XSF Discussion - 2019-08-26

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  89. ralphm Interesting issue, regarding matching phone numbers in Telegram: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/2019/08/25/chinese-agencies-crack-telegram-a-timely-warning-for-end-to-end-encryption/
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  157. ralphm Just debugged an interesting issue with MAM messages being filtered out for MUCs, with prosody and mod_block_strangers.
  158. ralphm https://issues.prosody.im/1410
  159. ralphm I think that MIX would handle that better, but it is a good use case to keep in mind.
  160. ralphm (also, thanks Zash)
  161. Zash np
  162. Zash Why would MIX handle it better?
  163. jonas’ "use case"
  164. ralphm because you send presence to the channel JID
  165. ralphm Zash: so archived messages come in from the same JID, and wouldn't be a 'stranger'
  166. ralphm Zash: oh, and a channel is also a contact if you consider roster integration
  167. ralphm jonas’: hmm? This is not a valid use case?
  168. jonas’ I’m not sure if I’d call it a use case :)
  169. jonas’ but that may be just my english
  170. ralphm I meant the use case of wanting to block messages from strangers, and not getting any MUC archives (at all).
  171. Zash Not blocking full JID messages might help
  172. ralphm Just because MUC is weird in that you send presence to room@server/nick, and get archived messages from room@server, and the filter cannot easily know the former.
  173. ralphm Zash: it wouldn't help not getting spam, though.
  174. Zash You could keep track of outgoing stanzas of other types, eg the iq stanza
  175. Zash If full jids weren't static... sure
  176. ralphm Zash: because a server will happily send messages directed to a full JID to whichever other resource.
  177. ralphm the resource being dynamic wouldn't help
  178. jonas’ IM-NG would help with that.
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  181. ralphm well, MIX would also help, but for now we have neither
  182. Zash Not blocking like mod_block_strangers does would help too
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  184. Zash ralphm: I think the full JID "redirect" works by treating the message as a bare jid, and then mod_block_strangers would block it
  185. Zash So then if resources were session identifiers instead of long-term easily guessable device identifiers then it would be hard for spammers
  186. ralphm right
  187. ralphm And indeed, maybe mod_block_strangers isn't the best approach. I can imagine various cases where you'd receive a message stanzas from a non-contact that you didn't direct presence to (bare or full).
  188. ralphm And didn't want it blocked.
  189. Zash There are better approaches now, ask Ge0rG
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  192. Ge0rG mod_firewall works with heuristics.
  193. Ge0rG Also blocking messages from strangers, server-wide, is a very bad idea.
  194. Ge0rG There is a prosody module to keep track of MUCs, so mod_block_strangers could at least plug into that for whitelisting purposes
  195. ralphm Ge0rG: so far mod_block_strangers worked pretty well for me, and the module you refer to is mentioned in the ticket linked above :-D
  196. ralphm I'll check out mod_firewall
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  205. ralphm Ge0rG: also, I think that if you define rules for mod_firewall, you have to take this issue into account, as I don't think it is covered by the example in the documentation: ```# Rule to bounce messages from senders not in the roster who haven't been sent directed presence NOT IN ROSTER? NOT SENT DIRECTED PRESENCE TO SENDER? BOUNCE=service-unavailable```
  206. Ge0rG ralphm: my rules depend on the user not being in the roster, but there are some other elements involved.
  207. ralphm So do you think MAM archives for MUC work properly with mod_firewall?
  208. Ge0rG ralphm: there is a disapproved SPAM WG for that, in which you can become a member after signing an NDA with the blood of your first-born.
  209. ralphm That's a good filter
  210. Ge0rG ralphm: I haven't tested it
  211. Ge0rG ralphm: I assume so, because my heuristics strongly depend on the message body, and MAM fetches don't have a body
  212. ralphm ah
  213. ralphm I suppose mod_block_strangers could consider that, too
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  218. Ge0rG I'm anticipating the MAM version of https://rt-solutions.de/de/2017/01/cve-2017-5589_xmpp_carbons/
  219. ralphm Well, sure, if a client isn't checking that it actually requested MAM and is waiting for <fin/>, and/or doesn't check the origin, this is going to suck.
  220. Ge0rG ralphm: you know how client developers work? It works? ship ip!
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  222. ralphm All devs, really.
  223. Ge0rG Right.
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  226. Ge0rG So all I need to do is: 1) wait for wide-scale MAM deployment 2) request an appropriate number of CVE IDs
  227. ralphm I have no idea how well MAM is deployed.
