XSF Discussion - 2019-02-03

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  670. 404.city

    intosi, Kev, MattJ, ralphm Could replace the link on the page https://xmpp.org/getting-started/ Replace the link https://list.jabber.at/ to https://compliance.conversations.im/

  671. ralphm

    We're cleaning up at FOSDEM. Please file a PR.

  672. ralphm


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  681. Ge0rG

    404.city: those lists are not the same. Also: why?

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  687. 404.city

    Ge0rG, The new catalog is better than the old

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  695. pep.

    The compliance tester is not a catalogue

  696. 404.city

    intosi, Kev MattJ ralphm the file https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/517

  697. pep.

    It's a compliance tester

  698. pep.

    Just like it says in the name

  699. 404.city

    pep., This is an independent directory. Anyone can add your server. Users can watch server features

  700. pep.

    Yes I know what the compliance tester is, thanks

  701. jonas’

    I don’t think we should promote a listing which ranks servers by arbitrary criteria

  702. pep.

    Well any criteria is not going to be good enough for the next person. I don't think xmpp.org should point to a list at all imho

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  705. jonas’

    a listing which is sorted alphabetically as an entry point is probably okay

  706. 404.city

    jonas’ I agree with you. Criteria for adding a server to the list.jabber.at - the server is liked by admin jabber.at. The reasons for removing the server do not like admin jabber.at.

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  708. pep.

    How is the compliance tester better. You're sorted by arbitrary criteria as well. As in, it's often not useful to check all the boxes, and those who do might actually not, even.

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  715. 404.city

    pep., The fact that this list is independent. Anyone can add your server

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  718. Zash

    Doesn't that apply to both?

  719. 404.city

    Zash, I was banned by the admin list.jabber.at

  720. remko has joined

  721. pep.

    404.city: I don't think that's what you want for users anyway. I'd like an opinionated list with clear criteria (even if it's "the maintainer of the list has to know the server operator")

  722. 404.city

    Zash, He directly said who I want to add and add. Who I want and delete

  723. pep.

    That's why I don't think xmpp.org is a good venue

  724. Ge0rG

    404.city [18:49]: > Zash, I was banned by the admin list.jabber.at What was the reason?

  725. pep.

    404.city: tbh, judging by your latest actions I'm not really surprised, but heh

  726. mati has joined

  727. 404.city

    pep., Personal conflicts should not affect the addition or removal from the list represented by XMPP.ORG

  728. Ge0rG

    404.city: was that before or after you blocked s2s with them?

  729. 404.city

    Ge0rG, I just want an independent server list

  730. Zash

    Make your own

  731. Ge0rG

    404.city: we all want one. But nobody so far invested the time to maintain an objective list.

  732. Zash

    Both those lists are independent. Both could ban you for any reason.

  733. 404.city

    Users go to the site xmpp.org

  734. Zash

    Neither are affiliated with xmpp.org

  735. mati

    *sigh* so what does this guy want here?

  736. Zash

    This kind of thing is why XSF people might be reluctant to host a list or even link to one at all.

  737. pep.

    I'm all for removing that from xmpp.org. That would also prevent horrors like listing pidgin in the client list. But then 404.city, you can only blame yourself for getting removed from that list.

  738. 404.city

    mati, I want an independent server list

  739. pep.

    Well that's what the jabber.at list is?

  740. mati

    pep., I guess he doesn't like the way it's independent

  741. Zash has left

  742. pep.

    You mean you want a list officially promoted where you appear

  743. mati

    Disclaimer: I run that list.

  744. pep.

    404.city: why do you want users that bad, I guess you should answer that first

  745. Ge0rG

    There was a similar debacle about the get-started list some months ago

  746. Ge0rG

    404.city: you were told back then that you need to gain some trust with the community. This is not how to do it

  747. lskdjf has joined

  748. 404.city

    mati, I don’t like that XMPP.ORG offers a list of servers with a bad update and deletion of servers according to personal preferences of the admin jabber.at

  749. pep.

