XSF Discussion - 2019-01-24

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  104. jonas’ rion, I am aware of the email you are referring to; I have to think about it.
  105. jonas’ thanks for reminding me
  106. jonas’ rion, this has been requested several times, but I haven’t found a good way to implement it yet. Also, this needs a good way for the components to let the server know that their caps have changed. I have wire format for that in the pipeline, but I’m not really happy with it yet.
  107. jonas’ also, this is mostly server-side stuff then which I’m not at all familiar with
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  114. Zash Is there a way for anything to say "my caps changed"?
  115. jonas’ for clients, yes
  116. jonas’ they re-send presence
  117. jonas’ for anything else, not
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  120. Zash for _anything_
  121. jonas’ Zash, you’re a server dev. what would you prefer? send an IQ to all your open outbound streams? a nonza to all your open outbound streams? have a pubsub node on the server JID itself to which interested peers can subscribe?
  122. jonas’ (the latter is then like the first option, except that you need to keep track about who is interested)
  123. Zash What's the ultimate goal?
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  126. edhelas Zash which metadata ?
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  128. jonas’ Zash, 1. provide clients with caps of JIDs related to their server (e.g. a MUC component) during connection startup (e.g. via a stream feature or something) 2. provide servers with means of learning their peers caps and keep them up-to-date (this was requested), and possibly broadcast changes of remote caps to interested local clients
  129. Zash edhelas: It's a dataform, you can make something up. I'd suggest something with an URI value. Then stick an pubsub URI/L or whatever there.
  130. edhelas Zash this will require changes on the XMPP server, no ?
  131. Zash jonas’: for 1) it's probably fine for the server to disco#info external components as they connect and stick a caps-hash in the stream features next to its own (needs some origin indicator)
  132. jonas’ Zash, what do external components do when they change their caps for whatever reason?
  133. Zash jonas’: atm? nothing.
  134. jonas’ no, what are they supposed to do when that happens?
  135. jonas’ for example, change to an http upload component’s maximum file size
  136. Zash jonas’: I guess that's what we need to figure out.
  137. jonas’ exactly :)
  138. Zash So yeah, I guess we want the new caps hash pushed to whoever's interested, probably in some container, most likeley some way to enable it.
  139. Zash I do wonder if we need to ditch the current component protocol, since it's without stream features
  140. Zash Does it need to be global or local to the stream?
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  142. jonas’ "it"?
  143. Zash jonas’: "caps push" or whatever
  144. jonas’ what does "global" mean then?
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  146. jonas’ in the end, it should be able to propagate across domain boundaries I guess
  147. Zash jonas’: do you(r client) want to be subscribed to eg all the MUCs you ever heard of?
  148. jonas’ probably not
  149. Zash or, hm, your server maybe
  150. jonas’ but those one is joined in might be interested
  151. jonas’ but those one is joined in might be interesting
  152. Zash jonas’: "global" as in something that uses stanzas, as opposed to a nonza-thing
  153. jonas’ I was thinking of using <message/> actually because messages with unknown payloads cause the least trouble
  154. Zash headlines even
  155. jonas’ yeah... for s2s (and component<->server) that might be good enough
  156. jonas’ and when done cleverly it can be implemented with a pubsub component. although that gives me flashbacks of Push
  157. Zash if it's something clients opt-in to then the payload container shouldn't matter
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  160. Zash maybe some science is in order, like, what disco#info queries do clients send and to what
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  162. Seve @board I may be on mobile today unfortunately Wish it worked ^
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  166. Ge0rG > send an IQ to all your open outbound streams? What would be wrong with a roster-push style IQ for changed caps?
  167. jonas’ Ge0rG, client2s or s2s or component2s?
