XSF Discussion - 2019-10-03

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  2. vanitasvitae I could swear that I once saw some rendered XEP diffs. Could someone point me to a place to learn how to create those? 😀
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  24. moparisthebest Htmldiff or something if I recall
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  33. stpeter Yes, Tobias had some tooling for that. It was good.
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  170. Ge0rG But it broke down one day and nobody was able to restore it.
  171. Ge0rG I miss those days.
  172. Ge0rG stpeter: do you know whether Tobias still has that XEP diff tooling? It would be great to have it back online.
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  188. pep. edhelas: sure 172 is used
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  191. Daniel edhelas: yes there are some plans to start using it
  192. Daniel And use it as a default nickname for mucs
  193. Daniel Among other things
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  214. pep. https://bouah.net/2019/10/sprint-in-the-cold-north/
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  216. edhelas Daniel pep. thanks :) I'll keep it then
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  253. jonas’ vanitasvitae, https://github.com/xsf/xeps/issues/530 related
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  257. vanitasvitae Thanks, I'll see if I can get something workable.
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  279. Seve Hey guys, I'll be on mobile today unfortunately, may be travelling at meeting time.
  280. MattJ Noted, thanks :)
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  310. Seve 📱
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  312. ralphm Hello!
  313. MattJ I'll be around in just a moment
  314. Guus I'm around now.
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  317. Seve :)
  318. ralphm bangs gavel
  319. ralphm 0. Welcome + Agenda
  320. nyco -o/
  321. ralphm So it seems we have a full house (in a moment)
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  323. ralphm Any additional items for the agenda?
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  325. MattJ Ok, here I am
  326. Guus I don't have additional items.
  327. Seve None for today
  328. MattJ None from me
  329. ralphm 1. Minutes
  330. ralphm Who will take them?
  331. Seve nyco, do you have comments? As I see you are writing
  332. nyco Im' not writing :)
  333. MattJ I think that might be a bug, he's been typing for weeks for me
  334. Seve Ahh, ok haha
  335. nyco weeks? that's a novel! :)
  336. MattJ I can't wait!
  337. nyco hehehe
  338. nyco not sure of the qulity
  339. nyco ok, here it is:
  340. nyco ""
  341. nyco done
  342. nyco how do you like it?
  343. ralphm pointing to the current agenda item.
  344. ralphm 2. DOAP
  345. ralphm I understand there was a discussion on this topic last week, initiated by Link Mauve .
  346. Guus 2 weeks ago
  347. ralphm Oh, right, I didn't check the date on the meeting notes.
  348. Guus we're missing last weeks minutes, so you found the 'last'.
  349. MattJ Uh-oh, was that me?
  350. ralphm So I'm not sure if it was discussed last week (no minutes), and hope somebody will still do minutes this week.
  351. Seve Yes, long discussion! But interesting as well
  352. MattJ Sorry :/
  353. Guus WE skipped the DOAP subject last week.
  354. Guus We skipped the DOAP subject last week.
  355. nyco yep
  356. Guus The short of it: I seem to stand alone in my reservations.
  357. nyco I'd like that we move forward and try
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  359. ralphm Can somebody summarize the pros and cons?
  360. MattJ The DOAP week we spent the whole meeting discussing DOAP, and nothing else got done, so we tried to spend last week catching up
  361. ralphm I asssume the goal is having a standard machine readable listing of projects?
  362. MattJ ralphm, that is a big goal, yes. But having machine-readable data about projects allows a bunch of interesting things besides that
  363. ralphm MattJ: you can repent by doing minutes this week, too.
  364. MattJ But nothing concrete - I think it's enough to aim for the listing
  365. MattJ But e.g. being able to pull up a XEP and see a list of implementations would be handy for a different audience
  366. nyco Link Mauve can explain
  367. MattJ I think Link Mauve might be away, unless I'm mistaken
  368. ralphm Can we do things incrementally?
