XSF Discussion - 2020-01-25

  1. MinaEsmann


  2. intosi

    Fun, SPIM from someone at anon.xmpp.org.

  3. MattJ

    They don't have s2s and if you ban them it will ban their IP (currently per-room but we should make it service-wide)

  4. MattJ

    I think they're coming from search.jabber.network

  5. intosi

    I know.

  6. intosi

    Although a server-wide IP ban will probably be less effective if the spimmer is coming over IPv6. Can you block a range?

  7. intosi

    This one was IPv4.

  8. intosi

    And indeed came from search.jabber.network.

  9. jonas’

    I’d not be surprised if the higher discoverability through s.j.n is the reason for the rise of MUC spam in the past months

  10. Zash

    Oh no, the exclusiveness!