XSF Discussion - 2020-01-17

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  15. moparisthebest

    dwd: > For what it's worth, there are plenty of Open Source developers who > haven't bullied the XSF or tried to reinterpret its documents and > practice to claim it allows them to do whatever they want. now that's a little childish isn't it? and after our discussion here where I clarified I was after none of these things. I'm not going to derail the email thread and I'll be happy to just forget about it, just please realize we are on the same team here, I honestly just wanted some things clarified, if discussion is in any way harmful to any type of open standards organization then it's in bad shape

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  154. dwd

    You don't want things simply clarified, you want them significantly changed - this is evident from your actions and messages. You'rve consistently argued that any kind of encumbrance is acceptable to you and therefore should be allowed by the XSF, and argued that the documents describing our process either allow this already or should be changed to allow it. I don't really see how this is mischaracterising anything.

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  156. pep.

    dwd: seems to me you're also in the business of telling people what they think (that you criticized yesterday in this channel). Maybe we can all put an end to the pettiness

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  160. dwd

    pep., If you'd like to explain why you think I'm wrong, please do so.

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  162. pep.

    I don't actually care if you're right or wrong here

  163. dwd

    Of course not.

  164. pep.

    that's not how we keep the dialogue going

  165. pep.

    and yes I disagree with your statement fwiw

  166. dwd

    pep., I've done my level best to explain why radical changes to the XSF will damage it. I have, nevertheless, provided a proposal to compromise on this to a significant degree. The reaction has been to continue pushing to reinterpret existing rules and change them.

  167. dwd

    For example: ‎[18:30:14] ‎moparisthebest‎: as I stated before, GPL is not an encumbrance in my book

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  171. pep.

    dwd: so what, GPL is also not an encumbrance in my book. That's why we're asking for that to be rephrased, explained differently maybe

  172. jonas’

    dwd, I don’t see a problem with that statement

  173. jonas’

    that’s not asking to change anything

  174. jonas’

    that’s just explaining their viewpoint

  175. jonas’

    nothing wrong with that.

  176. flow

    Out of curiosity and to determine how much effort to put into this, I'd really like to see a member opinion vote on that. Of course, the question is what 'that' should be. Maybe "Should a XEP requiring GPL-compatible licenses be disallowed to enter the experimental stage (Yes / No)"

  177. dwd

    jonas’, Encumbrance has a legal definition that's really quite easy to find, as these things go.

  178. jonas’

    dwd, for someone who has no problems with GPL, it’s still not an encumbrance maybe?

  179. jonas’

    I’m not a native speaker, but you and moparisthebest are, I think

  180. jonas’

    (though from different locales methings)

  181. dwd

    jonas’, For someone with an astonishing amount of money, high patent licensing would not be an onerous encumbrance, but it would still be an encumbrance.

  182. dwd

    jonas’, I'm happy to clarify these things, of course, but they have a defined meaning.

  183. dwd

    flow, I would still argue that allowing encumbered specifications (by the usual and legally-accepted definition of encumbrance) onto the Standards Track is dangerous, and I will resist that heavily.

  184. jonas’

    dwd, which is fair and good, I think

  185. jonas’

    but I also think you’re putting words on the "Goldwaage" (as we say in germany) here, meaning that you’re being overly precise about interpreting other people’s statements and not giving them any leeway (which, I think, would be appropriate given the medium and intensity of discussion)

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  188. dwd

    jonas’, I have to assume that what people are arguing for is that the GPL is an *acceptable* encumbrance. That is an opinion, and while I disagree, I accept it's not a right or wrong thing in any absolute terms. But the fact that the GPL requires particular licensing on derived works, for example, is factual, and the fact that also counts as an encumbrance in the usual meaning of that term isn't contraversial in the slightest.

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  192. jonas’

    dwd, I see. The viewpoint makes sense.

  193. jonas’

    I’m just worried about the level of hostility on both sides in this discussion.

  194. Daniel

    yeah i think the omemo debate has brought up some underlying friction that has been there for a while. plus classic bike shedding i mean as far as omemo is concerned this debate could have been already over. The OMEMO Team(tm) has already announced that they are planning on working on a second iteration that is gpl free and fixes many other problems with the spec (for omemo, gpl is only one of multiple issues)

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  198. dwd

    Daniel, I'm trying, probably unsuccessfully, to seperate OMEMO from the general case, and seperate any technical issues in OMEMO from its licensing. I have no stake in the technical issues; work-wise we can't use any PFS/PCS solution, so MLS is equally out. Obviously I like to have high-quality XSF specs, but I have no personal/work aims here.