    404.city: please define independent then

  750. 404.city

    Ge0rG, I will not forgive add my server. I will forgive add freedom server list

  751. valo has joined

  752. dwd has left

  753. Ge0rG

    > 404.city: was that before or after you blocked s2s with them? Still interested in that

  754. Ge0rG


  755. mati

    Ge0rG, I removed the server, before he blocked s2s connections.

  756. equil has joined

  757. krauq has joined

  758. moparisthebest

    Not knowing much about this, seems to me a list with clear, checkable criteria anyone can double check independently, that any server can be added to would ALWAYS be better than one where 1 person/group chose manually?

  759. mati

    it's a list of XMPP servers that are usable and that I (or you, or anyone) can tell others to use. It has been around for almost 10 years. It tests SRV records, etc, and homepages are actually visited manually be me to check if they contain meaningful information.

  760. moparisthebest

    I'd vote replace the link with such a list, or remove the link

  761. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: would you assist your vote by creating and maintaining that list?

  762. mati

    All that is clearly documented when you add the server. If something isn't right, the site gives feedback.

  763. dwd has left

  764. 404.city

    mati, You deleted the server 404 because you didn’t like my position

  765. moparisthebest

    Ge0rG: uh no, that's the whole point, no one should be in charge of maintaining it

  766. moparisthebest

    Sounds accept unlimited arbitrary submissions and check them against a defined criteria with code

  767. mati

    And I personally wouldn't tell anyone to use a server where your account could get banned just because the admin finds out that you have this or that opinion on XMPP.

  768. moparisthebest

    It's the only fair/impartial way

  769. 404.city

    mati, 404 is a technically good server and a good privacy policy.

  770. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: somebody needs to write the code and run the site. We hardly have the resources to keep xmpp.net online

  771. moparisthebest

    Ge0rG: well isn't that just the compliance tester?

  772. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: compliant to what?

  773. mati

    Ge0rG, moparisthebest, I should note that my list code is actually on github, but it's pretty old already and definetly needs some love.

  774. moparisthebest

    The criteria the code checks for

  775. 404.city

    mati, I blocked the your user for manual spam. You just blocked me

  776. moparisthebest

    I'm just saying if the xsf is supposed to be impartial it should link to an impartial list with exact criteria defined by code or no list at all

  777. Ge0rG

    404.city: you blocked the user or the whole domain?

  778. 404.city

    mati, Do you like or dislike the server is the criteria unworthy of XMPP.ORG!

  779. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, you can’t solve social problem with technical solutions.

  780. moparisthebest

    If anyone can remove a server from the list for non technical reasons it's not impartial, and shouldn't be supported by xsf

  781. moparisthebest

    The xsf explicitly doesn't solve social problems I thought

  782. Zash

    moparisthebest: an xmpp service is not a purely technical thing

  783. 404.city

    Ge0rG, I blocked only the user in the conference. I complained to the admin jabber.at about his user, but did not manage to describe the complaint.

  784. moparisthebest

    I think that's all you can grade impartially though

  785. moparisthebest

    Otherwise you get into endlessly hairy situations

  786. moparisthebest

    Like this one

  787. mimi89999 has joined

  788. rtq3 has left

  789. rtq3 has joined

  790. Guus

    The getting started page is there to help people get started. The jabber.at list has info on signing up with many of the listed domains. The compliance checker is great software, but does not really help novice users.

  791. 404.city

    moparisthebest, Better to let jabber.at remove you from list, if c jabber.at is spamming?

  792. 404.city


  793. Guus

    Emphasis on novice.

  794. moparisthebest

    Guus: either the xsf is impartial and needs to link to an entirely impartial list or no list at all, or it's partial and should maintain it's own partial list

  795. moparisthebest

    In my opinion of course

  796. 404.city

    moparisthebest, Now beginners prefer to use https://compliance.conversations.im/

  797. moparisthebest

    I don't actually care about particulars of this case, I don't care if a server was removed because it broke local laws, either way that means it's not impartial

  798. 404.city

    moparisthebest, I support your opinion

  799. moparisthebest

    Hell we list Pidgin when we all agree that's a terrible idea, but somehow it's ok to have an arbitrary King of servers... Pretty inconsistent...

