XSF Discussion - 2019-12-05

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  245. Guus

    Time for the weekly XSF Board meeting.

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  248. Guus

    paging ralphm / pep. / Seve / MattJ

  249. ralphm

    I need 5 min

  250. MattJ


  251. MattJ

    My internet just died, currently on mobile while I investigate

  252. Guus

    You have 4:30 minutes 😉

  253. nyco

    YOUR internet??? oh come on, it's everyone's! :)

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  255. Guus

    Just in France, Nyco. Even your hardware is on strike.

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  257. nyco

    actually, I'm at home, on the couch, while watching Ninjago with my son, while France is on strike (the demonstration ends at my place, I hope they don't burn my motorcycle)

  258. MattJ

    OK, looks like an ISP outage

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  260. Guus

    Strike spilling over to you, Matt?

  261. ralphm

    Ok, here I am

  262. Guus

    just in time to prevent this meeting to derail, ralphm !

  263. ralphm bangs gavel

  264. ralphm

    0. Welcome + Agenda

  265. ralphm

    Hi all!

  266. Guus


  267. MattJ


  268. ralphm

    My main points are: appointment of Chair, appointment of Treasurer

  269. Guus

    I have nothing to add, other than that it's about time to get rid of some things that are on Trello

  270. ralphm

    pep. has sent regrets

  271. Guus

    Seve ?

  272. Guus

    AWOL, I guess

  273. ralphm

    Guus: Lets' see how far we get.

  274. ralphm

    1. Minute taker

  275. nyco

    I volunteer for the minutes: https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/jCcQC3h3pi-XSF-Board-Meeting-2019-12-05

  276. ralphm


  277. ralphm

    (keep that up! Much appreciated)

  278. ralphm

    2. Appointment of Treasurer

  279. ralphm

    I've ask Peter, he's game for another term as Treasurer. I move we re-appoint Peter Saint-Andre as Treasurer of the XSF.

  280. ralphm


  281. Guus


  282. Guus

    (did we just make MattJ's phone think it needs to call the USA?)

  283. MattJ


  284. MattJ

    Hopefully no expensive call charges

  285. ralphm

    Motion carries. Yay.

  286. Guus

    \o/ - Thanks for volunteering again, Peter!

  287. ralphm

    3. Election of Chair

  288. Guus

    much appreciated

  289. ralphm

    So far, I have received (kinda) one candidate proposal. Yours truly.

  290. Guus

    Pep mentioned by mail that he did _not_ want to stand.

  291. Guus

    Nor do I.

  292. ralphm


  293. ralphm

    If there are any other candidates, let that be known right now.

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  297. Guus

    Kind of bummed that Seve is not here to confirm, but he hasn't voiced anything, and he knows we're talking about this now. I'm happy to proceed.

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  300. ralphm


  301. Guus

    (especially since he was here last week, when we agreed to postpone this to today)

  302. ralphm

    In that case, I motion the Board re-appoints Ralph Meijer as Chair of the XSF.

  303. Guus


  304. ralphm


  305. Guus

    We might have lost Matt to the gods of packetloss

  306. MattJ

    +1 to Ralph

  307. MattJ

    Yep, sorry

  308. ralphm

    Good to see MattJ still with us.

  309. ralphm

    Motion carries.

  310. Guus

    no worries, stuff happens 🙂

  311. Guus


  312. Guus

    congrats, and thanks for stepping up 🙂

  313. ralphm


  314. Guus

    with 2.5 board members here, maybe call it a day?

  315. ralphm

    4. AOB

  316. MattJ

    None here

  317. ralphm

    Nothing for me at this time.

  318. Guus


  319. Guus

    scam hat on

  320. Guus

    I've reached out to the regular hotel for a discount around the summit and fosdem

  321. Guus

    I've received a quote (slightly more expensive in the weekend than last year, I think)

  322. Guus

    Some people asked me why we go there, and suggested that some don't find Thon EU suitable, mainly because of price and location

  323. Guus


  324. ralphm

    Is there a minimum number of people for that quote?

  325. Guus

    Some people asked me why we go there, and suggested that some don't find Thon EU ideal, mainly because of price and location

  326. mukt2 has joined

  327. ralphm

    I don't have the cycles to research other venues.

