XSF Discussion - 2019-07-15

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  81. jonas’ lovetox, Daniel, https://github.com/horazont/muchopper/issues/3
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  187. Neustradamus Nice updates from Lance! - https://github.com/legastero/stanza/issues/253#issuecomment-511376612 -> https://github.com/legastero/stanza/blob/master/docs/Supported_XEP_Formats.md, if your projects have not, do not forget to add it - https://github.com/legastero/stanza/issues/295#issuecomment-511376975 <- SCRAM-SHA-256...
  188. Neustradamus Someone knows if M-Link supports SCRAM-SHA-256(-PLUS)? https://www.isode.com/whitepapers/scram.html "SCRAM is designed to be used with any hash algorithm, and so can evolve with improving cryptography. The first generation of SCRAM deployment is being used in conjunction with SHA-1, and migration to SHA-256 is anticipated."
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  191. Neustradamus Please inform me if your projects are not in this list, and if there are improvements: https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/2742#issuecomment-451468219 Thanks in advance :)
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  255. lovetox sooo anyone oposed if we move the jdev chat to xmpp.org?
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  262. eevvoor no
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  267. jonas’ I’m in favour
  268. ralphm Is there a point?
  269. jonas’ conference.jabber.org is not reachable with modern libssl
  270. jonas’ because the DH key is too small
  271. jonas’ and conference.jabber.org is not indexable/disco#items-able with compliant implementations because it has MUC rooms with invalid JIDs
  272. jonas’ (which is why jdev isn’t listed on search.jabbercat.org for example)
  273. ralphm And is Peter aware of the issue?
  274. jonas’ yes
  275. jonas’ I made them aware of the invalid JIDs a year back or so
  276. ralphm And?
  277. ralphm I mean the other thing.
  278. jonas’ I didn’t bother after the lack of action after the invalid JIDs to be honest
  279. jonas’ also, I think there’s some work in progress to move c.j.o to a different server implementation
  280. ralphm So the move would fix the issues?
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  282. ralphm In any case, jdev is just a room somewhere. If people stop chatting there and go elsewhere, that's it. It isn't an XSF activity per se.
  283. ralphm I'd have expected the discussion over there, not here.
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  285. pep. Well some people can't
  286. pep. because of DH issues
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  288. ralphm Which, maybe, is being looked into?
  289. pep. maybe? It's been a few weeks/months already
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  291. ralphm pep. so did you contact Peter then?
  292. pep. I don't have the issue personally
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  295. ralphm Me neither, but that seems like a good first step. Either directly or on the jdev mailing list.
  296. pep. He's been contacted by jonas’ iirc
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  300. ralphm He just said he didn't bother
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  303. Zash About the MUC issue, not the DH issue.
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  314. lovetox ralphm, peter was contacted
  315. lovetox and is aware, but there is no immediate plan to fix anything
  316. lovetox Also server has no MAM
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  318. lovetox so yes setting the server up new will solve most problem, but thats a big IF, seeing that the situation is not ok for a long time
  319. lovetox i proposed xmpp.org not because XSF is here, but because the server is maintained by MattJ, and the server right now fullfills everything one wants from a MUC service
  320. ralphm I didn't hear about it before, but might have missed it.
  321. lovetox we can still wait a week maybe stpeter proposes some timeline, and if its in the near future like a month i would not bother switching server
  322. ralphm And sure, things not working or features missing that are kind of expected today, makes for good reasons to change
  323. ralphm lovetox: how was it raised? I didn't see an email about this.
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  325. lovetox i wrote him a email personally
  326. ralphm Ah
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  328. ralphm Was this recent?
  329. lovetox i didnt see the need to raise this in public, as he is the only admin?
  330. lovetox yes on 9 july 2019
  331. ralphm Well, yes and no. There are more people involved, but he's the main contact indeed
  332. lovetox thats why i proposed to still wait a week
  333. lovetox maybe he is swampd with work
  334. ralphm And it is holiday season.
  335. ralphm Not sure if a week is sufficient to get things resolved if it was only really raised less than a week ago.
  336. lovetox hm i dont expect things to be resolved in a week
  337. lovetox i just asked if there is a plan/timeline
  338. lovetox as i said i dont bother going through switching a well known muc if i know its ok in 2 months
  339. lovetox but if its 6 months, then i would siwtch
  340. lovetox actually fixing the DH issue would give us some more time
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  343. ralphm Right
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