XSF Discussion - 2019-05-23

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  132. Guus Ge0rG I'm preparing that email in which I ask members to give feedback on the various designs for badges. Can you provide the links again for the two variants that are out there?
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  136. jubalh do clients still support resource locking? if yes, which ones?
  137. jonas’ pidgin probably
  138. jubalh so other clients removed this, since i suppose at some point they supported it, right?
  139. jubalh and sending to a specific resource should be removed also or that would be fine?
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  143. pep. From what I understand resource locking is not recommended anymore. There are some cases where it's still required, like OTR, but otherwise it's most likely not something you want
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  146. jonas’ jubalh, the only situation where you would send to a specific resource in the context of a 1:1 conversation is when the data should really only go to one resource
  147. jonas’ OTR is one exmaple, but IQs are another obvious example
  148. jonas’ if you establish a jingle session, you’ll also address that to only one of the resources.
  149. jonas’ (ideally, a UI would propose the most-recently-heard-from resource by default and allow the user to choose another one based on disco identities etc.)
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  151. jubalh alright :)
  152. jubalh that sounds like I should remove the resource locking from the UI. so that people cant lock it by hand anymore but otr still uses it
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  157. wurstsalat Don't know the current status though https://dev.gajim.org/gajim/gajim/issues/8971 You can still send messages to specific resources (there are plans to remove that)
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  159. jubalh thx wurstsalat
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  165. Ge0rG Guus: > Seve: mine is under https://op-co.de/tmp/xmpp-compliance-badges/ - theTedd made one at https://bitbucket.org/mrtedd/compliance-badges/src
  166. Seve Guus, ^
  167. Ge0rG Guus: https://opensourcedesign.net/jobs/jobs/2019-03-19-design-of-badges-for-different-xmpp-compliance-levels
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  179. Guus Thanks!
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  186. Guus I think this is of interest: https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-github-sponsors
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  219. mtavares Use case: send a msg to myself on another remote.
  220. mtavares I wonder if that is even possible...
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  223. moparisthebest mtavares, yep, I send myself messages as notes all the time
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  225. moparisthebest now that I think about it maybe only useful with carbons and mam but whatever, works
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  231. Guus Time for the XSF Board meeting.
  232. Nÿco yep
  233. Guus hi!
  234. Guus did you get my earlier message?
  235. Guus (email text proposal)
  236. ralphm bangs gavel
  237. ralphm 0. Welcome + Agenda
  238. Seve Hi
  239. ralphm Hi everyone!
  240. Guus o/
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  242. MattJ Hey
  243. Guus full house
  244. ralphm 1. Messenger Regulation Germany/EU
  245. ralphm Any updates here?
  246. Guus that was on your commitment list, so I guess any updates come from you? 🙂
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  248. Seve I'm not aware of any :)
  249. ralphm hrm: “Guus to make contact with the German government with Alex and the help of GeOrG”
  250. ralphm (from minutes)
  251. Guus I followed up on that with "that's Ralph, not me" (or something to that extend)
  252. Nÿco my mistake, sorry
  253. ralphm I'll fix the heads on the item
  254. Guus As you wrote last week: > Sure. As I mentioned before, we have one German citizen as Director: Alex. I could work with him and Ge0rG?
  255. Guus your head is on it 🙂
  256. Nÿco wait, who's the minute taker?
  257. ralphm you :-D
  258. Alex happy to do so
  259. ralphm Alex: the minutes or the regulation thing?
  260. Alex regulation
  261. Nÿco both? 😉
  262. Nÿco argh
  263. Nÿco ok, I'll one minute not more 😉
  264. ralphm ok
  265. ralphm Alex: thanks!
  266. ralphm Alex: we aren't really sure how to proceed, so any help welcome.
  267. Guus ralphm looking at Trello, you're now volunteering Nyco and me for this, while you volunteered for it last week. I don't want to spend time on this in the near future myself, to much balls in the air at this moment.
