XSF Discussion - 2019-04-04

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  103. ralphm Grids FTW
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  164. nyco aaaaand boom!
  165. Seve o/
  166. nyco \o
  167. Guus \o/
  168. nyco quorum
  169. Guus ralphm MattJ ?
  170. Guus wanders around, finds a gavel, and rings it
  171. Guus bangs it?
  172. nyco oh hey
  173. Guus what does one do to gavels?
  174. nyco tap?
  175. nyco caress maybe
  176. Guus 1. Roll call, agenda
  177. Guus we've established that there's three of us here
  178. Guus Agenda driven by Trello, as usual
  179. Guus does anyone want to discuss anything that's not already in Trello?
  180. nyco 42
  181. Guus I suggest holding of much of the discussion around sponsoring until we have a full board.
  182. Ge0rG A Tedd has created badges.
  183. MattJ Here
  184. Guus Ge0rG is that to be discussed?
  185. Guus hey Matt!
  186. Guus Ge0rG is that to be discussed by board?
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  190. Guus 2. Confirm minute taker / have an awkward moment of silence
  191. Seve Haha
  192. Guus Would someone be so kind as to do the minutes?
  193. Ge0rG Guus: I'm not sure. Board called out for volunteers, and we have two strawman badge proposals plus a yet unanswered jobs call
  194. Seve Where are the proposals?
  195. Guus 3. Badges everywhere
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  198. Ge0rG Seve: mine is under https://op-co.de/tmp/xmpp-compliance-badges/ - theTedd made one at https://bitbucket.org/mrtedd/compliance-badges/src
  199. Seve I thought you were working together, so they are different proposals then? Are those finished?
  200. nyco both are cool, well done, thx
  201. Ge0rG Seve: Tedd's proposal is an interactive generator, mine is a shell script that hammers badges.io
  202. Ge0rG neither is quite there yet
  203. Guus Thanks to both of you for putting in the effort.
  204. Guus I'm unsure who rubber-stamps a particular set.
  205. Guus board? council? the XEP author?
  206. MattJ Since we decided the XSF should have ownership, I would assume it's up to the board to ultimately decide
  207. Kev Unless Board delegates.
  208. MattJ Not that I'm particularly fussy
  209. Ge0rG I'm open for feedback and discussion as well
  210. Guus so, board. works for me.
  211. Guus I'm not sure if I can make an objective choice, though. I'd love for member feedback / cooperation
  212. Seve Ge0rG, if I have to decide, I would prefer to wait a bit until both are done to be able to decide. Although I also would like to give some time for the job as well (I'm very happy both of you put work on this, but I would also leave the door open for the open source design community, since the job was posted after)
  213. Ge0rG there is also another strawman badge at https://op-co.de/tmp/core-client-2019.svg
  214. Guus Ge0rG, were you and Tedd's work in reaction of each-other, somehow?
  215. moparisthebest hmm can't read that font at all
  216. Guus (why do we have two sets? Is one supposed to address something found in the other?)
  217. Ge0rG Guus: I don't think so.
  218. Ge0rG moparisthebest: yes, the badges.io format is using 14px as baseline height, for $reasons
  219. moparisthebest wonder if each "class" like "Core Mobile IM Client" should just have a short-hand version?
  220. Guus let's not have that discussion now
  221. moparisthebest well I can read XMPP just fine, just not the other bit
  222. Guus Can we a) finish both versions, b) put a choice to the members?
  223. Ge0rG Guus: not if we want to await a proper designer to do the job
  224. Guus What if we wait for another week, for a designer to pop up based on that jobposting that you did
  225. Ge0rG +1
  226. Guus then put this to members: version a, version b, or neither and find another designer
  227. Guus fwiw, I'm happy with both proposals
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  229. Guus board: is the above acceptable to you?
  230. MattJ +1
  231. Guus nyco, seve?
  232. nyco ok
  233. Seve Just thinking
  234. Ge0rG regarding refinement of the existing ones, I'd like to hear opinions on the exact strings to use, maybe after Meeting?
