XSF Discussion - 2019-07-19

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  15. tom >tom, can you tell my corporate IT dept, they use all the proprietary blackboxes, riverbed, telari, cisco, and palo alto I think it's more of a leadership issue tbh. The places I've worked at, the CEO understood how to sell a product. They were not engineers. They paid engineers to make the engineering detail decisions. That understood that is; after the whole whole reason they are paying them for.
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  17. tom well, the CEO was more knowing how to lead all the different teams
  18. tom because we did have a sales team and they did sales
  19. tom and an accounting team which managed the money
  20. tom the 'officers' acted as the glue
  21. tom and were very good at it
  22. tom and delegated things they were not good at to people who were
  23. tom then again the product was IP transit, so the quality of the technology was the end goal
  24. tom not just a means
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  44. moparisthebest hmm nyco not a huge deal but I don't think https://github.com/xsf/xeps/commit/6e1c4675714d80824f5f951a64c2d47e14deee4b#diff-48188c65e1a20d564eb9dbe110506a16 is correct either
  45. moparisthebest > the document specifies to DO THIS
  46. moparisthebest is what I meant, probably could be worded better, but two doesn't make sense there to me
  47. moparisthebest maybe "This document specifies an algorithm to additionally look up records..." or "This document specifies a method to additionally look up records..." or "This document specifies a way to additionally look up records..."
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  74. jonas’ moparisthebest, huh, you’re right
  75. jonas’ I need to revert htat
  76. jonas’ It somehow made sense to me when I read it, but it doesn’t
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  92. Ge0rG that DNSSEC vs SRV debate last night, was it based on Travis' email?
  93. jonas’ vice versa probably
  94. Ge0rG oh, the timestamps
  95. Ge0rG How could I have possibly missed the addition of a MUST NOT?
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  156. pep. heh, most protoXEPs in the inbox fail at linking to the proper xslt file so the .xml link fails
  157. pep. Maybe we could also have a link to that file in the inbox
  158. Ge0rG that would make sense
  159. pep. I submitted a PR
  160. jonas’ pep., against the nginx config?
  161. pep. ah, no I just added a symlink, just like there were already for the .ent and .dtd
  162. pep. against xsf/xeps
  163. jonas’ I see
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  191. pep. https://bouah.net/2019/07/new-sprint-new-goodies/
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  204. Ge0rG pep.: I've answered to the reactions "thread" now
  205. pep. :)
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  254. larma Ge0rG: I answered your answer ;)
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  257. Ge0rG larma: I think you misread my mail. "Each reaction SHOULD contain a legacy reaction body" ;)
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  259. Ge0rG good points on Reactions and LMC, though.
  260. Ge0rG I always disliked LMCs limitation to "the last message"
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  264. pep. I am sure this could be changed, no? I actually liked your point about LMC
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  266. pep. Actually, all except backwards compatibility
  267. Ge0rG Reactions surely can define an exception to the strict LMC rule
  268. Ge0rG even then, it's not an issue.
  269. Ge0rG instead of a correction you see a new legacy reaction
  270. pep. legacy?
  271. pep. "new legacy"?
  272. Ge0rG legacy reaction = body
  273. pep. Ok. Not for me, thanks :x
  274. Ge0rG what's not for you?
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  285. larma Ge0rG: no I didn't misread your mail, my opinion is SHOULD NOT or MUST NOT have a body
  286. larma If we do any business rules regarding body
  287. larma A fallback body will render the feature unusable as long as there are legacy clients
  288. pep. And we all know that there will always be legacy clients :)
  289. Ge0rG larma: your reaction seemed to imply you read it as "MUST have"
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  291. Ge0rG larma: I disagree. The lack of a legacy body will render the feature unusable.
  292. Ge0rG having that feature will increase the pressure on legacy users.
  293. pep. I disagree with your last statement
  294. pep. Unless you make the fallback broken on purpose to bully implementations, (granted, one could argue 393 is broken and it might be good enough, but not everybody agrees with me on this)
  295. Ge0rG pep.: the more important question is whether you agree with the previous statement ;)
  296. pep. I disagree as well
  297. pep. And I disagree in a more general way than just reactions
  298. pep. I mean I disagree, with your statement
  299. pep. I mean I disagree with your statement
  300. Ge0rG pep.: I see you moved that back to the list. very good
  301. pep. yep
  302. Ge0rG thanks, I'll write a response when I'm less busy.
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  320. Lance I just noticed that there's not really an easy way to get an individual entry out of MAM if you already know its archive id. Closest I can find is requesting the item before/after the id I have, then request 1 item after/before that one, to get the item I originally wanted.
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  325. waqas Lance: You likely want to go for the item before it. Going for the item after and then the item before that is prone to race condition.
  326. Lance Ah, yes
  327. Lance It works ok enough for use case of deep linking into history, if you also want +/-N additional messages of surrounding context
  328. Lance but i was tinkering with saving just the archive id in a pubsub item to do pinned messages
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  330. waqas I imagine there was an assumption of "if you know the ID, you already have the message". MAM is not POP, and isn't a full DB system either.
  331. Lance yeah, that makes sense
  332. waqas Though a lot of folks do keep pushing (with some success) to have MAM just be a SQL dialect. It's harder to implement on things which don't have SQL indices and such.
  333. Lance i can resolve it pretty easily by letting my server understand a new custom form field
  334. Lance but this was a "Huh???" moment
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