XSF Discussion - 2020-03-06

  1. edhelas

    would it also be possible to set a reminder within a chatroom ?

  2. edhelas

    i think we can generalize the XEP to any kind of resources that supports urn:xmpp:reminders:0

  3. Guus

    MUC VCards, do we have a XEP for that?

  4. Guus

    https://docs.ejabberd.im/tutorials/muc-vcard/ 's approach does not sit well with me. I interpret that as telling the muc room: "this is my vcard" instead of "this is your vcard"

  5. pep.

    nope, efforts to standardize that have been vetoed

  6. pep.

    that's the spec everybody is using

  7. Guus


  8. MattJ

    We tried

  9. Link Mauve

    I’d be fine with trying again, I already have two attempts, one for standardising this one with the addition of a disco#info feature, and one using 0084 instead.

  10. Link Mauve

    But I’d like clear guidance as to what is acceptable.

  11. marc0s

    > would it also be possible to set a reminder within a chatroom ? that sounds interesting. I think that there should be some kind of integration (or at least consideration) with room's permissions, as in: is everyone allowed to set a reminder for a whole room? probably not. Not sure if the spec should be made aware of this or if just a not-allowed generic error is enough and just leave it up to implementations...

  12. marc0s

    But, as there's been some feedback in the list about the spec as it is, I'll note down your idea and try to sum all feedback up before writing any new version.