XSF Discussion - 2019-03-31

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  128. 404.city Support Added unbiased server list https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/545
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  167. pep. rion, xmpp:psi-dev@conference.jabber.ru?join is that still the room for psi? A user in the gajim room is apparently getting "Forbidden" when trying to join
  168. rion O_o
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  170. jonas’ maybe nickname conflict?
  171. rion or invalid captcha input
  172. pep. captcha :(
  173. rion yep we also suffer from spam
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  179. pep. rion, I don't get prompted for any captcha btw, I manage to join. I'm not sure what that user is doing.. possible PEBCAK :/
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  182. rion pep.‎, hm I don't know why you weren't prompted. maybe you are already reigstered there. I'm now on Gajim and can't check
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  191. pep. rion, Is there a place that user can join to get help from you directly? Or can you join gajim@conference.gajim.org? It's pretty hard to debug stuff from here otherwise :p
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  206. pep. Is there any example of XEP profiles that are then overriden with other more specific XEPs
  207. pep. Is there any example of XEPs that are then overriden with other more specific XEPs, some kind of profile definition
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  210. rion pep.‎, do you expect to hear "pep" ?
  211. pep. :)
  212. pep. I did have it in mind but I wanted to know if there were any others
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  252. Neustradamus 404.city Support: can you update the logo? https://twitter.com/404_city/status/1110460013661880320
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  263. moparisthebest Hey stack overflow put up it's April 1st joke early too https://superuser.com/questions/1419573/snort-failed-to-parse-the-ip-address cc jonas’ :D
  264. moparisthebest Non mobile layout only
  265. jonas’ yeah
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  267. pep. nice
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  275. pep. To answer my own question, 374 is a profile of 373.
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  284. 404.city Support Neustradamus, Does XMPP have a new logo?
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  286. pep. "yes", the bits overlapping at the bottom have been corrected
  287. pep. The orange bits
  288. Neustradamus A little change: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:XMPP_logo.svg
  289. 404.city Support Neustradamus, Ok (old tweets cannot be changed, but new ones will be with the new logo)
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  311. pep. TIL xeps use prettifyjs, what's the JS in there used for? I would think the CSS file is enough to colorize xml snippets, but disabling that JS script makes colors not render
  312. Zash pep.: You seem to be answering your own question?
  313. pep. Yeah but why
  314. pep. What actually requires JS
  315. Zash ... the XML syntax highlighter
  316. Zash I don't know why, it's always been like that.
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  324. jonas’ probably because nobody dared to implement XML syntax highlighting in XSLT
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  399. pep. Ohh, I get it now
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  401. pep. I thought that was generated before, statically, I wasn't even thinking about xslt..
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  414. lovetox is one -1 vote enough to block the message correcting change?
  415. pep. yes
  416. lovetox than thanks for blocking that Ge0rG , i feel there was no real discussion what is the best solution here
  417. lovetox also if i remember correctly most client would do than exactly the opposite of what the XEP would say
  418. pep. personally I think both are equivalent, it's up to implementation details and people who won't want to change what they have and will argue the loudest now :)
  419. pep. In both cases things will break
  420. Zash If the concept is that a the payloads of a replacement message replace those of the corrected one, then https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/764/commits/a3dc32643c33282f474568f2100779f93a111deb seems consistent, becasue the top level attributes stay the same, including id
  421. Zash And then the replacement carrier message goes into the ether, like a chat state, having completed its task.
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  424. pep. To me it's weird that LMC changes the whole payload inside fwiw
  425. pep. (or the whole stanza even)
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  427. lovetox to my knowledge nobody saves stanzas to local database
  428. lovetox so the concept of replacing a stanza seems weird
  429. pep. In poezio that's what happens, in memory though, there's no saving to disk
  430. lovetox yeah and then you have to do database operations that have nothing to do with the stanza
  431. pep. (well, the message itself yes, but not the stanza)
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  433. lovetox for me its obvious that the xep does not mandate to replace a stanza
  434. lovetox that would mean the xep mandates some storage format of data in memory or database