  235. nyco I agree we should make the community participate
  236. Guus yes, kindly take that out of the meeting, Ge0rG
  237. Guus Seve - you were thinking?
  238. Seve Let's move forward, I just feel the badges can be "too much". Ge0rG's proposal, I wonder if that is the final verison, or the badge number is going to be lowered.
  239. Seve I would like to simplify it a bit
  240. Seve but let's wait for a week
  241. Seve and then choose between what we have
  242. Guus ok
  243. Guus 4. commitments
  244. Guus 4.1 Clarify what happens when a typo (or equivalent) is fixed in a Deferred XEP
  245. Guus This is basically a placeholder for jonas’ I think
  246. MattJ Yes
  247. Guus (giving him time to point out that it's already done in case I missed it)
  248. Ge0rG IIRC the suggestion was for Editor to make the change without undeferring the XEP
  249. MattJ Yeah, I think jonas’ offered to wordsmith some text for XEP-0001 iirc
  250. Guus we agreed with wording, it's a matter of applying the change to the XEP. Unsure if this needs to be on our agenda any longer, but its a good place to track that we don't forget about it.
  251. Guus lets move on
  252. Guus 4.2 Discuss server setup with iteam
  253. Guus as Ralph is not here, I don't think we have anything to discuss regarding this.
  254. Guus 4.3 Tigase would like to use the XMPP logo
  255. Kev I thought XEP1 already said that a change to z in x.y.z wasn't a change to undefer.
  256. Kev (But you've moved on)
  257. Guus Ralph left a message saying that he asked Peter. No updates on that yet.
  258. jonas’ Guus, I don’t think we agreed with wording, at least not to my knowledge.
  259. Guus Nyco, did you let Tigase know that they could use the XMPP logo, and that we'll update them under what exact conditions, as we agreed last week?
  260. jonas’ (board meetings are typically during my commute home, sorry for the delay)
  261. Kev Isn't the logo CC, same as the rest of the website anyway?
  262. Guus jonas’ no worries. This remark is on the Trello card: "In today's board meeting, Board agrees wiath Jonas' suggested change, and ask the Editor to draft a proposal for the change in XEP-0001."
  263. Guus Kev that's what the general assumption is, but no-one is sure.
  264. nyco Guus yes
  265. Guus Last week, we discussed that it's fine for Tigase to use the logo (and we'd let them know), but that at the same time we should figure out exactly what the licensing model was.
  266. Guus thanks nyco
  267. Guus jonas’ are you happy for us to leave the XEP-0001 clarification with you?
  268. dele has joined
  269. jonas’ Guus, more or less
  270. jonas’ I’ll see that I get to it, for real, during the next week
  271. Guus thanks
  272. Guus 5. Poll membership for feedback on the creation of an XMPP-related job board
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  274. Guus I think we've had all feedback that we're going to get, unless we re-ask.
  275. dele has joined
  276. Guus All that I have seen was moderately positive towards having such a job board in one way or another
  277. MattJ and it was all positive iirc
  278. Guus have you had more feedback, Seve ?
  279. Seve We got some feedback, all positive, so that depends if we want to try to push this again and ask for more feedback or we are all good with what he have.
  280. Guus I suggest that we follow up with a more concrete proposal
  281. Seve Good
  282. Ge0rG have a dedicated page on the website, and a PR process to add jobs there?
  283. Guus Would you be willing to establish such a proposal, Seve ?
  284. Ge0rG a clean template with data similar to clients.json, sorted alphabetically by company name
  285. Seve Guus, yes sure. I'm not a fan of PR, I would like to see if we can find another way for that, before sticking to PR.