  800. Link Mauve

    404.city, do you have a public list of bannable behaviours from users on your server?

  801. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: except we should remove pidgin from the list

  802. Zash

    moparisthebest: Pidgin is a great example of what happens if you have technical criteria.

  803. Link Mauve

    MattJ, did you manage to get in touch with the Pidgin guys at FOSDEM?

  804. Zash

    Link Mauve: There were Pidgin people at FOSDEM?

  805. Guus

    moparisthebest: I hear you, but maintaining a list of our own would require more resources that we have available. The current list is the next best thing as far as I'm concerned. (Happy to add more lists btw). Not providing any list would defeat the purpose of having a getting started page.

  806. mati

    moparisthebest, so just so I get this straight: If an XMPP server illegally sells all private data and chats to an advertising company, it should not be removed from a list, because that wouldn't be impartial?

  807. Link Mauve

    Zash, apparently there was one person who wrote some patches at some point.

  808. Link Mauve

    Hmm, by that metric I would count too. :x

  809. moparisthebest

    Zash: right, but the choice is technical criteria (impartial) or being partial, I don't see a third option

  810. Zash

    moparisthebest: There's no choice, you can't be impartial

  811. moparisthebest

    I'm fine either way actually, I just dislike saying we are impartial if we are not

  812. mati

    I btw. also (like Guus) advocate that other lists are added there too. I'm happy that my list is there, but I see no reason why conversations.im shouldn't be there too

  813. Zash

    All you can do is pretend that you're impartial when you're defining the criteria

  814. mati

    and if 404.city makes a list, then add his list too, please.

  815. Zash

    How about everyone makes their own list, and then everyone makes lists of lists, and then the XSF lists those lists

  816. labdsf has joined

  817. moparisthebest

    mati: right if an server also required users to overthrow the govt of France and worship the admin as a God you still can't remove it if you are impartial

  818. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, being neutral doesn’t mean being impartial.

  819. Guus

    The compliance checker is not suitable for a 'getting started' kind of user (it is way to technical), which is why it is not linked on that page. I love that checker though, but it serves another purpose.

  820. Link Mauve

    If some specific software or service is actively being harmful, there is no issue with removing it.

  821. Link Mauve

    Hmm, actually banning those is still being impartial, they did something you consider not fitting with your goals, and remove advertisement for them.

  822. Zash

    Guus: It's being used for that already. Everyone loves collecting all the green checkmarks

  823. moparisthebest

    Link Mauve: IF that's one of the criteria sure

  824. Guus

    Zash: sure, but not by people that don't really know what XMPP is and need to figure out how to register an account.

  825. Link Mauve

    I don’t see much contentious issue with that.

  826. moparisthebest

    Public criteria

  827. 404.city

    Terms of use 404.city Any illegal activity is prohibited. Illegal activities are not protected by a privacy policy - It is forbidden to send spam. Prohibited intrusive advertising other messengers (Telegram, Matrix, etc)

  828. moparisthebest


  829. Guus

    Zash: aka my mum.

  830. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, so better start documenting those.

  831. Zash

    Guus: Everyone knows that more green == more better

  832. moparisthebest

    Link Mauve: that's why I like compliance tester or similar, it's already documented with code

  833. wurstsalat


  834. Guus

    Zash: sure, but the compliance checker list does not link to pages that explain how to register at a particular service. The jabber.at list does.

  835. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, that doesn’t take any of the social issues into account.

  836. Link Mauve

    But please make a compliance tester for clients, so we can stop advertising Pidgin on this merit alone.

  837. Zash

    Guus: Indeed, but doesn't the compliance checker check for IBR? Then you just type the domain into your client and It Just Works. (Not saying this is good)

  838. mati

    I thought most servers have disabled IBR nowadays.

