XSF Discussion - 2019-07-23

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  107. Guus

    Did the jabber.org cert expire?

  108. jonas’


  109. Ge0rG

    judging by the date on https://github.com/stpeter/jabberdotorg/issues/13 ... ;)

  110. jonas’

    90 days + 2 days to renew. fits.

  111. Ge0rG


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  114. Kev

    Oh, Peter never bumped the server? I did install the new cert when he asked,.

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  116. intosi

    Server bumped.

  117. Kev

    You too?

  118. Ge0rG

    I'm sure this all is just a deliberate plot to get users to move away from jabber.org

  119. ralphm

    Just curious, but why isn't this done with a cron job, which would renew it weeks before expiry?

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  121. intosi

    Because $REASONS

  122. Ge0rG

    Kev: intosi: Now that you are there, could you also have a look at https://github.com/stpeter/jabberdotorg/issues/14 please?

  123. intosi


  124. Kev

    Also, the tribal knowledge is wrong there.

  125. Kev

    The issue simply predates the migration, so came along with it, it wasn't the migration that introduced it.

  126. Ge0rG

    On a file-based storage I'd simply do an `ls -alrt *\"*` to see when the invalid MUCs were last touched, notice that they are all a decade old, and rm -rf them.

  127. Guus

    Connected again. Thanks for the bumps.

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  145. intosi

    Ge0rG: I said no, but I quickly botched a Python script together that nodeprepped all configs, and moved the invalid ones.

  146. intosi

    Should be alright now.

  147. jonas’

    oh my god

  148. jonas’

    now we only need to get that dh key fixed and conference.jabber.org can be indexd! :)

  149. jonas’

    thanks intosi

  150. intosi

    dh key is unfortunately more involved.

  151. Ge0rG

    intosi: 👍

  152. Ge0rG dares to /list c.j.o now.

  153. intosi

    Let me know if I missed any, the nodeprep implementation was also a botch job ;)

  154. Ge0rG

    intosi: you missed one it seems. 07-23 10:24:40.692 13308 3656 E yaxim.SmackableImp: org.jxmpp.stringprep.XmppStringprepException: XmppStringprepException caused by '"مدرسة¤الهاكرز¤الأحرار"@conference.jabber.org': org.jxmpp.stringprep.XmppStringprepException: Localpart must not contain '"'

  155. intosi


  156. intosi


  157. intosi

    Wait a tick.

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  159. Ge0rG

    also I need to patch yaxim to not timeout after 30s

  160. intosi

    Try in a minute.

  161. Ge0rG sets a timer

  162. Ge0rG

    this is so exciting!

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  164. intosi

    I forgot to restart the server to flush out the old names.

  165. intosi

    Or rather, I remembered to restart, but failed to see that sudo asked for a password ;)

  166. Ge0rG

    isn't that sudo's main job?

  167. intosi

    It is, except when you just ran it moments before.

  168. Ge0rG uses the time to launch android studio

  169. intosi

    Is up again.

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  172. Ge0rG

    ah, smack, where you can't set a timeout on a single disco IQ

  173. Ge0rG

    intosi: another one

  174. Ge0rG

    XmppStringprepException caused by ',,,@conference.jabber.org': org.jxmpp.stringprep.XmppStringprepException: Localpart must not contain ','

  175. intosi

    And where in 6122 is that?

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  178. intosi

    Don't see that as a prohibited char in 7622 either.

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  181. jonas’

    aioxmpp also sees this as valid

  182. jonas’

    Ge0rG, I think you have another bug to report against Smack

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  184. intosi

    I think that's a bug in your prep routine.

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  186. Guus

    intosi: would it be possible for you to create a listing of values that failed the nodeprep? That'd make for a nice test set.

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  188. jonas’

    I might have that set somewhere, I think I sent it to stpeter or someone in the past

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  190. intosi

    Guus: most of them failed because they had a 0x20 in them.

  191. Ge0rG

    I'm currently grepping the source for that exception string, to no avail..

  192. Kev

    Probably releasing a set of possibly-private JIDs from jabber.org wouldn't be appropriate. Even if they were invalid.

  193. Ge0rG

    private static final char[] LOCALPART_FURTHER_EXCLUDED_CHARACTERS = new char[] { ... ',', // U+003A (COLON), i.e., : ... }

  194. Ge0rG

    find the error.

  195. Kev


  196. intosi


  197. intosi

    Kev: considering we listed them in disco#items until half an hour ago probably dilutes that statement a little ;)

  198. Kev

    Not if they were private we didn't, surely?

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  200. Ge0rG

    now why is gradle downloading scala-compiler for jxmpp?

  201. Ge0rG

    is that some kind of debianesque dependency management hell?

  202. intosi

    Kev: fair point.

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  204. jonas’

    I might have that set of invalid publicly listable rooms somewhere, I think I sent it to stpeter or someone in the past

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  212. Ge0rG

    Yay! It's loading! Now I only need to wait for 18.6k individual disco#info requests to finish!