  228. Ge0rG There is a bunch of clients.
  229. Ge0rG yaxim soon to be among them
  230. Ge0rG // TODO: check origin
  231. ralphm I have used gajim and conversations for a long time, I must be spoiled
  232. ralphm Curious if Daniel knows of-hand if Conversations is checking the origin.
  233. Daniel not reading the entire backlog? but checking the from of MAM messages? yes i do
  234. Daniel also the query id
  235. ralphm Nice
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  237. Daniel so even if one check fails; you'd have to guess a random query id
  238. ralphm So if it doesn't match it just ignores it (for the purposes of being interpreted as a MAM message).
  239. Daniel yes
  240. ralphm yay
  241. Ge0rG I had to work around the regular message parser parsing MAM messages, because it's running in a separate thread pool and I couldn't control when it ends. Luckily, this also fixed the issue.
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  346. mathieui Hi, someone just asked me about https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/message-retraction.html and I could not find any strong rejections of this, so maybe it could go forward? Half of the usage can be substituted by message corrections (removing messages you sent accidentally), the other half (moderating messages of other people in public channels) can be really needed
  347. mathieui (e.g. you have a public channel and would like to be able to remove dick picks from the history after banning the one who sent it)
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  350. mathieui (especially if people are using a client which, for user-friendliness reasons, displays pictures by default)
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  353. pep. MR 20190626T13:10:14Z 000 <dwd>  So it looks, to me, that message-deletion was almost accepted, but had its name changed as a result of council feedback - but I can't see it actually getting rejected. MR 20190626T13:10:47Z 000 <pep.>  Somebody not following up? MR 20190626T13:10:59Z 000 <dwd>  It was four years ago, though. But I think the general feel back then was that as long as we called it "retraction" and not "deletion", it'd be OK. MR 20190626T13:11:19Z 000 <dwd>  pep., Very hard to tell. I suspect it fell through the inter-council gap.
  354. mathieui oh I missed that because I only grepped retraction
  355. pep. So yeah I guess somebody could repropose it
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  365. ralphm FWIW, retraction is much better than deletion indeed, as the latter can not actually be guaranteed.
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  386. Ge0rG I'm sure nobody from council will try to block this until reference attachments are sorted out
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  390. jonas’ I sense sarcasm
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  393. Ge0rG There is also an impending inter council gap.
  394. ralphm I don't see an issue accepting it as a XEP.
  395. ralphm Of course there are comments on it. One obvious one: what kind of id to pass.
  396. Ge0rG ralphm: maybe you didn't keep up with the submission of Reactions, then.
  397. ralphm The example shows the stanza id, but it is not explicit.
  398. ralphm Ge0rG: you missed all the messages I sent last week?
  399. Ge0rG ralphm: messages to standards@? Maybe I've just skimmed them and forgot immediately, because there was nothing I disagreed with?
  400. Ge0rG I'd have to check my mailbox.
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  403. ralphm But yes, I do wonder what happened with "ah, yes, we should indeed have a XEP covering this use case. Accepted. Now, let's write the long email on things that could be better in this proposal."
  404. ralphm Ge0rG: no, in here
  405. Ge0rG ralphm: can I repeat my excuse? It was a very long and very hot day, and my train is late.
  406. Ge0rG When the train eventually arrives, I'll try to find a seat where I can use my laptop to read up on things.
  407. ralphm Sure, it's been 32 °C here
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  410. Lance I'm author on that proto xep, but very little memory about it now. I burned out on a lot of stuff around that time, so probably lost in a todo pile.
  411. ralphm Lance: but back in the game now?
  412. Lance Enough to say send it back to Council for a vote and feedback.
  413. ralphm 🤣
  414. Ge0rG 🙈🙉🙊
  415. Lance My (extremely vague) recollection is that the part that I actually wanted was MUC moderation controls, and there were some questions if doing moderation via messages was appropriate vs having iq methods on a room.
  416. ralphm Do you mean beyond people retracting their own messages?
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  419. Lance Yeah. Admin/moderator cleanup cases
  420. ralphm I'd expect those to be operations on the channel, indeed with iqs, with notifications coming from the room.
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  423. Lance Right. I think _that_ is what waylaid the proposal from moving forward, and would still need to be solved.
  424. ralphm Well, I don't think it should hold up the spec from being accepted.
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  440. Ge0rG Everything should be IQs, especially messages.
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