XSF Discussion - 2019-12-28

  1. jonas’

    I just read up on the character counting thread. That was amusing.

  2. Ge0rG

    It was indeed.

  3. dsfg


  4. edhelas

    hey everyone, I had some though about this "Team" thing and XMPP

  5. edhelas

    the behavior that we have in Slack, Mattermost and others where groupchats are grouped together

  6. edhelas

    I had actually people asking me if I could handle it in Movim and I was thinking about finding a way to declare it on XMPP server side

  7. Zash

    Hats and something?

  8. edhelas

    my idea is to basically add a "urn:xmpp:team:0" to the MUC component where you want the MUCs inside it to be handled as a "Team"

  9. edhelas

    and that's mostly it

  10. edhelas

    and because you can declare vcards on components you can add a nice avatar and a title to it

  11. edhelas

    and the client can use the disco#items to list the other rooms if the component and ask the user if he want to join them as well

  12. edhelas

    et voilĂ 

  13. MattJ

    edhelas: I think this is related to something I want to do; have the MUC component advertise its defaults

  14. edhelas


  15. MattJ

    Not necessarily fine-grained, but allow the client to identify if a particular component is good for making group chats or channels, to borrow the modernxmpp terms

  16. edhelas


  17. MattJ

    In Mattermost you should know that teams are more like multiple accounts than multiple MUC components btw

  18. Zash

    In Riot "communities" seem to be filters that can have users and rooms attached. And like, some description.

  19. MattJ

    I'm sleepy right now, but let's definitely explore this more and get something written up

  20. MattJ

    And yeah, I've been wondering if we can do (something better than) communities too

  21. MattJ

    These things are all the same but different in subtle ways

  22. Zash

    Roster groups fit in there somewhere too