  839. Guus

    Zash: I don't think that the intended audience for the getting started page understand that.

  840. rtq3 has left

  841. rtq3 has joined

  842. Zash

    Guus: Probably not. I don't think it stops them if they have a client that supports IBR.

  843. Link Mauve

    mati, IBR is kind of mandatory for novice users.

  844. Guus

    Zash: I assume IBR is mostly disabled?

  845. 404.city

    I would prefer that the lists of servers be created by the code, and not by the admin jabber.at. Admin jabber.at is biased and censored, not respecting the policies "term of use" of other servers

  846. Guus

    To cold to type on mobile phone further. Need to find next train.

  847. Guus


  848. MattJ

    Link Mauve [19:28]: > MattJ, did you manage to get in touch with the Pidgin guys at FOSDEM? Sadly not

  849. Link Mauve


  850. moparisthebest

    Social aspects are useless anyway... Like 404.city says he bans illegal activity, what does that even mean???

  851. moparisthebest

    Illegal where, for whom

  852. Ge0rG

    404.city: so you demand all other service admins to follow your own terms of service now?

  853. Ge0rG now could add "Do not be an asshole" to his ToS and block 404.city?

  854. moparisthebest

    Even something like "overthrowing govts" is something like France wouldn't like to happen there but would like to happen in Venezuela, useless

  855. moparisthebest

    Xsf should focus on the technical side only in my opinion

  856. Zash

    Guus: I wouldn't assume that everyone disables IBR. I think it allows for good UX. It might be common however for it to simply be a redirect to a website.

  857. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, we would like that to happen in France though. :p

  858. moparisthebest

    Lol well right

  859. moparisthebest

    That's basically my point

  860. wurstsalat has joined

  861. Ge0rG

    Guus, Zash: I have IBR enabled on yax.im and there are almost zero spam bots

  862. Link Mauve

    When coming back from FOSDEM, I saw a sign saying “the old regime must fall — the people” written on the train. ^^

  863. Zash

    mati: ^ also

  864. Link Mauve

    I also have IBR enabled on jabber.fr and most spam bots are identified and dealt with.

  865. Zash

    IBR is fine if the service admin is being responsible

  866. alameyo has joined

  867. pep.

    moparisthebest: it's all about social issues, I don't think there is such a thing as impartial. In the end somebody will make a (biased?) decision that others will disagree with.. Even if it's somewhat in line with published ToS

  868. moparisthebest

    pep.: Then IMHO xsf should remove the link or quit claiming to be impartial

  869. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, is the goal to make the website as useless as possible?

  870. Ge0rG

    Link Mauve: apparently ye.

  871. Ge0rG

    Link Mauve: apparently yes

  872. waqas

    Impartiality >> Usefulness, no? I thought that was in the bylaws somewhere

  873. moparisthebest

    Or say we are partial and elect a king of the list Link Mauve

  874. Link Mauve

    Can we then delegate handling of the xmpp.org domain to the XDF (provisional name)?

  875. Link Mauve

    I feel like having it being useful is way more useful than it being impartial.

  876. Link Mauve

    But I may be partial.

  877. moparisthebest

    Or maybe the board gets to vote on servers now

  878. moparisthebest

    I'm ok with basically anything but the current situation of saying "we are impartial, but the servers we recommend are curated by someone we don't know and have no control over" that seems wrong

  879. moparisthebest

    Stop saying we are impartial, stop linking to that list, or make an impartial list

  880. moparisthebest

    Or stop saying we are impartial and come up with a fair process to curate a list

  881. pep.

    Link Mauve: I'm sure it doesn't have to be impartial, it's of course biased. And yeah I'd remove that from xmpp.org and use another more adapted venue

  882. moparisthebest

    That's the hardest though

  883. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, a list of servers will always be incomplete, that prevents it from being fully impartial already so… Why?

