XSF Discussion - 2019-11-05

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  97. flow na, time is relative
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  105. Guus You're not moving _that_ fast
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  121. jonas’ Guus, in which frame of reference?
  122. Guus badum-tisss
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  181. Zash Wait what https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0122.html#impl-ns
  182. Zash > The use of namespace prefixes is RECOMMENDED for large forms, to reduce the data size.
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  184. pep. SCAM is having their first regular meeting (in some time) in xmpp:scam@muc.xmpp.org?join at 4 CET (3 UTC) every first tuesday of the month (today). Don't hesitate to join.
  185. pep. I don't guarantee anything fancy
  186. jonas’ do you guarantee scamming?
  187. pep. :)
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  198. Ge0rG luckily there is no SPAM WG
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  283. Link Mauve debxwoody, gloox is pre-C++11 C++, I’m not sure I’ll be able to survive that.
  284. Link Mauve I just tried upstreaming the SXE module I already wrote.
  285. Link Mauve But it requires changing almost all of it.
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  287. Kev Swiften's only C++11 at the moment, although it'll be 14 'soon', and hopefully can move to 17 after that.
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  289. Kev But 03->11 is the biggest jump that's hard to cope without, I think.
  290. Link Mauve Ok, I’m sold, I’ll try with Swiften instead. ^^
  291. Link Mauve Here I was complaining about the lack of pattern matching in C++, but if I have to go back to C++03 nothanks.
  292. Kev Then you can just swear at us for being the only people on Earth to use scons.
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  295. Link Mauve :(
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  327. rion And Boost is a nightmare ;) the worst documentation ever. Extremely slow to compile any project based on it. Totally unreadable heavily-templated code. Honestly I don't know how Swiften devs live with it =)
  328. Kev I think the documentation is far from the worst ever. But it's often not quick to compile, yeah. And the code is pretty much unreadable, but thankfull you don't need to.
  329. Kev I think the documentation is far from the worst ever. But it's often not quick to compile, yeah. And the code is pretty much unreadable, but thankfully you don't need to.
  330. Kev And C++11 got rid of most of the boost templates from Swiften.
  331. rion Switching from regular c++ to c++Boost is like switching to erlang with zero knowledge of functional programming.
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  334. rion I often have to read these crappy boost templates because asio docs never have information I need
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  336. Ge0rG Damn, it's Tuesday and I haven't managed to incorporate Last Call feedback into CS-2020
  337. Kev Isn't there another week on the LC?
  338. Kev Please don't say I've lost a week.
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  340. Ge0rG Kev: you've lost a week.
  341. Kev Bugger.
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  348. rion Link Mauve: use any Qt-based xmpp lib. 7Mb of shared libraries and you will be the happiest developer ever :)
  349. Link Mauve I’m not sure upstream will be very happy with Qt. :/
  350. Link Mauve They use GLFW for windowing currently.
  351. moparisthebest I'm not sure I could ever write C++ again after Rust
  352. jonas’ moparisthebest, it was easy to go back for me
  353. Link Mauve moparisthebest, it is extremely hard. :x
  354. rion Qt Core+Network do not depend on anything GUI-related
  355. rion so why not
  356. moparisthebest uh without wanting to injure myself*
  357. jonas’ moparisthebest, having done rust and golang and C++, I’m currently most happy at C++
  358. moparisthebest ew have you been mentally evaluated? haha
  359. Ge0rG the maps.me android app seems to depend on Qt. It's also huuuuge. But it's also fast, the only alternative map rendering app that can compete with Google Maps
  360. Link Mauve I’ve never tried Go, but for the other two I have a very strong preference towards Rust.
  361. moparisthebest Ge0rG, what about OsmAnd+ ?
  362. jonas’ it’s slow
  363. Link Mauve Everything is just so much more comfy there.
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  369. Ge0rG moparisthebest: what jonas’ said. It's faster than mapsforge, and better rendered, but it's still slow
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  372. Ge0rG I urgently need a maps library that I can plug into my Android app and that supports offline maps
  373. moparisthebest I haven't had problems with OsmAnd+ but I haven't tried maps.me either, guess I will now though thanks!
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  376. Ge0rG moparisthebest: there is a no-hotel-ads version on f-droid
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  379. moparisthebest I only use F-droid, don't even have google play services
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  392. pep. To trello gurus, is there a way to reference an item in another?
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  396. jonas’ just paste a link into it maybe?
  397. pep. I don't know where to get that link
  398. jonas’ open an item, copy URL?
  399. jonas’ like, from your browser
  400. pep. ah, just have to open the thing yeah..
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  410. rion Does any client implement stanza content encryption?
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  412. pep. Stanza Content Encryption by itself is useless
  413. pep. There's no XEP that use it yet
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  415. Link Mauve Shouldn’t OX be changed to use that?
  416. pep. It should
  417. pep. OMEMO2 should also be started at some point to use that
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  419. Ge0rG Before or after OMEMO1 is finished?
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  422. pep. will it ever
  423. Zash Finished as in gone?
  424. pep. with omemo2 I mean whatever namespace bump is required to fix things
  425. pep. So if there is namespace bump, might as well add SCE
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  479. flow Did the voting mechanism of memberbot change? Wasn't it previously yes/no questions? Is the order of any relevance?
  480. flow Uh, and where's the source? :)
  481. Daniel I think the yes/no style is only for members
  482. Daniel I don't think the order matters. It would be fun to switch to ranked voting or how ever that is called
  483. pep. flow, https://github.com/legastero/memberbot I believe that's the source
  484. pep. And the order of applicants is supposed to be random
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