XSF Discussion - 2019-04-03

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  21. Neustradamus https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0412.html -> Added XEP-0313 and XEP-0412 to 'Advanced Group Chat' There is a problem no? 0410 no?
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  70. jonas’ Neustradamus, yes, that will be fixed when I touch the XEP the next time
  71. Neustradamus Ok!
  72. jonas’ making a build just to fix a trivial typo which was already announced on the ML seemed a bit overkill to me :)
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  81. Ge0rG Oh, for a brief moment I thought that all votes were in an the XEP got promoted.
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  92. dwd Ge0rG, All the vote *are* in.
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  96. Ge0rG Yay!
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  98. jonas’ next time they show up, can someone who has privileges in this (xsf@) room simply join offtopic@ and invite fire?
  99. jonas’ in the hope that their client picks up on the invite and they can join
  100. jonas’ or, someone who speaks russian explain it to them
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  102. rion jonas’: ОКей =)
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  108. Ge0rG There is also the yaxim-ru@chat.yax.im MUC which contains some Hardcore English Refuseniks.
  109. Ge0rG Wow, 0412 was a close call. 3x +1, 1x +0, 1x -0
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  111. Ge0rG But jonas’ or another volunteer editor (ha-ha-ha) can push The Button now.
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  174. theTedd Ge0rG, I have a quick question regarding your 0412 changes (we can call it editorial)
  175. theTedd - isn't the addition of 0313 (MAM) to 'Advanced Group Chat' redundant when it's already present in 'History Storage/Retrieval' (both require it only for Advanced Server and Client, so it' effectively the same)
  176. theTedd the only reason seems to be to include the [33] note, which could be put on the latter and simply say history should be supported for both MUC archive and a User's account
  177. jonas’ theTedd, I think it’s good to have it in both sections for discoverability
  178. theTedd but if someone aims for "Advanced IM" then they're going to implement it anyway
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  188. Ge0rG theTedd: my rationale was that you need it both on your account and on a MUC service to work properly and everywhere
  189. theTedd sure, so why not just add the note to 'History Storage/Retrieval' to indicate it should support both?
  190. Ge0rG My feeling was that it's more explicit this way
  191. Ge0rG And that it doesn't hurt to have
  192. theTedd okay
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  225. Ge0rG why is theTedd only appearing for short periods and then vanishing again?
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  229. theTedd to maintain an air of mystery?
  230. Ge0rG theTedd: with this behavior, you are only fueling the rumors about you being an alter ego of somebody deep inside the XSF.
  231. Ge0rG theTedd: anyway, I wanted to talk to you about the badges. I like the dynamic generator approach, and wondered if we can/should increase the size of the badges.
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  233. Ge0rG Also I don't remember any more which emoji we decided to use instead of the '+'
  234. theTedd we can adjust anything in the svg template, though I think 'badges' have a de facto size at this point
  235. theTedd I don't think we found anything acceptable; I'm also not sure it should be an issue as long as we're not trying to pass it off as a product name
  236. Ge0rG Maybe it's my 1080p 5" screen, but I consider the default badge size to be unreadable
  237. Ge0rG it can only have originated from ignorant silicon valley brogrammers.
  238. theTedd well, anything above 8pt is obviously far too big
  239. Ge0rG theTedd: how did you generate the template?
  240. Ge0rG was it based on the svg that I got from badges.io, or did you embed your own copy of the XMPP logo?
  241. theTedd I stole it from the badges shields'io generates
  242. Ge0rG at least I want it to be in dp
  243. Ge0rG ot whatever metric is "density-independet pseudopixels or points" in CSS
  244. Ge0rG and SVG
  245. theTedd 'rem' should be used where possible
  246. theTedd I also embedeed a base64 version of the logo
  247. Ge0rG what's wrong with 'em' when embedding them into text?
  248. Ge0rG theTedd: your logo is image/png, isn't it?
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  250. theTedd it's png, yes
  251. Ge0rG Hm. messages to this MUC appear to have some seconds of delay, but pings get through immediately.
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  253. Ge0rG that might be a problem when scaling up
  254. Ge0rG and I suppose there is no way to say "width of string X plus 20 em"
  255. theTedd it can easily be changed to svg, but it's not worth it as small sizes
  256. Ge0rG Hm. I think I don't actually want to learn that much about the inner working of SVG.
  257. theTedd that may be wise
  258. Ge0rG I need to stop before I remember that you can include CSS and JavaScript and all the bottomless pits of webtech.