  884. moparisthebest

    Not if anyone can submit to it

  885. Link Mauve

    You’re already heavily biaised towards servers which advertise themselves, which have admins speaking English, which know about xmpp.org, etc.

  886. Link Mauve

    You’re already heavily biaised towards servers which advertise themselves, which have admins speaking English, who know about xmpp.org, etc.

  887. Guus

    Found warm train. 😁

  888. Link Mauve

    Found warm home already. ^^

  889. waqas

    Link Mauve: There's also a bias towards XMPP servers

  890. Guus

    I think this is being pulled out of proportion, tbh.

  891. Link Mauve

    waqas, yes, and public ones at that!

  892. moparisthebest

    Pull requests accepted, translations accepted, problems solved

  893. Guus

    I don't see an issue with retaining the jabber.at list, and would add more. I'm not convinced that the compliance checker is a suitable list for that page.

  894. Guus

    > Found warm home already. ^^ Lucky bastard 😉

  895. Link Mauve

    Guus, +1.

  896. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, this is quite fallacious tbh.

  897. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest [19:50]: > Stop saying we are impartial, stop linking to that list, or make an impartial list Linking to an external list is different from maintaining a list

  898. Ge0rG

    We don't have a mandate to only link to impartial sites

  899. rtq3 has left

  900. Ge0rG

    Otherwise we'd have to remove all external links

  901. architekt has joined

  902. rtq3 has joined

  903. moparisthebest

    Great can we remove Pidgin then

  904. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: I wish we could

  905. moparisthebest

    Since we are partial and most of us want it removed

  906. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: send a PR

  907. pep.

    You mean another one :)

  908. Ge0rG

    I hated the addition too, because it harms us all, in my opinion. But I'm not on board, so it's not my decision

  909. 404.city has joined

  910. Ge0rG

    (and yes, I brought that up with Board)

  911. 404.city

    Ge0rG, No, I do not require other servers to follow the rules of 404. I will forgive an independent list of servers on xmpp.org. I don't want admin jabber.at to decide which servers XFS recommends!

  912. vanitasvitae

    Crazy idea: instead of pointing to a list of servers, where the top 10 grow untik they have to close registrations, why not invest energy into sites like yubohost which tell users how to setup and selfhost their own servers easily and *properly*?

  913. pep.

    We need both. Most users will never do that

  914. moparisthebest

    yunohost* presumably

  915. Link Mauve

    vanitasvitae, it’s a significantly higher barrier of entry.

  916. alameyo has left

  917. Link Mauve

    Also, most people who can do that already have a server running which can install an XMPP server in an easier way.

  918. vanitasvitae

    Surely, but having mlre servers is not a bad thing

  919. moparisthebest

    I agree though, my mom happily uses my xmpp server, she'd never in a million years set one up

  920. pep.

    "Guus> I don't see an issue with retaining the jabber.at list, and would add more.", then people are going to complain about the order in which your present these lists :p

  921. Zash

    vanitasvitae: 👍

  922. moparisthebest

    pep.: random order of course :)

  923. alameyo has joined

  924. Ge0rG

    pep.: people are going to complain.

  925. pep.

    vanitasvitae: mlre?

  926. pep.

    Ge0rG: yes, that's my point

  927. vanitasvitae

    > vanitasvitae: mlre? What does that mean? :D

  928. Ge0rG

    404.city: the XSF recommends a list, not servers. There is currently one well maintained list out there.

  929. moparisthebest

    I think he's asking what mlre means

  930. moparisthebest

    I haven't heard that either

  931. Ge0rG

    I think it means "more"

  932. moparisthebest

    Lol too used to acronyms...

  933. vanitasvitae


  934. vanitasvitae

    Ah yeah sorry I meant more servers

  935. vanitasvitae

    I mean, thats the basis of federation.

  936. 404.city

    Ge0rG, List list.jabber.at closed list. Adding to this list depends on one person. This is a biased list

  937. 404.city

    Ge0rG, XFS should not be a place where one person decides which servers to recommend.

