XSF Discussion - 2019-10-01

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  54. jonas’ pep., you can set arbitrary headers from javascript
  55. jonas’ (mostly arbitrary)
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  57. jonas’ so a web client could make good use of that
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  123. COM8 Could somebody pleaser rerun travis for PR #574? (https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/574)
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  126. jonas’ COM8, rebase your branch on current master to fix that issue
  127. jonas’ (that’ll also re-trigger the CI automatically)
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  129. COM8 OK
  130. COM8 Ok, now I need somebody that reviews the changes again 😀
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  134. pep. For some reason I can't merge anymore? hmm.
  135. pep. Or maybe I've never been able to merge on xmpp.org
  136. Ge0rG 🎶 I can't code 🎶 I can't merge 🎶
  137. Ge0rG ,oO( next playing: you can keep your patch on )
  138. pep. :)
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  141. Guus what? no XEP-0118?
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  144. Ge0rG Guus: you can't have them directly in messages.
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  146. pep. That's fine, juste have the MUC subscribe
  147. pep. And display them for who's interested
  148. Ge0rG Technically, the MUC could act as a PubSub subscription proxy.
  149. Ge0rG like it does for avatars
  150. pep. it doesn't? :(
  151. pep. Because we're still using that presence hack
  152. pep. Maybe if previous council hadn't rejected Link Mauve's PR..
  153. Ge0rG current council is almost a previous council now, so it's time to bribe the next council
  154. pep. yeah
  155. jonas’ unrelated: I’m hungry
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  158. Ge0rG jonas’: there is no XEP for that ;)
  159. jonas’ we *do* have User Mood
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  161. jonas’ also, I still need to write my council application
  162. Daniel unrelated: I’m hungry and suprisingly far away from food that’s not oreos
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  164. jonas’ oreos is at least something
  165. pep. We're two on that pack of oreos, it won't last long
  166. jonas’ then daniel was incorrect about his statement.
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  169. jonas’ or maybe has a rather narrow definition of food :-X
  170. pep. I hope things don't get to that
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  173. Ge0rG never mess with hungry nerds.
  174. COM8 Other non food related question: Any reason why the URL in the subject for the logs still is http? https works fine for me
  175. Ge0rG It used to not have the right cert on the logs host.
  176. COM8 but now this has been taken care of and we can change it?
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  179. jonas’ cc @ MattJ ^
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  188. dwd In the MLS WG Interim today.
  189. jonas’ dwd, will you be able to send a council agenda?
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  206. dwd .
  207. Daniel jonas’, lots of clients will do a get after a receiving 302 to a post
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  209. Daniel so muclumbus search is currently broken on all Conversations
  210. Daniel because the http library i'm using does follow the same 'broken' behaviour on purpose
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  222. jonas’ Daniel, derp, yeah
  223. jonas’ going to fix that ad-hoc
  224. jonas’ I didn’t recall that you need a POST for search
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  227. jonas’ Daniel, should be fixed
  228. dwd Anyone got any MUC log data? Joins, message, leave? MLS Working Group is asking.
  229. Kev xmpp.org and jabber.org both should have some.
  230. dwd Kev, Public and machine readable?
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  232. Daniel jonas’, what change did you make? because it doesn’t appear to be working
  233. Ge0rG I have some years worth of poezio logs, but those lack join / part history
  234. pep. I have join parts I think
  235. Kev Jabber.org should have machine readable stuff, but not public, would have to ask Peter for it.
  236. Ge0rG dwd: I have some years worth of poezio logs, but those lack join / part history
  237. Daniel jonas’, in fact i can’t see any changes. still redirecting
  238. dwd Oh, wait, can I get the join/leave/presence updates off MAM these days?
  239. Ge0rG dwd: most probably not
  240. dwd It's the joins and leaves of individual clients we could use, here.
  241. pep. MR 20191001T10:38:17Z 000 <Kev>  xmpp.org and jabber.org both should have some. MR 20191001T10:38:34Z 000 <dwd>  Kev, Public and machine readable? MI 20191001T10:38:44Z 000 ---> kokonoe joined the room MR 20191001T10:39:32Z 000 <Daniel>  jonas’, what change did you make? because it doesn’t appear to be working MR 20191001T10:39:39Z 000 <Ge0rG>  I have some years worth of poezio logs, but those lack join / part history MR 20191001T10:39:50Z 000 <pep.>  I have join parts I think MR 20191001T10:39:52Z 000 <Kev>  Jabber.org should have machine readable stuff, but not public, would have to ask Peter for it. MR 20191001T10:40:06Z 000 <Daniel>  jonas’, in fact i can’t see any changes. still redirecting
  242. pep. I have join/parts
  243. dwd pep., Ah, interesting.
