XSF Discussion - 2019-07-28

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  38. jonas’ digs into the more ancient parts of aioxmpp
  39. jonas’ I *think* I implmeneted the RFC 4647 algorithm for language selection
  40. jonas’ it’s not even that complex
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  59. flow yep I also believe that the situation is not that hard, be it the xml:lang inheritance or the xml:lang selection
  60. flow somebody™ just has to implement it
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  219. lovetox hm i have a problem with captcha protected rooms
  220. lovetox if the captcha verification fails, server returns an error iq which is ok
  221. lovetox but afterwards he also sends a presence error: not-authorized
  222. lovetox which my client interprets as, please supply a password
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  224. lovetox but there is none on the room
  225. lovetox question is should the server abort my join only because i supplied a wrong captcha?
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  227. lovetox but at some point he has to abort it, so is not-authorized the correct error here?
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  229. lovetox its probably undefined
  230. Zash What is the error type?
  231. Zash In https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#enter-pw the example has type=auth
  232. lovetox auth
  233. lovetox you mean the server could use something different here?
  234. lovetox so we can act on the difference
  235. Zash https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0158.html#example-3 like that perhaps?
  236. Zash Is CAPTCHA a type of authentication?
  237. lovetox i guess its not much different to a password
  238. lovetox it auths me as human :D
  239. lovetox i think it does not matter much was the server does, seems i have to track that im in a captcha auth and ignore the presence error
  240. lovetox but much complexity for a feature probably almost nobody ever uses
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  247. flow lovetox, one could add a feature to xep45 signalling that the muc service will add a captcha specific error condition to the error IQ
  248. lovetox but the problem is not the error iq, the problem for me was the error presence that followed the error iq
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  250. lovetox but i think this has be solved by the client, i just have to track that im in a captcha workflow, and that all error presences mean the captcha workflow was aborted
  251. lovetox and not what they usually mean
  252. flow add the specific error condition to the presence then
  253. lovetox hm yeah would be a solution, but i prefer to handle it in the client
  254. lovetox another question, what if i send a message to a bare muc jid, when im not joined
  255. lovetox usually i would expect muc denies the message
  256. lovetox but what if im owner of the muc?
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  266. lovetox hm the MUC xep allows to send message to the room from outside
  267. lovetox message can not be matched to a user if this is done
  268. lovetox even in a non-anonymous room
  269. lovetox which i find weird
  270. lovetox would be allowed to attach the <addresses> thingy to these messages?
  271. lovetox with a ofrom= realjid
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