  286. Seve I would like more people submit jobs, not technical people
  287. Seve not only*
  288. Guus Ok, let's take that out of this meeting too 🙂
  289. Seve Agree
  290. Guus 6. AOB?
  291. Guus (I have no)
  292. Seve Not from me
  293. nyco I'm good
  294. MattJ None here
  295. Guus 7. Date of next meeting
  296. Guus +1W, unless someone strongly objects.
  297. nyco +1, I strongly agree
  298. Seve +1
  299. Guus 8. bow and applause.
  300. Seve claps
  301. Guus makes a gavel noise
  302. MattJ Thanks!
  303. Guus Thanks guys!
  304. Seve Cool, thank you all!
  305. nyco thx
  306. Ge0rG Yay!
  307. Ge0rG So now back to the badge wording.
  308. Ge0rG I'd like to have the covered suite in the left and the year in the right, but then there is no "XMPP"
  309. Ge0rG Tedd has "XMPP:2019" in the left and the specific suite combo in the right, which also has some merit
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  311. Guus Ge0rG I don't think having 'xmpp' in there is a must, as the context in which the badge is used probably implies the reference anyways
  312. Guus I have nothing against including 'xmpp' either, though.
  313. dele has left
  314. Guus I have a personal, subjective preference, but that's not based on anything more than what I find visually appealing.
  315. Ge0rG I want to hear that
  316. Guus I'd be happy with both
  317. Guus I personally dislike the "+" character that Tedd included.
  318. Guus I like yours slightly more
  319. Zash XMPP Plus
  320. Ge0rG I'd prefer a different character because of "IM+" already being a thing.
  321. Ge0rG mine is lacking the flexibility of core-IM combined with advanced-mobile
  322. Guus so, have two badges?
  323. Ge0rG but maybe we only need the "advanced" prefix if all of the advanced things match
  324. Guus I'm not sure if me discussing this more would have any benefit, to be honest.
  325. Ge0rG Guus: if we are going to combine badges, we can significantly reduce the badge number
  326. Guus I'd put this to the people that are intended to use the badges.
  327. Guus as I said, I'd be happy to use either set.
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  353. jonas’ .
  354. jonas’ I included some feedback on the new CSS from here and the list as well as implemented a feature I wanted to have myself: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0390.html
  355. Zash !
  356. jonas’ ((hopefully) fixed contrast of link font, added margins on small screens, and a megafancy toc thing on large screens)
  357. Zash Very nice
  358. Guus https://igniterealtime.org:443/httpfileupload/d2654a25-3bfb-4684-bfc3-36f9218bc4d6/screenshot_2.png
  359. jonas’ yeah, the revision list is known-bad
  360. Guus kk
  361. Guus margin on mobile is now ok!
  362. jonas’ thanks for testing! :)
  363. jonas’ I’ll now go and fix that revision list mess
  364. Ge0rG margin in the dual-pane is a bit thin
  365. jonas’ Ge0rG, between the panes, or on the leftmost edge?
  366. Ge0rG it should probably be 25% - 75% and not 50-50
  367. Ge0rG jonas’: margin in the right pane
  368. jonas’ Ge0rG, 25%-75% w.r.t. to what?
  369. Ge0rG jonas’: sorry, mixing two things now.
  370. Ge0rG jonas’: the panes should be split 25/75 and not 50/50
  371. jonas’ they are not split 50/50
  372. Ge0rG and the right pane doesn't have any meaningful margins
  373. jonas’ never, actually, what’s your screen size?
  374. jonas’ this must be some corner case
  375. jonas’ like always when you report stuff
  376. Ge0rG 1920x1080
  377. jonas’ the splitting triggers at 75em screen width, and the leftmost pane starts out at 15em width, leaving the rest to the right pane
  378. jonas’ so it’s actually 25/75 by default
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  382. Ge0rG when I shrink the window below ~1650, the left pane disappears completely
  383. jonas’ that’s probably intended
  384. jonas’ Ge0rG, can you provide a screenshot?
  385. jonas’ plus the computed width of the body element, if possible?
  386. jonas’ s/body/html/
  387. wurstsalat jonas’, this looks nice indeed! I wonder if it would be possible (without js) to highlight the chapter in the sidebar depending on where I read on the page?
  388. jonas’ wurstsalat, I don’t think that’s possible without JS
  389. wurstsalat ok!
