XSF Discussion - 2020-01-07

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  31. moparisthebest dwd: good article
  32. moparisthebest And on that topic, it's about time, does anyone know if anyone has started XMPP over QUIC work yet?
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  34. moparisthebest It handles switching networks itself, so in theory we wouldn't even need stream management anymore
  35. waqas dwd: Is the image under "High Latency" intended to be a gif of a spinning circle?
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  96. Arc why QUIC instead of SCTP?
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  139. Zash Arc: New hotness?
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  144. dwd Waqas, must be slow loading.
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  154. dwd Arc, QUIC has lower start-up cost, I think, plus it's likely to be around in implementations because of Google pushing it.
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  156. flow dwd, the xep368 link is broken
  157. flow moparisthebest, I'd expect that XMPP over QUIC is not that hard to specifiy, it is probalby even esier than XMPP over TCP+TLS, because QUIC does most of the work for you.
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  160. Zash dwd, "latencies still have a visible human effect even when they drop below 30ms" - isn't that the other way around?
  161. Zash dwd, and browsers supposedly don't do pipelining
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  163. dwd No, latencies still have an effect that low. Usually because of cumulative interaction, like sequential rtts, but in highly interactive stuff, I think people can still tell there's a lag just on a single rtt.
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  199. ralphm Arc: primarily because SCTP has been tried before, and stranded on the fact that there is major inertia in middleboxes. They won't support new transport layer supports, and I think that this is the primary reason for Google to start work on QUIC.
  200. flow what ralphm said, and just when I asked myself about the differences and similarities between QUIC and SCTP, I found https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-joseph-quic-comparison-quic-sctp-00
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  203. ralphm Yeah, that's an excellent, but bit dated, document.
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  205. ralphm I have been talking on and off with people about the prospects of XMPP-over-QUIC. Besides having TLS 1.3 built in, and the advantages of fewer round-trips upon reconnection (we probably still need to do work ourselves here, too), I also like the part where you have an identifier for a connection that survives roaming between different networks.
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  207. Zash The "resource" ?
  208. ralphm E.g. when in an office on a higher floor going out for lunch, you'll be going WiFi - Cellular (elevator) - Wifi (lower floor) - Cellular (elevator) - WiFi (lobby) - Cellular (outside).
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  211. ralphm Zash: the Connection ID: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-quic-transport-24#section-5
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  217. dwd That scenario is what we see, but on a constant basis as doctors and nurses walk between wards.
  218. Zash Moar access points!
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  223. flow ralphm, Isn't quick designed to survive roaming between different networks?
  224. flow ahh you "like the part", I read "like to have"…
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  226. flow slightly related: As I am working on Smack's lower layers, is there any reason I shouldn't prepare Smack to perform SM resumption over different transports besides TCP?
  227. Guus PSA: January 14, 2020 is the deadline for organisations to submit to GSoC. Now that I see some of the usual suspects here, I thought I'd bring that up. flow if we'd choose to apply, would you consider running as org admin again?
  228. flow Even though xep198 was probably written with SM resumption only being performed over TCP transports in mind, is there any reason we shouldn't allow SM resumption over different transports?
  229. Guus (14 January is in one week from now)
  230. flow Guus, as I am just back from vacation I was about to write a mail regarding that
  231. Guus 👍
  232. Guus just wanted to stir things. I'll await your email 🙂
  233. flow Guus, btw, 14th is not the deadline if I am not mistaken
  234. Guus flow you're right
  235. Guus that's when registration opens.
  236. Guus sorry for that.
  237. Guus > All organizations wishing to be a part of GSoC 2020 must complete their application by February 5, 2020 20:00
  238. Guus Sorry for butting in the conversation then
  239. flow na, no worries
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  242. ralphm dwd: maybe we should make some time around the summit to work on this?
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  244. dwd Flow, sm is deployed over websockets by Stanza, Prosody, Openfire, and probably others.
  245. flow dwd, so I could resume a session previously connected via TCP over webscokets on Openfire and Prosody?
  246. Ge0rG Speaking of SM over websockets, we still miss a way to sm-resume an anonymous session
  247. Zash Did ISR allow that?
  248. dwd Flow, ... Maybe?
