XSF Discussion - 2019-08-03

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  134. lovetox

    jonas’, the http api uri in the examples of the api docs of muculumbus is wrong

  135. lovetox

    or not used anymore to be exact

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  138. jonas’

    lovetox, which one?

  139. lovetox


  140. lovetox

    is in the examples

  141. jonas’

    both work

  142. jonas’

    jabber.network will give you a redirect of course

  143. lovetox

    yeah, still i dont think any http lib just autofollows redirects

  144. lovetox

    im also not sure i even want to implement something like that

  145. jonas’


  146. jonas’

    I’ll go and fix it soon

  147. lovetox

    yeah no hurry just wanted to mention it

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  151. Ge0rG

    if only we had stable domains maintained by an organisation of sorts.

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  211. lovetox

    jonas’, already 2200 mucs on muclumbus

  212. lovetox

    some weeks ago it was only 600

  213. jonas’

    unless there was a glitch, I doubt that’s treu

  214. jonas’

    there are 6.7k public MUCs in the db right now, where did you get the 2.2k from?

  215. lovetox

    thats all i get when i request all

  216. jonas’

    ah, it only returns MUCs with at least one occupant by default

  217. lovetox

    ah yeah :)

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  219. lovetox

    but still weird that its always a round number

  220. lovetox

    its exactly 2200

  221. lovetox

    or i have a counting bug

  222. jonas’

    that sounds like a pagination bug

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  237. Zash

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html talks about a "cache-last-item" feature, but it seems to be undefined.

  238. Zash

    What's up with that?

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  261. lovetox

    does anyone know a case where a error is returned with more than one error condition with namespace urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas

  262. lovetox

    the rfc says an error must contain a condition, but does not say it must be only one

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  265. jonas’

    the schema does not allow it at least

  266. Zash

    Multiple `<text>` is ok tho

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  268. jonas’

    for i18n

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  270. Link Mauve

    lovetox, I haven’t found any, when I ran xmpp-parsers on data extracted from the xeps repository.

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  276. lovetox

    ok then i will support one error condition and one application error condition

  277. lovetox

    and multiple text elements

  278. lovetox

    parsing errors is a bit weird

  279. lovetox

    you have to iter the childs of error, and you dont really know what you are searching for, you only know what you dont search for

  280. jonas’

    for i18n

  281. jonas’

    wrong window

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  287. Link Mauve

    It’s one text element, but in multiple different locales.

  288. Link Mauve

    It’s invalid for instance to have the same locale twice.

  289. jonas’

    that’s still multiple elements on the XML layer

  290. Link Mauve


  291. Link Mauve

    But not conceptually.

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  346. lovetox

    so i looked into the xml:lang thing

  347. lovetox

    i expected every server issue only one text with the lang i set on the stream

  348. lovetox

    but as someone mentioned, and i saw it myself some server add also the "en" translation

  349. lovetox

    Gajim just takes the first text element and expects it to be in stream lang, so as this is obviously not good i checked expat for xml:lang inheritence

  350. lovetox

    seems the xml standard actually says to inherit that

  351. lovetox

    but i could not find any hint that expat actually does this

  352. lovetox

    BUT its stll very easy on client side

  353. lovetox

    at least with my node objects that my parser creates every node has its parent assigned

  354. lovetox

    so you just traverse up the parents until you find one with an xml:lang attr

  355. lovetox

    so still not seeing the can of worms that i supposed to have opened

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  360. flow

    I find it actually very beneficial that entities also include "en" besides the receivers xml:lang in error stanzas

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  362. flow

    Makes it easier to read XMPP traces being posted in your forum etc

  363. flow

    I think it would be even nice if the standard recommends doing so

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  369. Ge0rG

    lovetox: lucky you have access to the whole hierarchy of elements from where you need the language. The parser I'm working with doesn't give me the elements above.

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