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  215. Ge0rG

    intosi: thanks very much!

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  218. Ge0rG

    jonas’: how long until muchopper indexes the new data? :D

  219. pep.

    When dh keys are fixed? :p

  220. Ge0rG

    oh, right, that.

  221. Ge0rG

    I can't easily sort the list by occupant count.

  222. Ge0rG

    I wish disco#items would emit that for all returned rooms.

  223. jonas’

    make all the MUC servers implement the muclumbus search protocol ;)

  224. Ge0rG

    jonas’: is there an XEP I can point server devs to?

  225. Ge0rG

    No? Ohhh...

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  228. Ge0rG

    and yaxim has already arrived at bored@

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  231. Guus

    jonas’ is the required protocol the inverse of what is published to query the directory at https://search.jabbercat.org/docs/api ?

  232. Guus

    jonas’ is the required protocol the inverse of what is published at https://search.jabbercat.org/docs/api to query the directory?

  233. jonas’

    Guus, pretty much

  234. jonas’

    I can make it a XEP if there’s interest, but there have been voices who prefer the XEP-0004 based jabber search instead (I don’t know the XEP number of that, 66 maybe?)

  235. Guus

    I'll not get into that debate 🙂

  236. Guus

    how do you determine what JID to query?

  237. Guus

    the MUC service JID itself?

  238. Guus

    I'm looking for work for people learning to code for Openfire. This might be a nice task to do so.

  239. jonas’

    Guus, I’d use the MUC service JID itself

  240. jonas’

    if you want work for people learning to code, maybe it’d be better to have this written down as proper XEP

  241. Guus

    That's be nicer - but I'll work with the tools that are available.

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  244. jonas’


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  250. Ge0rG

    it needs a distinct disco#info anyway, so that you can switch between legacy disco#items and sophisticated mucsearch

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  260. Ge0rG

    So of the 18k rooms on c.j.o, maybe 20 are populated.

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  277. jonas’

    Ge0rG, mind that the server has just been restarted

  278. jonas’


  279. Ge0rG

    jonas’: the results will underwhelm you.

  280. jonas’

    it will put some load on muchopper, that’s for sure

  281. Ge0rG

    jonas’: I've already traversed through 16k/18k, and it's not exciting.

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  283. Ge0rG

    I'm pretty sure it won't make the frontpage.

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  300. Ge0rG

    Just in case anyone wonders...

  301. Ge0rG

    Room all-linux-ru@conference.jabber.org has 1 users Room arifsaha@conference.jabber.org has 2 users Room discogs@conference.jabber.org has 1 users Room elotrolado@conference.jabber.org has 2 users Room gnyarf@conference.jabber.org has 1 users Room jabber@conference.jabber.org has 9 users Room jdev@conference.jabber.org has 16 users Room jugglers@conference.jabber.org has 1 users Room maemo@conference.jabber.org has 1 users Room pgdp@conference.jabber.org has 3 users Room resistance@conference.jabber.org has 1 users Room sleek@conference.jabber.org has 4 users Room wow@conference.jabber.org has 1 users

  302. Ge0rG

    I kind of expected there to be a bunch of very crowded rooms of some sub-communities, like Russian Jabber™ fans.

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  304. jonas’

    maybe they all need proper DH key sizes ;)

  305. Ge0rG

    And it only took ~1.5hr for yaxim to iterate through them all.

  306. jonas’


  307. Ge0rG is manually doing the muclumbus' job.

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  349. Link Mauve

    “11:04:09 pep.> I'm looking at Meetups listed on the events page and I'm curious about Paris, there was one in the past right?”, yes, there was one… two years ago already. :x https://news.jabberfr.org/2017/04/compte-rendu-de-la-rencontre-du-28-mars-2017/

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  351. Link Mauve

    dwd, winfried, which country was it that were using XMPP to coordinate its ambulance system?

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  353. winfried

    Link Mauve: I have never seen any confirmation (would love to learn more details), but what I heard, it was France

  354. Ge0rG

    winfried: wasn't there some emergency-contact app for android from Belgium?

  355. Link Mauve

    ’cause I have a friend working for a company doing ambulance stuff in France, I’ll ask her if she knows anything about it.

  356. winfried

    Ge0rG: yes, it is the official 112 app in Belgium. I can send you more details and I have contacts with them.

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  358. winfried

    Link Mauve: that would be great! Yes, please.

  359. Ge0rG

    winfried: I remember you mentioned it and I had the Google Play listing open for a month or so ;)

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  362. winfried

    Ge0rG: it is one of the few apps I have installed via Google play, just to demo it....

  363. Ge0rG

    Somebody should write a MitM debugger for XMPP

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  367. Zash

    Is there some Wireshark remote thingymajigger for Android?

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  370. Ge0rG

    Zash: nothing nice. The least bad ones are ad-sponsored faux VPNs

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