482. ralphm 3. FOSDEM / Summit
  483. Guus registrations are pouring in.
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  485. ralphm The FOSDEM organisation has a sent a provisional overview of the stand assignments. I am a bit worried about it, as it shows 5 tables in the same area as before, but just one for us..
  486. Kev (For GSoC - I'd like to note that before the application we need to have our ideas page in order, etc., so we should make another call as we approach that date as to whether to actually apply, based on the quality of what we've got. We shouldn't burn the goodwill we've built up over the years with the GSoC team)
  487. ralphm So I am going to try and see what we can do about this.
  488. Guus ralphm that'd be good, thanks
  489. ralphm Kev: noted and agreed.
  490. Guus I'm waiting for a sign-up form from the hotel (they appear to be having difficulties generating one, but did already receive my signature on their offer.
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  493. ralphm There's no alternative than wait?
  494. Guus I am almost in contact with the regular restaurant for the XSF Dinner (we keep missing eachother), and we have had a sponsor for said dinner step forward.
  495. Guus I pinged them, they told me to wait longer.
  496. ralphm Ok thanks.
  497. ralphm Also yay for the dinner sponsor.
  498. Guus one thing that concerns me is a lack of salesware
  499. Guus if we do want to sell stuff, we should design/order things
  500. ralphm Yeah, I was thinking about this too. We have no swag left, in terms of clothing.
  501. ralphm Last year, there was a suggestion for a Summit-only t-shirt. I actually made a 'design' for it.
  502. nyco we're 10th Jan, it's late...
  503. nyco I mean to generate clothing
  504. ralphm I disagree
  505. Guus lets take this to the SCAM muc after the meeting
  506. ralphm yeah
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  508. ralphm 4. Pseudonanymous Membership Applications
  509. frainz has joined
  510. MattJ The annual discussion? :)
  511. ralphm I see there's a question on whether members can be anonymous or semi-anonymous. I think this was addressed in earlier years and the answer has always been no.
  512. Guus Is that an anuual thing? Never heard it before.
  513. andy has left
  514. Ge0rG Me neither.
  515. ralphm How did this come up
  516. Kev People have too much time.
  517. Ge0rG ralphm: I was asked whether it's possible.
  518. Guus SOmeone asked Ge0rG , who asked us.
  519. Ge0rG All I found was the XEP that's next on the agenda
  520. Guus I am happy with not allowing it.
  521. nyco +0
  522. MattJ Yes, it's been discussed extensively in the past, and there are reasons it's not feasible or sensible (as nice as it may be in theory)
  523. ralphm There's no vote on this. I think it comes from our being a registered corporation for the state of Delaware.
  524. Guus There appears to be precedent to not allow it. On top of that, there might be legal issues related to accepting anonymous members into an organization where they can hold legal status.
  525. Guus well, ok then: no.
  526. MattJ Guus, exactly
  527. Ge0rG I'm happy with whatever the official answer is, and even more happy if it gets documented.
  528. Guus Ge0rG did just volunteer to do our minutes, I think. 🙂
  529. MattJ Heh
  530. Seve Ge0rG, thank you
  531. Guus AS Ge0rG suggested, https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0345.html might be a good way to formalize this further.
  532. Ge0rG You don't want me to write minutes in my current mood, sorry.
  533. Ge0rG I'd be much more grumpy than usual. Also I'm affected by today's decisions.
  534. Guus it has been deferred, but has received earlier updates based on feedback. It has some editorial issues (spelling/punctuation) but looks good otherwise.
  535. ralphm I'm not opposed to resurrecting that XEP.
  536. MattJ I'm not opposed either, though I still have some issues with it
  537. ralphm Is the other item on typos referring to this XEP specifically?
  538. Ge0rG The XEP contains a clear statement that members must apply with their legal name.
  539. Guus ralphm I dont think so
  540. MattJ I think the typo thing is a general issue
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  542. ralphm ok
  543. ralphm Shall we ask the Editor to LC this XEP?
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  545. ralphm Then we can collect feedback and resolve issues we have with it ourselves.
  546. Ge0rG I *assume* that the typo thing is about whether a Deferred XEP should be re-promoted to Experimental when somebody fixes typos in it.
  547. MattJ I found a XEP of mine that should be deferred but only isn't because someone fixed something editorial
  548. alexis has joined
  549. Guus deferred -> last call is a state transiation that's allowable
  550. Guus deferred -> last call is a state transiation that's allowable?
  551. ralphm MattJ if you *want* a XEP to be 'deferred' maybe you should retract it.
  552. MattJ I don't, I'm glad it's not deferred :)
  553. MattJ But it still feels wrong
  554. Ge0rG there is another processual thing coming up, regarding https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/727 - we can't move from "Deferred" to "Deprecated" currently, and that might be useful.
