XSF Discussion - 2019-03-10

  1. jonas’


  2. zinid


  3. zinid

    what was the problem btw?

  4. jonas’

    zinid, the machine went down for unknown reasons

  5. zinid


  6. rion

    xep-0166 has a little inconsistency. 7.3 Content Element / Table 2 says 'creator' + 'name' is unique within a session. and below in the same table for 'name' description we see duplicates are possible to represent the same content. This basically means it's impossible to indentify content with 100% confidence in some cases.

  7. Lance

    yeah.... i can see how that clause in 7.3 was envisioned to work, but really that kind of negotiation should be handled via service discovery features instead. it is best if creator+name really is always unique

  8. Lance

    (envisioned as when receiving a batch of contents with the same name and different description namespaces, you would only ever respond with one using the description namespace you picked from the given options. so the true unqiueness constraint would be creator+name+description-namespace. but, eww, how about we don't)

  9. rion

    > it is best if creator+name really is always unique +1