XSF Discussion - 2019-06-20

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  2. neshtaxmpp moparisbest
  3. neshtaxmpp my friend server has serious access from, brute force from sshd here is log: https://bgzashtita.es/tefter/raw/VbNthqzNKV can someone help.
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  5. neshtaxmpp my friend don't connect from, something illegaly connect from and brute force my friend server for my friend password. maybe it is from sslh. can you comment how to compile latest sslh and show when ip is connecting in apache2 to show real ip and stop from internet try connect my friend server.
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  15. moparisthebest neshtaxmpp, lol is localhost, ie your friends own computer
  16. moparisthebest but also every ssh on the internet that accepts password auth is bruteforced 100% of the time, fact of life
  17. moparisthebest neshtaxmpp, set up this https://linode.com/docs/security/authentication/use-public-key-authentication-with-ssh/
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  26. neshtaxmpp moparisthebest: my friend server dont connect to him from something from my friend server is using sshd to someone connecr from do you know how to investigate what make here is log: https://bgzashtita.es/tefter/VbNthqzNKV
  27. neshtaxmpp here is other logs: https://bgzashtita.es/tefter/
  28. moparisthebest neshtaxmpp: and did you follow the link
  29. moparisthebest IP doesn't matter ignore it
  30. neshtaxmpp my friend dont want use with certificate. my friend want to use with password. he is ok if they try with they real ip. but he is not ok " he dont like " to be used from sshd. moparisthebest you comment " is his own server " so this is serious issue. do you know how can help my friend investigate and block becouse you confirm is his server. thanks
  31. moparisthebest Well then your friend is an idiot
  32. moparisthebest Hope he has a good password set up
  33. moparisthebest Read sslh docs if you want transparent forwarding with real IP
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  35. neshtaxmpp moparisthebest: do you have manuals that can work for debian... like compilong, what is necessary, what permission after compile, what directory, what plugins and etc. so it after make install work. ivan dont speak english so i translate him.
  36. moparisthebest Nope just sslh docs
  37. neshtaxmpp moparisthebest: some comands to investigate why and how is connecting, when this is for home access. official nobody outside my friend server can't connect from, then how is that possible.
  38. moparisthebest How many ways can I repeat myself
  39. moparisthebest Sslh docs
  40. moparisthebest Transparent forwarding
  41. moparisthebest Read docs from sslh
  42. moparisthebest Sslh documentation, have a look
  43. neshtaxmpp moparisthebest: How many ways can I repeat myself I dont understand them so i cant explain to him..
  44. moparisthebest Then I guess you are shit outta luck my friend
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  65. jonas’ moparisthebest, don’t you have an IRC->XMPP gateway running?
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  99. edhelas what are the requirements to be part of the organization on Github ? https://github.com/orgs/xsf/people
  100. jonas’ edhelas, asking nicely, probably
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  103. edhelas would it be possible to be added to be member of the XSF organisation on Github :3 ?
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  113. Ge0rG edhelas: it would probably help to commit to some task, so that nobody gets an impression that you are doing it for the sake of having an organization badge on your profile.
  114. Ge0rG I'm sure the Editor team always needs a helping hand
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  130. edhelas I could have a look at the tasks yeah :)
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  198. pep. vanitasvitae, I'm not sure I understand the discussion with disco for SCE?
  199. pep. Why would you need that. You'll have <eme/> with a namespace, and that namespace will tell you what encryption mechanism, and the encryption mechanism will be a profile of SCE, no?
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  202. pep. let's try to formulate that in the email
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  204. jonas’ yes, the editor team could use helping hands
  205. lovetox pep., its not about detection if you receive a message
  206. lovetox its about sending a message
  207. lovetox you cant know if the recipient supports full stanza encryption or not
  208. pep. I think that's not the right question
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  210. pep. You can know if somebody supports $encryptionMechanism, because they will be a dicovery mechanism for it most likely, just as OX and OMEMO have their key published
  211. lovetox there is none
  212. lovetox thats what the discussion is about
  213. pep. And all you care about is if somebody supports $encryptionMechanism, that will use SCE. You don't need to know about SCE itself
  214. pep. lovetox, well there is none because nobody is using SCE atm
  215. lovetox yeah and the email is about how one can discover if a client can use SCE or OMEMO V2 or whatever
  216. pep. I wouldn't use SCE itself
  217. pep. what for?