  249. dwd Zash, yes, isr would allow that.
  250. dwd I think.
  251. Zash flow, yes, except for the part where Prosody doesn't officially support 198 out of the box
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  255. flow So SM with TCP and Websockets ✓ what about SM resumption over BOSH and QUIC?
  256. flow I can see that we may not want to put in effort to think about SM over BOSH, as it would potentially duplicate a lot of what BOSH already does, or maybe there is a chance to unify it? But how relevant is BOSH given that we have Websockets now?
  257. flow Compared to that, SM over QUIC appears straight forward
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  260. dwd I think lots of networks will block QUIC, so SM is still useful.
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  263. flow Probably even if QUIC is available nearly everhwere, SM resumption across transports is still nice to have
  264. Ge0rG I agree with that, and resuming 0198 from a gone TCP connection on a BOSH, because you moved into nazi firewall land, seems sensible
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  273. ralphm dwd: why would they block QUIC?
  274. dwd ralphm, Some of the hospitals we work in block everything and whitelist a handful of IP addresses and ports.
  275. dwd ralphm, QUIC operates over UDP, right? So I'd imagine there's little hope it'll just work in any kind of "nazi firewall land".
  276. ralphm Also note that there's been an effort to allow QUIC to multiplex with STUN and TURN.
  277. ralphm So indeed, if you are in a network that also blocks WebRTC, then you'd be out of luck.
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  288. ralphm dwd: would you count medical institutions in such lands?
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  294. dwd Some of them certainly are. There's a lot of well-placed concern about infosec in the NHS, especially after the malware attacks a couple of years back.
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  309. ralphm Right
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  326. larma dwd, nice blog post. Just to play devil's advocate here, I think your "even on mobile" paragraph is not fair. Optimizing for mobile is not only about bandwidth and latency, it also needs to consider energy consumption (which seems to be something where EXI may have some significant advantage over plaintext XML), constantly switching networks (change in ip addreseses / tcp connections breaking up) and data consumption (due to limited plans). Also throttled mobile networks (after you exceeded your "flatrate"'s high speed data) can go as low as 32 kbit/s (shared with all apps on the phone)
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  330. pep. dwd, "the malware attack", you mean the ransomware?
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  356. jonas’ https://sha-mbles.github.io/ via pep.
  357. ralphm I'm not sure if data consumption is affected by using using EXI, though. I believe mobile networks charge based on certain minimum packet sizes.
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  359. ralphm And dwd has discussed energy usage in his XEP a long time ago already.
  360. ralphm I.e. his argument there is that radio usage affects battery a great deal more.
  361. ralphm (larma)
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  365. dwd No, I think larma is right, modulo "significant". Transmitting EXI is lower octets, and while it'll probably cost the same, it'll be less power. Additionally, receiving EXI might come in under radio limits, though I have no idea if my knowledge on FACH etc is useful post-3G.
  366. dwd SO it'll make a difference, though whether this becomes significant or not I can't tell. My gut feeling is probably not.
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  368. larma I think EXI is more important from the save energy perspective than from the save bandwidth/data perspective. Significant might be a bit to much, but at least measurable
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  371. larma It also depends on the type of messages you send around. If it's only messages with a body, then impact is far less than if you include messages like receipts and so on that can profit much more (relatively spoken) from EXI
  372. dwd ‎[23:24:25] ‎dwd‎: True, if you were shipping complex and large xml around like atom, it might make a difference. But EXI is most useful for reducing processor and memory load, not bandwidth.
  373. dwd But I don't think that's going to be very significant at all for a mobile handset - there I was meaning in terms of IoT and embedded devices.
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  376. dwd Still, by all means measure it.
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  378. larma Maybe we should just try it out, I am at least rather certain that it won't hurt ;)
  379. dwd Well, aside from fixing schemas, etc.
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  381. larma dwd: but using schema is optional for EXI, no?
  382. dwd Sort of. My (poor) understanding was that using EXI without strict schemas was a bit pointless.
  383. Kev Isn't it ~=deflate at that point?
  384. dwd Well, only if you're using deflate.
  385. dwd And if you're using deflate, then you have a compression oracle, so...
  386. dwd You're also probably outweighing any benefit, CPU-wise.