  168. Zash everyone2everyone!!
  169. jonas’ wfm
  170. Ge0rG jonas’: s2s and component2s
  171. Ge0rG but yeah, having to disconnect and reconnect in the client is sucky. Also some clients will cache server caps in RAM to not play that dance every single time
  172. jonas’ on connecting, one could send the caps in stream features for s2s, too
  173. Ge0rG jonas’: this doesn't even start to address the caps-change problem
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  176. jonas’ Ge0rG, that’s true, but I don’t get your comment about reconnect
  177. Ge0rG jonas’: the solution to update the client-side server-caps hash is to reconnect
  178. Ge0rG jonas’: except when it's not
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  180. jonas’ ah, I see
  181. Ge0rG I don't think I made it more clear now.
  182. jonas’ enough to nudge my parser out of the local minimum and find a more sensible interpretation of this exchange
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  193. Ge0rG Why is everybody so unimpressed by the 0280 LC?
  194. Zash Again?
  195. Ge0rG Zash: yeah. Apparently last year's council never completed the LC
  196. Ge0rG But as the XEP hasn't changed in years, it still sucks and all my arguments from 2016 still are true.
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  200. Ge0rG quick poll: should I make XEP-0410 "Informational" instead of "Standards" before Proposing?
  201. Zash Is this legal?
  202. jonas’ Ge0rG, I think switching tracks is a rather undefined thing to do
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  204. Ge0rG Ohnoez. So now I need to ask Council for a decision on that, which will hand it over to Board for some serious XEP-0001 yak shaving.
  205. Kev 410 is Standards.
  206. Ge0rG Phew.
  207. Kev Wait, I thought there was going to me a disco feature in there, did I dream that?
  208. Zash Kev: Do you have a good explanation of why?
  209. Ge0rG The only wire protocol it adds is the disco#info tag
  210. jonas’ that’s probably enough
  211. Ge0rG Phew²
  212. Kev Zash: Because it introduces a new disco feature.
  213. Kev Or I thought it did, but it doesn't seem to.
  214. Ge0rG Kev: https://op-co.de/tmp/xep-0410.html
  215. jonas’ I tend to agree with Kev; it essentially defines a behaviour for IQ ping on MUCs, with feature discovery.
  216. jonas’ that’s not just Informational IMO
  217. Kev Ge0rG: Ah.
  218. jonas’ Kev, it’s on the TODO, but Ge0rG didn’t want to make changes during LC
  219. Ge0rG Kev: PR is https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/739 - I'm just preparing it for Council submission
  220. Ge0rG Kev: and one of the LC notes was "Informational" or "Standards"
  221. Ge0rG jonas’: now that the LC is formally over, I can ask you any time to merge the PR, right? (I'm not doing it yet, though)
  222. jonas’ I have to read up in '1 on that
  223. jonas’ the LC isn’t formally over until Council has voted, is it?
  224. Ge0rG jonas’: until Council has voted about what exactly?
  225. jonas’ Advance vs. Reject
  226. Ge0rG jonas’: and it will vote that on the XEP version submitted for LC? Regardless of two weeks worth of LC feedback?
  227. Ge0rG Or will it Reject and I need to get you to apply the PR and then to re-LC?
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  229. jonas’ sorry, I don’t have '1 in front of me