  218. pep. You only need to know if somebody supports OMEMO2, that uses SCE
  219. lovetox because you cant decrypt my message if you dont support sce
  220. pep. But that's an implementation detail knowing about SCE
  221. pep. If you support OMEMO2 you will support SCE
  222. lovetox and how do i know if someone supports omemo2?
  223. pep. Because they publish their keys?
  224. lovetox so you saying putting the info into pubsub for every device
  225. pep. urn:xmpp:omemo:0
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  227. lovetox thats what the discussion is about
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  229. lovetox and its not as bad as in disco info, but still bad
  230. pep. Skimming through the thread though I really feel like it's not focusing on the right questions
  231. pep. how is that bad?
  232. pep. "Hey you want to talk to me, you know where to check for my keys. If there's nothing there, maybe I don't do $encryptionMechanism then"
  233. lovetox because there are multiple devices
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  235. pep. sure, well that's already an issue with any e2ee thing
  236. lovetox you need to determine a overall state, from all devices, implement logic according to it
  237. pep. Or any feature at all
  238. lovetox and then you have to think about X cases
  239. lovetox what if one device only supports X
  240. pep. You don't want to do that because as mentioned, carbons etc.
  241. lovetox and the other only >
  242. lovetox Y
  243. pep. And then MAM..
  244. lovetox yes so its useless that there is one device publishing that it is omemo2 capable
  245. pep. You don't care if only one device supports it because there's no way of knowing
  246. lovetox you just said we CAN know with pubsub
  247. pep. Do you need to know though?
  248. lovetox so what is it now
  249. lovetox omg
  250. lovetox pep. this discussion makes me a bit tired :D
  251. pep. hmm?
  252. pep. I'm sorry it's the first time I go through this myself, I have seen it before though
  253. lovetox yeah i noticed :) just think about it from the point of a developer wants his users to have a flawless conversion to a new standard
  254. lovetox in this case there is no easy way
  255. lovetox either you make a hard cut someday
  256. lovetox or you implement lots of hacky logic that depends on multiple things, and will fail from time to time
  257. pep. I think if you want "perfect" you need to control the whole ecosystem
  258. pep. It's just not possible here
  259. lovetox yeah i would propose all clients impl read support for omemo with sce
  260. lovetox and in a year we switch to send support
  261. pep. I'm sorry I'll repeat but "omemo with sce" doesn't mean anything
  262. pep. sce is but an implemntation detail
  263. pep. "omemo:0" that will be, I guess :)
  264. lovetox or that :)
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  267. pep. (to clarify a bit, "384 with sce" doesn't mean anything*, is what I wanted to say)
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  273. vanitasvitae pep.: the main point is, that xmpp has a lot of features. A client implementing sce would need to be able to properly handle all the features it supports additionally in an encrypted context.
  274. pep. What I'm saying is, a client won't implement sce by itself
  275. vanitasvitae Therefore it may be desirable to negotiate features like "i understand sce, but only for body, chat state and feature xyz"
  276. pep. hmm?
  277. pep. oh, wow
  278. pep. I wasn't even thinking about that, but now I'm confused
  279. vanitasvitae If you receive a message with a chat state notification, you want to know if it was contained inside a sce element or not.
  280. vanitasvitae (If it was encrypted or not)
  281. pep. "you want to know"?
  282. pep. You will know, by decrypting it, right?
  283. vanitasvitae Yes
  284. vanitasvitae Yeah but all your listeners need to be modified to differentiate between a protected message correction and a plain one.
  285. vanitasvitae As you probably want to communicate that to the user somehow
  286. vanitasvitae Like "watch out, this message correction was not encrypted"
  287. pep. Yeah no that was the part I didn't really understand, and even now that I have this missing piece of info, I still find this overkill
  288. pep. Sure you can do that already without discovering anything
  289. pep. There's no need for protocol support here
  290. pep. A client parsing a e2ee payload using sce will know what is and what isn't in the container
  291. pep. *an
  292. vanitasvitae That was my initial impression as well, but some people suggest it may be more complicated
  293. vanitasvitae Take smack for example. Literally all listeners in smack need to be rewritten to carry some sort of security information that tell the user how the triggering element was encrypted.