  259. Ge0rG Oh. Damn,
  260. theTedd you can animate svgs
  261. theTedd I had a passing idea for scrolling the suite's categories in the badge
  262. theTedd then decided it's bad UI
  263. Ge0rG theTedd: that's an awesome thing. But only let it run on 04/01
  264. jonas’ .
  265. jonas’ unrelated
  266. jonas’ there was this SVG file with the corporate design of the XSF
  267. jonas’ with the colour codes and stuff for the primary colours of the XSF / XMPP logo design
  268. Ge0rG there is a corporate design?
  269. jonas’ does anyone know where that file is?
  270. jonas’ cc @ Ge0rG
  271. jonas’ cc @ Guus
  272. jonas’ I think it bubbled up when the logo fixup was discussed a year ago or so
  273. jonas’ I need the colour codes for things
  274. dwd For "Things"?
  275. jonas’ things
  276. jonas’ unspecified
  277. jonas’ I don’t know if there will be results so I don’t want to get everyone crazy about it
  278. dwd theTedd, Also, +1 for MARQUEE badges. Retro-style.
  279. dwd jonas’, See, now I'm excited.
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  281. jonas’ I wouldn’t have said a thing if I didn’t need that file ;)
  282. theTedd all colour references from the logo svg: #002B5C #002B5C #13B5EA #13B5EA #1B3967 #1B3967 #439639 #A0CE67 #D9541E #E96D1F
  283. jonas’ theTedd, thanks; I could’ve done that myself, but I specifically remember there to exist a file which listed the base colours upon which the logo was designed
  284. jonas’ and I’d like to have that file to get it right :)
  285. jonas’ it’s not urgent either, I can use a placeholder :)
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  287. theTedd blue and orange :D
  288. jonas’ essentially, yes
  289. Zash looks at prosody.svg
  290. Ge0rG http://theabyssgazes.blogspot.com/2010/03/teal-and-orange-hollywood-please-stop.html
  291. theTedd they're the colours of calm and ACTION
  292. Ge0rG CTCP ACTION?
  293. theTedd amazingly, no
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  299. theTedd unofficial corporate palette: https://i.imgur.com/PKCwWWN.png
  300. Guus jonas’: the logo on the website top left corner is a SVG
  301. Guus Does that help?
  302. theTedd that's where I got these colours from
  303. jonas’ Guus, no
  304. jonas’ I’m looking for the specific document
  305. Guus jonas’: unsure, unable to dig into it now
  306. jonas’ it’s not urgend
  307. jonas’ it’s not urgent
  308. Guus Try ralphm
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  312. ralphm There's an SVG in our repo I think.
  313. ralphm I'm looking up the one I have (switched machines and need to sort out the mess)
  314. ralphm http://mag.ik.nu/~ralphm/xmpp.svg
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  316. ralphm And for what it is worth, orange is the awesomest color. Not even because our Royal Family is indirectly named after it.
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  351. Ge0rG Orange is the new Teal.
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  366. jonas’ may I kindly point you at my email to members@: https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2019-April/008958.html TL;DR: I’m re-doing the XEP CSS and want feedback on it. Example: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0030.html
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  369. pep. jonas’, "Removed legacy stuff and replaced it with modern stuff" what does that mean
  370. jonas’ pep., <span class='em'> -> <em> for example
  371. pep. k
  372. jonas’ <a name='foo'> -> id='foo' on whatever element this was about
  373. jonas’ and that type of stuff
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  375. jonas’ did you realize that the ToC was actually a <br/>-separated list of links, indented using nbsp, before? :(
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  377. pep. :(
  378. jonas’ afk for tonight
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  394. Wiktor Looks good on first sight, not enough margins on mobile though.
  395. moparisthebest that's awful jonas’ , it should be a <table> right?
  396. moparisthebest >:)
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  427. jonas’ moparisthebest, don’t joke about tables
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  430. jonas’ Wiktor, indeed, I haven’t looked at it with an actual mobile yet
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  433. Zash https://cerdale.zash.se/upload/Kvef4RrFUulHjxMC/Sk%c3%a4rmbild_20190403_001.png
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  435. Zash Tiny bit more margins wouldn't have hurt
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