  268. Alex but Mrs Barley announced to resign from her current German position this Sunday when we have elections, and take on some duties in Brussels in the European parlament
  269. ralphm Guus: I've just read the minutes, if I remembered incorrectly, I'll pick it back up again
  270. ralphm There
  271. ralphm 2. XMPP Testimonials
  272. Guus You remembered incorrectly, and the minutes are incorrect. See http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2019-05-16?p=h#2019-05-16-f84f17240717ef3d
  273. Guus Thnaks
  274. ralphm Guus: this _was_ yours, right?
  275. Guus I've drafted a text for this earlier today, that Nyco OK'd just now
  276. Guus I'll send it out right after the meeting.
  277. ralphm great
  278. Ge0rG Luckily we've had two weeks to talk to Ms Barley before the election.
  279. ralphm Ge0rG: and?
  280. Ge0rG ralphm: I'm still waiting for somebody to tell me that I'm allowed to.
  281. Guus please use sarcasm markup when applied in meeting.
  282. ralphm yeah, that's not cool
  283. ralphm I thought the minutes were clear that we wanted to work with you and Alex on this.
  284. Ge0rG My reading of the channel log was that Alex was promoted to take the initiative.
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  287. ralphm Well, since we're all guessing here, let's make it clear:
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  289. ralphm Ge0rG: we'd love to understand how to move forward, the reason I asked Alex is because he is a Director of the XSF
  290. ralphm but we totally want to have you help us figure out how to do things
  291. ralphm Does that unblock you?
  292. Ge0rG ralphm: alright. I would attempt to call the respective ministry. They already responded to an inquiry by Freie Messenger, so I might obtain direct contact info. There was also a FOIA request that's still pending
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  294. Guus (FOIA?)
  295. ralphm Freedom Of Information Act
  296. Ge0rG ralphm: no. I'd actually rather improvise my steps than coordinate each one with The Board.
  297. ralphm Ge0rG: in that case, what is your goal and your strategy?
  298. Alex Ge0rG: I don't have the time currently to lead the initiative. But I am happy to help whenever I can
  299. Ge0rG ralphm: my goal is to establish a contact with somebody who's competent at the technical or legislative level for that context, and to offer support to them.
  300. Guus I'd be happy with Ge0rG acting autonomous to a degree, given a defined mandate.
  301. Ge0rG ralphm: my strategy is to use my telephone and email client for that
  302. Guus what would the 'support' that you offer entail exactly?
  303. Ge0rG Maybe that wasn't obvious from my initial mail, but I considered that as the only viable way to move forward given what we know right now.
  304. Ge0rG Guus: wherever I would be entitled to do. Do we have an agenda?
  305. Ge0rG I suppose it would be some kind of consulting / lobbying.
  306. ralphm Ge0rG: we're not trying to tie you down here with silly questions. If you are acting on behalf of the Board of the Corporation, we'd like to understand what you want to achieve and how.
  307. Ge0rG Sorry, I've got to run into the reallife now.
  308. Nÿco XMPP is real life!
  309. Seve Also get updated on what is going on, next steps, etc.
  310. Ge0rG ralphm: I understand. Asking me those things two weeks ago would have been appropriate.
  311. Guus Maybe the goal would be to define together what kind of 'support' we could offer?
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  313. Ge0rG Guus: this is a goal for Board? Or rather for the initial Dialoge?
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  315. Ge0rG Guus: this is a goal for Board? Or rather for the initial dialogue?
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  317. Guus the initial dialogue. I was suggesting to work with them to define what would benefit both parties most.
  318. Ge0rG & # will read up what you've decided
  319. Guus as far as I'm concerned, you could do that solo / with Alex, and report back to board when concrete commitments need to be made.
