XSF Discussion - 2019-08-10

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  113. Alex last reminder for the Q3 application period: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Membership_Applications_Q3_2019 Travis, Severino and Emmanuel
  114. pep. Link Mauve, ^
  115. pep. moparisthebest, ^
  116. eevvoor when do you have to reapply? every three months?
  117. pep. year
  118. eevvoor ah thx pep.
  119. Ge0rG Alex: there is a new jdev room now.
  120. Alex Ge0rG: which Jid? can you invite me?
  121. pep. jdev@muc.xmpp.org
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  125. eevvoor xmpp:jdev@muc.xmpp.org?join
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  149. pep. Is there anything for donations to the foundation? As a user/single interested party
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  151. ralphm Nothing formal currently.
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  175. flow So I edited my MUC bookmarks with gajim, and now it appears that this caused the tab number in poezio to change, which affects my UX since I am used to e.g. xsf@ being tab 2. Of course I could potentially configure poezio to place xsf@ always on 2. But this all made me wonder: Do we want to introduce an order to bookmarks?
  176. Zash I thought poezio join order was basically random? There's a plugin that saves and restores the order called 'reorder'
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  178. flow Zash, random as in how the bookmarks are ordered in the received xml probably?
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  180. Zash Quite possibly
  181. flow hmm hows it with the extensibility of bookmarks2, do the authors envision to register and add additional parameters to the conference? If so, the tab/window number could be one of those
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  184. lovetox flow, i dont think its worth it
  185. lovetox it would be if almost all clients would have the same UX ideas about how to display conversations for ex. in tabs
  186. pep. flow, yeah I never relied on the order bookmarks are loaded in, I use reorder for what I care about, the rest I can /w
  187. pep. One thing that you could do, independant of bookmarks, is have some kind of client configuration in PEP
  188. pep. Where you'd store that reorder configuration (somewhat modified probably)
  189. pep. having* some kind of
  190. lovetox yeah i would find this the better idea
  191. lovetox than to burder all clients with saving stuff they never need
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  193. Zash Same problem as trying to store extended stuff in rosters
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  242. moparisthebest thanks Alex and pep.
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  286. jonas’ pep., your Editor resume needs to go to Board
  287. jonas’ they need to approve your team membership
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  292. ralphm Yup, and I'll then put it on next week's agenda
  293. pep. Please
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  298. pep. I probably won't be available during the board meeting, I'll be available after the 20th (when I get to Camp)
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  304. ralphm That's fine.
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  326. lovetox i think it would be nice if the room avatar hash is in the disco info of a room
  327. lovetox presence is fine, but to make this really nice i would want a way to get the avatar before joining the muc
  328. lovetox presence is fine to anounce a change
  329. lovetox would a room allow me to request the avatar of the room if im not joined?
  330. lovetox but its vcard so probably it should
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  333. lovetox xmpp.net is really slow :/
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  335. Guus lovetox: I suspect that the database has a lot of crap in it, slowing it down
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  337. Guus It was doing checks based in crawlers, so it was feeding the database with new rows constantly, for years.
  338. Guus I'd be interested to see if we can clean that out.
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  340. lovetox yeah seems like the about page loads fast
  341. lovetox but thats it :D
  342. Guus Mattj, is it in your power to backup/wipe that database?
  343. Zash delete old results or somesuch?
  344. Guus Wfm
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  346. MattJ Guus: technically yes, can't likely look at it till Monday though, and you may have to remind me
  347. MattJ And did we ever add that index?
  348. Guus We did, I think
  349. Guus No rush though
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  355. j.r Now comming again to the Logo thing... I found https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/master/xmpp.org-theme/static/images/xmpp-logo.svg but I did not find any License in the repo.... so under what License is this file? Or isn't it under a license?
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  358. Guus https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:XMPP_logo.svg
  359. Guus That references a license
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  362. j.r Guus, I know this one but there is not the exact MIT... just that it uses MIT
  363. j.r Oh no I see wat you mean
  364. j.r So yeah I should use thisone
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  366. Ge0rG And pray that whoever edited the Wikipedia page did their research.
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  368. j.r Ge0rG, yeah... but I'll cooperate if XFS has Problems with my usage of the Logo...
  369. Ge0rG I remember that the subject of the logo license came up in a board meeting a while ago, but I forgot the resolution.
  370. j.r Ge0rG, no problem
  371. Zash Maybe it's mentioned in some board meeting minutes then?
  372. Zash > 4. Tigase logo use > No discussion Mhm?
  373. Ge0rG Check the MUC logs
  374. Zash I went to grep through the website repo, didn't see anything obvious about the logo license there either.
  375. Zash https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/website-credits.html popped up
  376. Zash https://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2019-06-07?p=h#2019-06-07-e0253b1685dc7a43 > Wojtek "ralphm: regarding xmpp logo usage - I approached Nyco with the question just to make sure it's ok to use it on our pages, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:XMPP_logo.svg states it's MIT so basically the answer is that yes, we can "
  377. Zash Hm
  378. Zash https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/ipr-policy seems to say that it only applies to XEPs
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