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  557. Guus ok, to many topics at the same time now, I think 🙂 I'm starting to loose track.
  558. dwd (Although I did ask that to be run past the community, since Council isn't in consensus about that)
  559. Ge0rG What dwd said
  560. ralphm On XEP-0345.
  561. ralphm We can ask the Editor to undefer it.
  562. ralphm Then put it to LC. I'm not sure if that requires any changes to the document.
  563. Guus I'd be happy with that
  564. Kev XEP 1 talks about updated versions of XEPs, and I don't think a typo can be considered an updated XEP in any substantive way, it's an editorial change. Until recently we wouldn't even have updated the patch number.
  565. ralphm Yes, but for XEP-0345 specifically, XEP-0001 says the Editor can decide to change back to Deferred at will.
  566. Seve agrees with Kev
  567. ralphm (This agenda item is *only* about members applications, really)
  568. Ge0rG you could vote on asking the Editor for doing whatever is needed to LC 345
  569. jonas’ i put details on the typo thing in the card description
  570. ralphm So, besides Guus, who else agrees we will ask the Editor to put XEP-0345 to LC?
  571. MattJ I agree
  572. ralphm nyco, Seve?
  573. jonas’ regarding deferred -> lc, I think theres something in the prose of '0001
  574. Guus (thanks ralphm )
  575. ralphm jonas’: I read it, not directly, but I think it can be done as described above.
  576. lumi has left
  577. Guus jonas’ We'd like to revive the XEP, with eventually it going to LC.
  578. alexis has joined
  579. lumi has joined
  580. jonas’ sorry I'm on mobile
  581. Seve I agree, ralphm
  582. Ge0rG > Note that if a XEP is Deferred, the XMPP Extensions Editor may at some point re-assign it to Experimental status
  583. Guus if deferred -> LC is not a valid transition, then we can go through one that is valid first.
  584. nyco +1
  585. ralphm Let the records show that the Board would like the Editor to move XEP-0345 back to Experimental, and then, in a separate step, put it to Proposed.
  586. ralphm 5. E-mail issue
  587. ralphm I understand the Seve has now received Board e-mails.
  588. Guus emails from wiki work again, seve receives emails too now.
  589. ralphm yay!
  590. Guus seems resolved as far as I can tell
  591. Seve Yes, very happy :)
  592. Guus iteam let me know that action was taken to remove us from a blacklist
  593. ralphm 6. GitHub Issue 497
  594. ralphm https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/497
  595. jonas’ does an LC for '345 go to standards@ and/or members@ or what? it's procedural and affects membership
  596. Guus I put that up, before the comments on that issue poured in
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  598. Guus jonas’ when in doubt, spam everyone.
  599. jonas’ Guus: I understand
  600. alexis has joined
  601. ralphm jonas’: to members
  602. jonas’ ugh I lag a lot I think
  603. Guus As for 497: I think Peter implicitly acknowledged that such an agreement was once made. Therefor, I feel we should honor it and restore the thingy on the website.
  604. ralphm This is about the xmpp.org domain having been donated, and requiring a notice to that end on our website.
  605. ralphm We should clean up our list of sponsors, and just put a logo for OpenDomain in that sponsor cloud
  606. Guus we'll work with them on the 'how'
  607. Guus my primary concern for putting this on our board was to see if it was legit.
  608. Guus that since has been established.
  609. ralphm Yes
  610. ralphm ok
  611. ralphm 7. Clarify typos in Deferred XEPs
  612. Guus jonas’ wrote: > I (Editor) ask that we clarify XEP-0001 in such a way that editorial changes to Deferred XEPs do not automatically un-defer them, while non-editorial changes do.
  613. steven has left
  614. Guus that seems sensible to me.
  615. Kev I think it's already that, pretty much.
  616. ralphm I don't think that fixing a typo is considered a change if it doesn't change anything substantial.
  617. ralphm I'm happy for the Editor to make that call.
  618. Kev XEP1 talks about x.y versions as being updates, and we publish editorial under x.y.z.
  619. Guus we might go one step further and state that editorial changed do not change the state of a XEP at all.
  620. Guus we might go one step further and state that editorial changes do not change the state of a XEP at all.
  621. Kev Tightening up the wording here seems fine, but I don't think this is a change from what XEP1 is telling us to do.
  622. Seve +1 Guus
  623. Guus even better
  624. MattJ Yep
  625. ralphm So we don't have to do anything?
  626. Guus just confirm to our editor that he's right.
  627. Guus well, he asks us to clarify the text
  628. Guus we'll ask him to draft a proposal for that clarification then 🙂
  629. alexis has joined
  630. ralphm Ok
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  632. ralphm 8. AOB?
