XSF Discussion - 2019-11-27

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  125. jonas’ as someone else put it: 19:59:48 Peng> https://www.keypointsabout.org/ <- You know a company's in hot water when they set up a bespoke website to say how not evil they are
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  140. Ge0rG Come on, they have "Ethos" in their name! How much more ethical can a fund be?
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  153. nyco who can simply summarise the state of IRCv3?
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  159. jonas’ "why?"
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  162. Seve That's maybe too short :D
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  169. MattJ "Too little, too late" combined with the fact that 90% of the people still using IRC don't *want* it to be modernized
  170. jonas’ i wonder if the same could be said about XMPP from the perspective of Matrix :)
  171. flow Not sure about that. People are working on it, and AFAIKT major clients and servers are invovled, it may take a while, as always in unpaid FOSS development, but I think it will eventually arrive in a weechat near your town
  172. Ge0rG jonas’: wouldn't Matrix be the IRCv3 here?
  173. mathieui Yeah, addressing its shortcomings while not switching protocols is worthwhile, but users don't care too much afaik
  174. flow I don't feel like IRC is going away, which makes me happy and surprises me, given those slacks everwhere, but those appear to be mostly popular in the cooperate world
  175. Ge0rG users don't care too much about IRC
  176. jonas’ IRC is slowly going away to Matrix
  177. Zash Is it?
  178. flow IRC surely lost users to matrix, but I doubt that it will go away
  179. jonas’ it is also not-gaining users to Matrix
  180. Ge0rG 10:27:11 <--- trisma[m] has left the room (Remote host closed the connection) 10:27:43 <--- cityrolr[m] has left the room (Remote host closed the connection) 10:27:46 <--- luftlch[m] has left the room (Remote host closed the connection)
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  182. Ge0rG in an irc channel on freenode, just some minutes ago.
  183. Zash I can believe new users enter IRC from Matrix.
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  185. Zash They're also pretty visible with that marketing [m] mark.
  186. jonas’ also, some projects which would in the past have set up IRC channels are now going straight to using Matrix rooms
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  188. Ge0rG with converse.js being as good as it is, I might switch my projects to XMPP MUCs
  189. Ge0rG Zash: which is why I call myself `Ge0rG[x]` in the matrix 🤷
  190. Zash Hard-core IRC users will never leave tho
  191. Guus mumble mumble xkcd mumble mumble
  192. jonas’ https://xkcd.com/1782/
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  203. nyco > "Too little, too late" combined with the fact that 90% of the people still using IRC don't *want* it to be modernized does it apply to XMPP as well?
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  205. Zash More like "Too much, too early" there? 🙂
  206. Zash Hard to compare a different protocol with protocol extensions.
  207. jonas’ no. clearly XMPP is superior.
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  210. Zash s2s bork
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  217. flow nyco, I think it's not about not wanting it to be modernized, but not caring that mutch
  218. Zash "It works, don't fix it"
  219. Zash And people often resist change
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  221. nyco flow > nyco, I think it's not about not wanting it to be modernized, but not caring that mutch yes, that's more precise, and I assume the same... :)
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  257. debacle XSF (and everybody else who has a .org domain) should renew now for the maximum period (10 y), so that at least for that time the price is fixed.
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  260. debacle And maybe XSF can ask to establish a .xmpp TLD :-)
  261. Zash debacle: The way you ask is by paying some 200k.
  262. Zash IIRC
  263. pep. What was that new fancy registrar that has lots of more fancy TLDs again? The logo is a pig or sth
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  265. debacle https://porkbun.com/products/domains ?
  266. pep. that
  267. debacle they don't have all TLDs it seems, e.g. I don't see .berlin nor .coop
  268. Zash We do have xmpp.com too, right?
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  270. Ge0rG Controversial idea: rebrand from Jabber and/or XMPP to a new, unused name where we can have all the domains under all the TLDs
  271. pep. except .org? (I mean, it's going to be ok for the forseable future probably)
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  276. !XSF_Martin > Controversial idea: rebrand from Jabber and/or XMPP to a new, unused name where we can have all the domains under all the TLDs Suggestions?
  277. Zash Zimpy
  278. !XSF_Martin All TLDs are probably only available if you let pwgen do the renaming.
  279. nyco > Zimpy Zimpy
  280. !XSF_Martin Chitchat is not available: https://porkbun.com/checkout/search?q=chitchat&tlds=&idnLanguage=&csrf_pb=f2665357caa02f1977035bb66ab5e481
  281. !XSF_Martin What does zimpy mean? Does it have a meaning?
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  283. Zash Based on some attempt at pronouncing XMPP I think
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  286. Seve Zimpy is the best name
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  292. Ge0rG 👍
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  298. debacle I prefer Zompy - not yet dead!
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  309. Ge0rG Zompie, to make it tastier
  310. Zash Brains
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  353. jonas’ not dead again
  354. Zash Not Dead Yet Protocol
  355. pep. Yet another Not Dead Yet Protocol
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  444. calvin Hmmm. So I'm implementing an XMPP server, and I'm at the point where I'm sending messages between clients... I'm testing it with gajim (the XML console is really useful for this)... I can see incomming messages in the XML console: ``` <!-- Incoming Wed 27 Nov 2019 01:21:51 PM EST --> <message from="test@localhost/gajim.CD9NEZ09" to="foo@localhost" xmlns="jabber:client"> <body>test</body> <origin-id id="bfcefe01-4573-4e4b-95c0-4d06c61f431a" xmlns="urn:xmpp:sid:0" /> <request xmlns="urn:xmpp:receipts" /> <thread>qcWrRbPgEZtEWtRxcswgkwhDFpAFZiPR</thread> </message> ``` And gajim even seems to reply with receipts... But It doesn't actually display the message received in the chat window. Am I missing something that's necessary in the message stanza? Or maybe some setup (e.g., right now I don't handle presence or anything?) Any thoughts on what *might* be going on, I'm a little uncertain.
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  449. Link Mauve calvin, the message isn’t of type="chat", so Gajim wouldn’t display it in a chat window.
  450. calvin Ah!
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  452. calvin Link Mauve, wow, thank you so much. It would have taken me forever to figure out that I was silently dropping the type attribute >_<.
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  455. Link Mauve No problem. :)
  456. Link Mauve Out of curiousity, what are you writing a new server for?
  457. Link Mauve Is it free software already?
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  460. calvin Link Mauve, class project. Writing a server in Haskell. They gave us a private repo to work in, but I'll publish it after the class probably.
  461. Link Mauve Oh nice!
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  463. calvin (not that it'll be pretty or super functional, but I'd maybe like to hack on it until it's fully functional)
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  465. Link Mauve (Still very nice to have another functional (as in fp) server around. :p)
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  467. calvin Yeah, I think a Haskell server has a chance of being very cool :).
  468. pep. +1 for functional, and more interested people :)
  469. pep. Less for yet another free software project :P
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  475. calvin https://upload.disgruntledcode.com:5281/upload/bAoHbBr2fNZqmb77/2019-11-27-134555_206x35_scrot.png
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  478. calvin Success! Thanks Link Mauve.
  479. pep. nice
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  484. Link Mauve \o/
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