XSF Discussion - 2019-05-20

  1. rion

    does anyone receive notifications on wiki edit?

  2. Seve

    Not me

  3. Guus

    if you're reading this, you might as well start a quick chat with memberbot to get your votes in!

  4. jonas’

    I’m at work, so not really the place to be reading and evaluating applications

  5. jonas’

    but thanks for the reminder nontheless

  6. rion

    xep-0260 (socks5 transport) says nothing about reusing the same host:port for local Direct and Nat-assisted candidates. This forces implementations to listen on two different local ports while one is enough. Example: local: (candidate 1) external: (candidate 2) manual port forwarding on the router: -> as result incoming connections to local and external ports always come to and it's hard to associate such a connection with specific local candidate. something is misdesigned