XSF Discussion - 2019-08-07

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  62. Ge0rG This sounds like it will also affect xmpp clients on ios https://www.theinformation.com/articles/facebook-hit-by-apples-crackdown-on-messaging-feature
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  75. pep. Do you have a version of the full article
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  77. Ge0rG pep.: isn't that the full article?
  78. Kev There's a registration wall.
  79. Ge0rG oh, sorry. didn't realize it's paywalled if not opened from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20629567
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  81. Holger > Right now, the calling feature in these apps runs in the background even when it’s not in use I wasn't aware this was still the case.
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  83. Ge0rG Holger: at least you can send silent pushes this way.
  84. Holger Yes. I thought that was the only remaining VoIP privilege.
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  125. ralphm Isn't the gist here that if you use another protocol for non-calling features, you're fine? Like, say, XMPP. It reads to me as if they want to limit piggybacking stuff on WebRTC data channels, or something.
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  130. Ge0rG ralphm: I've interpreted it as further limiting background activity, maybe also silent notifications
  131. ralphm Well, indeed if they are no longer allowing async pushes waking up an app without bothering the user, that's bad.
  132. ralphm I'm very curious how you'd implement muting conversations in such a scenario.
  133. jonas’ server-side
  134. ralphm I guess.
  135. ralphm But how does that *improve* privacy?
  136. jonas’ is that the goal?
  137. ralphm Well, that's the story
  138. jonas’ I didn’t read the article and just suspected they want to make life for app developers harder and reduce battery drain
  139. ralphm https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/6/20757710/apple-ios-iphone-restrictions-messaging-apps-internet-voice-calls-voip
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  141. Kev The suspicion is that Facebook is using running-in-background to gather data.
  142. Kev Which sounds very unlike Facebook, to me 😈
  143. ralphm The video from WWDC seems to nicely sum up the various use cases and how do achieve this in the future. For 'us' it probably means that we should differentiate between different kinds of pushes (e.g. message v.s. call) in XEP-0357 and/or server-triggered pushes.
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  145. ralphm It might be that servers need to know more about e.g. when a call is made to resources known to be dormant. There are more reasons to revisit Jingle calling in the face of multiple resources, some of which might be offline, which are badly covered by the way a jingle call is initiated with iq stanzas, and this is one of them.
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  147. jonas’ didn’t we have a XEP which does that with messages instead of IQ?
  148. ralphm That's not optimal in my opinion.
  149. jonas’ what would be optimal?
  150. ralphm Placing calls to bare JIDs and have servers take care of it.
  151. jonas’ but E2EE!!!
  152. jonas’ ralphm, what would the server do that clients can’t do with carbon-copy, MAM and messages?
  153. ralphm E.g. know that this is about a call and not something else, and wake up clients properly.
  154. ralphm Also I don't see how this is a problem for e2ee.
  155. Zash Caps/disco#info based magic? Or some opt-in subscription thing?
  156. jonas’ I don’t either, but the E2EE mafia will jump on this with "but the metadata!"
  157. ralphm Well, if you don't want servers to know that calls are being signalled, then, well, I guess you can't use XMPP directly. You might negotiate a p2p XMPP stream but then you have metadata about that.
  158. ralphm Zash: huh?
  159. Zash > E.g. know that this is about a call and not something else, and wake up clients properly. Only wake up voip-capable clients for voip requests eg?
  160. Kev I think we need explicit client existance, rather than magic, for these.
  161. Kev I think we need explicit client existence, rather than magic, for these.
  162. Zash Persistent serverside device tracking?
  163. Kev Yes.
  164. Kev And management thereof.
  165. ralphm Indeed
  166. ralphm And as you have to register clients for push notifications, you might want to define it there.
  167. Kev I think you might care about this for more than push, so extracting it out probably makes sense.
  168. ralphm Sure
  169. ralphm The push registration might become a side-effect.
  170. Kev I think the push registration then probably becomes an action on a registered device.
  171. Kev s/on/against/ whatever.
  172. jonas’ and then we can finally have per-device credentials
  173. ralphm I am more and more convinced we need servers to have more smarts on behalf of the clients. This goes from call setup to pubsub subscriptions (including MIX).
  174. jonas’ hasn’t that been the idea of XMPP from the beginning?
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  176. ralphm Well, as in all technology, there always the pendulum swinging between thin and fat clients.
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  178. Zash Thin client and E2EE is kinda tricky tho
  179. ralphm (see also X11 v.s. wayland)
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  181. Zash Or earlier X11 vs later X11
  182. ralphm Zash: yes, but at least with registered devices, you could potentially know about a fix set of keys to encrypt against.
  183. ralphm fixed
  184. ralphm I'm myself rather skeptic about the viability of e2ee in a dynamic multi-device setup, including server-side archiving, and potentially web based clients.
  185. Zash Me too.
  186. jonas’ *ubiquitous e2ee
  187. jonas’ OTR works just fine here ;)
  188. Zash Mandatory E2EE everywhere always as some people seem to demand, doesn't seem to be compatible with how I see XMPP
  189. ralphm I personally explicitly disable e2ee in my clients, and keep being reminded of it when I get another of those messages saying that a particular clients could show the real message.
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  191. ralphm client could not
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  193. Zash I went as far as to make my server reject publishing of OMEMO keys so that me testing various clients wouldn't trick my contacts into encrypting everything, thus rendering everything unreadable.
  194. ralphm :-D
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  207. Kev Zash: Doesn't seem compatible with how I see *messaging*, not just XMPP.
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  211. ralphm Well, yeah.
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  227. jubalh If I create a PR for a XEP to fix a typo should I add a new revision field?
  228. jubalh also I wonder why we only put initials there and not a name :)
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  234. jonas’ Seve, don’t forget to re-apply :)
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  238. Seve Yes, yes! Alex also told me :D Thank you :)
  239. Alex 👍
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  300. lovetox So, on the topic of moving jdev, another week or more has gone by, no reply from stpeter
  301. lovetox i dont think there will be something happening on jabber.org anytime soon
  302. lovetox could we move the chat to muc.xmpp.org?
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  317. MattJ I don't think I'd be opposed to this
  318. MattJ "Move" would entail a few things: "forcing" the current jdev members to relocate, updating the website, and everywhere that mentions jdev
  319. MattJ It's not a simple thing to do, unless we actually destroyed the current MUC (which I don't think would be sensible), it's not going to disappear overnight
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  323. Zash Destroying and leaving a tombstone with a redirection is kinda neat 🙂
  324. lovetox i dont think the software that currently runs on jabber.org would allow setting a tombestone
  325. lovetox but who knows, no not detroying just setting the subject, to -> We moved to jdev@muc.xmpp.org
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  329. Ge0rG Yes, change the subject, change all references and let time sort things out.
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