  230. Ge0rG nm.
  231. Ge0rG I've just sent a mail to standards@, and I'll kindly ask Dave to put the PR+XEP for a vote next week.
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  237. edhelas so I'd like your point of view on the experiment that I made to add avatar support in Pubsub, basically the idea is to publish 0084 items directly into the Pubsub node as items, this doesn't requires any changes server side, configuring the notifications without payload is adviced
  238. edhelas the only case it's meh is when a getitems is done on the node, then the base64 of the avatar is delivered
  239. edhelas on other cases, it's the same system as 0084
  240. jonas’ edhelas, ugly
  241. edhelas you have a notification headline of the urn:xmpp:avatar:metadata item, you request the content, check the id and request the rest
  242. jonas’ defeats the entire design of '84 with the separate nodes to handle the issue with the large payload
  243. jonas’ will not work properly with node item count limits
  244. jonas’ mixes data and metadata in the same "stream"
  245. edhelas ok :)
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  247. edhelas jonas’ what is the issue of mixing different kind of content in the same stream ? we have namespace for that
  248. edhelas on my side it's the only solution that I found that doesn't requires big changes server side
  249. edhelas and I'll not wait for MIX to have such basic features available
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  252. Zash you could have a node with items for all other nodes
  253. Zash you could have an URI/URL in node metadata
  254. edhelas this requires to set rights on the other node to publish content and restrict them
  255. edhelas only the publishers can publish the avatar
  256. edhelas and url/uri is possible yes, still in the mood of 0084 afaik
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  261. jonas’ edhelas, as you mentioned yourself: "the only case it's meh is when a getitems is done on the node, then the base64 of the avatar is delivered"
  262. jonas’ item counts will be off, too
  263. jonas’ you have to do additional filtering, interactions with RSM and so on
  264. edhelas on my implementation, displaying only 9 items and not 10 on one page is "ok"
  265. edhelas but indeed it's not perfect
  266. edhelas but RSM with chat message correction can also gives you 28 messages for 30 requested in the end
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  274. pep. "Seve> @board" < I'm happy it doesn't. That's not something that should be in <body/>
  275. Seve pep., I don't disagree, but give the feature
  276. Seve :D
  277. Kev It should be in body, and then there should be a reference to annotate it.
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  279. pep. The "@" is metadata, and is not required in body
  280. Zash You can use it as UI, but then not send it. Like Converse.js
  281. pep. yep
  282. pep. Although converse still fails in some cases, but that's the spirit
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  286. edhelas Zash I'll try out the URL in metadata thing and not publish the base64
  287. pep. URI?
  288. Zash https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html#impl-uri ?
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  290. edhelas no, example 4 in https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0084.html#process-pubmeta
  291. pep. Why http?
  292. edhelas where do you want to publish it ?
  293. edhelas on another pubsub service ? which one ? the same as where the node is ?
  294. edhelas we don't have any kind of filtering feature when ding disco#items on pubsub service, that's also why I moved comments nodes
  295. edhelas it is possible but having simple HTTP URL is also fine, this node will only be about pulling data
  296. edhelas (in my case Movim can even host it)
  297. pep. So we use http "because my client does it anyway" and it's a really ugly hack just because nobody is pushing for "the right thing"(tm)?
  298. edhelas 0084 allows it, also base64 handling through xml is having limits
  299. edhelas i don't have control over the upload process of the picture for example
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  339. jonas’ if I could take one day off to attend the summit remotely, which should I take? 31st or 1st?
  340. Kev Hard to say. I think often the first day discussions are more intense than the second as we prioritise the stuff more people consider important/interesting.
  341. jonas’ hard trade-off
  342. jonas’ thursday is burger day at work. I’d be missing good burgers.
  343. Holger >30 participants on the list. Not bad.
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  345. Seve Looks very promising this year
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  348. Ge0rG And I have no way to get out of this project. I hope for a calm week so I can at least listen in
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  391. ralphm set the topic to XSF Board Meeting | Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/ | Agenda https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings
  392. ralphm sc/me bangs gavel
  393. ralphm bangs gavel
  394. ralphm 0. Welcome + Agenda
  395. ralphm Hi. Who? What?
  396. Seve Here on the phone, though
  397. ralphm Careful to not break it.
  398. Seve Haha
  399. Guus o/
  400. Seve Good one
  401. Guus Mattj sent his apologies
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  404. Nÿco hi
  405. ralphm 1. Minute taker
  406. ralphm Who?
  407. Guus Nyco has a different nickname? (or maybe it renders differently, with this update I had for my client). As we're not verified by MUC membership, anyone could pop in here now under the name 'Mattj' and vote in his name, right?
  408. Nÿco sorry, got a backup client, my default one had the bookmark removed, will investigate
  409. ralphm Guus means: start implementing MIX.
  410. Guus Doesn't matter Nyco - Just wondering out loud
  411. ralphm In any case, it uses the same real JID, so we're good.
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  413. ralphm No takers (haha!)?
  414. ralphm 2. Commitments
  415. ralphm Call for Editors. jonas’ ?