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  391. larma Wasn't it somehow learning the "schema" (probably rather qnames) from the actual XML being exchanged? Maybe I'm confusing it with something else. Yes that's probably similar to deflate(xml) but minus the xml parsing (because EXI already takes care of that in an efficient way)
  392. ralphm Arc has done a lot of work on EXI, so you may want to ask him.
  393. larma I talked with him a few months ago, so most of my EXI knowledge is actually from him ;)
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  396. dwd EXI has two switches - strict schema and deflate. With strict schema both ends will need to agree on the schemas used, and any additional attributes and extra bits in other namespaces (for example) are removed.
  397. Zash Was there a mode that's equivalent to sending generic XML packed in C-like structs?
  398. dwd Zash, That's sort of what EXI does, I believe, though the element tags etc are given identifiers based on the schema most of the time.
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  416. moparisthebest Arc, simple, because only QUIC, not SCTP, has been blessed by "the browsers", so only it has a chance to work into the future :'(
  417. flow "With strict schema both ends will need to agree on the schemas used, and any additional attributes and extra bits in other namespaces (for example) are removed." Wasn't there a, potential configurable, fallback to schema-uninformed mode if the schemas are not available?
  418. Ge0rG What would be wrong with the client informing the server on its schema on session setup?
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  420. pep. moparisthebest, and by "the browsers" you mean google? :)
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  422. Ge0rG Google Chrome and Google Firefox.
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  426. moparisthebest well I meant chrome and firefox but yea that's a different thing to cry about
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  428. pep. Oh and Google Brave! The privacy-minded browser that's chained to a block
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  430. ralphm moparisthebest, I think what I wrote above as the reason is a lot more plausible.
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  433. dwd Also not entirely clear what SCTP would buy us here. It does allow multiple endpoints at each end of a VC, but I don't think it'll allow for sudden network switching.
  434. dwd ANd the startup cost is roughly the same as TCP, unlike QUIC.
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  436. moparisthebest also no encryption built in with SCTP, is there even encryption defined to go over it?
  437. Zash IPsec?
  438. Zash How's mptcp these days ?
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  441. moparisthebest I think it's equally dead for the reason ralphm said, too many middleboxes don't do IP, they only do UDP and TCP, so those are the only protocols allowed to exist in the future
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  447. Zash MPTCP was supposed to be compatible with TCP
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  452. larma SCTP over dTLS over UDP?
  453. larma feels like reconstructing the WebRTC stack 😀
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  458. moparisthebest so I guess that was a "no" to my original question "has anyone started specifying XMPP-over-QUIC" ?
  459. moparisthebest the hardest part will be defining how to pronounce XoQ
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  475. ralphm AFAIK, nobody has done this yet, and I nudged dwd with a suggestion to work on it with him around the Summit.
  476. Ge0rG What kind of standardization is needed for that?
  477. ralphm Well, I think the best approach would be an IETF Draft. A few words on TLS already done at the transport layer, some on session reestablishment. I need to look into it in detail.
  478. ralphm For comparison, look at https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7395 that was done for the WebSocket binding.
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  480. ralphm Then, if you want to go fancy, there could be another spec on how you might make use of the connection for multiplexing media streams with Jingle, TURN.
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  485. dwd FWIW, I don't think this is a Summit task.
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  488. ralphm dwd: I don't think it is a Summit task. It is something we could maybe discuss, figure out, whatever, around the Summit, while there's a high bandwidth connection in place.
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  494. Ge0rG does that actually require a high-bandwidth connection?
  495. dwd Ge0rG, Only until we have QUIC.
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  498. Ge0rG Are we speaking of the same kind of connection?
  499. moparisthebest here is an example of another protocol over QUIC https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-huitema-quic-dnsoquic-07
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  502. moparisthebest but we probably want to consider if we want to take the same approach as https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-huitema-quic-dnsoquic-07#section-3.5 or whether we should just throw up our hands and define XMPP-over-HTTP/QUIC
  503. jonas’ where’s the example which abolishes quic?
