XSF Discussion - 2019-04-05

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  117. Kev jonas’: I've not tested on mobile, but the current rendering of https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0030.html looks much better on desktop than the old one, thanks.
  118. jonas’ Kev, :)
  119. Kev Personally, I'd be inclined to say 'ship it'.
  120. jonas’ I have a few minor things on my to-fix
  121. Kev Doesn't preclude more tweaks later, but that seems likea big win already.
  122. Ge0rG I miss the orange :D
  123. jonas’ Ge0rG, you were ~the first to complain about it! ;)
  124. Ge0rG jonas’: I got used to it. Especially after it got darker
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  127. Ge0rG jonas’: obviously I'm just bike-shedding now. Great work!
  128. jonas’ Ge0rG, how about choosing the font colour based on status? Draft / Final get green, everything else orange ;)
  129. Guus ship it
  130. Ge0rG jonas’: +1
  131. jonas’ Ge0rG, I wasn’t serious
  132. Ge0rG jonas’: why is the "HTML" link under https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0030.html#appendix-docinfo pointing to XML?
  133. Ge0rG jonas’: awwww...
  134. jonas’ Ge0rG, probably because I typo’d
  135. Guus ship it
  136. jonas’ ah, no, because the source control is an HTML page
  137. jonas’ Guus, -EBUSY, will this weekend :)
  138. Guus shiiiiip it!
  139. jonas’ but thanks :)
  140. jonas’ it also needs a proper attribution of the yaml CSS framework somewhere, I’ll put that under the legal stuff
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  142. Guus oooooooh "ship it meme" generates good results!
  143. Guus https://igniterealtime.org:443/httpfileupload/202e5084-2949-44fe-b24e-3d52871f0063/i-say-ship-it-ship-it-good.jpg
  144. jonas’ scary
  145. pep. jonas’: the "source control" link is it an attempt at having an "Edit on GitHub" like thing? :p
  146. jonas’ pep., it was there before, I just restyled it
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  148. pep. Oh really
  149. jonas’ but Edit on GitHub is probably not a bad idea
  150. Ge0rG > This XMPP Extension Protocol is copyright © 1999 – 2018 by the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF). This is so yesterday
  151. jonas’ yesteryear
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  153. Ge0rG jonas’: the margin below the style-less <p> in revision history should be much smaller
  154. Ge0rG (can you have <ul> in <li> without a <p>?)
  155. Ge0rG jonas’: can we have anchors on all revision items in the history?
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  158. Ge0rG I motion to rename "Draft Standard" into "Living Standard"
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  160. jonas’ that’s unrelated
  161. Ge0rG > The Last Call ends on 2019-01-22. 😭
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  163. jonas’ 280?
  164. Ge0rG 0410
  165. jonas’ ah
  166. Ge0rG jonas’: there is a missing whitespace in the Proposed template
  167. Ge0rG > the XSF standards process.The Last Call ends
  168. jonas’ ah
  169. jonas’ yeah I broke that probably
  170. jonas’ can you drop me a one-liner email about that?
  171. jonas’ I’m likely to forget about it
  172. Ge0rG jonas’: I'll send to members
  173. jonas’ even better
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  176. Ge0rG 0412 needs a promotion as well
  177. jonas’ ?
  178. Ge0rG Wait.
  179. Ge0rG You mentioned that the new renderings are running an out-of-sync version of xeps.
  180. jonas’ yes
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  192. Ge0rG was confused.
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  201. Alex https://share.conversations.im/gnauck/Vpq5LQUzkZBuW3zv/psi-share-1554457060226.png
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  204. Guus I was once told to never allow newline within a persons name. Do I understand correctly that the author details are copied in from one entity? Maybe replace all spaces with non-breaking spaces, and Saint-Andre's dash with a non-breaking dash?
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  212. pep. I don't think many can read squares here, but TIL: https://www.im-net.org/ https://www.im-net.org/sp/xmpp/ :)
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  223. jonas’ Guus, sounds like a plan, and also like something which we can do in the XSLT
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  225. jonas’ XPath fortunately has a translate() function, which should be well-sufficient for that purpose
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  319. Neustradamus Have you planned to update the year? Every new year, I request it.
  320. pep. Send a PR?
  321. Ge0rG Every December, I ask my calendar provider to *not* update the year
  322. pep. Neustradamus, maybe someday you'll stop asking and you'll start doing things :)
  323. Neustradamus For this, I can do, yes.
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  325. pep. With all the things you notice I'm sure you could be a great contributor
  326. pep. At the moment it's more annoying than not
  327. Neustradamus I contribute in several projects, but I can not launch the debian OS upgrade, the M-Link upgrade, the DH key generation, ...
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  329. pep. Ok I lost you there, but whatever
  330. jonas’ Neustradamus, bad timing, I’ll update the year with the CSS upgrade
  331. jonas’ don’t make a PR against xep.xsl
  332. jonas’ I rewrite it anyways
  333. jonas’ but thanks for the thought, Neustradamus
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  335. Ge0rG jonas’: why are there xep-XXXX-version tags on the xeps repo now?