  294. pep. that's.. weird
  295. pep. Maybe the API is just not what it should be
  296. vanitasvitae For that reason it may be good to gradually start an implementation with just a subset of the features.
  297. vanitasvitae The thing is, that an sce message can contain encrypted and unencrypted elements at the same time
  298. pep. With slix I don't need all that
  299. vanitasvitae How does slix do listening for elements?
  300. pep. I mean I don't have an implementation of a container, but I see more or less how I could do it
  301. pep. "listening for elements"?
  302. vanitasvitae Hehe
  303. pep. You don't, you have a Message object and you lookup what you want to
  304. vanitasvitae Ah so slix works rather different to smack
  305. vanitasvitae in smack the user registers listeners for certain events and gets notified when a stanza for that event is received
  306. pep. There are also signals sent if your message contains X or Y, but most likely in a client you'll want to ignore these, and only use the helpers from the library
  307. vanitasvitae like for example if a chat state arrived, that will cause a listener to be fired
  308. vanitasvitae ah okay
  309. pep. Yeah you could also do that in slix, but I don't like it
  310. pep. Because then if I fire an event for "message" and an event for "eme" with the same message, now I have to have more global state in my app to know these are the same messages
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  312. vanitasvitae I see
  313. vanitasvitae So you suggest that SCE should be coupled to a new OMEMO namespace which then infers that the client knows how to handle any element inside the SCE content?
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  315. pep. Maybe I'm missing some part of the picture, but I think SCE should be used by itself. It should be like 373/374, be used as profiles
  316. vanitasvitae I'll have to think about that 😀
  317. pep. For the encryption mechanism. What tag then goes inside is up to the sending client I guess?
  318. vanitasvitae what tag do you mean?
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  320. pep. payload, body, replace, etc. etc.
  321. vanitasvitae ah
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  323. vanitasvitae ideally the sending client would put all elements inside the content, that do not concern the server.
  324. pep. sure
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  326. pep. The receiving client will know what's inside the encrypted payload, and can accordingly display a warning or not.
  327. vanitasvitae hm i think i like the idea of profiles.
  328. pep. There's a bit of handwaving here I agree
  329. vanitasvitae How would you signal what profiles a client supports?
  330. vanitasvitae I think the best way is to couple that information with the published keys somehow.
  331. lovetox vanitasvitae, there should only one single profile for omemp
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  333. lovetox really we should not get into the situation that one resource supports X and another Y
  334. pep. yeah, it'll be urn:xmpp:omemo:0, that is a profile of SCE
  335. vanitasvitae Aggreed
  336. vanitasvitae But what about ox? :P
  337. vanitasvitae OX:1?
  338. pep. sure
  339. vanitasvitae Alright
  340. vanitasvitae Sounds reasonable
  341. lovetox and yeah except for a gajim plugin there is no support in the wild for OX, so i think OX is easy to update
  342. lovetox ah and your smack impl, but i dont know if you published it
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  354. nyco t-1 min
  355. nyco ding
  356. Seve Dong
  357. nyco \o/
  358. Guus hi
  359. nyco where's the gavel?
  360. Guus eyes ralphm
  361. ralphm Sorry, I was distracted.
  362. ralphm bangs gavel
  363. Guus mentions MattJ
  364. ralphm 0. Welcome + Agenda
  365. ralphm MattJ has sent regrets.
  366. nyco :)
  367. Guus ah ok
  368. Guus nothing for the agenda for me. I neglected to read up the chat logs for the last three meetings (that I missed)
  369. ralphm For the record, there was no meeting. Instead I discussed infra with MattJ.
  370. ralphm (last week, I mean)
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  372. ralphm 1. Minute taker
  373. Guus oh, from trello, I'm missing something
  374. nyco I've missed meetings as well, sorry, and did not read minutes
  375. Guus The M-Sec project email. Was that resolved?
  376. Guus I'll do after-the-fact minutes of this meeting
  377. Seve Doesn't look like
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  381. ralphm 2. Compliance Badges
  382. ralphm Where are we on this?