  369. MattJ ralphm, that's basically what this PR is... very much so
  370. MattJ It adds some scripts to our repo that ingest the DOAP data provided by projects, and stores that info in a place that is accessible to our site generator
  371. ralphm So yay.
  372. MattJ It doesn't execute the scripts and it doesn't modify the site itself
  373. ralphm I assume the rest of the discussion was on what kind of data could be in the records.
  374. MattJ Guus had a fair few objections to the idea, I think debating those took up a chunk of the time
  375. Guus Let's not re-hash all of that. Please just read the minutes and the logs
  376. Guus Let's not use valuable meeting time retelling what we discussed in other meetings.
  377. Guus maybe postpone this until everyone is caught up?
  378. ralphm Guus: I did read that, but I am trying to see what we need to actually go forward.
  379. ralphm (I indeed did not read all of the log)
  380. Guus Other options than merge or reject the PR?
  381. MattJ Are there any other options?
  382. Seve Not for now
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  384. Seve But the whole process and adopting it
  385. Guus My concerns are summarized by two main points: a) I don't like us listing more details on the XSF website and b) If we want to do it, is DOAP the best tool (people told me last time: yes).
  386. Seve Which I do like
  387. MattJ Merging the PR is pretty much just a statement that we're willing to begin experimenting with this approach
  388. Seve Which I do like, to start experimenting with it
  389. MattJ a) is irrelevant for this PR then, because it doesn't modify what is displayed on the website
  390. ralphm So accepting the PR does not imply having more details, right?
  391. MattJ Even if we didn't add anything visually, it would at least allow some automation of what we currently display
  392. Guus If it's not for the benefit of our website, it shouldn't be merged in the repo for our website, surely?
  393. Seve I think we should decide on going for DOAP or not, before that PR, as Guus mentions it does not make sense otherwise
  394. MattJ Guus's objection relates to adding more data - I'm saying that DOAP is an improvement even if we never add more data than what we currently display
  395. ralphm So we can just say: we only do these bits of information and not others.
  396. MattJ (however I personally would probably be in favour of adding more data in the future)
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  399. MattJ Of course, yes
  400. Seve Yes
  401. ralphm And then later discuss possibly expanding with new fields
  402. Guus We're not going to do DOAP only to replace the current listing of project name and link 🙂
  403. MattJ Guus, it shifts the burden of updating listings from us to project maintainers, which I think is an improvement in itself
  404. Guus I appreciate an attempt to easing us into DOAP, but its goal is to do a lot more than to re-implement what we have now.
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  407. MattJ Observation: projects are already publishing DOAP. We can choose to use it, or we can continue to maintain our site listing by hand
  408. Guus For just 'name' and 'website' - I understand the correctness of your argument, I'm not thinking that it's a pragmatic improvement to managing what we already have 🙂
  409. Guus Some project are, yes. Others are not. One thing that I touched on last time is that by using DOAP, we're raising the barrier for all projects to be included. It's yet another ..... darn, we're rehashing arguments again.
  410. Guus let's just vote on this.
  411. ralphm I think with DOAP depending on RDF, it could self-resolve to additional data at the owner's site with some predicate.
  412. ralphm Ok
  413. ralphm Vote on a tabled motion to use DOAP for our software listings (PR 594)
  414. ralphm I'm +1
  415. Guus We don't need to discuss anythign to consensus before putting it to a vote, and I'll not be able to change your minds 🙂
  416. Guus I'm -1
  417. Seve +1
  418. nyco wait, what does thta mean?
  419. Guus what does what mean?
  420. ralphm +1 means that the PR is accepted
  421. nyco Vote on a tabled motion to use DOAP for our software listings (PR 594)
  422. nyco +1
  423. nyco "tabled motion"
  424. MattJ I'm +1 on accepting the PR
  425. MattJ nyco, depends where you come from :)
  426. nyco "merge PR" => that, I understand :)
  427. ralphm nyco: right that was stupidly worded
  428. nyco MattJ what do you mean?