  504. moparisthebest at this point I'd probably just lean towards "indistinguishable from HTTP" to head off problems down the road
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  508. moparisthebest but maybe you don't and if you are faced with such a crap network you do XMPP-over-BOSH-over-HTTP/QUIC and cry in a corner
  509. Zash I don't wanna live in a world where everyhing is HTTP
  510. moparisthebest There are no Websockets over http/2, I'm pretty sure there ane no Websockets over http/3 either
  511. moparisthebest I don't think any of us want to live in that world Zash , yet here we are :(
  512. edhelas can't wait for QUIC over XMPP
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  515. MattJ over pubsub you mean?
  516. edhelas let's wait for full Pubsub support in the XMPP servers first
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  527. dwd moparisthebest, HTTP/2 doesn't have websockets?
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  529. moparisthebest nope
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  534. Zash Doesn't ALPN remove the need somewhat? Like, why talk something over ws when you can talk something directly?
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  536. jonas’ browsers still don’t allow you to open arbitrary sockets, do they?
  537. Zash Of course not
  538. moparisthebest 1. you are running in a web browser 2. you want to pretend to be a web browser because evil middleboxen
  539. Zash 1. I'm not. 2. I don't.
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  547. dwd moparisthebest, RFC 8441 BTW
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  557. moparisthebest dwd, ah awesome, that's newer, I *suppose* that might *just work* over http/3 too
  558. jonas’ if we accept that the world is going to be *-over-HTTP anyways, why keep bothering with XMPP?
  559. Zash give up and join matrix?
  560. jonas’ would make much more sense to drop that layer of complexity and do something with JSON-over-HTTP directly.
  561. moparisthebest HTTP doesn't solve the problems that XMPP does?
  562. sonny has joined
  563. jonas’ sure, but you can solve those problems on top of HTTP obviously, and you can do that easier than by wrapping XMPP in Websockets over HTTP
  564. jonas’ easier = with less technology stacked on top of each other
  565. moparisthebest JSON vs XML is a different discussion, JSON isn't any more closely tied to HTTP than XML is it?
  566. pep. it isn't. it also isn't more closely tied to browsers than XML is
  567. jonas’ also not the main point I’m trying to make
  568. jonas’ JSON vs. XML does indeed not matter
  569. jonas’ question is why bother with XMPP if we’re going to squash it over HTTP either way?
  570. moparisthebest I'm not sure I buy your argument yet, that you can do it easier with plain HTTP than XMPP over HTTP
  571. jonas’ for certain definitions of plain HTTP
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  574. moparisthebest just to be clear definition-wise, QUIC replaces TCP+TLS, http/3 is HTTP over QUIC, and we could end up doing XMPP over QUIC *and/or* XMPP over http/3 (and the latter could be BOSH, Websockets, or something new)
  575. moparisthebest sorry, http/3 is http/2 over QUIC
  576. jonas’ did I mention that’s all awful?
  577. Zash everything is terrible
  578. jonas’ I’m going to start make dinner before this ruins my night
  579. moparisthebest *all* of it's awful?
  580. moparisthebest at least QUIC replacing TCP+TLS doesn't seem bad to me
  581. dwd Seems fine to me too.
  582. Zash Something something potato farming
  583. pep. Zash, so you can throw potatoes at Google?
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  586. moparisthebest it has plenty of other upsides, but maybe the best for everyone is connections surviving network/ip switches
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  588. Zash pep., strategic ballistic potato warfare?
  589. jonas’ see, QUIC isn’t even an RFC yet
  590. mukt2 has joined
  591. moparisthebest it's pretty close, and widely implemented/deployed :)
  592. jonas’ and that everyone is talking about building stuff on it is plain running behind google and chromium to not fall perceivedly behind
  593. jonas’ widely ipmlemented/deployed and not through IETF process is a red flag to me
  594. moparisthebest some significant percentage of XMPP isn't an RFC either
  595. jonas’ especially if driven by a large commercial entity
  596. moparisthebest it is through an IETF process
  597. jonas’ "through" as in "passed completely"
  598. Zash Simliar to HTTP/2?
  599. dwd The concern is mostly whether, if Chrome and the IETF diverge, will the IETF's draft get "correctd" or the Chrome implementation.
