XSF Discussion - 2020-02-22

  1. Ellenor Malik

    RFC 6120, 13.10.1. Any particular reason?

  2. MattJ

    Ellenor Malik: IP addresses can leak various information, such as your location

  3. Ellenor Malik

    that doesn't stop other protocols from doing it.

  4. MattJ

    That doesn't mean it's a good thing :)

  5. Ellenor Malik

    there isn't a reason for it to be a MUST NOT. STRONGLY DISCOURAGED for the reasons you describe (which I agree with, by the way, it's why I've loaded the cloaking module on my IRC server, to reduce the granularity of the hostname display) would make total sense, but MUST NOT does not.

  6. MattJ

    Well in the 9 years since publication I don't recall anyone so far who has said "I wish the RFC allowed making my users' IP addresses public"

  7. Ellenor Malik

    it's sort of a spitball

  8. Ellenor Malik

    also, would including an ad hoc that would allow the user to disclose their IP of their own volition violate the RFC? since it's the user disclosing and not technically the server...?

  9. MattJ

    There are cases where the IP is already disclosed directly and indirectly by the client

  10. MattJ

    When you do a direct file transfer your client will typically try to obtain your external IP and send it to the recipient (the recipient may also do the same)

  11. MattJ

    And indirectly through fetching HTTP upload shares, though that doesn't happen over the XMPP channel

  12. MattJ

    And yeah, if the client and server negotiate that revealing the IP address is ok, I think that's fine

  13. Ellenor Malik

    it would make more sense for the MUC specification to require directly-used clients (like gajim, conversations, etc) to implement a MUC block feature so you can at least do nick-based ignores like on IRC

  14. Link Mauve

    Many clients do that already, why would you require that kind of thing in the specification?

  15. Ellenor Malik

    show me one, because none of the clients I have encountered do that.

  16. jonas’


  17. Ellenor Malik

    Jarkko is probably gonna call the XSF in the next 10 years and just be like "y'all could use the Q:line that I put in Internet Relay"

  18. Ellenor Malik

    Umbrellix will become the Eris of Jabber.