XSF Discussion - 2019-09-29

  1. Daniel

    MattJ, so is MAM pubsub archiving supposed to also store retracts and deletes? (meaning full history of all the events)

  2. Daniel

    because 5.1.3 speaks about _constructing_ events _in the same manner_

  3. Daniel

    that doesn’t really _sound_ like a simple "store all events" thing

  4. MattJ

    Daniel: don't ask me

  5. MattJ

    LC feedback included splitting it out to another XEP, which I may do in the revision I'm currently drafting

  6. MattJ

    Is there anything close to consensus on how to refer to messages by id yet?

  7. MattJ

    I know there were discussions in recent weeks, but I didn't really follow them, so I'm curious if progress was made or if we're still where we were

  8. Daniel

    MattJ, in general? when correcting, replying and so forth?

  9. MattJ