XSF Discussion - 2019-06-12

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  94. jonas’ lovetox, I cannot join jdev@ because jabber.org has DH keys which are too small to be accepted by my server
  95. jonas’ white is 255,255,255, so inverting gives 0
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  132. pep. Dumb question about the whitespace thread on standard@, I've read this: "it's more efficient for battery usage to use push notifications", bit Google also has to maintain a TCP connection to push these notifications right? So they are eventually running into the same issues as us? How is that more efficient
  133. pep. Dumb question about the whitespace thread on standard@, I've read this: "it's more efficient for battery usage to use push notifications", but Google also has to maintain a TCP connection to push these notifications right? So they are eventually running into the same issues as us? How is that more efficient
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  136. Holger pep.: I think this story of push notifications saving traffic originated from them being used as an alternative to crappy (HTTP) polling. The remaining point I see is that with push notifications, the OS can freely kill the app on resource shortage.
  137. Holger Plus maybe a little traffic optimization after all, if you take into account that TCP keepalives or thelike (I think theirs weird stuff done on mobile) are per connection.
  138. Holger But in general you're right, I think.
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  145. Kev I would /assume/ (very possibly wrongly) that they're smart enough to not go spinning the radio all the way up for push notifs.
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  156. Ge0rG Kev: I'm not sure this is how baseband modules work.
  157. Ge0rG So yes, it's a matter of keeping a single TCP connection vs one per app or even long polling / periodic polling by each app
  158. Ge0rG Also google has done significant work on making that connection stable, even under adverse conditions like very short NAT timeouts
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  162. Ge0rG (they are measuring them and maintaining per network keep alive intervals)
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  164. Kev Ge0rG: Well, whether you can control the baseband or not (Apple presumably can, at least), you can make your push notifs small enough to avoid significant wakeups, no?
  165. Kev But I'm working entirely on intuition here, no clue what I'm talking about.
  166. Ge0rG Kev: well, yes
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  174. Zash Being smart about scheduling could help, in theory
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  177. Ge0rG I don't think there are significant delays in delivering push to Android. Except for the trash calendar app on my Samsung phone, where all notifications come a day late
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  199. MattJ iirc Samsung have their own push thing, or used to
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  201. pep. So you have to go through Google and then Google goes through Samsung? :p
  202. pep. Or you skip Google and have to support two APIs ?
  203. Zash Haha
  204. Ge0rG I have no idea why it doesn't work properly. It was perfectly on time on LineageOS on my previous phone
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  231. flow pep., batching the push notifications and takign the devices sleep cycle into account is the only minor argument I am able to come up with, but besides that, an XMPP connection could be as efficient as an google push connection
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  234. flow but google does obviously neither for high priority FCM pushes, only probably for normal priority messages
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  255. rion why jingle has only global tie-break error but not per content? What if we have multiple <content> elements in a request and only one of them is <tie-break>. Basically the same for <reason> which may be different
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  259. flow rion, potentially no particular reason and just something the authors did not consider. From how I understand jingle, having per content tie-breaks sounds sensible
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  263. rion I'm implementing transport-replace in Psi right now. It's mostly finished. But these problems with tie-break and necessity to send transport offer twice make me frustrated.
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  282. pep. Can there be fulljids in the roster? (that is, a fulljid I'd be subscribed to)
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  300. MattJ pep., iirc yes, you can (in 6121, possibly not 3921), but don't expect it to work how you want, you can't subscribe to a full JID
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  304. Zash Are you sure? I thought it was bare JIDs only
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  306. MattJ Zash, I can find no such restriction
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  310. Link Mauve I also remember a discussion on that topic, but none of the conclusions.
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  314. dwd To go back to this morning, the argument for push notifications over a TCP session comes down to that if all the pushes go through the same channel, this can be optimized in terms of combining radio activity. But I think it's a sketchy argument, given you'd have to introduce latency and things in order to combine them anyway.
  315. rion guys, what do you use to edit XEPs? To preview them quickly
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  319. flow rion: sam build a inotify based make target that would build the html every time the xml changed
  320. flow I use something similar like that
  321. jonas’ rion, I use a texteditor and my typical arrow-up-enter workflow
  322. jonas’ with `make build/xep-1234.html`
  323. Zash `:make`
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  325. rion ok. got it. thanks.