  390. Ge0rG https://op-co.de/tmp/panes-50-50.png
  391. Ge0rG jonas’: ^
  392. jonas’ I did something like that a few weeks back and was unable to find a non-JS solution IIRC
  393. jonas’ Ge0rG, watcopter
  394. jonas’ fires up chromium
  395. Zash Web.
  396. Ge0rG jonas’: computed width = 1905px
  397. jonas’ now I get it, thanks
  398. jonas’ I see what’s going on
  399. Ge0rG phew.
  400. jonas’ well, not actually
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  402. jonas’ nope, doesn’t make sense
  403. Ge0rG I'm not going to give you remote-debugging on my chromium jewels :D
  404. jonas’ damnit
  405. jonas’ https://sotecware.net/images/dont-puush-me/A50KqvthxiViQpe96jbw1PMxJNCgPUWNphvVx6-j3cQ.png
  406. jonas’ cannotreproduce
  407. jonas’ font size?
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  410. Neustradamus Any news for XEP diff tool?
  411. jonas’ Neustradamus, no
  412. Ge0rG jonas’: custom->22
  413. Neustradamus jonas’: :'(
  414. Ge0rG (in the chrome prefs)
  415. jonas’ Neustradamus, go ahead and work on it ;)
  416. Ge0rG I've got bad eyes. No idea how anybody can read 10pt on a 15" full-hd screen.
  417. jonas’ Ge0rG, that triggers it! thanks
  418. 404.city Support has joined
  419. jonas’ Ge0rG, the typical fix for *that* is /usr/bin/chromium --force-device-scale-factor=1.5 or something
  420. jonas’ which also fixes all other sizes (not only font size)
  421. Ge0rG jonas’: yay for blurry icons everywhere.
  422. jonas’ only if the screen is not dense enough ;)
  423. jonas’ I don’t get how that can even happen
  424. Ge0rG also yay for having to dig into the fugly mess that is chrome cmdline parameters
  425. jonas’ ah!
  426. Neustradamus I have not rights to do it like: - The year change for a newsletter (2018->2019) - XEP proposal redirections -> XEP - ...
  427. jonas’ Neustradamus, you have
  428. jonas’ make a PR against the repository
  429. jonas’ everybody can do that
  430. Ge0rG jonas’: don't tell Neustradamus to open PRs.
  431. kokonoe has joined
  432. jonas’ Ge0rG, I find PRs marginally more useful than issues without a description about what’s going on
  433. Neustradamus Ge0rG: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/created_by/Neustradamus I have not access to the webserver: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/421
  434. jonas’ Neustradamus, it’s all in dockerfiles nowadays
  435. jonas’ I don’t know in *which* dockerfiles, though
  436. 404.city Support has left
  437. Ge0rG onions everywhere.
  438. Neustradamus About XEP diff tool, all are here no? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/412
  439. pep. Ge0rG, onions? whales?
  440. pep. Neustradamus, go ahead and work on it?
  441. jonas’ Ge0rG, I think what’s happening is that: - the @media query to determine the split stuff is based on your browser font size - everything else is not, for whatever reason. at least changing the font size in chromium does not affect the xep at all
  442. jonas’ which is weird, because I expected yaml to do this right Ovo
  443. jonas’ which is weird, because I expected yaml to do this right O_o
  444. Zash jonas’: I think redirects are in the top level nginx config actually
  445. jonas’ Zash, so the xmpp.org dockerfile?
  446. pep. There's a nginx in front of that no?
  447. Ge0rG pep.: maybe Ogers?
  448. Zash There's an nginx in front of it all
  449. jonas’ Ge0rG, can you confirm that changing the chromium font size does not affect the XEP?
  450. Ge0rG jonas’: confirmed
  451. jonas’ derp
  452. kokonoe has left
  453. jonas’ the first time I’m disappointed in yaml.de
  454. jonas’ I wonder what the rationale is for that
  455. jonas’ feels pretty non-accessible to me
  456. Ge0rG annoying users with bad eyes.
  457. Ge0rG like badges.io
  458. jonas’ yaml wins awards for accessibility
  459. jonas’ so I doubt that’s the point ;)
  460. Ge0rG you can't make it accessible for *everyone*
  461. jonas’ ah, I missed a file
  462. jonas’ that explains it to a certain extent
  463. kokonoe has joined
  464. Neustradamus All xmpp.org servers will be updated/upgraded to the new Debian normally (soon), the World will be better ^^
  465. jonas’ err
  466. jonas’ derp
  467. jonas’ *somebody* set font-size: 12pt in the body
  468. jonas’ that was probably me
  469. jonas’ explains all the mess
  470. jonas’ sorry
  471. alacer has left
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  473. jonas’ Ge0rG, reload please
  474. Ge0rG jonas’: more 30-70 now
  475. jonas’ acceptable?
