XSF Discussion - 2019-10-26

  1. lovetox

    we dont have an extension yet, that marks a messages as NSFW or?

  2. lovetox

    and with messages i mean a message that transports media

  3. lovetox

    could be as easy as <nsfw/>

  4. edhelas

    lovetox in Movim the Pubsub atom item that have the nsfw category are seen as a specific category

  5. lovetox

    yeah i thought more of stuff like MUCs

  6. lovetox

    people tell me they dont want to join MUCs at work, because people could post NSFW content

  7. jonas’

    that’s always a risk, isn’t it?

  8. jonas’

    is this about text content or other content?

  9. mathieui

    Mostly other content I guess, text content is only an issue when fairly close and focused

  10. Shell

    lovetox: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0382.html seems relevant

  11. lovetox

    its mostly about pictures obviously

  12. lskdjf

    lovetox: does gajim auto-download content in public channels? If not there wouldn't really be an issue anyways because people could just not download content at work

  13. lovetox

    nsfw content is not limited to public channels

  14. lovetox

    and of course there would be an issue

  15. lovetox

    or do you know if a link is nsfw content before you click it?

  16. jonas’

    relying on senders to annotate correctly is going to fail

  17. lovetox

    yeah probably

  18. lovetox

    so not solveable i guess

  19. jonas’

    so instead of providing a false sense of security by having it work in some cases, I suggest to have an easy "do not show inline media" switch

  20. lovetox

    either you show no picture

  21. lovetox

    or all

  22. jonas’

    which should also affect media in the backlog

  23. jonas’

    and bonus points for allowing to couple that switch to a certain presence state

  24. jonas’

    (e.g. a "At work" presence :))

  25. lovetox

    yeah sure :D

  26. jonas’

    (or, also very relevant, an "On mobile data" presence :))

  27. lovetox

    or i open a feature request at prosody, they should install some picture AI scanning

  28. lovetox

    and add the nsfw tag

  29. Zash

    make an external http upload component that does that and returns some classifiers in headers that you can get with HTTP HEAD

  30. Zash

    no need to drag prosody devs into it :P

  31. Zash

    there was also that thing with the tiny thumbnail embedded in a header

  32. MattJ

    Relevant: https://modules.prosody.im/mod_muc_media_metadata.html

  33. MattJ

    I was going to add blurhash support to share.php

  34. Daniel

    Til about blurhash. That's pretty cool

  35. Kev


  36. Guus

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html#subscriber-subscribe-multi > If the service does not allow multiple subscriptions for the same entity and it receives an additional subscription request, the service MUST return the current subscription state (as if the subscription was just approved). What is 'current' in this context? The subscriptions state of the first subscription, or the subscription state as updated by the last?