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  201. dwd

    (Our end-users do want E2EE; they also want nothing held on the device and a search function. You can imagine my fun.)

  202. winfried

    dwd: may I quote that one?

  203. dwd

    winfried, Not publicly please.

  204. dwd

    I actually have a candidate solution, but it's horrendous.

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  207. winfried

    dwd: OK, Was already including it in my e2e encryption presentation at fosdem, scrapping it again :-D

  208. dwd

    winfried, Without attribution and company name is fine.

  209. winfried

    dwd: (y)

  210. ralphm

    Good thing this room is not archived publicly. 😜

  211. jonas’

    dwd, you are aware that this room is publicly logged?

  212. dwd

    Yes, of course, but putting it in a presentation is rather different.

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  217. dwd

    winfried, Also a user-story I put on Twitter to explain things to a well-meaning Doctor: https://twitter.com/DwdDave/status/1204395566442135553 - you can use that.

  218. winfried

    dwd thanks

  219. winfried

    Daniel: for my information / knowledge, do you have a list of issues with the OMEMO spec? I love to have a better overview...

  220. winfried

    dwd: > work-wise we can't use any PFS/PCS solution I don't understand this comment, can you explain it?

  221. dwd

    "Perfect Forward Secrecy" and "Post Compromise Security", which are very similar concepts. I think PCS is a little weaker, but honestly I'm not sure of the details beyond "ephemeral keying".

  222. winfried

    And what do you mean with 'work-wise'? I believe my biggest lack of understanding is there...

  223. Guus

    Daniel the fact that OMEMO is already being replaced, as you write, fits right in XSF-defined procedures on how to handle contention like the one we're in now, I think. I just mentioned something along the same lines in a reply to the mailinglist. If we take that out of scope: what issue remains? What are the core issues that we're really discussing here?

  224. pep.

    winfried, https://github.com/Syndace/xeps/projects/1 that was a list Syndace pasted here

  225. pep.

    There are probably more

  226. dwd

    winfried, Oh. As in, for my work. Pando cannot use ephemeral keying because we cannot store data on the device and need a secure audit trail.

  227. winfried

    dwd: clear.. I thought the 'we' referred to the XSF....

  228. Guus

    I think it was useful to separate the two discussions currently going on in the mailinglists, btw. Thanks for that.

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  230. Zash

    We need the Hats XEP! :)

  231. winfried

    pep.: thanks, gives a clear picture already

  232. dwd

    Guus, There's at least three things to consider: Experimental, [Non-]Open Standards, and OMEMO itself. I'm hoping that by dealing with the first two the last just happens.

  233. Guus

    I'm thinking Experimental is at best only sideways-related to the rest - or am I missing something?

  234. Kev

    Guus: Experimental is (currently) the entry point, so it's definitely related.

  235. dwd

    Guus, Yes, I agree with Kev, these are all interrelated.

  236. Guus

    I ment 'side-ways' in the sense that discussing 'experimental' primarily affects _when_ checks against XSF principles/objectives are made - not what those principles/objectives are?

  237. dwd

    Yes, that's true.

  238. Guus

    Meaning that any discussion on experimental should not affect the eventual outcome of a progression of a XEP through the stages.

  239. Guus

    we could optimize that flow, making sure that things that we don't want are out earlier, while the barrier to add new things is lower.

  240. Guus

    And those would be all good improvements.

  241. dwd

    Modulo that, as stated, I will resist anything going onto (opr staying on) the Standards Track if it doesn't conform to our IPR policy.

  242. Guus

    I'm thinking I've just took a harder line on that than you, in my last email.

  243. Guus

    I'm thinking I've just took a harder line on that than you did earlier, in my last email.

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  247. dwd

    I think that's roughly in line with my original stance, which I have tried to compromise on.

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  249. Guus

    As I wrote: I appreciate you trying to find a compromise - but I think this one will hurt us more than benefit, in the long run

  250. Guus

    On an unrelated note: today is the last day that the Thon EU hotel offer is valid. If you want to make us of it, act now!

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  255. Guus

    > Well, yes, but the majority of our end-users are probably Fortnite players, and they're not talking to us. My kid gave up 30 seconds into me trying to explain IPR.

