XSF Discussion - 2019-05-17

  1. ralphm

    I saw it when it came into my spam box, and assumed it was that.

  2. jonas’

    ralphm, I thought so, too, but they did the extra effort to include "XEP" in the subject to send to editor@

  3. jonas’

    so they must’ve at least read the instructions

  4. jonas’

    (of which I don’t even know where they are nowadays)

  5. jonas’

    that’s enough proof of work for me to consider it serious ;)

  6. ralphm

    But I didn't click on the links before. Might indeed be legit.

  7. ralphm

    Google found this https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Editor_team

  8. jonas’

    ah, I (or somenoe) should probably reply with a confirmation that their mail was received, because the "To" header looked rather desparate ;)

  9. ralphm

    The e-mail mentions there are relations with KEIO, but I am not aware of this.

  10. ralphm

    I.e. not recently. We had people from KEIO University at the Summit in 2012.

  11. winfried

    I am ging a talk about e2e encryption tomorrow, anyone interesting in commenting on it is welcome: https://www.tilanus.com/resources/hairy_issue_of_end_to_end_encryption.odp

  12. winfried now ducks and hides

  13. ralphm

    jonas’: I sent a reply and BCC'd you

  14. Guus

    ralphm did you not include Tigase's logo in the footer on purpose? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/567

  15. jonas’

    ralphm, thanks :)

  16. Guus

    There's https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/551 that does that

  17. Guus

    merge both?

  18. ralphm

    Guus: yes, I hadn't gotten the response from them yet at that time.

  19. ralphm

    I think we can, yes

  20. Guus

    you want to wait for Peter's review?

  21. Guus

    on yours?

  22. Guus

    (mind rebasing?)

  23. eevvoor

    pdurbin, that sounds interesting for my current research project too. I have to integrate OAI-PMH in the next Workpackage.

  24. eevvoor

    Ge0rG, I'll write you about that. Thx so far.

  25. pdurbin

    eevvoor: you are welcome to join the call. It's open.

  26. eevvoor

    pdurbin, I'll have a look at it later

  27. Wojtek

    ralphm & Guus - thanks for merging PRs! :-)

  28. Guus

    Wojtek: thank you for sponsoring the XSF.

  29. Wojtek

    of course

  30. ralphm

    Yes, many thanks

  31. ralphm

    Guus: rebased

  32. ralphm


  33. Guus

    ralphm thanks - do you want Peter's review, or shall I merge now?

  34. ralphm

    Just merge it. If we messed up, we can fix and have history

  35. Guus


  36. ralphm


  37. flow

    was there ever a client called "Jabber Instant Messenger"?

  38. flow

    This german wikipedia page could be read as there once was such a client: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabber_Instant_Messenger

  39. flow

    and I am trying to verify if this was really the case or if the wikipedia page is just ambiguously written

  40. Guus

    was this Jabber, inc stuff perhaps? Something that moved to Cisco?

  41. flow

    Dunno, but I could not find a trace a such a client using archive.org