  383. nyco we should vote
  384. nyco board-only? members?
  385. nyco board-only is fast but non-democratic members is longer, but safer meaning collective intelligence
  386. ralphm I don't think a members vote is needed.
  387. Guus ... Did I sent a call for feedback, as I promised on this?
  388. Guus (if so, it didn't get any feedback. If I neglected, shame on me)
  389. nyco it's visual design, the more people the better
  390. ralphm Guus: you did on May 23
  391. Guus I _did_ sent that request, on Thu, 23 May
  392. nyco small subset for qualitative feedback large set for quantitative
  393. ralphm I haven't seen any feedback
  394. Guus we've got no feedback. I'm unsure if asking for a vote would result in any meaningful feedback, tbh.
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  397. Guus Design shouldn't be a democratic endeavor, I think.
  398. Guus Ge0rG - did you happen to have more on this?
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  400. nyco design process, agree design decision: the masses decide, one way or another (adoption vs rejection)
  401. jonas’ I think a poll from the members to get an impression should be done
  402. jonas’ if I may humbly say so from the floor
  403. jonas’ the members voted for the XMPP logo (IIRC?), and I think that should also happen for the CS badges
  404. Guus not a hill for me to die on.
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  406. ralphm I am ok with a poll.
  407. ralphm But I wouldn't make a big deal on this.
  408. ralphm I.e. we could reiterate the request for feedback. If there is no response, again, we can just choose a design as Board.
  409. nyco good
  410. Guus Ge0rG suggested requesting for feedback, rather than 'picking one', to improve the existing designs (as a prelude to choosing one) iirc
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  412. Guus but, sure. Who wants to create a poll?
  413. ralphm A good suggestion, but it seems no one so far has cared to provide any.
  414. Seve So do we choose a design already?
  415. ralphm :-) it seems so
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  417. ralphm From what I've seen, the proposals in Guus' mail are all work in progress. I have a clear preference for the direction suggested by mray (https://opensourcedesign.net/jobs/jobs/2019-03-19-design-of-badges-for-different-xmpp-compliance-levels)
  418. Seve Me as well
  419. Guus Note that there's a good chance that we've lost his attention span
  420. Guus I have no significant preference.
  421. nyco the two others follow the de facto standard for badges formats
  422. Guus I badly want to avoid us taking the rest of this meeting discussing this though. Can we do this out-of-band?
  423. nyco yep
  424. nyco feedback request followup, then poll
  425. ralphm WFM
  426. ralphm Guus: can you send that reminder?
  427. Seve +1
  428. Guus Can someone else please?
  429. nyco I will
  430. ralphm Thanks
  431. nyco for the poll, which tool?
  432. nyco (fast answer or none, so we go to the next agenda item)
  433. ralphm not sure. maybe memberbot
  434. ralphm 3. Fabian Sauter to join SCAM
  435. Guus If google forms can include pictures, that might be handy.
  436. ralphm from an earlier meeting I remember that we'd ask him for his motivation to join, beyond just wanting to
  437. ralphm Seve?
  438. Guus I don't recall this, but it seems sensible. Did we relay that request to him?
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  440. Seve I had the task to reach to him
  441. ralphm ralphm: Seve can you ask him to expand on what he wants to do on SCAM? Seve: Yes, I will try to reach to him
  442. ralphm (from 6-6)
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  445. Seve I didn't send him an email unfortunately, I will do that right after the meeting, my bad.
  446. ralphm I moved the item to the left
  447. ralphm 4. Roadmap page
  448. ralphm Also discussed on the 6-6 meeting
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  451. ralphm I'll send an e-mail to ask Council what they'd want to do with this.
  452. jonas’ 6-6 meeting?
  453. Guus Although I'd be happy for Council's feedback, i feel that this is a Board thingy
  454. ralphm 2019-06-06, as a date
  455. ralphm Guus: given that Council is the body regarding our core business, standards development, and the current page lists mostly items concerning those, I think it more than just a Board thingy.