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  258. dwd

    I probably should have expanded on that. But "consumer-grade" instant messaging is pretty small beans for XMPP. Embedded use of XMPP into games is, I think, the largest use by numbers of users, and I'm not sure what would be next - probably military, though possibly financial trading.

  259. dwd

    That doesn't mean I don't think consumer-grade messaging isn't important, or that we should ignore enterprise messaging (ie, Slack) because we're barely present. Strategically, both those make more sense to concentrate on than gaming (and won't harm gaming either), at least in terms of features.

  260. Guus

    (no argument from me)

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  262. dwd

    Shit me. "That doesn't mean I don't think [...] isn't important". I'm turning into Kev. Sorry.

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  264. Guus

    You're only realizing this now? 😃

  265. dwd

    Guus, I wasn't unaware of it.

  266. Guus

    that's my boy

  267. Guus

    Unrelated: you've disappeared from my roster again.

  268. Guus

    ah, no

  269. Guus


  270. Guus

    my client is acting up

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  275. Guus

    dwd I'm trying to push a subscription request your way

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  291. Kev

    dwd: On the contrary, I get the right number of negatives into my incomprehensible mess :p

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  295. dwd

    Kev, I never said I didn't disagree.

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  297. jonas’

    I propose a member vote: any negation in a sentence beyond the first costs 2^n EUR, where n = number of negations in that sentence. To be paid to all non-native english speakers.

  298. jonas’

    I propose a member vote: any negation in a sentence beyond the first costs 2^n EUR, where n = number of negations in that sentence. To be paid to all non-native english speakers in the XSF.

  299. jonas’


  300. Kev

    So that first sentence of you costs 4 EUR to each non-native speaker?

  301. jonas’

    Kev, huh, where is the second negation there?

  302. jonas’


  303. jonas’

    s/any negation in a sentence beyond the first costs/any negation beyond the first in a sentence costs/

  304. jonas’


  305. Kev

    'any negation' = 1, 'number of negations' = 2 :)

  306. jonas’

    I’m gonna leave now

  307. Guus

    I'm gonna sit here, be quiet, and become rich.

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  309. dwd

    Guus, You're Dutch, you count as a native speaker. :-)

  310. Guus

    Will me exclaiming "no no no!" count against jonas’ rule?

  311. Kev

    I couldn't possibly count it out.

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  325. ralphm

    dwd: oops, in that case I've been lying quite a bit

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  329. dwd

    ralphm, Ik ben het daar niet mee oneens.

  330. ralphm

    dwd: :-D

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  333. Guus

    Jonas never limited it to any specific language. I'm guessing the first round at the hotel bar is on you. 🙂

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  354. MattJ

    dwd, just tried a different email address for the Eurostar website, same error

  355. MattJ

    The only other thing it has is my phone number, I could try my landline

  356. MattJ

    or it just hates my name

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  358. !XSF_Martin

    Is your last name Null?

  359. dwd

    "What do you mean, your surname is just 'J'?"

  360. MattJ

    Oh my, I did it

  361. Guus

    Who did you bribe?

  362. stpeter


  363. MattJ

    Different browser, incognito mode, paypal and my "other" email address... winning combo I'll have to remember for next year

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  365. dwd

    Same train as me?

  366. MattJ


  367. dwd

    Cheap afternoon one? Sounds right.

  368. MattJ


  369. dwd

    Last train back on Sunday?

  370. MattJ

    No, coming back on Monday

  371. MattJ

    Otherwise getting home that late is too difficult

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  373. MattJ

    and crossing the border might take the whole day, etc.

  374. !XSF_Martin

    Isn't it still EU?

  375. Daniel

    oh; i had forgotten about that

  376. intosi

    Lovely timing.

  377. dwd

    Daniel, Yeah, I haven't.

  378. MattJ

    Great timing indeed

  379. Zash

    !XSF_Martin: Doesn't matter, it's Shengen that you can thank for painless border crossing and the UK was never part of that

  380. Daniel

    i mean not about brexit in general. but the fact that it is - this time for real - happening right during fosdem

  381. dwd

    MattJ, Right, I figured I could use travel insurance if needs be. Or get my son to fly into Belgium under the radar in the dead of night.

  382. intosi

    dwd: the latter sounds ideal.

