XSF Discussion - 2019-09-28

  1. pep.

    marc_: I think he's away for the time before the meetup

  2. Link Mauve

    ralphm, what is the justification for retract requiring notify='1' (§ but not publish (§ or purge (§8.5.2) in PubSub?

  3. Link Mauve

    For sending notifications to subscribers.

  4. ralphm

    Unsure, I'd have to look up discussions around then

  5. marc_

    pep.: ah, do you have information on time and date?

  6. marc_

    I would like to ask the Wiki guys for a room

  7. pep.

    marc_, sent you that in private

  8. marc_

    pep.: okay, I would like to organize a Room. Do you know when you guys are in Munich?

  9. pep.

    Mentor summit is from the 17th to the 20th, I don't know exactly when I'll be in Munich, I think the dino people will here exactly during these dates

  10. pep.


  11. Daniel


  12. marc_

    Dino guys+others, would you like to do a Meetup during the Mentor Summit? If yes, when?

  13. Seve

    Mentor Summit?

  14. mathieui

    Seve, GSoC

  15. Seve

    Ah :)

  16. lovetox_

    hm i think we discovered once more a problem with pubsub

  17. lovetox_


  18. lovetox_

    pubsub does not define a option of "maximal possible" for some fileds

  19. lovetox_

    like max_items, and item_expire

  20. lovetox_

    if we have a XEP like bookmarks2, the client is FORCED to set a abritary max_items value

  21. lovetox_

    because there is no possiblitiy to tell the server take whatever is your max allowed amount

  22. lovetox_

    this means we have to ask all server implementations what they support, then take the lowest value, then write it to the XEP, and later if we want to update it we get into a much more shity situation, now clients force max_items via publish options to some number, then if one client wants to raise that, other clients reconfigure the node back to the old value