  456. Seve We can decide on XSF topics, but I wonder if we can put ourselves some roadmap for XEPs
  457. ralphm Seve: and that, too
  458. Seve So I guess it depends on what kind of roadmap are we talking about
  459. nyco not a XEP-only roadmap please
  460. ralphm A goal could be, for example, to get more of our specification to move forward in the process, with a focus on certain (groups of) XEPs.
  461. ralphm The original topic is whether we want to link to the Roadmap page, and the question then became two-fold: 1) do we still want a formal roadmap, 2) what should be on it, if so.
  462. Guus The XMPP Council is the technical steering group that approves XMPP Extension Protocols. It can have it's own goals, but the XSF roadmap should, in my opinion, be driven by Board - with backing from the community / membership, of which Council is an important part.
  463. Guus I think we should want one, but I fear we currently lack momentum to follow through on it.
  464. Guus As long as it takes us months to decide on something simple as a badge design, I fear that formalizing a roadmap is a bridge to far.
  465. ralphm The point I tried to make, and I think Seve, too, is that we don't, as an organization, *create* standards. We take proposals from the community, and then foster their standardization, weighing them against other similar proposals, and the existing set of specifications.
  466. nyco 1/ yes, absolutely, we want, they want a roadmap, gives a general idea on our direction, no need to be precise though 2/ we should put non-tech-only content, but also maybe community, business, communication, whatever, I d'ont know yet, knowing that tech is our main thing
  467. Guus I'm pressed for time, and this meeting is running over.
  468. nyco me too, sorry
  469. ralphm Ok, Let's pick this one up next week. Please all think about what, if anything, *concretely* could be on here, but I'm with Guus that I'm not optimistic about us getting anywhere with it.
  470. nyco anyway, our currently online roadmap is outdated, I suggest to start from here and revise it
  471. Seve We may want to put it offline in the meantime, while a decision is being made.
  472. Guus we should prevent this turning into the 'setting priorities' thingy from last year.
  473. ralphm 5. AOB
  474. Guus Vacation is upon us
  475. jonas’ what is a 6-6 meeting?
  476. ralphm jonas’: it is date!
  477. ralphm a date
  478. Seve Haha
  479. ralphm on the calendar
  480. jonas’ in the past
  481. Guus do we need to account for absence?
  482. ralphm jonas’: yes, a reference to what was discussed before
  483. jonas’ I see
  484. jonas’ nevermind me then
  485. ralphm I'm here next week
  486. ralphm But this is AOB
  487. jonas’ (I somehow thought it was board+council, but that doesn’t make sense now because we’re just 5 people each)
  488. Guus I ment it as AOB 🙂
  489. ralphm oh, well, generally we just keep the calendar going. If we don't have quorum, no meeting.
  490. Guus ok
  491. ralphm 6. Date of Next
  492. ralphm +1W
  493. nyco ok
  494. ralphm 7. Close
  495. ralphm Thanks all!
  496. ralphm bangs gavel
  497. nyco thx all
  498. Seve Thank you guys :)
  499. Guus Thanks
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  502. moparisthebest I don't currently run it jonas’ but https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-ircd
  503. moparisthebest it "works", no authentication (like nickserv) is the reason I currently don't run it
  504. moparisthebest but also before I touched it again I'd rewrite in Rust, so, have at it :)
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  536. oli moparisthebest: do it (rewrite in Rust) ;)
  537. moparisthebest it's pretty far down on my list, ETA "years to never" :/
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  540. oli wait for MIX and ircv3 ;)
  541. pep. And add another few years to the ETA?
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  543. oli never + a few years = never
  544. pep. I knew it! (*does the gesture*)
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  547. moparisthebest yea so you could say it's got the same ETA as MIX >:)
  548. Zash Any Decade Now™
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  640. Seve Guus, thank you for the minutes
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  645. Guus Np
  646. Zash Hm, when unblocking a JID per XEP-0191 it says you should send the JID your current presence (assuming they're allowed to see it)
  647. Zash However it doesn't say anything about the previously blocked JIDs presence
  648. Zash Is it implied that you probably wanna re-probe or somesuch?
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