  383. !XSF_Martin

    > !XSF_Martin: Doesn't matter, it's Shengen that you can thank for painless border crossing and the UK was never part of that Yeah, that's right. I think Switzerland and UK are the both exceptions of schengen == EU.

  384. intosi

    Switzerland != EU.

  385. MattJ

    dwd, pilot licence valid in the EU?

  386. dwd

    Daniel, It has been on my mind since that particular date was announced, and is also part of the reason Kev isn't coming at all.

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  388. !XSF_Martin

    > Switzerland != EU. But Switzerland is Schengen.

  389. intosi


  390. dwd

    MattJ, Yes, he has an EASA-issued license, so he's fine. He could transition it to a CAA one after Brexit, but there's no point.

  391. dwd

    !XSF_Martin, Ireland isn't Schengen either, and I believe there are other countries.

  392. intosi

    I suspect flying under the radar might put his license at risk, though.

  393. Zash

    dwd: paradrop?

  394. intosi

    Although, if he isn't caught doing so...

  395. dwd

    intosi, Only in the EU. ;-)

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  397. dwd

    intosi, Flying in the dead of night is probably worse for his license, actually, given he doesn't have night qual.

  398. !XSF_Martin

    > !XSF_Martin, Ireland isn't Schengen either, and I believe there are other countries. Really? Afaik it was Schengen. I travelled to Switzerland without any control.

  399. !XSF_Martin

    Wikipedia says it is https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schengen_Area

  400. dwd

    !XSF_Martin, No, Ireland is in the CTA with the UK, which is one of the precursors along with Benelux.

  401. Guus

    > Or get my son to fly into Belgium under the radar in the dead of night. Isn't that basically an invasion at that point?

  402. !XSF_Martin

    Ah, thought your talking about Switzerland. Sorry.

  403. lorddavidiii has left

  404. Guus

    I'll be there on Wednesday too.

  405. dwd

    Guus, Well, yes, but only of Blegium so that doesn't count. Everyone invades Belgium.

  406. Guus


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  408. moparisthebest

    dwd, matter of perspective I guess, from your perspective I'm trying to radically change things, from my perspective I already thought they were that way, hence the asking for clarification etc, I don't think this is in any way unreasonable

  409. moparisthebest

    clearly XEP-0001 fails at being clear enough on critical definitions like "open standard"

  410. moparisthebest

    so that should be fixed and let's move on

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  422. ralphm

    As I've pointed out before, XEP-0001 doesn't exist in a vacuum, and our definition of open standard *is* clearly defined in our IPR Policy.

  423. moparisthebest

    only in your mind

  424. moparisthebest

    it's not clear to me at least, for instance

  425. pep.

    it's also not clear to me.

  426. Kev

    It could be it's clear to the people who've been involved in the XSF for 15 years and less so for the newcomers.

  427. Kev

    It could be it's clear to the people who've been involved in the XSF for 15+ years and less so for the newcomers.

  428. moparisthebest

    no, it should be crystal clear to the newcomers, or even anyone reading XEP-0001, or it has failed at it's task

  429. Kev

    I think you misread what I said.

  430. moparisthebest

    yes I did, I'll agree with that one :)

  431. emus has joined

  432. jonas’

    to be honest, I never cared much about what exactly constitutes an open standard, but I agree that we need a clear definition if we want to make decisions based on this term

  433. remko has left

  434. moparisthebest

    exactly jonas’ , I never really thought too hard about it either until just recently

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  439. ralphm

    The discussion has mostly focussed on OMEMO being based on the Signal Protocol, implies that the protocol can only be implemented such that the end result is considered to fall under the GPL. I see this as a 'restriction', as per the IPR Policy, and this is why I believe that means it is encumbered. I hear people find this to be unclear, and I'd like to understand why.

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  444. moparisthebest

    as I've stated, I don't find the GPL to be an encumbrance, additionally "the protocol can only be implemented such that the end result is considered to fall under the GPL" is a legal opinion that I think the XSF has no business making, lastly I would personally clearly count GPL as an "open standard" and since there is no definition in XEP-0001...

