XSF Discussion - 2019-07-11

  1. ralphm

    Sorry guys, won't make it for the Board meeting today.

  2. nyco


  3. nyco


  4. MattJ


  5. Seve

    Looks like

  6. nyco

    we are three? who bangs the gavel

  7. Seve

    Guus, around?

  8. MattJ

    I think he's on holiday

  9. Seve

    Ah ok

  10. jonas’

    he was in the council meeting yesterday :-X

  11. MattJ

    (I was just reading the minutes of the meetings I missed)

  12. nyco

    for me, I just wanted your opinion on Dave's suggestion regarding the badges poll

  13. nyco

    this does not need a meeting, but ok to ask that question during a board meeting

  14. nyco

    I have shared reaction to Dave's comment: I want to focus clearly the choice of design, and get rid of everything else, keep it simple but I also want to know how much people are ready to use it... where's the balance?

  15. MattJ

    Can you point me to Dave's suggestion?

  16. nyco

    "Poll review" on board@...

  17. nyco

    Jul 8, 2019, 11:19 AM (3 days ago)

  18. Seve

    I didn't reply but he has a point, although what he suggests I think it is more related to the badges concept itself rather than the design, although a bit related.

  19. Ge0rG

    is there a public copy?

  20. MattJ

    nyco, thanks (still catching up)

  21. Seve

    nyco, I think they should all be optional though, if we include the,

  22. Seve


  23. nyco

    Ge0rg, no he suggest that we add questions on usage after the choice

  24. nyco


  25. nyco

    will you use it? will you choose a software based on the bagdes? etc.

  26. MattJ


  27. Seve

    Maybe continue that on the email? So we are all on the loop :) For me it is fine to add his suggestions

  28. nyco

    Mattj: with or without dave's suggestion?

  29. Ge0rG would be interested in being part of that loop as well :)

  30. nyco

    the pb is I started it on board@...

  31. Seve

    Ge0rG, we are just talking about the poll that is going to be sent with the different versions for badges

  32. Seve

    To decide which design is the favourite

  33. Ge0rG

    the problem I see with it is that all three designs are proof-of-concept quality

  34. Seve


  35. nyco

    so, too early to have a poll?

  36. nyco

    we ask each of them to iterate?

  37. MattJ

    I think that's a waste of effort

  38. nyco

    or we select only one, and ask for iteration?

  39. nyco

    Mattj what's a waste?

  40. Ge0rG

    IIRC, the external design was the best-looking, whereas a combination of what I and theTedd did would probably provide the best text content.

  41. MattJ

    Polishing all three just to use one in the end

  42. nyco

    non-designers talking about design.... argh :)

  43. nyco

    1. should I add Dave's questions? 2. should I launch the poll?

  44. MattJ

    We're technically not in a formal meeting, I propose we gain consensus on the thread (and maybe loop in Ge0rG, I think sending a draft poll to members@ will be too confusing)

  45. Seve

    1- Yes, as optional 2- They are proof-of-concept but MattJ is right. I would go for launch the poll and ask for a iteration with the chosen design.

  46. Seve


  47. nyco

    ok, I iterate on the poll, send it for review on board@

  48. nyco

    thx all

  49. Seve

    I'm a bit confused on how it went but are we done, do we want to start a meeting formally?

  50. MattJ

    Is there anything important on the agenda? If not, I'm fine with just skipping

  51. MattJ

    Looks like the other item is assigned to Ralph (roadmap page)

  52. Seve

    From what I've looked, just the badges, so I guess it is better to skip

  53. Seve

    Ok then

  54. MattJ

    I'll send a note to board@

  55. nyco

    DO NOT VOTE YET, just review and comment for me to iterate, here and now :)

  56. nyco


  57. Ge0rG

    .GLE WTF.

  58. Ge0rG

    nyco: you should provide zoomed-in pictures for #2 and #3, also have a question of "are you going to use those on your website?"

  59. nyco

    Each pic is voluntarily reduced, in order to go check the webpage

  60. nyco

    "2) If you run an XMPP project, would you use those badges?"

  61. nyco

    website, repo, doc...

  62. Ge0rG

    flyers & posters

  63. nyco


  64. rion

    all of them filling background :)

  65. nyco


  66. nyco

    if ever someone has an idea to produce a mobile client with a logo being a bear, then the eyes should be replaced by the badges... 😜

  67. Zash

    Talking about Bruno?

  68. nyco

    oh wait...

  69. Ge0rG

    I'm not going to put a giant X into Bruno's eyes.

  70. nyco


  71. rion

    I like the 2 but I think it's will merge with site background, so not gonna look good. So 3.

  72. nyco

    rion: we'll run the poll later, just creating it for now

  73. rion

    I didn't vote =)

  74. nyco

    you will :)

  75. shawn


  76. shawn

    how can I add on ejabberd muc owner moderator kick admin and grant adminship?

  77. shawn

    please help

  78. lee

    shawn: try ejabberd group ejabberd@conference.process-one.net instead

  79. shawn