  476. Ge0rG also the font size grew a bit
  477. Ge0rG jonas’: I still think we can move the vertical bar more to the left. Also make it movable manually
  478. jonas’ the latter isn’t possible without massive JS invasion
  479. Zash frames
  480. Ge0rG iframes!
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  482. fire has joined
  483. fire Welcome guys, ok?
  484. jonas’ rion
  485. fire I am sorry
  486. Ge0rG fire: здесь только дискуссии протокола xmpp
  487. fire Don't stop me pleace
  488. fire Ge0rG, hey man
  489. Ge0rG fire: xmpp:yaxim-ru@chat.yax.im?join ;)
  490. Ge0rG jonas’: how can I search MUCs by language? :>
  491. jonas’ not
  492. Ge0rG not searches.
  493. Ge0rG doesn't work.
  494. fire Bot translater in jabber for me, ok?
  495. fire Ge0rG, Bot translater in jabber for me, ok?
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  497. Ge0rG fire: есть русские каналы. Здесь просто не правильное место для болтовни
  498. fire Ge0rG, what is true?
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  501. fire Ge0rG, talk me pleace
  502. Ge0rG jonas’: sorry, that doesn't work.
  503. Neustradamus has left
  504. jonas’ :(
  505. Neustradamus has joined
  506. fire Ge0rG, casual english language room for me, ok?
  507. jonas’ fire, xmpp:offtopic@chat.disroot.org?join
  508. fire jonas’, not work
  509. jonas’ Ge0rG, ^ can you help with that?
  510. fire jonas’, can i help for you?
  511. Ge0rG jonas’: I don't see how
  512. alacer has joined
  513. fire Why
  514. jonas’ Ge0rG, unrelated, how’s this splitting-wise? https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0390.html#appendix-revs
  515. Ge0rG jonas’: just perfect
  516. jonas’ :)
  517. Ge0rG jonas’: now have some JS that highlights the current position in the TOC
  518. jonas’ later, if ever
  519. jonas’ I’m not in the mood to touch JS just yet
  520. Lance has joined
  521. Ge0rG I’m not in the mood to touch JS. EVER.
  522. fire jonas’, wow, many read
  523. jonas’ I’m still trying to figure out a way to get the XEP title or at least number above the TOC without actually having it in the HTML
  524. Ge0rG jonas’: maybe you should ask MattJ for help.
  525. Nekit has left
  526. Nekit has joined
  527. jonas’ Ge0rG, is MattJ a CSS wizard?
  528. Ge0rG jonas’: no, MattJ is an admin of this MUC :P
  529. jonas’ ah
  530. jonas’ different issue, I see
  531. fire I don't know xmpp standards
  532. Zash jonas’: How far into ugly CSS hackery are you prepared to to go?
  533. jonas’ Zash, very
  534. Zash jonas’: Try `nav > h2:before { content: "HELLO" }` or someting
  535. fire Zash, hello dear friend
  536. jonas’ Zash, yeah, I’m at that point now
  537. jonas’ I can’t make that part display: block t hough
  538. Zash And is there no existing js that can do the TOC fiddlery?
  539. jonas’ oh I can, nevermind
  540. fire Zash, english casual room for me, ok?
  541. Zash fire: This is not the place.
  542. fire Zash, where are from this place?
  543. Zash fire: I don't understand.
  544. fire Zash, jid
  545. Neustradamus has left
  546. Zash I don't know
  547. Neustradamus has joined
  548. Zash I'm here for XMPP and XMPP accessories.
  549. fire Zash, and a jid jabber translater eng => rus, rus => eng, ok?
  550. Zash Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.
  551. fire Zash, bot translater for jabber
  552. Zash I don't know anything about that.
  553. fire Zash, you lie for me?