  445. moparisthebest

    that's kind of why I tried to seperate the conversations, if we don't make legal opinions, then we don't have to worry about the GPL stuff at all

  446. moparisthebest

    if we do make legal opinions, then we need to edit XEP-0001 to clarify a ton of stuff

  447. jonas’

    you are right about the legal opinion on "the protocol can only be implemented such that the end result is considered to fall under the GPL"

  448. moparisthebest

    and decide what to do about GPL

  449. jonas’

    we’re not qualified for htat

  450. jonas’

    what we ARE qualified for is to detect a situation where forming such a legal opinion is very much required in the first place

  451. jonas’

    which is an encumberance

  452. jonas’

    all on its own

  453. ralphm


  454. jonas’

    if you need DEFINITELY need a legal opinion to figure out if you can implement something under free software license X, then it’s encumbered, period.

  455. moparisthebest

    you have to form a legal opinion anytime you implement anything

  456. jonas’

    that’s a restriction and something very scary to legal departments

  457. zach has left

  458. zach has joined

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  460. mimi89999 has joined

  461. moparisthebest

    and of course I'd have no problem at all with some disclaimer saying what we think might be possible encumbrances (is that a word?)

  462. ralphm

    moparisthebest, I am not asking you whether you think a specification requiring the end result to be GPL is an open standard. I'm asking if you can see that this requirement can be considered as a limitation as per the *XSF's* definition.

  463. moparisthebest

    the XSF doesn't have a clear enough definition for me to decide

  464. moparisthebest

    "open standard" appears 1 time in XEP-0001, and no times in the IPR policy, and no definitions anywhere

  465. mimi89999 has left

  466. mimi89999 has joined

  467. adiaholic has left

  468. Ge0rG

    is this the third or the fourth round we are doing here?

  469. Guus

    From the IPR: > owever, the XSF must ensure that XMPP Extensions do not pollute the free and open nature of the protocols. Preventing such pollution means that in perpetuity any entity may independently, and without payment or hindrance, create, use, sell, distribute, or dispose of implementations of XMPP and of any XMPP Extension. Such is the intent of this policy. To me, that leaves little room for interpretation of this. Having a protocol that requires an implementation to be of any type of license that for whatever reason someone would be unwilling to comply to, breaks with the above.

  470. Guus

    From the IPR: > However, the XSF must ensure that XMPP Extensions do not pollute the free and open nature of the protocols. Preventing such pollution means that in perpetuity any entity may independently, and without payment or hindrance, create, use, sell, distribute, or dispose of implementations of XMPP and of any XMPP Extension. Such is the intent of this policy. To me, that leaves little room for interpretation of this. Having a protocol that requires an implementation to be of any type of license that for whatever reason someone would be unwilling to comply to, breaks with the above.

  471. emus has joined

  472. jonas’

    Ge0rG, sixth, methinks

  473. Guus

    Ge0rG I'm thinking we're in the double-digits.

  474. moparisthebest

    Ge0rG, isn't it just one long discussion?

  475. jonas’

    moparisthebest, a long discussion would move beyond re-iterating the same points each and every day

  476. ralphm

    moparisthebest, do you understand the piece that Guus copied from the IPR Policy?

  477. stpeter has joined

  478. Ge0rG

    what jonas said

  479. Ge0rG

    oh god this train wifi at 200km/h is lagging

  480. moparisthebest

    I don't think we are, I'm being accused of trying to do things that I am not trying to do, and attempting to make that clear

  481. Ge0rG

    and poezio is re-connecting all the time. Sigh

  482. moparisthebest

    I mean yesterday dwd accused me of "bullying the XSF into my interpretation [sic]" and I'm clarifying that's not my intent

  483. dwd

    In fairness, I was quoting Daniel there.

  484. Daniel

    moparisthebest: fwiw I don't think he did. And I was the one who brought up the term

  485. Daniel

    And I wasn't referring to you

  486. moparisthebest

    yep that's fair, I'm not personally insulted, it's just clear my intent has not came across how I had planned

  487. Guus

    What do we need to resolve this?

  488. Kev

    A deep breath. (first)

  489. jonas’

    on all parties, please

  490. Daniel

    Actually I was partially referring to myself and/or myself from a couple of years ago when we first had the omemo debate

  491. Kev

    jonas’: You would like me to breathe on all parties? I could try speaking Welsh at people, although that would be more spittle than breath.

  492. Guus

    I'll see Kev's Welsh and raise him with my Dutch.

  493. jonas’

    Kev, I ... I ... this is the second time you trolled me today!