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  418. Guus I've seen the call, but no responses, iirc
  419. ralphm Shall I remove the item?
  420. Guus I'm not sure what more that we can do, other than keep doing calls
  421. ralphm And since we're not actually doing them, I'm removing the item.
  422. ralphm * Clarify how initiate last call for Exp. XEPs
  423. Guus that was in your PR, right?
  424. ralphm I put in a Pull Request for this, along with how to actually propose.
  425. ralphm https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/744
  426. ralphm It would be nice to get reviews on this.
  427. Guus I've read and remember agreeing with it - I'll go over it once more after the meeting and +1 on the PR
  428. Guus do we need an in-meeting vote on this?
  429. ralphm I put it up for review
  430. ralphm Don't know what MattJ's handle is
  431. Ge0rG on github it's @mwild1
  432. Guus mwild1
  433. ralphm He doesn't show up as an option, so I'll look into that.
  434. ralphm It might also be nice to get opinions from the floor
  435. Guus and council/editors, specifically. They work with this stuff
  436. ralphm Right
  437. ralphm * Update Board status on members page
  438. ralphm This sounds like an 'Alex' item.
  439. Ge0rG ralphm: might be useful to bring the PR up for Council then. I kind of missed it
  440. Kev (I've just had a scan of that PR and have issue with it, FWIW, in places)
  441. ralphm Ge0rG: the point is that Board is the Approving Body.
  442. ralphm Kev: great, all feedback is welcome
  443. Kev Board is the approving body, but I think it'd be irresponsible to make significant changes to the standards process without consulting the body responsible for the standards :)
  444. Kev I don't think there's a rush for this, so I suggest getting it put on Council's agenda too.
  445. Guus https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/members <-- has board members?
  446. ralphm Kev: I'm happy for it to be on the Council's agenda.
  447. Kev Ta.
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  449. ralphm Guus: right, I'll archive it
  450. Guus I'm unsure if I read the meaning of "Update Board status on members page" right.
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  454. Seve I thought we were talking about the update I did not that long ago
  455. ralphm Kev: for what it is worth, I had already mentioned this PR on the standards list a week ago.
  456. Kev ralphm: I think it's worth flagging things explicitly on the Council agenda.
  457. ralphm Kev: that was the goal already and why we are discussing it. The Council's Chair is invited to Board meetings explicitly for these things.
  458. ralphm (and also on the Board mailing list)
  459. ralphm Anyway, I trust it will be discussed in the next Council meeting now. Meanwhile comments are also welcome on the PR. Moving on.
  460. ralphm 3. GSoC
  461. ralphm flow: updates?
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  467. Guus there's been an announcement, blogpost, wiki page, and revival of the GSoC that's since silent.
  468. APach has joined
  469. ralphm right
  470. Guus https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/GSoC/2019
  471. Guus no proposals as of yet, it seems
  472. ralphm The wiki page still has the default templates indeed
  473. ralphm 4. XMPP Summit / FOSDEM
  474. ralphm Updates: van arranged, 500x keychain bottle opener ordered, 100x hoodies ordered.
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  476. Guus dinner invite went out
  477. ralphm I sent out a reminder regarding the removal of vending machines at FOSDEM.
  478. Guus the hotel signup thingy has expired, so if you're still looking for a place, you'll have to make your own arrangements. You can probably still use Thon EU if you want.
  479. ralphm So far only 16 responses for Dinner. Another reminder to please fill in the form. No response, no food!
  480. Guus I'm happy with the turnup at the summit. It's more than last year.
  481. Kev 17
  482. Guus people should write down suggestions for agenda items on the wiki
  483. Guus who's this "Allergies: everything but filet mignon" <--??
  484. ralphm 31 registered people for Summit
  485. ralphm Kev of course
  486. Kev It was suggested to me, but I didn't.
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  488. Guus moving on?
  489. Guus I can't stay to long, today
  490. Guus did we loose ralphm ?
  491. ralphm no
  492. Guus yey
  493. ralphm 5. JabberSpam trademark application
  494. ralphm JabberSPAM actually
  495. Guus Ge0rG's response to Peter, did that get a response?
  496. Ge0rG Guus: not from Peter, AFAICT
  497. ralphm No
  498. ralphm The project v.s. organization thing is a bit of a thing.