  336. jonas’ Ge0rG, because I started creating them
  337. jonas’ good for xep archeology purposes
  338. Ge0rG is it possible to have sub-directories in tags?
  339. Ge0rG xep-0419/v1.0.0
  340. jonas’ why?
  341. Ge0rG jonas’: I fear that most tag-oriented workflows are not designed for managing hundreds of tags.
  342. jonas’ Ge0rG, we’ll see
  343. Ge0rG (this is not an answer to your question)
  344. Zash Can you delete tags in git?
  345. Ge0rG yes
  346. jonas’ yes(*)
  347. Ge0rG jonas’: please also tag namespace versions.
  348. jonas’ Ge0rG, interesting idea
  349. Zash Oh, diff -r mam:1 -r mam:2 would be nice
  350. jonas’ a lot, yes
  351. Ge0rG slowly walks himself out.
  352. Ge0rG No. Wait.
  353. jonas’ $ git tag urn:xmpp:foo:0 fatal: 'urn:xmpp:foo:0' is not a valid tag name.
  354. jonas’ pity
  355. Ge0rG SARCASM!1!1!!!!!
  356. Zash y tho
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  358. jonas’ we can url-encode the namespaces though
  359. jonas’ I guess it’s for windows compat :/
  360. Neustradamus A lot of works for all XEP tags since the beginning!
  361. pep. ugh
  362. jonas’ Neustradamus, won’t do that
  363. jonas’ only for new stuff
  364. jonas’ if someone wants to do it for old stuff, feel free
  365. Ge0rG > Note: It is a good practice to use the same message type as the message that requested the receipt, however the XEP authors forgot to mention it and we don't want to version-bump. When sending a Receipt for a type='groupchat' message, it is RECOMMENDED to send the Receipt to the bare JID and not to the full JID of the sender, to ensure that it is reflected to all MUC participants.
  366. Ge0rG This one is still dangling aroung in my unfinished-XEP-edits list
  367. Ge0rG (a Note box for 0184)
  368. Ge0rG I think that it can be polished into a proper PR by redacting a single sentence, but I lack the lack of cynicism to complete it.
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  371. jonas’ Ge0rG, I think that NS bumping receipts makes sense, actually
  372. jonas’ if only for multi-receipts
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  379. Ge0rG jonas’: let's start with ns-bumping 0045 and 0280 first.
  380. Ge0rG multi-0184 is the least of our problems.
  381. jonas’ s/and 280/and replacing 280 with IM-NG/
  382. jonas’ ftfy
  383. jonas’ gotta run
  384. Zash receipts sent to everyone? Hm
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  386. Ge0rG Zash: prosody isn't.
  387. Zash wat
  388. Ge0rG sending receipts to everyone.
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  390. Neustradamus For inbox proposal xep to real XEP, how we can do the redirection in the github?
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  393. Neustradamus For close this ticket: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/421
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  410. Ge0rG how do you reference a later chapter of a XEP in that XEPs XML?
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  442. Ge0rG Let's annoy Council and Editor over the weekend: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/778
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  464. Ge0rG jonas’: the box below https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0184.html#example-3 has rounded corners, while the example itself has cornered corners.
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  472. Ge0rG intosi, Kev, MattJ: the disco#items response on conference.jabber.org violates the RFC due to a bad old data import. It would be awesome if this could get fixed one day
  473. Zash ... one day
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  492. jonas’ https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0045.html another update. make sure you clear your browser caches first. I’d especially like feedback on the document lifecycle view thing I made
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  494. lovetox looks nice
  495. lovetox maybe move it to the bottom of that block, maybe let it start at the Status line
  496. lovetox just an idea
  497. jonas’ isn’t trivial due to how things are laid out
  498. lovetox the width of the content could be a bit bigger, much whitespace between the menu and the content, on a desktop
  499. Ge0rG jonas’: 0045 has a significant horizontal scrolling issue on mobile Firefox
  500. jonas’ Ge0rG, does it happen with '390 too?
  501. jonas’ if not, it’s an issue with '45
  502. jonas’ lovetox, intended, too long lines are hard to read
  503. pep. Wait, proposed is after Experimental?
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  505. jonas’ pep., proposed is last call
  506. pep. I see
  507. Ge0rG jonas’: it's the https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xep-0045.html#impl-client-irc
  508. lovetox oh i see you use the same width as there is now
  509. lovetox then i guess its fine
  510. pep. jonas’, btw, https://ppjet.bouah.net/xep1.png at first I thought it was pretty stylish, but then I realized it was a fail
  511. jonas’ Ge0rG, can’t be fixed I guess :/
  512. jonas’ afk
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  514. lovetox yeah the longer i look at that document lifecycly thing the more i wish its not at the top, you cant see easy when the abstract ends
  515. pep. Otherwise I think that lifecycle diagram thingy is nice, and rather important in making people understanding what is what. I don't especially like the words that are used, (not sure what to replace them with), but that fixes most of the issue I have with them
  516. Ge0rG > I motion to rename "Draft Standard" into "Living Standard"
  517. Zash Isn't that experimental?
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  520. Ge0rG Isn't everything?
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