  435. Zash Immutable history!
  436. lovetox it just wants to say, to the user it should look like if the payload was replaced
  437. pep. lovetox, yeah that's also what I think it should be
  438. pep. also, with a precision that payload means <body/>
  439. lovetox yes
  440. lovetox so i would cast this stanza discussion aside
  441. lovetox the real discussion is if it has pro/cons if we do one of both solutions
  442. Zash if you correct a correction stanza, does that mean you're replacing the payloads it's replacing?
  443. pep. What's the XEP again that recommends not putting too many things in a stanza at the same time?
  444. Ge0rG There was a discussion and I brought up strong arguments in favor of the other way of doing it
  445. Ge0rG But then everybody forgot about it and people moved on
  446. Zash but then that stanza would be replacing itself and collapse into a black hole
  447. Zash and also divide by zero
  448. pep. Zash, that's what usually happens no?
  449. lovetox the problem is not the receiving side for me
  450. Zash I don't know
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  455. Ge0rG divides Zash by zero
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  458. Ge0rG Hello NaN
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  489. lovetox if we do it like Kev proposes, and i send a correction, then i cant simply replace the text and forgot about that i just sent a *new* message with a unique id, an id for which i expect receipts
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  494. lovetox so i have to save that message, but not treat it as a message if the user again wants to correct
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  499. lovetox already thinking about this makes my head hurt
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  513. lovetox i also cant replace the id of the previous message, because i also expect receipts for that
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  521. lovetox the other way is much more straight forward to implement in my opinion
  522. Zash !xsf_Martin: you're quitjoining a lot
  523. lovetox but maybe im overthinking this, maybe it doesnt really matter
  524. lovetox what i wonder if one of the two solutions has pros for backscrolling/history loading
  525. lovetox and also in no client its a true replacement
  526. lovetox users expect to see the pre-corrected text
  527. lovetox so its more like an addition
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  529. Zash At Summit we discussed this, under the "mam2" topic
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  531. lovetox i would strongly lean to the solution that has better history/mam propertys
  532. Zash The plan was to give MAM another dimention for things like attachments, reactions, corrections
  533. pep. lovetox, yes and no. Poezio will no keep the original text if you have LMC enabled, (which I think is bad, but I have no clue how to make it on the UI). It will only show all messages (in an info window) if you configure beforehand that you want to see corrections
  534. pep. *that you want to see what's being corrected, to what, iirc. (I don't use this feature. When in doubt, I look at the xml_tab :-°
  535. pep. Zash, aggregation?
  536. Ge0rG pep.: what you are saying is a sophisticated wording for 'poezio LMC sucks'
  537. pep. ah k
  538. pep. Ge0rG, I am not hiding it :)
  539. pep. Not trying to at least
  540. Zash pep.: that would be a thing you could do with that multi-dimentional thing
  541. Ge0rG lovetox: my argument is that when receiving partial history, you maybe don't have the original message, but all the corrections.
  542. Zash pep.: basically flatten it a bit
  543. Ge0rG Zash: I think the two dimensional MAM is orthogonal to which message to reference
  544. lovetox but wouldnt always correct the same id then better
  545. pep. When going from the end I guess it's about the same
  546. lovetox like if i receive a message from history, with the first correction i receive, i at least know what id i have to look for to get the original
  547. Zash Ge0rG: You'd reference the first level
  548. lovetox and with the chain way, i never know if that was the last correction
  549. lovetox it could go endless
  550. Zash archive[user][archive-id][payload-type][i] = stuff
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  552. Zash Altho would that model allow correcting a reaction?
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  591. Neustradamus Can you look for XEP-308 muc log archive from server and from client? Example: Test 1 -> Test 2 There are two entries in the log archive from server and from client?
  592. Neustradamus Can you look for XEP-0308 muc log archive from server and from client? Example: Test 1 -> Test 2 There are two entries in the log archive from server and from client?
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