  554. Guus When this happens in the Ignite Realtime chatrooms, we usually agree that it must be Dave, trolling.
  555. pep. Smart
  556. jonas’ https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0390.html now all I wish is that there was a way to make the XMPP logo / xep number clickable and have it jump to the top of the page or something useful like that
  557. fire Guus, I am not Dave, I am fire
  558. jonas’ but I don’t think that’s possible without JS (and even then...)
  559. pep. jonas’, not possible without JS? Even if you have an anchor at the top?
  560. jonas’ pep., the problem is the "make it clickable" part
  561. jonas’ the logo + xep number don’t exist in the HTML
  562. jonas’ it’s pure CSS
  563. Zash :before pseudo element hackery
  564. pep. I see
  565. jonas’ (and there is an accessibility reason why I want to do it that way)
  566. pep. Make the whole h2 block clickable? :-°
  567. jonas’ hm
  568. Zash Thing I did was to have the ToC at the bottom
  569. jonas’ that might not even be the worst idea
  570. mimi89999 has joined
  571. rtq3 has left
  572. jonas’ pep., works good enough :)
  573. pep. yeah, good enough :)
  574. Ge0rG https://upload.yax.im/upload/Rwyzg0onuaq6pDvo/Screenshot_20190404-181425_Firefox.jpg
  575. pep. hmm, is it me or the title is being cropped a bit
  576. jonas’ pep., screenshot
  577. Ge0rG jonas’: the indentation is a bit much on mobile Firefox
  578. jonas’ Ge0rG, that XEP is a bit too much on mobile
  579. jonas’ for portrait mode anyways
  580. jonas’ but I intended to reduce the ol/ul indent a bit on mobile, yes
  581. jonas’ (pun not indented)
  582. fire No understand
  583. Ge0rG jonas’: can you add an indentation to the second and following lines of line broken titles?
  584. jonas’ Ge0rG, maybe
  585. pep. jonas’, ugh, let me update first (67.0a1 (2019-02-04)). https://ppjet.bouah.net/xep-css.png this is what I see
  586. Ge0rG https://upload.yax.im/upload/nfEVxFc9bIzB8GPE/Screenshot_20190404-181645_Firefox.jpg
  587. jonas’ pep., I’m on 65.0.1, so ;P
  588. fire This room for programmist's?
  589. pep. 68.0a1 is out already :)
  590. jonas’ pep., stable <3
  591. goffi has left
  592. pep. I had another fk up with debian stable today, please don't :x
  593. fire Pep enjoy nick name
  594. Ge0rG jonas’: the hex dump isn't using a fixed width font
  595. Steve Kille has left
  596. pep. jonas’, anyway same result on 68
  597. jonas’ pep., hm, cannot reproduce here.
  598. jonas’ but I should add a margin to the top anyways
  599. Zash jonas’: Your CSS almost worked with the xep->markdown->html hack I have
  600. pep. maybe a mix of line-height being small and big font size
  601. fire I want understand english language
  602. pep. fire, here is not the place
  603. pep. We linked you a few other rooms to join
  604. jonas’ Ge0rG, https://sotecware.net/images/dont-puush-me/i1_HyFdvZw8e243a6YZzaq5sW6pnt0ZsPLprXz1Yy88.png
  605. jonas’ like this?
  606. jonas’ Ge0rG, hexdump uses monospace font here, does it work for you with other examples?
  607. Ge0rG jonas’: like that, yes
  608. jonas’ Ge0rG, mind that I can’t control the indent in a way which makes it consistent with the length of the leading number, unfortunately
  609. fire pep., good
  610. fire pep., where this?
  611. Ge0rG jonas’: yes, I was assuming that.
  612. UsL has left
  613. UsL has joined
  614. jonas’ Ge0rG, reload
  615. jonas’ pep., reload
  616. Ge0rG jonas’: neither examples nor other pre boxes are mono space on m mobile Firefox
  617. jonas’ Ge0rG, ah, that I can work with!
  618. Steve Kille has joined
  619. jonas’ Ge0rG, reload
  620. pep. yeah better
  621. Ge0rG jonas’: thanks, fixed now
  622. fire pep., other rooms have adres?
  623. pep. jonas’, how hard is it to have the anchor leave a tiny bit of space before each section?