  633. nyco nope
  634. ralphm (some of the other items are pending as per agenda item 2 above)
  635. Half-ShotX has left
  636. Guus i don't have an AOB.
  637. MattJ Nothing here (I do have some low priority things but we're already quite over time and I have another meeting in a moment)
  638. Ge0rG ralphm: do you have an estimate on how long the resolution of the JabberSPAM trademark request will take?
  639. ralphm Ge0rG: not yet
  640. ralphm 9. Date of Next
  641. Ge0rG We are almost a month in :)
  642. ralphm +1W
  643. nyco +1
  644. Guus @Mattj maybe add them to trello for nexzt time?
  645. MattJ Yeah
  646. ralphm 10. Close
  647. ralphm Thanks all!
  648. ralphm bangs gavel
  649. nyco thx
  650. Guus Thank you
  651. ralphm set the topic to XSF Meeting | Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/ | Agenda https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings
  652. Seve Thank you guys!!
  653. MattJ Thanks all
  654. edhelas different topic now, I wanted to know if some of you were interested by some 2FA mechanism for XMPP ? for example by adding an extra step to SASL ?
  655. Ge0rG edhelas: IIRC there was a proposal last year about that. And there are also interesting ideas around per-device passwords and tokens and the like
  656. edhelas okay
  657. Zash edhelas: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0388.html
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  661. ralphm set the topic to XSF Discussion | Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/ | Agenda https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings
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  663. debacle Ge0rG When I asked Daniel about per-device passwords or Web-API-style tokens, he mentioned also client-side certificates. Not the same thing as 2FA, but related issue.
  664. frainz has joined
  665. Zash Mmmm https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0257.html
  666. Guus I seem to recall that dwd worked on this.
  667. Guus ah, he's the author of XEP-0388, so yeah.
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  670. Guus I updated/archived a bunch of Trello cards.
  671. MattJ Thanks
  672. alexis has joined
  673. Guus jonas’ do you need further info on either question you initiated?
  674. jonas’ Guus, the typo thing seems to be well-addressed to me
  675. jjrh has left
  676. jonas’ The LC thing is mostly clear, but I’m not sure why you’re insisting on having this in two separate actions?
  677. Guus you asked for a change in XEP-0001 - can you prepare a concrete proposal?
  678. jonas’ Do you want two separate emails?
  679. jonas’ Guus, I can, can you send me an email about that?
  680. Guus jonas’ please use the optimal path that's available. I'm unsure of a state transition from 'deferred' to 'last call' is permitted in XEP-0001.
  681. frainz has joined
  682. Guus we simply want to revive that XEP.
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  684. ralphm For those no in summit@muc.xmpp.org, yet, but interested in talking about all things FOSDEM / Summit, please go there.
  685. ralphm (no->not)
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  691. Guus jonas’ mail regarding https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0345.html sent (to members - with an invitation for anyone to review)
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  711. dwd edhelas, Yeah, At Surevine we built a web-based 2FA thing around SASL2, TOTP, etc. The XEPs and one internet-draft came out of it, as well as some code (for Openfire, open source, rough shape).
  712. dwd edhelas, Surevine still have a stanza.io implementation, but I don't believe that is or will be open sourced.
  713. pep. Half-Shot, hey, do you have any estimates (or resources showing these estimates) on how many matrix servers there are out there federating?
  714. edhelas ah I'm interested
  715. edhelas dwd what kind of 2FA did you used ? the Google Auth thing ?
  716. dwd edhelas, https://kitten.ietf.narkive.com/OsJEMivx/totp-in-sasl-in-xmpp is a breif for the Kittin folks in IETF. But yes, we used TOTP.
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  722. Zash pep.: lol
  723. pep. oops
  724. dwd edhelas, Also: https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2017-August/033148.html
  725. edhelas > draft-cridland-kitten-clientkey :D
  726. daniel has joined
  727. Zash KITTEN
  728. dwd edhelas, The IETF used to have a working group called CAT, for Common Authentication Technologies. When it was restarted later, it was obviously called KITTEN, as "Son of CAT".
  729. edhelas someday we'll write books about that
  730. Zash Return of the Two Cats
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  734. dwd edhelas, Anyway, it all worked with Google Authenticator and stuff. Handled "remember this browser" stuff and so on, as well as handling session reconnect without re-TOTP (or manual reauth, sometimes).
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  744. jonas’ Guus, I’m not sure whether "such a transition does not exist" is meaningful when the editor can Un-Defer at will
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  896. jonas’ Guus et al.: The normal Last Call template (see for example https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2019-January/035623.html ) does not really fit the XEP-0345 last call.
  897. jonas’ what do you suggest as "guiding questions"?
  898. Zash Does this do what it says it's doing?
  899. Zash Does this even make sense?
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  903. Zash Would you implement this in your wetware?
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