XSF Discussion - 2019-05-09

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  67. pep. Can we also see that email to board@ btw? (iirc this list is private?)
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  158. Ge0rG pep.: how about this https://op-co.de/tmp/messenger-regulation.html
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  160. Zash Get them to lead by example and go XMPP exclusive.
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  199. edhelas we should open the XSF Diplomacy Bureau
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  220. vanitasvitae It would be great to get in contact with the politicians
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  251. rion From XEP-0260: >> Here the value is calculated as SHA1(SID + Initiator JID + Responder JID) since the initiator will be the entity that activates the bytestream at the proxy. That's basically wrong. The proxy will be activated by an entity which sent the proxy candidate. Since any party can send a proxy candidate we don't know if it's initiator or responder.
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  260. rion I'm going to implement it old-fashioned way in Psi. In other words SHA1(SID + <JID or party offered proxy candidate> + <JID or party accepting proxy candidate>) and then, the party offered proxy candidate will activate the proxy.
  261. flow rion, that sounds familiar, I think I run into the same issue
  262. flow would you mind creating an PR against xep260 for that, or at least document it at https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XEP-Remarks/XEP-0260:_Jingle_SOCKS5_Bytestreams_Transport_Method ?
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  264. flow see also xep260 note 4
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  268. rion flow: sure. I will
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  270. flow rion, much appreciated
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  276. nyco Hi Board, apologies, won't be able to join this meeting
  277. Guus No worries nyco - thanks for the heads up.
  278. Guus ralphm mentioned yesterday that he'd be in a plane again, I think.
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  280. jonas’ so he ... "board"ed ahead of time?
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  282. Guus Maybe we should declare this a dad-joke-free zone...
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  286. jonas’ what’s wrong with duplicate-address-detection jokes?
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  288. Guus jonas’ enough with the coffee.
  289. MattJ May be a few min late
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  291. Guus Seve are you available?
  292. Seve Yes, I am.
  293. MattJ Hey
  294. MattJ Ralph said he's out today
  295. Guus indeed, as did nyco
  296. Guus so it's us
  297. Guus does someone want to chair?
  298. Guus bangs the gavel
  299. Guus we've established who's here. The agenda will be Trello driven, as usual. Does someone want to add anything?
  300. Guus I'm also looking for someone to do the minutes
  301. Seve I have nothing to add. Minutes can be done after the meeting as past times I guess
  302. Guus thanks
  303. Guus 1. Succession of Kev as iteam lead
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  305. Kev MattJ already took over, no?
  306. Guus Wasn't this resolved by MattJ stepping up?
  307. Guus yeah, wondering if it was left on Trello for a reason
  308. Seve Yes, as far as I remember.
  309. MattJ Yep
  310. Guus archived the card
  311. MattJ I think we can consider it resolved
  312. Guus 2. Clarify what happens when a typo (or equivalent) is fixed in a Deferred XEP
  313. Guus two weeks ago, we requested input from Council on this
  314. Guus I've not read up on their minutes
  315. Guus Kev, can you tell us if Council gave feedback on this?
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  319. Guus we might've lost him. I'll leave this for now
  320. Guus both commitments were Ralph's, who's not here. I did see an email regarding the Tigase logo issue, but I'm not sure if he followed up with TIgase.
  321. Guus 3. How to proceed with Compliance Badges?
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  323. Guus We have now three possible designs. How do we want to proceed? Do we want to choose a solution now? Do we want to get in touch with the three volunteers to submit a final proposal? Needs discussion.
  324. Guus cc Ge0rG
  325. Kev Sorry, I'm back.
  326. Kev Council suggested an alternative approach to that PR.
  327. Kev (Which was to properly define our versioning scheme). Jonas took that on.
  328. Ge0rG Sorry, I'm semi gone
  329. Guus Thanks Kev, I'll leave that as a remark on the Trello card.
  330. Ge0rG Guus: I think all three designs aren't quite there yet, rather prototypes.
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  332. Guus Ge0rG as the driving force behind this, as well as the XEP author iirc, are you intending to follow up?
  333. Guus Or do you prefer that someone else takes this on?
  334. Guus (I have the impression that your 'semi-gone' state is shared with much of board)
  335. Guus *tap*tap* this thing on?
  336. MattJ :)
  337. MattJ Sorry, crazy day, but I am here
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  339. Seve To me, I liked that somebody not in the community suggested a design, I would be curious about what could he do
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  342. Ge0rG Guus: I'm going to be fully gone for two weeks starting tomorrow evening, so I'm not opposed to more support
  343. Seve I would like to know what do you guys think, as Ge0rG says, they are more prototypes than something finished, but we need to decide where do we go next
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  345. Ge0rG I'd appreciate community feedback on the visual quality and content of the prototypes
  346. Guus Seve: I like them as-is - but I'm not UI expert by far. I'm also wondering how we decide on what to pick.
  347. Guus Ge0rG mailinglist?
  348. Ge0rG Guus: would you?
  349. Guus yes, but later.
  350. Guus I'm crazy busy with work that MattJ was to crazy-busy with.
  351. Guus 🙂
  352. Ge0rG if later is before next Board meeting, that's sooner than I could
  353. Guus ok, no point in discussing it more now, I think.
  354. Guus Do we want to discuss the Messenger Regulation thingy now?
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  356. Guus I don't feel we've got the attention span required, to tbh
  357. MattJ I haven't reviewed the email properly yet
  358. Guus kicks that can down the road.
  359. Ge0rG just vote yes. I'm well known for responsibly handling communications.
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  361. MattJ :)
  362. Guus fwiw, thanks for suggesting this, Ge0rG - I hope we can find a way to collaborate
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  364. Guus # AOB
  365. Guus I'd like to mention that we have 3 accepted GSoC projects/students.
  366. MattJ None here
  367. Seve None here as well
  368. Guus flow, do you want to chime in on that perhaps?
  369. Guus I"ll take that as a 'no'.
  370. Guus Date of next
  371. Guus +1w?
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  373. Guus I hear no objections 🙂
  374. Guus bangs the gavel
  375. Seve Thank you very much for chairing, Guus
  376. Guus This felt like typing to a wall, to be honest
  377. Guus more coffee next time, guys 🙂
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  379. Seve I understad, but there's nothingng to be said. I haven't read the email as MattJ said, and I would like to finish with the badges thing
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  381. edhelas by the way, was there a final decision for https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/758
  382. edhelas I see that there was a vote made on it https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2019-May/036104.html
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  392. Guus edhelas from what I can see from those minutes, the issue is waiting for Link Mauve 's vote.
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  394. jonas’ edhelas, Guus’ interpretation is correct
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  396. edhelas 😃
  397. Guus \o/
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  399. flow Guus, sorry, was in a meeting. Yes we have 3 GSoC students and I hope to be able to introduce them to you and the world by an blog post soon™
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  401. Guus 👍
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  408. edhelas Guus is slowly moving to a full emoji based conversation
  409. Ge0rG 😁
  410. Ge0rG 👍
  411. edhelas 🤔
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