XSF Discussion - 2019-03-17

  1. pep.

    https://identity.foundation/ anybody knows about this?

  2. Andrew Nenakhov

    Try /protocol/ but currently it's mostly googledocs in Russian

  3. Neustradamus

    Andrew Nenakhov: a redirection will be nice: protocols -> protocol

  4. Andrew Nenakhov

    Probably. It's not a public link at the moment anyway, sorry. Mostly what my team uses

  5. neshtaxmpp

    hi guys my friend solved ejabberd + sql + nexrcloud. it worked, but when he connect from conversations it comment sasl dwongrade: https://bgzashtita.es/git someoen comment it can be solved by deleted account and make new account again...

  6. neshtaxmpp


  7. pep.

    neshtaxmpp, you might want to join xmpp:conversations@conference.siacs.eu?join