  244. pep. 44M for my xsf@ logs
  245. pep. I can upload that somewhere
  246. dwd In that format?
  247. pep. yep
  248. pep. It's machine readable. There's no distinction between presence and messages semantically, but "--->" and "<---" with no nicks should be good enough markers I think
  249. pep. Unless a MUC admin wants to troll you
  250. jonas’ Daniel, but it’s a 301 now
  251. Ge0rG Unless somebody joins as `---`
  252. dwd Probably better than nothing, but in a perfect world I'd have device data.
  253. pep. Ge0rG, no, you'd see <--->
  254. Ge0rG Ah, it's a difference between the stored and the displayed format
  255. pep. yep
  256. Daniel jonas’, that has the same broken properties
  257. Daniel can we not redirect at all?
  258. jonas’ Daniel, okay, working on that
  259. jonas’ will have to figure out the correct rewritecond for that
  260. jonas’ give me a minute
  261. Ge0rG HTTP is the broken property here...
  262. Ge0rG runs and hides
  263. jonas’ indeed
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  266. Daniel Obviously
  267. jonas’ Daniel, should be fixed
  268. pep. oh, actually presence and messages are marked differently
  269. pep. MI / MR at the beginning of the line
  270. Daniel I mean it's not really broken. They just clarified a must not with a should
  271. jonas’ "clarified"
  272. Daniel Small typo fix basically
  273. pep. dwd, ^
  274. jonas’ Daniel, for 301, I think it’s always been a "keep POSTing", not a "convert to GET"
  275. Ge0rG pep.: wasn't there an &nbsp; in the mix, used as a separator?
  276. jonas’ Daniel, in any case, I removed the redirect for ^/api.+$ URIs
  277. pep. hmm, not impossible, I don't recall the exact format
  278. pep. Link Mauve, ^
  279. Daniel > Daniel, for 301, I think it’s always been a "keep POSTing", not a "convert to GET" Maybe. But nobody was doing this. And "get after post" is actually a pattern in webdev
  280. Daniel To avoid the f5 resend isuue
  281. Daniel jonas’: fixed indeed. Thanks
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  283. jonas’ Daniel, sorry for messing this up, I could’ve sworn that the search via API was a GET and not a POST
  284. jonas’ (I actually thought about this when setting up the redirect last night)
  285. jonas’ should’ve double-checked
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  288. Zash dwd: MUC? xmpp.org has logs wit join and part info
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  293. Daniel jonas’: no worries. Thank you for offering this service
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  295. Zash Search via POST? That's unusual
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  301. jonas’ Zash, yeah, I put it on my mental todo to also allow GET
  302. jonas’ and in a v2 of the API it’ll be GET only
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  330. !XSF_Martin debacle here? I wonder if he (aka debian xmpp team) wants to share the newsletter to planet.debian.org 😃
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  349. dwd Zash, That'd be useful.
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  368. Ge0rG Everybody is talking of The Newsletter, but has it been tweeted yet?
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  370. debacle however, the Debian XMPP team blog is also aggregated on Planet Jabber, which probably already has the newsletter - it would be duplicated there https://planet.jabber.org/
  371. MattJ I don't think that matters
  372. Ge0rG debacle: you would cause infinite recursion
  373. MattJ That is, I don't think it's a reason to not broadcast to a wider audience :)
  374. Ge0rG The Debian XMPP team could up their blogging.
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  461. jonas’ Daniel, FYI, the search endpoint now supports both GET and POST
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  522. jonas’ nyco, it doesn’t hurt to add a ping for urgent PRs here, multiple channels (email + xmpp) help to remind me when I’ve seen a message one of the channels
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  525. Ge0rG jonas’: one ping only!</Scottish-Russian-accent>
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  580. j.r Could the Message Fastening XEP (https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/fasten.html) be a way to have proper answering/threading instead of citations?
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  586. jonas’ j.r, the protocol isn’t the problem, how to deal with clients which don’t support it is the problem
  587. jonas’ XMPP has support for threading in RFC 6121 even, but no client does it because it’s unclear how to handle clients which don’t support or don’t want to support threads
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  596. j.r jonas’: yeah that's a interesting thought... you could do some legacy citation but how to filter it out for clients that support it 🤔
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