XSF Discussion - 2019-07-24

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  77. Guus jonas’ - are you available?
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  88. jonas’ depends on your definition of "available", Guus
  89. Guus jonas’: I've got quick questions about muclumbus, but I'm feeding the offspring now
  90. Guus Did my one-on-one message arrive? If so, I'll follow up on that after lunch
  91. jonas’ Guus, no it did not, but that’s probably because you sent it to an account on which I’m currently not available
  92. jonas’ an account which I generally prefer for 1:1 messages
  93. jonas’ is there a reason we cannot discuss this in a more public venue, like here or operators@? (I still can’t join jdev@)
  94. Guus Didn't want to bother others. Will do here
  95. Guus Simple question really
  96. Guus Is-open, does that include public rooms that at the time of query cannot be joined because of a server policy (eg: amount of occupants is at a configured max)?
  97. jonas’ Guus, no, because muclumbus does not attempt to join rooms
  98. jonas’ it only works with the info available from disco#info
  99. Ge0rG so yes, it does include those rooms
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  101. jonas’ oh, yeah
  102. jonas’ I got that inverted
  103. jonas’ s/\bno\b/yes/
  104. Guus Right. 🙂
  105. Guus Tx
  106. jonas’ Rx
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  112. Guus jonas’ follow-up question. The description of the 'q' form field is: "Optional string. Operates like the search box on the website."
  113. Guus ... how does the website behave?
  114. Guus I've now got: split value on whitespace, and split the to-be evaluated value the same way - then check if the evaluated value split contains all of the q split.
  115. jonas’ Guus, it’s not properly documented, as you’ve found
  116. jonas’ it is I think a shlex.split in python, which means that you can search for stuff including spaces by writing `"foo bar"` into the search box
  117. Guus website doesn't appear to do partial text search, so the 'split on whitespace' thing made most sense.
  118. Guus but might be incomplete, or plain wrong.
  119. jonas’ the resulting keywords are fed into SQL surrounded by `%`
  120. jonas’ https://search.jabbercat.org/search?q=gefl%C3%BC this shows partial match
  121. jonas’ https://search.jabbercat.org/search?q=gefl%C3%BC this shows a partial match
  122. Guus oh, shoot, I missed the 3-character minimum thingy
  123. jonas’ that’s a deployment-specific option
  124. Guus yeah, but it's why I though it was not doing partial matches
  125. Guus I searched for 'te', didn't get 'test' results.
  126. Guus (and didn't read the bright red warning message)
  127. jonas’ heh
  128. flow pff warning messages, nobody reads those, c.f. compiler warnings
  129. Guus all search terms are AND'ed, nor OR'ed, right?
  130. jonas’ Guus, yes
  131. Guus q, rolling version 2 ...
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  136. Guus This seems to work fine. If I put this on a publicly reachable server, is there a way for you to test this, jonas’ ?
  137. Guus (or anyone else, for that matter?)
  138. jonas’ Guus, yes, I have a test client software
  139. jonas’ it’s even included in the public repo I think https://github.com/horazont/muchopper/blob/master/examples/request.py
  140. Guus that seems like something I can run myself
  141. Ge0rG is running a mirror bot that forks the pubsub data. Sometimes.
  142. Guus oh, but it doesnt create/populate mucs, I think?
  143. jonas’ Guus, no, it doesn’t
  144. jonas’ it only queries the search thing
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  198. pep. I sent a link with poezio, and then I realized it was actually an image and some clients would display it a bit more user-friendly if I included the right tags. I sent an LMC with an OOB tag, but Conversations and dino don't display the picture anyway. Is that a bug? feature?
  199. pep. The XEP says: To deal with multiple payloads, the sender MUST re-send the entire stanza, only altering id and the payloads being corrected and adding the 'replace' payload. It is expected that the receiver SHOULD then treat the new stanza as complete replacement for all the payloads received in the original stanza.
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  207. lovetox read this the first time
  208. lovetox was that not changed a few weeks ago?