  328. Guus

    No, there's no minimum number. There's a maximum (15) that's guaranteed (more rooms often can be arranged, but no guarantees for those)

  329. adiaholic has left

  330. Guus

    I'd like to avoid spending cycles on finding alternatives myself too, but I can take that up with SCAM.

  331. ralphm

    I don't think Board needs to be involved, indeed, but thanks for the mention.

  332. Guus

    I'm bringing it up here to see how people feel about Thon EU, and/or what amount of effort we should put into finding an alternative

  333. MattJ

    I don't mind too much either way... cheaper would be good, especially if it's to be even more expensive this year

  334. MattJ

    But I recognise finding a decent place is hard

  335. MattJ

    Have we ever considered subsidies for XSF members?

  336. ralphm

    I'd just send an e-mail to summit@ and get a feel of how many people would use the offer

  337. Guus

    We're not _making_ anyone stay in the Hotel we pick, of course - but if we do facilitate members, it might be good to facilitate as many of them as possible.

  338. ralphm

    We have subsidised GSoC participants in the past, I think

  339. Guus

    > Have we ever considered subsidies for XSF members? We have not. We could

  340. Guus

    we subsidised GSoC participants with a flat fee - not hotel specific

  341. dwd

    We did, at least one year, pay for all XSF members to stay at a hotel.

  342. Guus

    I don't dislike the idea of the XSF picking up a percentage of the hotel.

  343. MattJ

    I agree

  344. dwd

    About 2007 or so, I think.

  345. Guus

    dwd ah, that's before my time then.

  346. Guus

    waaaay before my time

  347. Guus

    dwd do you recall why that wasn't done later?

  348. Guus

    bad experience?

  349. Ge0rG

    explosion in the number of members?

  350. dwd

    It cost a lot. We'd had a large sponsorship from - I think - Google. But I wasn't on Board (or anything) at the time.

  351. Guus

    We could control costs by not sponsoring 100%

  352. Guus

    Maybe something for next week to discuss?

  353. Guus

    I'll bring this up in SCAM too

  354. MattJ


  355. ralphm


  356. MattJ

    I'd be totally fine (in fact probably prefer) if we didn't cover 100%, but figure out something reasonable

  357. ralphm

    5. Date of Next

  358. MattJ

    and this doesn't necessarily mean we stay at Thon either, that's a separate issue (but I imagine we probably will this year)

  359. ralphm


  360. Guus

    +1W wfm

  361. MattJ

    +1w wfm

  362. ralphm

    6. Close

  363. ralphm

    Thanks all!

  364. ralphm bangs gavel

  365. MattJ


  366. Guus

    MattJ the 'problem' with finding a replacement is that a) it takes time, and b) any hotel will make some group of people unhappy.

  367. dwd

    MattJ, "Euro quarter" hotels tend to be cheapest at the end of weeks and the weekends, precisely because they're quite awkwardly placed for anything but the EUro Parliament etc.

  368. dwd

    MattJ, This is also why Wednesday nights at those hotels tend to cost a lot. :-)

  369. MattJ

    Guus, yep, agreed

  370. Guus

    dwd not so much this year. Last year was 75 euro in the weekends, this year 90.

  371. nyco

    please read and edit: https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/jCcQC3h3pi-XSF-Board-Meeting-2019-12-05?lang=fr

  372. nyco

    where is that summit@ mailing list?

  373. Guus

    (its still more expensive during the week: 120 something, from the top of my head)

  374. dwd

    Guus, Yeah, but the normal price is ~150-200.

  375. Guus

    nyco summit@xmpp.org

  376. ralphm


  377. nyco

    meanwhile... https://twitter.com/Xabber_XMPP/status/1202600102172471296

  378. adiaholic has joined

  379. ralphm

    This is unsurprising.

  380. ralphm

    I cannot assess what that screenshot means in practice, either.

  381. nyco

    it's encrypt^Wrussian...

  382. Guus

    wow, what a poor jab at another client's author

  383. nyco

    minutes sent

  384. nyco

    I am: Welcome to the "Summit" mailing list :)

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  387. Seve


  388. Seve

    Looks like I was not joined to the room

  389. adiaholic has joined

  390. Ge0rG

    If only we had a XEP for that ;)

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  393. Seve

    And I was there just waiting for something to happen.. so dumb

  394. Ge0rG hears a stampede of unshaved yaks. Get yourself out!

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