XSF Discussion - 2020-01-06

  1. marc

    Ge0rG: could you discuss your 401 changes on XSF / with 'all experts'? Maybe even voting for / against it would be nice

  2. dwd

    https://dev.to/dwd/slow-data-do1 <-- Might be of interest to some here, though probably nothing new. Do tell me if I've made any errors!

  3. pep.

    fwiw I failed to make XMPP over ChaosPost work. I'm quite inexperienced in this field though :(

  4. Guus

    Nice dwd ! Although a by-line, I was surprised at the notsopositive reference to EXI. Do you base that on real world data?

  5. Guus

    I'd guess that you're on the money with regards to message stanza's, but XMPP is not all message stanza's.

  6. dwd

    True, if you were shipping complex and large xml around like atom, it might make a difference. But EXI is most useful for reducing processor and memory load, not bandwidth.

  7. dwd

    I mean, unless you're at the bottom of what STANAG 5066 will do. 9b/s is sloooooow.

  8. Guus

    Many small but similar presence stanzas?

  9. dwd

    Not without introducing compression, and compressing the normal xml will be very close to EXI.

  10. Guus

    Bah, I just told someone else I was going to bed and now you dragged me into this. 😁

  11. dwd

    Head to bed! I am.

  12. Guus