XSF Discussion - 2019-12-18

  1. dwd

    pep., I'd be willing to bet Isode do - Kev or intosi would know.

  2. pep.

    I was thinking more free software :)

  3. Guus

    Who's admin for the summit and member mailinglists? I've sent off an email with the hotel details, but as I bcc'ed both lists, that mail got queued in the moderation-queue of both lists.

  4. ralphm

    Are you sure it wasn't just killed? I think mail defaults require_explicit_destination to yes, meaning that the list should be an explicit recipient (To or CC).

  5. ralphm

    Also, why BCC in the first place?

  6. ralphm

    [..] mailman defaults [..]

  7. Guus

    I don't think it was killed, as I got responses like these > Your message to Summit awaits moderator approval

  8. Guus

    And I BCC as a rule of thumb when including more than one recipient that don't necessarily need to know about each-other.

  9. jubalh

    when i get an avatar and check the type field I get it's mime type. 'image/png' for example. is there a way to always map this to a file extension? can i just use the part after image/ ?

  10. jubalh

    seems to be true for jpeg, webp and png

  11. larma

    jubalh, you can check your local mime database

  12. larma

    something like /etc/mime.types

  13. larma

    it has file endings for each known mime type

  14. larma

    image/svg+xml becomes .svg (not .svg+xml)

  15. jubalh


  16. jubalh


  17. larma

    my local database seems to not have webp o.O

  18. pep.

    mine has :x

  19. larma

    webp is not a registed media type at IANA

  20. larma


  21. larma

    so technically image/webp is just invalid

  22. pep.

    but mailcap includes it anyway apparently.

  23. pep.

    Arch uses https://pagure.io/mailcap/c/58117584fa573c92d918245d38269cc63cec5996?branch=master

  24. pep.

    (for some reason, and not one of the two latest commits)

  25. larma

    ah you meant fedoras mailcap when writing mailcap

  26. larma

    there is multiple implementations of it

  27. pep.

    That's where Arch gets it from. Unsure

  28. larma

    mailcap is a standard

  29. pep.


  30. larma

    each distro historically had its own implementation

  31. larma

    now it seems it's basically debian and redhat/fedora left

  32. jubalh

    maybe somebody could share this to reach more folks: https://twitter.com/ProfanityIM/status/1207317970667606022

  33. Ge0rG

    jubalh: it's missing sed

  34. Zash

    and clix

  35. jubalh

    so sorry :P

  36. flow

    Daniel, in case you are not aware of https://www.forum-privatheit.de/wp-content/uploads/Zorn_Privatsph%C3%A4reschuetzende-Software-f%C3%BCr-Bildungseinrichtungen.pdf

  37. emus

    Zash, Ge0rG: cannot find SED

  38. pep.

    "XMPP Clients" with a link to jabber.org..

  39. emus

    whats the url

  40. Zash


  41. emus

    this? https://github.com/gavincarr/clix for clix?

  42. emus

    Zash: thx

  43. Zash


  44. pep.

    emus, sed was "a joke" (even if there is technically some implementation..)

  45. emus

    pep.: ok, am I too young for xmpp? 😉

  46. emus

    would treat clix as dead^^

  47. pep.

    it's not. it's also probably used by only a few people who fancy lua

  48. pep.


  49. pep.

    And re sed, https://github.com/horazont/xmpp-echo-bot

  50. Zash

    I use clix almost every day

  51. emus

    Zash: ok

  52. emus


  53. emus

    pep.: Maybe Ge0rGs sarcasm just got me this time 🙂