  320. ralphm agreed
  321. MattJ Sounds sensible
  322. ralphm 3. Tigase as Sponsor
  323. Guus done/dusted, I think?
  324. ralphm Tigase has responded to my inquiry and they are Gold sponsor for 2019!
  325. Guus maybe do some more exposure on htis?
  326. Seve Thank you Tigase! :)
  327. ralphm Guus and I updated the website to reflect this.
  328. ralphm Guus: yes, it would be good to e.g. mention this on Twitter
  329. Nÿco awesome
  330. Nÿco and the newsletter
  331. ralphm yindeed
  332. Nÿco (I'll add something in AOB)
  333. Nÿco I'll suggest the entry in the newsletter
  334. ralphm 4. Compliance Badges
  335. Guus nyco, you're comms - could you take care of this please?
  336. Guus (I'm swamped)
  337. ralphm I saw three batches of badges
  338. Nÿco oui, monsieur
  339. Guus thank you 🙂
  340. Guus I sent out the promised call for feedback only this morning
  341. ralphm yep, thanks for that!
  342. ralphm 5. AOB
  343. Guus (none for me)
  344. Nÿco so, as founder and CEO, I'd like Nayego to be a sponsor of the XSF, but we got no money so far, can we arrange anything?
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  346. ralphm Nÿco: like?
  347. MattJ What kind of arrangement would you propose?
  348. Nÿco any kind of contribution
  349. Guus Do you have a concrete proposal? I'm struggling to think of something
  350. Nÿco marketing, social media, maybe
  351. Seve I think it would be better if you could propose something that we could discuss upon
  352. Seve I can't think of anything right now.
  353. Nÿco ok
  354. ralphm agreed
  355. ralphm but thanks for the suggestion!
  356. ralphm 6. Date of Next
  357. ralphm Next week is Ascension and a holiday in .nl
  358. Guus I'll not be here +1w
  359. ralphm Shall we reconvene +2W?
  360. MattJ wfm
  361. Guus actually, I won't be here +2w either
  362. Nÿco +2w+1
  363. Guus or very unlikely, at best.
  364. ralphm Well, that's too bad, we'll manage without Guus?
  365. Guus yes please.
  366. Nÿco dunno... ;-)
  367. ralphm +2W it is
  368. ralphm 7. Close
  369. ralphm Thanks all!
  370. ralphm bangs gavel
  371. Seve Thank you all :)!
  372. MattJ Thanks
  373. Nÿco thx
  374. Nÿco is minuting
  375. Guus thanks!
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  377. Nÿco minutes sent, please review and correct where I'm wrong
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  379. Guus Nÿco thanks - maybe include a reference that Board OK'ed Alex/Georg to act with a degree of autonomy, with the goal of establishing a relation and defining with the German government what a good set of goals / mutual benefits would be.
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  386. Ge0rG Thank you very much for entrusting me. I am just a little bit sad that we didn't manage to get this far the two weeks before.
  387. Ge0rG Alex: I'll try to find the contact details and establish first contact some time early next week.
  388. Ge0rG The timing is not perfect because Barley will most probably be hung over from the Sunday election results, one way or the other. I hope that the working level employees of the ministry won't be.
  389. Alex :-D
  390. Ge0rG Now I should disappear again before this ends up as a colossal German politics rant.
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  393. Guus I'm looking forward for you to impress us with more speedy results than what board has achieved here, Ge0rG ! 🙂
  394. Ge0rG Guus: don't count on me making the German government move faster
  395. Ge0rG Albeit, with all the money I'm giving them...
  396. Guus No no, you dug this hole for yourself. No excuses! 🙂
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  473. pep. https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2019-May/008986.html
  474. pep. hmm, I failed with numbering.
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  524. pep. btw, if people from the community are interested, do not hesitate to contact us as well
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  557. Zash Seems we kinda forgot about https://opendiscussionday.org/
  558. Zash https://blog.prosody.im/mandatory-encryption-on-xmpp-starts-today/ FIVE YEARS \o/
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