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  382. lovetox lol jabber.ru sends russian text on the IBR form
  383. lovetox no idea what they want me to put into the field
  384. jonas’ lovetox, I’m not in jdev@ because I can’t join due to Server-to-server connection failed: Connecting failed: sslhandshake error: dh key too small
  385. jonas’ lovetox, I’m not in jdev@ because I can’t join due to Server-to-server connection failed: Connecting failed: ssl handshake error: dh key too small
  386. lovetox yeah i read your message
  387. jonas’ ah ok
  388. jonas’ you’ll have to live with that until jabber.org is fixed
  389. rion lovetox: try to type some russian =)
  390. lovetox thanks for the hint with background, i though for some reason 0,0,0 is white :D
  391. jonas’ :)
  392. jonas’ yeah, the jclib implementation is historically grown and a bit of a mess
  393. lovetox works good now for me, gajim has now also default avatar generation
  394. jonas’ \o/
  395. jonas’ awesome
  396. rion Пользователь = username Электронная почта = email Телефон = phone
  397. jonas’ I need to get the text on semianon vs. nonanon in 392 and then it can be advanced IMO
  398. lovetox thanks rion i found my old account just now and rememberd the password
  399. jonas’ (specifically, in a semianon room, you SHOULD use the nickname, even if you have privileges and can see the real JID; in a nonanon room you SHOULD use the real JID)
  400. lovetox yeah although this is bothersome to implement
  401. rion lovetox: so russian FSB won't follow you since phone number wasn't required previously
  402. lovetox my contact object does not have the information about the room settings the contact is in
  403. lovetox :D
  404. lovetox rion, yeah because anyone puts in the real number there :D
  405. jonas’ lovetox, yeah, transferring that information will be a tad annoying
  406. jonas’ but it might be good to do that anyways, considering that you don’t want to accidentally leak a real JID you only know because you are a privileged member of a room
  407. jonas’ so carrying that information around might be good to present that bit ("you only see this because you are a moderator, tread carefully") in the UI
  408. Ge0rG lovetox: speaking of old accounts. There was a bunch of spam bots on Gajim.org recently. Do you have IBR enabled? Is it even meant to be a public server?
  409. rion > Accounts not used for more than 1 month are destroyed. > To register an account, go to this URL : <a href="https://gajim.org:5281/register_web" style="color:#000080">https://gajim.org:5281/register_web</a>
  410. lovetox please just send them to me, i will forward it to asterix to delete them
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  412. rion mm now I have an account on gajim.org
  413. lovetox and yeah register on gajim.org is enabled, but i will question if this is necessary
  414. lovetox as the server is not maintained for users really
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  416. Ge0rG So maybe somebody broke the captcha? But it was only two bots, that's not the typical pattern. They come in hundreds normally
  417. lovetox there is no captcha, just a "what is 7 + 9"
  418. lovetox probably very hard for bots
  419. Ge0rG I don't have the JIDs here right now, you just weren't online for a long time
  420. lovetox yeah i dared to go on holiday 2 weeks
  421. Ge0rG lovetox: you need a mobile xmpp client! 😜
  422. lovetox hm im still evaluating what the real price of having a smartphone is, could take a while
  423. jonas’ I’m interested in your calculations
  424. rion $ expr $(wget -qO- https://gajim.org:5281/register_web | grep -oP '(?<=What is )[^?]+') 7 $ expr $(wget -qO- https://gajim.org:5281/register_web | grep -oP '(?<=What is )[^?]+') 5 $ expr $(wget -qO- https://gajim.org:5281/register_web | grep -oP '(?<=What is )[^?]+') 3 $ expr $(wget -qO- https://gajim.org:5281/register_web | grep -oP '(?<=What is )[^?]+') 3 $ expr $(wget -qO- https://gajim.org:5281/register_web | grep -oP '(?<=What is )[^?]+') 7 $ expr $(wget -qO- https://gajim.org:5281/register_web | grep -oP '(?<=What is )[^?]+') 15
  425. rion but I love this captcha anyway :)
  426. Ge0rG lovetox: twypnt8xlmk5ok7r@gajim.org u0a6v@gajim.org
  427. lovetox thanks, forwarded
  428. Ge0rG https://pastebin.com/Ejqsc54U
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  433. lovetox Gajim makes XMPP great again
  434. lovetox user registrations just in May
  435. lovetox https://lagaule.org/munin/static/dynazoom.html?cgiurl_graph=/munin-cgi/munin-cgi-graph&plugin_name=localdomain/localhost.localdomain/prosody_users&size_x=800&size_y=400&start_epoch=1525803610&stop_epoch=1560363610
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  437. rion =)
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  440. Zash Why have open registration?
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  442. Alex I use the simple match question plugin in Psi for a while for subscriptions. Bots are smart enough to answer the match question for a while now
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  444. lovetox does jabber.ru have some fork of ejabberd
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  447. lovetox they report version 3.2.x
  448. lovetox or is it that old
  449. lovetox they suffer from an older bug i reported to ejabberd
  450. lovetox not respecting the stream xml:lang
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  471. Holger That's an old version of the Business Edition.
  472. Holger Which is based on even older code of the Community Edition.
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