  494. jonas’

    Kev, I ... I ... this is the second time you trolled me today! (in a good way)

  495. calvin has joined

  496. moparisthebest

    that statement from the IPR policy is clear, but XEP-0001 doesn't make it clear that that is the particular definition of "open standard" we are using

  497. Kev

    jonas’: Someone once made the (insightful) observation that the reason I don't enjoy speaking Welsh is that I'm not fluent enough to be able to play silly games with it in the way I do with English.

  498. moparisthebest

    some type of update to XEP-0001 with some clarification would be good

  499. Kev

    When I said a deep breath, though, that bit wasn't flippant. I think the best thing we could do would be to step back for a few days (I think everyone's position is now clear).

  500. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: that we probably all can agree on

  501. jonas’

    Kev, that seems realistic

  502. Ge0rG

    maybe we can just call out the weekend, then?

  503. moparisthebest

    and then the next step is to continue trying to figure out how we can document things that *currently* have IPR concerns but might be fixed later

  504. Kev

    I think that then, once we have an obvious break from the current discussion, in which some tensions have run somewhat high, one of the people who's been around a while attempts to add a clarification to XEP1 - hopefully one that doesn't involve adding too much prose.

  505. Kev

    And then the people who've found it confusing can comment on whether it helps as a clarification or not

  506. Ge0rG

    Kev: yes, it should be done by somebody who doesn't involve too much prose.

  507. moparisthebest

    that sounds perfect Kev

  508. Kev

    (And if we get to the stage that our status quo is documented reasonable, we decide that the status quo should be changed, I think that is the time to consider it)

  509. Kev

    (And if we get to the stage that our status quo is documented reasonably, we decide that the status quo should be changed, I think that is the time to consider it)

  510. !XSF_Martin has left

  511. Kev

    I think I've probably been around for long enough to have a reasonable first stab at a PR or two, so I propose that, as recompense for missing the Summit, I will submit something in a couple of weeks, assuming we can manage the first part of calming the flames in the interim :)

  512. Kev

    And I would try very hard not to write too much prose, at least in part because I very much don't enjoy writing such things.

  513. Guus

    (in my experience, writing less prose is more work)

  514. Kev

    Guus: y

  515. Guus

    I have no issue with that approach. Seems sensible to me. Thanks.

  516. emus has left

  517. moparisthebest

    sounds great, so not sure how to "officially retract my PR" while waiting for Kev 's but you can at least unofficially consider it done

  518. zach has left

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  523. moparisthebest

    and I'll just re-iterate once more before shutting up, no hard feelings from my end, I didn't mean to cause any for anyone else, and I really appreciate the discussion I think it's been productive

  524. Kev

    moparisthebest: Thanks. If you'd like me to, I could close that request with the comment you've just given. Resubmitting wouldn't be onerous i fyou later wanted to.

  525. Kev

    Using my almost-the-laziest-Editor-we've-got superpowers.

  526. stpeter has left

  527. moparisthebest

    ah it's unlocked now, I can do it!

  528. Kev


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  544. ralphm

    Kev: if I take this task, will that free you up to come to the summit?

  545. lovetox has left

  546. Kev

    Hah. Sadly not.

  547. ralphm

    Hey, I tried.

  548. ralphm

    It is kinda unconfortable to not have a Kev there.

  549. ralphm

    It is kinda uncomfortable to not have a Kev there.

  550. adiaholic has joined

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  552. Kev

    I'm sure Diegem will somehow cope with the great double-negatives drought of 2020.

  553. genofire has joined

  554. remko has joined

  555. dwd

    I don't think I'm not the only one who won't say I'm not disappointed.

  556. ralphm

    Is dwd not coming either?

  557. ralphm

    Nor intosi?

  558. pep.

    I vote for jonas’' idea of negation jar.

  559. j.r has left

  560. Kev

    dwd's going, I believe.

  561. intosi

    I'm going as well.

  562. dwd

    ralphm, I'll come. Double negatives I can do, but Kev has cornered the market in the triple.

  563. ralphm

    I do not intend to not attent.

  564. intosi

    I can't promise I won't try avoiding not sneaking in a few n-negatives.

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  587. Ge0rG

    jonas’: the Jan 2nd votes are all tagged as EXPIRED in the spreadsheet of doom

  588. jonas’

    that’s correct

  589. jonas’

    because they weren’t complete

  590. jonas’

    I need to trigger editor actions

  591. Ge0rG

    but even in incomplete state, I think they all look like decided, right?