  429. Guus I think that the verb 'to table' is confusing too. 🙂
  430. MattJ nyco, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_(parliamentary_procedure)#Difference_between_American_and_British_usage
  431. nyco so I motion we use just simple English, just please, like in please
  432. Guus nyco even in English, there's a difference here 🙂
  433. Guus depends on what English you use 🙂
  434. ralphm anyway
  435. nyco simple
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  437. ralphm I see 4x+1, motion to accept PR 594 carries.
  438. ralphm (which means that the PR can be merged)
  439. Kev Guus: I think in English it means something consistently, it's in American that it gets confusing ;D
  440. ralphm I'm sure MattJ can make it very clear in the minutes.
  441. nyco and from here, it's not confusing, it means nothing
  442. ralphm 3. AOB
  443. ralphm (cause yay, we discussed it for a long time again)
  444. Guus Kev, you mean McEnglish?
  445. Seve None here
  446. Guus no AOBs from me
  447. ralphm 4. Date of Next
  448. ralphm +1W
  449. ralphm 5. Close
  450. ralphm bangs gavel
  451. MattJ Thanks ralphm
  452. Seve Greeeeeat
  453. nyco thx all
  454. ralphm Oh, and thanks all, of course!
  455. ralphm Oh, and also: the FOSDEM devroom for RTC was accepted yay!
  456. Guus Ralph, did you act on some of the longer standing commitments?
  457. Guus might be good to engage the designer for the badges, etc
  458. ralphm Guus: unfortunately I've been swamped and/or exhausted by my job hunt, which has been paying off. More soon.
  459. ralphm Indeed.
  460. Guus Congrats!
  461. Guus (provisionally)
  462. Guus The DOAP PR makes Travis unhappy. I'm happy to merge, but I'd like someone to confirm that it doesn't need additional work.
  463. Guus https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/594
  464. ralphm Oh, I meant it can be merged on merit. If it has conflicts, obviously that needs to be fixed
  465. Guus I understand. Travis being unhappy has likely to do with Python magic that was also worked on (by others than me) recently.
  466. Guus So I'm not sure if the PR will simply work, even if Travis is unhappy
  467. Guus or maybe it needs a rebase or something
  468. nyco sorry, please remind me: who was following on the “recovery" of our LinkedIn account?
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  470. MattJ Guus, we can just make a note on the PR that Board approved, I'm sure Link Mauve can respond to any technical issues when he is back
  471. Guus nyco I'm not sure what you're talking about (so: not me)
  472. Guus MattJ I did just that.
  473. MattJ Thanks <3
  474. Guus on a completely different note: does anyone have any experience with a client named NGX-Chat?
  475. Guus I'm unfamiliar with it, was asked about it.
  476. MattJ Never heard of it
  477. Guus https://www.npmjs.com/package/@pazznetwork/ngx-chat
  478. Guus Their demo doesn't seem to play well with Openfire nor EJabberd. Might be their demo though
  479. Guus MattJ care to test it against Prosody?
  480. Guus https://pazznetwork.github.io/ngx-chat-ghpages/
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  482. Guus for me, that page keeps in "State: connecting (internal state: online)" with boatloads of errors on the console
  483. MattJ Can do, when I'm done with meetings
  484. MattJ I don't think I have a test account on a server that has websockets atm
  485. Guus oh, no worries
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  487. Guus just wondering against what server the client was developed in the first place.
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  535. jonas’ can someone create repository "registry-docker-base" for me (editor hat) in https://github.com/xsf please?
  536. jonas’ in the same vein, I need "registry" and "registry-base" repositories in https://hub.docker.com/u/xmppxsf
  537. jonas’ they should build from github.com/xsf/registrar and github.com/xsf/registry-docker-base respectively
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  541. Zash Guus, it does not work with Prosody because it sends the full JID as SASL username.
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  618. jonas’ Kev, MattJ maybe ^
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  622. jonas’ I’d also like to request more privileges on the xeps/registrar repositories so that I can manage the description and tags and such
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  625. Kev Drop my Isode account a mail and I'll sort it in the morning or something.
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  634. jonas’ done, thanks
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