XSF Discussion - 2019-03-01

  1. goffi

    hey, who is the admin of this room? MAM archive is full of chatstates, I've pinged in Prosody room for that.

  2. Holger

    Chat State Notifications or 0333 Chat Markers?

  3. Guus

    iteam, I guess

  4. goffi

    chat state notifications

  5. Zash

    Anything from before the switch to MAM can be anything.

  6. goffi

    Zash: what does that mean?

  7. goffi

    Zash: FYI I have chat states even in today archive.

  8. goffi

    I've set 2018-03-01 instead of 2019, so it's actually not the case anymore, false alarm sorry for the noise.

  9. Seve


  10. Zash

    The previous room logging module stored all kinds of things. Be glad you're not getting the iq stanzas it stored.

  11. MattJ

    Hey, this morning I added a new page to the wiki: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Integrations

  12. MattJ

    Background: I frequently encounter projects or platforms that are modular, e.g. they support notifications to IRC, Slack, whatever. I tend to scroll down the list of integrations, and if they don't have XMPP I sigh

  13. MattJ

    I wanted to start tracking a list of such projects so that perhaps we can look at adding XMPP support to them

  14. MattJ

    If you have a project to add, please do. If you're looking for a small project to work on over a weekend that is XMPP-related, maybe pick something off the list

  15. Guus


  16. pep.

    Guus, are _you_ asking for kisses

  17. Guus

    I'm expressing love. If that needs to involve kissing people, I do not shy away.

  18. zinid

    gross 😳

  19. Andrew Nenakhov


  20. Seve

    MattJ: very good idea, same happens to me!

  21. MattJ

    Seve, glad to hear, can't wait to see the list grow :)

  22. Guus

    MattJ maybe announce this on a list?

  23. winfried

    and in the newsletter ;-)

  24. MattJ

    Shall do

  25. MattJ

    Which list? :)

  26. MattJ

    jdev, I guess

  27. Seve is adding that to newsletter

  28. MattJ


  29. Guus

    jdev seems appropriate, yes. The newsletter is a good idea too

  30. MattJ


  31. dwd

    MattJ, I do wonder if the XSF could host an intergration endpoint, like a webhook thing or something. If such a thin were written, of course.

  32. Zash

    What would it do?

  33. Seve pays attention.

  34. MattJ

    dwd, ^ which would do what?

  35. dwd

    MattJ, There's quite a few projects, services, systems, etc which can easily enough do whatever it is one does with a webhook. Github, for instance, can trigger a webhook on every commit, PR, or whatever. A generalized webhook service could then take the data, render it (maybe), and ping it out to 1:1 and MUC.

  36. dwd

    MattJ, I'm thinking aloud, mind.

  37. MattJ


  38. dwd

    MattJ, And using the term "thinking" there very loosely.

  39. MattJ

    Prosody already has a Github->pubsub module

  40. dwd

    MattJ, Which'd be awesome. But I think making XMPP easy to get basic integrations done that way would be pretty cool. Even better, of course, if its an open source project one can self-host - but a public one would be useful to gain adoption.

  41. moparisthebest

    dwd, so just running https://github.com/adnanh/webhook and calling https://github.com/moparisthebest/sendxmpp-rs ? what's left to write?

  42. Zash

    > just Rarely

  43. moparisthebest

    the first bit parses webhooks, runs a command

  44. moparisthebest

    put any command that sends an xmpp message in there, done

  45. dwd

    That sounds frightningly unscalable.

  46. moparisthebest


  47. moparisthebest

    there is also https://bitbucket.org/O01eg/sendxmppd-rust if you want to keep an always-open xmpp connection around, I know nothing about it though, not even if it works

  48. moparisthebest

    I don't know why something like webhook running a command would in any way be unscalable though

  49. Guus

    dwd: https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/pull/1302

  50. dwd

    Guus, Yeah, I saw that one fly by on https://teamcity.cridland.io/

  51. Zash

    Generic webhook module would be handy. Currently there's a bunch that are close but not quite.

  52. Seve

    Is there any example of what should be done?