  624. pep. margin-top(?)
  625. jonas’ pep., when jumping to it you mean?
  626. jonas’ it’s possible with a fun insane trick
  627. pep. yeah
  628. Zash :target ?
  629. pep. fire, xmpp:yaxim-ru@chat.yax.im?join xmpp:offtopic@chat.disroot.org?join
  630. jonas’ Zash, +margin, yes
  631. fire pep., thank you
  632. jonas’ pep., hm, doesn’t really do the trick, thinking about it
  633. APach has left
  634. fire I am go to exit
  635. fire has left
  636. pep. Have I resolved this issue?
  637. pep. jonas’, fine I can deal with this :p
  638. jonas’ ah, it’s easy
  639. jonas’ pep., no, we all did that same thing before
  640. pep. We'll see tomorrow
  641. jonas’ pep., reload
  642. pep. wooo
  643. Zash https://cerdale.zash.se/upload/rLl5vbJj-JwDXxLG/Screenshot_2019-04-04_18-30-15.png
  644. Zash Hmm
  645. jonas’ weirdest piece of CSS I’ve ever seen: h2:target::before, h3:target::before, h4:target::before, h5:target::before, h6:target::before { content: ""; display: block; height: 1.5rem; margin-top: -1.5rem; }
  646. Zash madness
  647. jonas’ Zash, what did you do!!k
  648. APach has joined
  649. Zash jonas’: xep-to-markdown rendered with pandoc to html with your css (slightly tweaked)
  650. jonas’ :D
  651. !xsf_Martin has joined
  652. Zash The default pandoc template has #TOC instead of #toc and CSS is case sensitive??
  653. waqas has joined
  654. jonas’ Ge0rG, I now fixed your landing page example in XEP-0379
  655. jonas’ Ge0rG, https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0379.html#link_transmission
  656. pep. jonas’, some criticism from colleagues (tech people), they don't really like the orange, in the index, "too close to red and that has a different meaning", they also don't really like the index altogether, I don't know how I feel about it, I definitely see the benefits for navigation. and they also preferred stuff properly separated in the metadata at the top in the previous version of the page
  657. jonas’ meh, the :target hack breaks the line wrapping thing
  658. jonas’ pep., can you expand on the metadata-at-the-top part please?
  659. jonas’ I’m not sold on the colours, obviously
  660. jonas’ I’m not going to take their opinion on the index, it’s awesome
  661. jonas’ ;)
  662. Neustradamus Kev: I sent you a private message, thanks in advance.
  663. yvo has joined
  664. pep. jonas’, the index itself yeah I'd agree. Maybe colors can be slightly tweaked(?)
  665. rtq3 has joined
  666. jonas’ pep., reload
  667. Zash :D
  668. jonas’ it’s also less in conflict with the XMPP-blue at the top
  669. pep. jonas’, yeah colors are better like that for the index. As for the metadata, I think the idea is that it was easier to parse the keys in the previous version and read what's in front
  670. lovetox has joined
  671. pep. Now you have to somewhat go through all of it
  672. jonas’ pep., how’s this?
  673. pep. Another point they made is that section titles are a lot bigger than the actual text which is weird (you changed the ratio?)
  674. jonas’ pep., I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there, this broke (changed?) when I included base.css from yaml
  675. jonas’ I also think that the text font size is too small
  676. jonas’ but I don’t recall yaml to be as bad normally, so I wanted to dig deeper before taking out the font-size sledgehammer
  677. Zash jonas’: Steal whatever the hack Bootstrap does with definition lists like here: https://prosody.im/doc/developers#utility_apis
  678. jonas’ Zash, I kinda did, probably, it’s display: grid in my case
  679. Zash jonas’: Oh, I hadn't reloaded
  680. jonas’ anyways, afk for a while
  681. pep. jonas’, yeah metadata formatting seems better now to me as well, but maybe others will say differently :)
  682. pep. Also tbh the blue at the top is weird. I get it's our colors but meh :/
  683. pep. (that my own opinion)
  684. kokonoe has left
  685. pep. It is better with the green though indeed
  686. Zash Having one of the colors used in the logo as background for the logo makes it a bit weird
  687. Ge0rG Yeah, the blue bar is weird
  688. jonas’ also on the todo is "re-use the font from the main website"
  689. jonas’ pep., Ge0rG, reload
  690. jonas’ (inspired by the main website)
  691. Dele Olajide has joined
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  694. jonas’ hm, main website loads font directly from google
  695. waqas has left
  696. pep. yeah black-ish is a lot better to me
  697. Dele Olajide has joined
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  709. Ge0rG jonas’: something in 0390 makes the content a small bit too wide on mobile, causing horizontal scrolling
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  715. Zash Hmm, speaking of using the Official XSF Colors, does this look nice https://cerdale.zash.se/upload/DLtZTr_wdX1l95Af/stanza.html ?