  499. ralphm I can see how having another organization with Jabber in its name might complicate the trademark situation.
  500. ralphm And hence why Peter said that might not be a good idea.
  501. Ge0rG is "that might not be a good idea" equivalent to the board denying the request?
  502. Ge0rG I'm a bit lost here about how to go on.
  503. Guus there's precedent for having an org with 'jabber' in it's name, trademarked: https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/jabber-trademark/approved-applications.html
  504. Ge0rG I wonder if they paid the 500$ fee.
  505. Ge0rG I actually heard once that the fee was never imposed.
  506. Guus I can only assume it was, but don't know.
  507. Guus as on how to go on: I'd like to get Peters feedback, as he's most knowledgable on this
  508. ralphm Well, as Ge0rG said, it might not fit the description of project either. I am struggling with this myself, and have started reading all the documentation linked from https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/jabber-trademark/background.html
  509. Ge0rG from a process point of view, it would be great to have this process terminate eventually with an official board response.
  510. Guus I've read that - there's nothing conclusive in there that I could find.
  511. Guus best I could reason is that George is putting forward two projects, sharing (part of) a name.
  512. Guus (the manifesto and the blacklist)
  513. Ge0rG Guus: this is a question similar to "does a github organization count as an organization in terms of the trademark licensing agreement"
  514. Guus Ge0rG you're right.
  515. ralphm https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/jabber-trademark/license-decision-process.html lists the options
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  517. Guus As long as there's no legal representation of the github org ...
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  519. efrit has joined
  520. Guus a github organization is not a legal entity, I think.
  521. ralphm It also says that the XSF Trademark Committee makes this decision.
  522. Ge0rG the XSF Trademark Committee is Board + Peter?
  523. ralphm It is comprised of: “a XSF Director and XSF Members who have been authorized by the XSF Board of Directors to manage the trademark licensing program”
  524. ralphm The former we don't have
  525. Ge0rG And the latter we don't have either
  526. ralphm and the latter we may not have explicitly appointed
  527. Guus so it's up to board to pick up the slack there.
  528. ralphm I think so to.
  529. ralphm too
  530. Guus let's not complicate things furhter.
  531. Ge0rG If I volunteer to the XSF Trademark Committee, will I be put into a position to decide upon my own request?
  532. ralphm I tend to have opinions other than Guus and mine.
  533. ralphm (on anything in this meeting, really)
  534. ralphm want to have, I meant
  535. Guus you have other opinions that you? 🙂
  536. Guus ah 😃
  537. ralphm FWIW, I tend to approve, if we get the details correct.
  538. Seve Could that be changed for just Board for example? So we do not have to go though that process
  539. Ge0rG I would assume that the XSF Trademark Committee implicitly is the XSF Board.
  540. APach has joined
  541. ralphm Seve: I suppose Board could appoint Board to be on the Committee.
  542. frainz has joined
  543. Guus Seve, I don't think we have to go to that process to begin with.
  544. equil has joined
  545. ralphm But I think Board is clearly authorized if it votes on the matter.
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  548. Ge0rG I am fully OK with the Board voting on trademark applications.
  549. Ge0rG Also deciding on whether to ask for one of the fees.
  550. Half-ShotX has left
  551. Ge0rG (personally, I'd love to change the process to not demand any fees from non-commercial entities)
  552. ralphm I'm not considering any changes to the process before understanding how it is currently supposed to work.
  553. Guus Ge0rG working on the assumption that Peter does not bring up new issues, you change the name on the trademark application to the non-abbreviated name (as you already suggested), and we're licensing to two projects, instead of an organization, I tend to be OK with issuing the trademark. Let's ping Peter, and find out more.
