XSF Discussion - 2019-06-24

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  154. dwd vanitasvitae, Love your SCE examples.
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  156. vanitasvitae dwd: :D
  157. vanitasvitae Glad to hear that :P
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  167. dwd vanitasvitae, So, my understanding of SCE is that it's not a "solution" as such, but a utility element that can be used by other e2e encryption systems?
  168. dwd For example, OMEMO would use it by dropping <payload/> and using SCE's <envelope/> in its place? But an <envelope/> on its own has no meaning.
  169. pep. yep, that's also how I picture it
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  171. vanitasvitae dwd: thats right
  172. vanitasvitae Encryption mechanisms would define profiles that use sce
  173. dwd That does mean that the <envelope/> itself has no definition beyond high-level syntax ("it contains CDATA"), because the content and operation of it is defined in different ways by different e2e layers.
  174. dwd I'm not sure if that's OK or not, to be honest.
  175. vanitasvitae Yep thats right
  176. pep. dwd, what do you mean it's not ok
  177. dwd pep., An element whose definition depends on the parent (containing) element seems like stretching the use of XML quite a bit.
  178. pep. I'm not sure I understand this entirely
  179. dwd Still, the <content/> concept, and some standardized rules on what goes in it, what stays out, and so on all seems sensible.
  180. pep. Isn't that what all XEPs are about?
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  184. vanitasvitae I'm also not entirely sure what you mean by stretching the use of XML 😀
  185. dwd pep., Not really. A <delay/> element has fixed semantics, and doesn't require the containing element to say what its content means.
  186. vanitasvitae ah
  187. pep. What if we add a @node or @whatever with the ns of the encryption mechanism?
  188. pep. So it doesn't need to be contained in a subelement
  189. pep. (of message)
  190. dwd pep., Even other utility elements, like <forwarded/> (which personally I felt was basically noise) can be parsed and handled without knowing what they're contained by.
  191. vanitasvitae so you are not sure about "an openpgp element INSIDE an envelope must be treated differently from a "normal" openpgp element"?
  192. dwd vanitasvitae, I'm not actually sure you need the <envelope/> element at all, given that OMEMO, OpenPGP, etc all have to define its use anyway.
  193. vanitasvitae ah got it.
  194. vanitasvitae hmm.
  195. pep. dwd, we can still have common elements
  196. dwd vanitasvitae, That's not a reason for me to block this, BTW. I don't think there's any reason to block this as far as I can see.
  197. pep. And these more specific XEPs define how these elements are used
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  199. dwd pep., What does the element tell us?
  200. pep. pad, date, etc.
  201. dwd pep., Those are in <content/> as <rpad/>, <time/>, and so on.
  202. pep. Ok let me read the thing again
  203. dwd pep., I'm totally on board with <content/>. It's <envelope/> I'm a little worried by.
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  205. vanitasvitae dwd, I definitely see what you mean. We could even save some chars by removing the encapsulating <envelope/> element.
  206. vanitasvitae I think the main reason for me was to "bundle" the sce stuff together if that makes sense.
  207. vanitasvitae Also thats the way OX does it 😀
  208. dwd vanitasvitae, I think, sa I say, that OMEMO has to define its use. Or at least, SCE could, but it's specific to each e2e mechanism.
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  210. pep. vanitasvitae, this https://geekplace.eu/xeps/xep-sce/xep-sce.html ?
  211. pep. (that's the last version?)
  212. dwd pep., https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/xep-sce.html
  213. pep. oh it's in the inbox now
  214. vanitasvitae pep., it made its way into the inbox 😀
  215. dwd pep., Hence I'm reading it. :-)
  216. vanitasvitae 😀
  217. vanitasvitae so basically we could get rid of <envelope/> and let the encryption mechanisms replace their <payload/> or whatever payload element they use by <sce:content/>.
  218. vanitasvitae sounds sensible for now
  219. pep. vanitasvitae, I don't think you should be using eu.siacs.conversations.axolotl as a example ns btw
  220. pep. Though technically there's nothing that prevents it..
  221. vanitasvitae so for OMEMO we would have <encrypted> <header>...</header> <content> <rpad etc./> <payload>...</payload> </content> </encrypted>
  222. Zash Doesn't the namespace have to be an URI?
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  225. pep. Zash, I meant, if that's the current OMEMO ns, nothing actually prevents reusing it and shoving more stuff in it
  226. pep. vanitasvitae, right, and then in this case <payload> is conflicting and we need to change the NS :p
  227. vanitasvitae ah no wait, I messed up my example. <encrypted> <header>...</header> <payload> (here be encrypted <content/>) </payload> </encrypted>
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  229. pep. dwd, I get your point now. I also don't think it hurts
  230. pep. I also don't know all encryption mechanisms out there, maybe that won't work for one..
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  233. vanitasvitae hehe, going with <envelope/> would maybe allow for a transition period *duck*
  234. pep. What about the multi-recipient case, can just one <envelope/> tag be used for this?
  235. pep. https://op-co.de/tmp/SEX.html something à la <multibox/> here
  236. vanitasvitae I haven't read SEX yet, but at first glance it looks like you would just place the encrypted <content/> element inside the <box/> element.
  237. vanitasvitae both in 1:1 and 1:n
  238. dwd Zash, Technically, namespaces are indeed meant to be a URI, but you have to accept any old junk.
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  273. Ge0rG jonas’: did I dream it up or was there also talk of moving https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0300.html#table-1 into 414?
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  309. jonas’ Ge0rG, I don’t think that belongs in '414 because it describes wire protocol, not policy
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  316. Ge0rG jonas’: that's a typical task for a registry, not for a normal XEP
  317. jonas’ indeed
  318. jonas’ it doesn’t belong in '414 anyways
  319. Ge0rG IMHO it's better in 414 than in 300, because it can be extended more easily
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  323. Ge0rG I forgot suggesting to rename SCE into Stanza Encryption (for) XML.
  324. pep. it is never too late!
  325. dwd Ge0rG, I'm old enough to remember SXE, so I'd rather not.
  326. Ge0rG dwd: Shared XML Editing?
  327. Zash All these TLAs
  328. dwd Ge0rG, Indeed. A mechanism for realtime editing of XML which exchanged chunks of XML describing the edits on an XML document only marginally less efficiently than exchanging the entire document each time.
  329. Ge0rG That sounds frighteningly close to SCE
  330. Zash Sounds like Google Wave, but simpler.
  331. dwd Zash, I vaguely recall a conversaiton with the authors wherein they suggested they were "Post Operational Transform", which had me scratching my head in bewilderment.
  332. dwd But then, I always confused Operational Transform with Operating Thetan.
  333. dwd vanitasvitae, But actually "Stanza Encrypted Content" would make for an amusing acronym.
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  335. Zash Oh no
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  339. dwd More amusingly, Flow already misread it as that.
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