  592. jonas’

    yeah, I didn’t code it

  593. Ge0rG


  594. Ge0rG

    not trying to blame you, I just wondered

  595. Ge0rG

    (also reading up on the MAMFC thread, slowly)

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  609. dwd

    Yeah, I never got beyond "expired", and I actually wanted to highlight them even though they might be decisive.

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  667. Daniel

    Has anyone ever done / thought about something like BOSH for s2s?

  668. zach has left

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  670. marc

    What is the use case?

  671. moparisthebest

    before you go too far down that rabbit hole, the RFC is still under way, but likely soon there will be a "SRV2" dns record that'll let us combine all of regular SRV, XEP-0368, and the TXT records BOSH/Websockets use

  672. moparisthebest

    in addition to other nice to haves, ESNI, QUIC

  673. moparisthebest

    that would make it fairly clean discovery wise for S2S to use other transports

  674. Daniel

    Well discovery wouldn't be my biggest concern with that.

  675. Daniel

    I mean well-know 156 works

  676. moparisthebest

    https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-dnsop-svcb-httpssvc-01 < I think this is the most recent

  677. adiaholic has left

  678. moparisthebest

    yep discovery is just the easiest part perhaps, you are right

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  697. ralphm

    "[..] Other names might include "B", [..]

  698. zach has left

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  700. ralphm

    Yeah, that sounds like a teriffic idea, having an RR type called "B", next to "A".

  701. ralphm

    That said, I put it on my reading list.

  702. moparisthebest

    I think most of us would agree anything is better than HTTPSSVC though ? :)

  703. moparisthebest

    if we have any official contacts with IETF maybe we should push for SRV2, or, anything but HTTP*

  704. ralphm

    Anything is a stretch, but yeah, HTTPSSVC is not great.

  705. moparisthebest


  706. ralphm

    While the idea of having official contacts with the IETF for E2EE has come up, that doesn't mean anyone couldn't just participate at standards development at the IETF themselves.

  707. ralphm

    (as well)

  708. calvin has left

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  710. pep.

    Might be good to have a list of RFCs (or other standards) the XSF would like to follow or influence (not have everything become http*, for example), for which we could assign people to represent us (paid?)

  711. pep. throwing ideas around

  712. moparisthebest

    the combination of ESNI which uses this HTTPSSVC should *just work* for us, though we might need some more SVCB types which would be defined elsewhere anyway

  713. moparisthebest

    like priority and weight are missing, the notes say "if you need them define them in another one"

  714. moparisthebest

    QUIC is another one to closely follow, I doubt we need anything they won't provide though, and I also doubt we could do anything about it if not...

  715. emus has left

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  717. ralphm

    moparisthebest, why not? Just like on standards@ you can simply subscribe to the relevant WG and provide input.

  718. ralphm

    Or show up at IETF events.

  719. Daniel has joined

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  753. dwd

    I'm very much in favour of the XSF sponsoring people to attend IETFs, but as ralphm says, you can just join the right mailing list and make sensible comments at a good first step. Even just telling them there's an interested community is useful for them.

  754. zach has left

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  756. MattJ

    Yeah, showing up at IETF events is generally a bit harder than showing up at the XMPP summit

  757. dwd

    MattJ, It's pretty easy, just violently expensive.

  758. MattJ

    I understand why they move around the various corners of the planet, but yeah

  759. Dele (Mobile) has joined

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  763. dwd

    Yeah. One of the main reasons I'm not involved with IETF stuff very heavily is that I could never find an employer willing to pay for those trips, and it's very hard to do serious work without the meetings.

  764. pdurbin has joined

  765. dwd

    I've managed 8 RFCs, and only 3 meetings (and one was a day trip). I may be wrong, but I think I have to be one of very few RFC authors with more RFCs than meetings.

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  794. Ge0rG

    I'm already struggling to get a day off to webex into Summit...

  795. lorddavidiii has left

  796. dwd

    Ge0rG, You couldn't get three weeks off a year for the IETFs, then?

  797. dwd

    Ge0rG, Plus another three half weeks for interims if they're "that" kind of working group?

  798. Ge0rG

    dwd: probably not. I'm sure I'd get time and expenses if it was some industrial IT security forum, though.

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  818. ralphm

    dwd: great email just now

  819. ralphm


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  823. dwd

    Thanks. There's something about inward investment and economics as well, but I don't think I can phrase it well without sounding like I'm only interested in money.

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