  554. Ge0rG Guus: I'm not sure whether my mail counts as "pinging Peter"
  555. Guus I'll ask Peter for an update
  556. Ge0rG Guus: also one of the open questions was whether the long-name trademark will allow me to use the shortname in URLs
  557. ralphm Right
  558. ralphm Thanks Guus
  559. Ge0rG and that question is kind of blocking for me
  560. ralphm I understand.
  561. Ge0rG because if the answer is "no", the whole application stops making much sense.
  562. Guus I assume it is OK, but would like Peter's feedback on that.
  563. ralphm Let's try and get more answers for/during next week at the Summit.
  564. ralphm 6. Executive Director (bis)
  565. Ge0rG thanks!
  566. Half-ShotX has joined
  567. ralphm I know we have discussed this at length already, but I've been reading our bylaws, and I'm not too comfortable about the vacancy for this officer.
  568. Guus what are your concerns?
  569. ralphm The point is that the bylaws (and e.g. the trademark policy) explicitly mention this role.
  570. ralphm And it is unclear how things should work in the absence of an ED.
  571. Ge0rG from the floor, I'd assume that All Of Board needs to make any decisions then.
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  574. ralphm Right, but I wonder if that should be made explicit. Unfortunately, we didn't really get much feedback on our previous meeting on this topic, either.
  575. ralphm The minutes now state: “As of now, Board is executing their decisions themselves. The consensus seems to be that this mode of operation is fine for now, and there is no extreme pressure to find a replacement.”
  576. ralphm I think that is aligned with Ge0rG's comment.
  577. Guus I'm not to worried about not filling the position, and not change the bylaws either.
  578. ralphm Ok
  579. Guus if a problem does occur, we'll have to resort to appointing another ED.
  580. Guus which will then be problematic, probably.
  581. Guus but in effect, the ED has been absent for years.
  582. Guus and/or done nothing in that role
  583. Seve What problems could be encounter because of that?
  584. Half-ShotX has left
  585. Guus it's way past time for me
  586. ralphm I cannot currently think of one. So maybe we should leave at this for now.
  587. ralphm 7. AOB
  588. Seve Ok, no problem.
  589. Guus I'd like to vote on the ED thing asap
  590. Guus it's been dragging
  591. Guus AOB: nyco, did you get in touch with that designer friend for the badges?
  592. Ge0rG Guus: what exactly would you like to vote on?
  593. Guus Ge0rG to keep the position, but vacant.
  594. Ge0rG Ah, yeah. The badges. Would be great to have them.
  595. ralphm Guus: I'll put the vote on for next meeting.
  596. Guus nyco ?
  597. ralphm Ge0rG: Postponing that item.
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  599. ralphm 8. Date of Next
  600. Half-ShotX has joined
  601. Guus lets do +2w
  602. ralphm Next week is the Summit. We may meet in person, but I'm not scheduling a meeting.
  603. ralphm Suggesting +2W
  604. Ge0rG (also better for Minutes and following in here)
  605. ralphm Ge0rG: any formal meeting would also be in here
  606. Seve Unfortunately I will not attend Summit nor Fosdem this year, so I'm okay with what you suggest
  607. ralphm (transcribed or otherwise)
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  609. ralphm 9. Close
  610. ralphm Thanks all!
  611. Guus Thanks, bye!
  612. ralphm bangs gavel
  613. Ge0rG Thanks Board!
  614. Nÿco thx
  615. Seve Thank you guys
  616. ralphm set the topic to XSF Discussion | Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/ | Agenda https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings
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  618. Ge0rG > Stream closed by us: Improper 'from' attribute (invalid-from) That had to hurt.
  619. waqas has joined
  620. Zash Is that even legal (assuming the server did it in response to the clients 'from')
  621. Zash Is that even legal (assuming the server did it in response to the clients 'from')?
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  694. neshtaxmpp moparisthebest: hi...
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  697. moparisthebest hi
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  732. Link Mauve Andrew Nenakhov, it seems Xabber asks for the vCard-temp of the contacts on their full JID, and twice in a few ms, when the contact connects.