  938. moparisthebest

    I think we've beat the horse enough 404.city , put in a pr linking to another list in addition, and a note saying these lists are not impartial

  939. 404.city

    I hope to see a freedom community XFS.

  940. moparisthebest

    I prefer BTRFS

  941. rtq3 has left

  942. rtq3 has joined

  943. vanitasvitae

    > I prefer BTRFS 😅

  944. rtq3 has left

  945. rtq3 has joined

  946. Guus

    Guys, I loves the summit & our FOSDEM participation!

  947. Guus

    Thanks everyone, especially those brave enough the get up on the stage to spread the word! 😉

  948. ralphm has joined

  949. ralphm has joined

  950. dwd has left

  951. dwd has left

  952. ralphm


  953. 404.city

    mati Ge0rG Can I install the server of the matrix and go to your conferences, offering to abandon your servers? Then you will understand my thoughts... I’ll sign up for jabber.at server to have it delete you if you try to block me)

  954. 404.city

    mati This is a joke, but I expected an understanding of the problem

  955. equil has joined

  956. moparisthebest

    To be clear that's his list, he can do what he wants with it, he can ban you because you like the color yellow, I have no problem with this

  957. moparisthebest

    Only the xsf claiming to be impartial yet linking only to that list :)

  958. moparisthebest

    Anyway, we have the solution, put in a pr 404.city

  959. 404.city

    moparisthebest, I even added both lists list.jabber.at + compliance.conversations.im, let users choose what is best for them, but this was rejected

  960. valo has joined

  961. 404.city

    I think the XFS community is a closed community where new members do not respect. I am disappointed in XFS lobbying interests of old participants. I have bad english that express thoughts correctly.

  962. yomane has left

  963. waqas

    I'm not sure if there's an "XFS community", but I personally find the XMPP community to be one of the nicest to be found online. That was the attraction for me roughly a decade ago.

  964. Guus

    404.city: It must be annoying that your service is not listed, I get that. I will happily add another list (that includes you), but do not think that the compliance checker list is a good list for the Getting Started page.

  965. moparisthebest

    404.city: if I understood the consensus in here a few minutes ago, it was we can add new lists, so put in a PR to do so

  966. Alex has left

  967. mati

    Regardless of whether it's a good idea to add the compliance list there, I just want to point out again that my list is open source and anyone can host a copy.

  968. mati

    And anyone who wants to can file issues or PRs and I'm happy to improve any documentation that is surely missing

  969. dwd has left

  970. mati

    And I like to have independent lists. I'll happily add links to any other list, just like jabber.at has links to the compliance list

  971. 404.city

    Guss If I create a list where there are no preconceived addition terms, will it be added as an alternative?

  972. sezuan has left

  973. 404.city

    mati, Add back to your list 404.city

  974. mati

    Guus: thanks for your kind comments on GitHub. That helped my mood.

  975. dwd has left

  976. ralphm has joined

  977. 404.city

    mati You ruined my mood. I did not quarrel with you, you just picked it up and deleted it

  978. mimi89999 has left

  979. 404.city

    What is the point of XFS if it does not protect the rights of administrators of XMPP servers, but advertises biased lists.

  980. Link Mauve

    Storing files, I guess.

  981. Link Mauve


  982. rtq3 has left

  983. Link Mauve

    404.city, protecting your rights should be up to your country, tho.

  984. rtq3 has joined

  985. Link Mauve

    Or something similar.

  986. labdsf has joined

  987. vanitasvitae

    Can we now stop reiterating points that have already been brought up please?

  988. j.r


  989. architekt has joined

  990. pep.

    404.city: why do you want users that bad? Seriously. I'd love to have an answer to that question

  991. pep.