  209. lovetox LMC is about body for me
  210. lovetox and not all payloads
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  212. Ge0rG pep.: OOB is abused by Conversations and other clients for inline media, with the restriction that url must be equal to message body
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  214. Ge0rG not sure if you can LMC a picture into a message, though, as changing the type of message is forbidden by LMC
  215. lovetox its not abused at all
  216. lovetox or your definition of abused is weird
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  218. lovetox oob adds a url to a message, and thats what we do
  219. lovetox using the xep like it was intended
  220. lovetox how i display messages with a oob tag is up to the client
  221. lovetox and not a concern of the xep
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  223. Ge0rG lovetox: the abuse is because it's essentially used for inline images / media, and because of the undocumented body=url requirement
  224. lovetox how is that an abuse, to display a url added via oob inline?!
  225. lovetox the XEP makes zero statements as to how a client has to display a oob url
  226. Ge0rG lovetox: yes, so I could use the same syntax to append my avatar to all my messages.
  227. lovetox yeah and?
  228. Ge0rG it would be an equally legal use of 0066
  229. lovetox people not going to chat with you long when you do that
  230. lovetox not sure where the abuse is though
  231. lovetox protocol wise, you abusing people with messages, yes thats clear
  232. Ge0rG lovetox: only people using a client that's not adhering to XEPs will notice.
  233. Ge0rG All my messages are verbal abuse, nevermind the OOB
  234. Ge0rG OOB is not the right XEP for inline media, because it doesn't define how to display the URI, and because there is SIMS. Furthermore, clients only showing OOB media if url==body are enforcing an invisible specification.
  235. Ge0rG It's all wrong.
  236. Ge0rG It's only slightly less wrong than just HEADing every URL that's sent to you in a message body.
  237. lovetox you follow the notion that you think you got to decide if my client displays something inline or not
  238. lovetox there is no invisible specification
  239. Ge0rG lovetox: no, only that I'm the one who has to decide _how_ I intended my message to be shown
  240. lovetox you just found out implementation details of algorithm that decideds what to display inline
  241. lovetox and now you think its a invisible specification for you
  242. lovetox like its your job that a picture displays inline in MY client
  243. Ge0rG lovetox: XEPs are about interoperability between systems. If I see an image that I send inline, I expect your client to also display it inline, maybe with the exception that you explicitly disabled inline media.
  244. Ge0rG lovetox: as a client author, if I want to tell other clients to display a certain file inline, I now need to know that OOB has to be used (despite OOB not being made for inline media), and that I need to set the body to the URL, leave empty the description and send whatever text I want to accompany that image as a separate message. None of that is written down anywhere.
  245. lovetox There can be an endless settings go into the decision of a client if something is displayed inline
  246. lovetox you should not expect anything
  247. lovetox you should provide all data necessary to display something inline
  248. lovetox but thats about it
  249. Ge0rG lovetox: but you can keep pretending that there is no "inline media" and that all your client does is to use some creative rules to magically embed linked image files.
  250. Ge0rG > you should provide all data necessary to display something inline Yes, this is exactly what the fuss is about
  251. lovetox The problem is that you want to dictate UI and behaviour on another client, on such a complex topic as displaying weblinks inline
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  253. Ge0rG lovetox: see, we have a fundamental disagreement on the basic assumption.
  254. Ge0rG lovetox: you speak about displaying weblinks, I speak about inline media.
  255. lovetox same story sorry
  256. Ge0rG no, those are completely different.
  257. Ge0rG lovetox: given your premise, I agree with all you said.
  258. lovetox not at all, its all some file on a webserver
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  260. Ge0rG OOB is okay'ish for letting another client know that you reference a website or page of some sorts.