  733. Ge0rG Link Mauve: https://github.com/redsolution/xabber-android/issues/839
  734. Link Mauve Oh, thanks.
  735. Link Mauve It is doing it twice though, which isn’t described in this bug report.
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  742. Ge0rG Link Mauve: once is one too many already, but please add a comment
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  766. Link Mauve Ge0rG, done.
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  768. jonas’ Link Mauve, tried a XEP-0030 request? some software includes a version there in some way
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  770. Link Mauve jonas’, that did it, thanks; I just edited the comment.
  771. jonas’ :)
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  773. Link Mauve Also, you were all waiting for it, but poezio now supports SVG avatars. o/
  774. Link Mauve Also, since you were all waiting for it, poezio now supports SVG avatars. o/
  775. jonas’ does it raster them to a pixel graphic before rendering them as character art first?
  776. Link Mauve Of course.
  777. Link Mauve To a 16×16 buffer.
  778. labdsf has joined
  779. Link Mauve The character art is just either Unicode half-blocks, or full-blocks, depending on whether your ncurses is broken.
  780. jonas’ boooring ;-)
  781. jonas’ should do fancy tricks with \ and / to approximate lines ;-)
  782. Zash Now get me 2x2 pixel avatars next to nicks in rooms
  783. Link Mauve jonas’, we have Unicode support, there is no reason not to use it. :p
  784. Link Mauve Zash, the code to do that is here.
  785. Link Mauve I’m not that sure about the usefulness of it yet.
  786. Zash Something something human visual identification of symbols and colors and something
  787. jonas’ I think it might actually be useful
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  790. Link Mauve I probably should add a cache of the rendered pixel data first though.
  791. pep. https://upload.bouah.net/upload/4q151Oj_FHU3D1v9/poezio-avatars.png
  792. Link Mauve Otherwise rendering the participants list might become slow.
  793. pep. For those who wonder what Link Mauve's avatar looks like
  794. Zash ▗▚▜
  795. pep. has left
  796. Link Mauve pep., cute isn’t it? ^^
  797. Link Mauve Zash, jonas’, if you find a nice algorithm rendering finer pixels, I’m all for it.
  798. pep. Maybe someday we'll implement MAM in poezio
  799. Link Mauve This looks a bit like motion detection in video codecs.
  800. Zash Link Mauve: U+2596 .. U+259F
  801. pep. When we're done with avatars
  802. Link Mauve Zash, the issue is about identifying which two colours and which block character to use.
  803. Zash Those + for- and background colors gets you 2x2 pixels in one square
  804. moparisthebest you could copy whatever gitea does for generating avatars
  805. jonas’ Link Mauve, with SVG, you have the additional data
  806. jonas’ you don’t need to do much guess on the pixel data
  807. moparisthebest but I find them basically indistinguishable after more than 2 or 3
  808. Link Mauve jonas’, not with this renderer though.
  809. jonas’ Link Mauve, write your own!
  810. Link Mauve And we still need to quantize to two colours per actual character.
  811. Link Mauve jonas’, no, I won’t write a new SVG renderer. :p
  812. jonas’ aww
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  815. Ge0rG Link Mauve: so you are back at fixing poezio, after fixing the prosody caching module? ☺️
  816. Link Mauve Ge0rG, I didn’t manage to reach anything satisfying there yet.
  817. wurstsalat has joined
  818. Zash https://cerdale.zash.se/upload/Hbr_S1X3EHlZZ_RR/prosody.png
  819. krauq has joined
  820. Link Mauve Yes, these two characters are perfect to represent Prosody’s logo.
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  823. Zash What more could you possibly need? :)
  824. Link Mauve I’m pretty sure most avatars in this MUC won’t render that well. :p
  825. Zash That's one character tho. (followed by a space because my terminal is weird)
  826. jonas’ which one is it?
  827. Zash st
  828. jonas’ the character
  829. Zash It doest't like double-wide chars
  830. jonas’ not the terminal…
  831. jonas’ I wanna see how it renders in mine
  832. Link Mauve jonas’, ▚.
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  835. Zash There's a few around that one useful for drawing pixel art
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