    404.city: why do you want users that bad? Seriously. I'd love to have an answer to that question

  992. 404.city

    vanitasvitae, Yes. I see no point in participating in XFS. If I offer a new list of impartial, he will again be rejected

  993. 404.city

    pep., I can not translate your question. Rephrase

  994. j.r

    404.city: why do you trie so hard to gain useres, pep. asked

  995. j.r


  996. sezuan has left

  997. 404.city

    j.r, I wanted to open a non-profit organization supporting the development of XMPP, decentralization, etc

  998. vanitasvitae

    Also s/trie/try

  999. j.r

    That doesn't answer the question

  1000. j.r

    > Also s/trie/try Typing on mobile xD

  1001. 404.city

    j.r, We need more users to attract investment to the opening

  1002. vanitasvitae

    You can do that without having a ton of users on yohr server

  1003. vanitasvitae

    (Which actually hurts decentralization) :D

  1004. 404.city

    vanitasvitae, This you can do. I cant. I am not from the country where it is easy to do

  1005. Guus

    For what it's worth: I acted (rejected the PRs) primarily based on motivations that I know are not universally agreed upon by the XSF members. If desired, we can bring this before the board.

  1006. Ge0rG

    404.city: so you have an undisclosed financial interest in the users? What do you offer your investors?

  1007. Ge0rG

    Guus: I wish you had rejected the pidgin pr on such grounds

  1008. Guus

    Ge0rG: let's handle one hot potato at a time 😁

  1009. 404.city

    vanitasvitae, Developing modern XMPP clients on PCs requires large investments

  1010. j.r

    Also just to say: 404.city provocatively registered @xmpp@mastodon.social as Mastodon ID... it looks a bit like an official account of the XFS or so if you see the handle first

  1011. dwd has left

  1012. Guus

    j.r: I'm guessing you did not yet finish eating your popcorn? 😆

  1013. dwd has left

  1014. j.r

    Guus: yeay

  1015. j.r

    * yea

  1016. vanitasvitae

    j.r: yeah it would be nice if that handle would be transfered over to the XSF / if the XSF would have acted earlier to be present on the fediverse.

  1017. Zash

    Or self-host it

  1018. j.r

    vanitasvitae: that's what I wanted to say...

  1019. Zash

    Or pick another server

  1020. 404.city

    j.r, We specifically did not use XMPP in the domain, although this is possible.

  1021. j.r

    404.city: I think you didn't get me

  1022. Link Mauve

    I’ve been discussing with a girl who’s writing an ActivityPub server at FOSDEM, it doesn’t sound as incompatible as I thought before, and I may try a few things with it.

  1023. vanitasvitae

    Unfortunately they dont offer popcorn on the train, so I have to fall back to kinder choco bons

  1024. vanitasvitae


  1025. labdsf has joined

  1026. 404.city

    j.r, Mastodon does not allow to change the nickname. If XFS needs my account, can I give it away or delete account

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  1029. j.r

    404.city: why did you registed this id?

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  1032. 404.city

    j.r I did not think about it. It is simply short for XMPP server.

  1033. j.r

    Hm ok

  1034. Guus

    > j.r, Mastodon does not allow to change the nickname. If XFS needs my account, can I give it away or delete account That's a gracious offer, thank you. If the commteam thinks having access to that account has value, then I hope they will reach out to you. Cc nyco, jcbrand, seve

  1035. Guus

    Phone battery dead! Goodnight everyone!

  1036. flow

    g'night Guus

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  1042. jonas’


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  1045. Link Mauve

    404.city, interesting, which client(s?) are you planning to support with money raised by having users?

  1046. Link Mauve

    Also, did you discuss with the authors of these clients as for whether that’s the best course of action?

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  1050. 404.city

    Link Mauve,I love talking about the present reality, not about dreams

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  1071. Seve

    j.r: What's is that account of yours? I'm missing context, sorry :)

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  1076. j.r

    Seve: you mean @xmpp@mastodon.social ?

  1077. j.r

    Or what?

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  1126. wurstsalat

    Wow, I heard about laws for this but I didn't know this was actively enforced: https://monal.im/blog/omemo-and-french-laws/ Does anybody know since when this is the case? Any other countries? Is/was any other client's distribution affected? I'm curious!

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