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  800. fire fire, xmpp:yaxim-ru@chat.yax.im?join xmpp:offtopic@chat.disroot.org?join Not work for me
  801. fire yaxim-ru@chat.yax.im offtopic@chat.disroot.org No nick name, no menu, no chat, no connect
  802. fire How does this work on jimm
  803. Zash How do you join here?
  804. fire Jid join and connect
  805. Neustradamus fire: what is your XMPP client?
  806. fire Neustradamus, jimm multi for mobile
  807. Neustradamus What is your plateform?
  808. fire Android 2.3.6
  809. pep. 2.3.6 wat
  810. Neustradamus Jimm is very old yes
  811. rion has left
  812. bowlofeggs platinum CVE edition
  813. fire Version 2.3.6
  814. rion has joined
  815. fire Neustradamus, yes
  816. Yagiza has left
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  818. fire How shit for mamont
  819. Zash What does it look like when you try to join those?
  820. fire Zash, not function
  821. Dele Olajide has left
  822. Zash I can't help with "it doesn't work", sorry.
  823. Neustradamus Ah! Your Android does not support new security points maybe
  824. mimi89999 has joined
  825. fire Maybe
  826. pep. fire, do you have any other device available?
  827. moparisthebest his android isn't connecting to the remote servers
  828. moparisthebest but yea, you should focus on getting that device off the internet ASAP
  829. fire pep., no
  830. Zash If they can join here, why wouldn't they be able to join those rooms?
  831. pep. What tls version/ciphers do you accept here
  832. Zash Fairly out-of-the-box Prosody settings
  833. Zash fire: "xmpp:" and "?join" are not part of the JID, did you remove those parts?
  834. fire Have others casual english rooms for me?
  835. vanitasvitae has left
  836. vanitasvitae has joined
  837. fire Zash, yes, with "xmpp" and "?join" = error 400
  838. neshtaxmpp has joined
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  840. fire What happened?
  841. vanitasvitae has left
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  843. fire Why stop talk?
  844. pep. work
  845. Zash food
  846. fire Tv
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  866. Ge0rG jonas’: any chance to get 0412 promoted? And the typo fixed on the way...
  867. jonas’ oh right
  868. jonas’ I forgot the vote passed
  869. jonas’ on it right now
  870. Dele Olajide has joined
  871. jonas’ Ge0rG, hm, did it pass though?
  872. jonas’ I can’t seem to find daves vote
  873. Ge0rG jonas’: it was on list Monday or Tuesday
  874. jonas’ it didn’t mention 0412 then
  875. jonas’ oh wait, it’s Kev’s vote I can’t find
  876. jonas’ there it is
  877. jonas’ Ge0rG, it was s/412/410/ in that one revision entry, right?
  878. Ge0rG https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2019-April/036028.html
  879. Ge0rG jonas’: exactly
  880. !xsf_Martin has joined
  881. dele has joined
  882. Ge0rG https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2019-April/036015.html
  883. jonas’ push’d
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  885. Ge0rG 👍
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  894. jonas’ I think I found the culprit for the horizontal scrolling ...
  895. jonas’ "Acknowledgements" is simply too long a word
  896. moparisthebest shorten it to "Ack"
  897. moparisthebest if it's good enough for TCP...
  898. jonas’ ;)
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  939. Neustradamus Thanks jonas’ for the 0412->0410 change: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0412.html#appendix-revs
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