  600. moparisthebest jonas’, no I'm not talking about the old/dead google/quic, but the widely implemented/deployed ietf/quic
  601. jonas’ moparisthebest, the core of XMPP is IETF-realm, and everything on top of that is XSF-realm, which as kind of a fork of some IETF workgroup is okay in my book. it’s an open process with controls to prevent a single company from taking over.
  602. jonas’ moparisthebest, ietf/quic, as per the expired draft?
  603. jonas’ a draft which has expired for two and a half years now
  604. jonas’ anyways, dinner
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  607. Zash Which draft?
  608. moparisthebest jonas’, https://quicwg.org/ "QUIC is an IETF Working Group that is chartered to deliver the next transport protocol for the Internet." I don't see what you are worried about exactly
  609. Zash https://tools.ietf.org/wg/quic/ most of those look fairly recent
  610. dwd Ah, I think jonas’ was looking at draft-tsvwg-quic-protocol, which died (and was shelved, IIRC, until HTTP/2 was done).
  611. Zash But HTTP is frozen in time!!!!1!!
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  613. !XSF_Martin That's a good album.
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  616. !XSF_Martin starts humming the 'redneck stomp'
  617. moparisthebest not good https://sha-mbles.github.io/
  618. calvin has joined
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  620. !XSF_Martin Sha1 is used for scram in prosody, right?
  621. MattJ In XMPP
  622. dwd SHA-1 is used in SCRAM-SHA-1, yes.
  623. dwd Time to bump the MTI again...
  624. Zash SHA-1 broken doesn't mean that HMAC-SHA-1 is broken
  625. !XSF_Martin Is it possible to upgrade to something not yet broken?
  626. Zash Nor that PBKDF2 is broken
  627. !XSF_Martin > SHA-1 broken doesn't mean that HMAC-SHA-1 is broken So scram-sha-1 is not affected?
  628. rion has left
  629. Zash !XSF_Martin: Not easily
  630. rion has joined
  631. dwd https://twitter.com/matthew_d_green/status/1214585587874877440
  632. jonas’ it isn’t, because SCRAM doesn’t care much about collision resistance. also, love the analogy of Matthew Green there
  633. dwd More particularly, I do not know that HMAC-SHA-1 is safe (whereas I do know that HMAC-MD5 is safe, or rather, as a cryptographer said over coffee, "Yeah, I think that's still safe though you'd be insane to use it of course")
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  636. Zash Practically it's nontrivial to upgrade
  637. dwd It'd be nice if we had a forced password update protocol.
  638. dwd looks meaningfully at XEP-0388
  639. !XSF_Martin > Practically it's nontrivial to upgrade That's better than impossible. 🙂
  640. j.r has joined
  641. MattJ Zash: other way around. You mean theoretically it's nontrivial to upgrade. Practically speaking, I doubt most clients will blink if you one day just offer PLAIN
  642. Zash MattJ: No, they will refuse
  643. MattJ Because it's 2020 now and software is secure?
  644. MattJ Did I miss this?
  645. Zash Conversations does this
  646. marc has joined
  647. MattJ Any others?
  648. Zash Dunno
  649. MattJ Conversations can be fixed (to do something sensible)
  650. Zash Allowing downgrade attacks ?
  651. MattJ Which would be SASL2 of course
  652. Zash Right
  653. moparisthebest I wonder what it means for git/hg
  654. Zash They already started looking at replacing sha1
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  656. jonas’ I think they need to hurry up
  657. mukt2 has joined
  658. moparisthebest > linus said attacks like that on git are harder because the hash input is tagged with a type/length, so the collision would have to be the same length
  659. moparisthebest so "it's probably ok for now" but not rock solid
  660. !XSF_Martin A sealife habitat?
  661. dwd MattJ, Quite a few spot if you remove SCRAM-SHA-1 suddenly.
  662. dwd MattJ, But yeah, SASL2 and a password reset task would be awesome. Except clients would still try to use SCRAM-SHA-1.
  663. Ge0rG there is still PLAIN. But you can't downgrade secure clients.
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  722. moparisthebest if PLAIN is always good enough for HTTP...
  723. moparisthebest ducks and runs
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  730. dwd Goodness no. The web world uses bearer tokens, which are entirely different.
  731. Ge0rG Say what? Authorization basic can't hear you
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