  261. Ge0rG but it's not how it's used by at least Conversations.
  262. lovetox So if i reference a website on facebook, the page shows inline
  263. lovetox thats my messenger, so i expect your client now to display it inline
  264. lovetox following your logic
  265. Ge0rG lovetox: please just stop.
  266. Ge0rG lovetox: as I said, we are speaking about two fundamentally different things.
  267. Ge0rG lovetox: please don't try to interpret what I said in the context of linking websites.
  268. lovetox I know you speak about pictures, but i already told you i dont accept your argument that this is not the same
  269. lovetox both can be displayed inline, both are displayed inline in real world by clients
  270. Ge0rG lovetox: yes, but the message is different.
  271. Ge0rG inline media: "here is a picture that I attach to my message" website reference: "here is a random weblink with which your client may do whatever it wants"
  272. lovetox so your argument is SIMS does not support weblinks
  273. lovetox so there is no way to tell other clients to show it inline
  274. lovetox hence you cant expect it to do it
  275. Ge0rG lovetox: what?
  276. Ge0rG I have never said anything about website references. I've been exclusively talking about inline media
  277. Ge0rG even in my first message, I explicitly wrote that.
  278. lovetox yeah so if SIMS would support sharing a website reference, and SIMS = Inline Media, then you would expect to see the website displayed inline?
  279. Ge0rG lovetox: sorry, I can't follow you.
  280. lovetox how do you tell a client to show a media inline?
  281. Ge0rG it looks a bit like you are trying to ask me trick questions to make me issue absurd statements.
  282. lovetox just by using SIMS right?
  283. lovetox its not a trick question, i think i understand what you are trying to say
  284. lovetox SIMS is not for website references
  285. Ge0rG exactly!
  286. lovetox oob does not say in the xep anything about inline
  287. Ge0rG yes!
  288. Ge0rG SIMS is designed for inline media only
  289. Ge0rG it's a bit overengineered, but nevertheless.
  290. Ge0rG so for website references, you use something else than SIMS.
  291. Ge0rG you might use OOB, or just rely on the receiving client to parse the URL out of your body
  292. lovetox just for the record, i dont think anybody is opposed to implement SIMS over oob
  293. lovetox 1. SIMS was not really a thing when this was implemented
  294. lovetox 2. OOB is alot less to implement for clients
  295. lovetox so thats why this was chosen
  296. Ge0rG Yes, but it's still abuse of OOB.
  297. Ge0rG Also with OOB for inline media, you need to HEAD the URL to fetch the file type and size, before you can make any reasonable action with it or display an icon to the user
  298. lovetox i still dont see where the abuse is, the oob xep even shares a picture in its example
  299. lovetox so yes this XEP was clearly intended to share also links to media on the web
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  301. Ge0rG but not for inline media in the client. ;)
  302. lovetox how you come to that conclusion is not clear to me, there is no way to indicate a inline display hint in oob, and your conclusion is : Its an abuse to show it inline
  303. Ge0rG no, it's an abuse for a sender to use OOB for inline media
  304. Ge0rG and for the recipient to imply that body==url --> inline media
  305. lovetox if your goal is to get more clients to use SIMS, i think you will be more successuful if you hint at the benefits that SIMS has over oob, like communicating the inline wish. Instead of shouting Abuse
  306. Ge0rG lovetox: do you know which clients implement SIMS?
  307. Zash Communicating hashes for integrity checks, ability to use different transports, thumbnails, what else are benefits of SIMS?
  308. pep. "Ge0rG> lovetox: no, only that I'm the one who has to decide _how_ I intended my message to be shown" something something 393 /me hides
  309. Holger > lovetox: do you know which clients implement SIMS? Movim IIRC?
  310. lovetox Ge0rG, Movim, Psi
  311. lovetox maybe converse, but not sure
  312. Ge0rG Zash: no need to do a HTTP HEAD
  313. Holger > Communicating hashes for integrity checks, ability to use different transports, thumbnails, what else are benefits of SIMS? I think edhelas was interested in metadata such as the size to avoid HEAD requests.
  314. Holger Right.
  315. Zash Yeah, size and file type
  316. Holger And OMEMO people don't want to reveal that data. So I guess chances for implementation might be better once there's full stanza encryption.
  317. Ge0rG Speaking of OMEMO, https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/omemo-media-sharing.html combines the worst of both worlds.
  318. Ge0rG > The sending entity MAY also generate a thumbnail as a JPEG data uri and include that in the same message. The aesgcm:// and the data:image/jpep, are seperated by a new line character.
  319. Ge0rG Nuff' said.
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