XSF Discussion - 2020-03-10

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  182. rion is updating xep-0371 against updated ICE RFC. PR will be ready soon.

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  319. Link Mauve

    jonas’, what are your plans wrt XEP-0390?

  320. Link Mauve

    Is it planned to stay compatible or do you want to change things?

  321. Link Mauve

    For a new client which doesn’t need to be compatible with anything else, can I require it instead of 0115?

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  327. rion

    I remember we discussed some missing features in XEP-0390. Not sure if it went to mail-list

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  365. jonas’

    Link Mauve, I think it needs some breaking changes

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  367. jonas’

    though I don’t recall specifically what those were

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  369. Link Mauve


  370. Link Mauve

    I’d like to become author for XEP-0284 btw.

  371. pep.

    You need an ack from the author? How does that work? Council if no reply from them after some time?

  372. pep.


  373. jonas’

    pep., effectively

  374. pep.

    Link Mauve, can you PR?

  375. Link Mauve


  376. Link Mauve

    I have other changes to do too.

  377. pep.


  378. pep.

    Just that it's the best way to get things to move

  379. jonas’

    yeah, if we have a PR to look at, we can track the authors responsiveness, and if it is lacking, we can make you author

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  381. Ge0rG

    And what do you do if you have an author, but you disagree with them on some important architectural points? Fork the XEP?

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  383. pep.

    I guess that's up to the author to know what they want and accept/refuse new authors

  384. pep.

    And yeah you'd fork the XEP if you really wanted.. ?

  385. pep.

    Not sure where council would stand here

  386. moparisthebest

    Syndace: "GCM is not meant to handle larger amounts of data" what do you mean?

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  388. Syndace

    moparisthebest: GCM mandates to not return any of the plaintext until the auth tag is verified. This means that conforming implementations have to keep the whole plaintext in ram

  389. moparisthebest

    I don't think so

  390. Daniel

    You can/are supposed to chunk the data I think

  391. Syndace

    See the Conversations thing that you just helped Daniel fix :D

  392. moparisthebest

    You can just split it into smaller chunks

  393. Daniel

    But it doesn't matter. The other two points are correct

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  395. Daniel

    And more important

  396. Syndace

    Sure, you can also just use CBC

  397. moparisthebest

    The problem isn't solved by cbc

  398. moparisthebest

    Do you output unverified CBC decryption? You shouldn't

  399. Syndace

    We use HMAC

  400. moparisthebest

    Right, gcm is just hmac but built in so you can't use it incorrectly

  401. Syndace

    then consider that point of my mail as invalid

  402. moparisthebest

    The same restriction applies, you shouldn't use the result of the decryption unless the hmac is valid

  403. Link Mauve

    pep., jonas’, here: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/904

  404. moparisthebest

    So you must keep that chunk in ram until you do, in both cases the solution is chunking

  405. moparisthebest

    The "single primitive" is still a good argument

  406. moparisthebest

    Just means you have to be super careful about the hmac...

  407. Syndace

    Also I think GCM impls are not known for being bug free and super compatible

  408. Daniel

    Well to be fair with gcm you have to be careful with the Auth tag

  409. Daniel

    And both old old omemo and http upload do it wrong

  410. Steve Kille has joined

  411. Daniel

    I guess you always have to be careful with crypto

  412. moparisthebest

    I think aes-gcm is required for http2 TLS, pretty compatible

  413. moparisthebest

    If you use the correct length IV

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  416. moparisthebest

    Which obviously isn't obvious :)

  417. moparisthebest

    Do you encrypt then hmac or hmac then encrypt, that's the real gotcha when not using authenticated encryption modes

  418. Syndace

    encrypt then hmac

  419. Syndace

    ...the same way it's done by double ratchet

  420. mukt2 has joined

  421. moparisthebest

    So you can verify the hmac before you even try to decrypt

  422. mimi89999 has left

  423. moparisthebest

    But that means for large data you still need chunked, because the hmac is at the end, so you buffer encrypted data before getting to it, verify, then decrypt

  424. Syndace

    yup, the description of the message decryption algorithm also lists the hmac verification before the decryption

  425. jonas’


  426. Syndace

    moparisthebest: well we encrypt stanzas so size limits apply

  427. Syndace

    pretty sure a single stanza can fit the ram

  428. moparisthebest

    Hehehe how sure are you :)

  429. Wojtek has joined

  430. jonas’

    moparisthebest, did you submit your updates on '368 already?

  431. mimi89999 has joined

  432. moparisthebest

    No, still need to...

  433. jonas’

    alright, then I didn’t miss it

  434. Syndace

    > Hehehe how sure are you :) not sure enough. Noted as something we have to think/talk about again, thanks for the input.

  435. jonas’

    to play it safe, a Full Stanza Encryption implementation can’t generate stanzas over ~7 kiB (decrypted) either way

  436. Syndace

    I mean, stanzas are pretty damn certainly under 1 MiB in size, but still there are theoretical edge cases of IoT devices wanting to use OMEMO or something...

  437. Syndace

    Oh is that so? cool

  438. jonas’

    because 10 kiB is the minimum stanza limit defined in RFC 6120

  439. jonas’

    not that anyone enforces that

  440. jonas’

    I mean your average PEP-based avatar is way above that already

  441. jonas’


  442. Nekit has left

  443. jonas’

    so my comment is pretty useless, but alludes to a general issue: there should be a limit or (cross-stanza) chunking (which then sounds awfully like sending stanzas via JET-encrypted IBB)

  444. Zash

    Anyone got stats on avatar sizes?

  445. jonas’

    Zash, I have for MUCs ;)

  446. krauq has left

  447. jonas’

    (or, could have. I downscale)

  448. jonas’

    (or, could have. I scale them down on ingestion)

  449. jonas’

    Syndace, actually, how about implementing FSE as JET-encrypted IBB?

  450. krauq has joined

  451. Syndace

    I don't XMPP, what is IBB xD Heard of JET at least

  452. jonas’

    In-Band Bytestreams

  453. Syndace

    uh huh

  454. jonas’


  455. Syndace

    "sessions" looks like it's synchronous/requires both parties to be online

  456. jonas’

    ahh, right

  457. jonas’

    that’s gonna be a deal-breaker

  458. jonas’

    would’ve been fun tho

  459. jonas’

    so you need to either specify some kind of chunking (then the question: how to deal with missing chunks? see the vulnerabilities in IP fragmentation implementations to get an idea of why this question is important and non-trivial) or set an upper limit which is sane

  460. Syndace

    chunking is a big nope from my side

  461. Syndace

    so much complexity for such an edge case

  462. lovetox

    xmpp.net server test is soooooo slow

  463. Syndace

    servers are already encouraged to do stanza-too-big stuff

  464. jonas’

    Syndace, so we end up with Path-MTU discovery in XMPP :D

  465. jonas’


  466. jonas’

    it is amazing how problems replicate on each layer of the stack

  467. lovetox

    it cant even take my request to check a new server

  468. moparisthebest

    I'm about 98% sure all clients would crash and burn if a server sent them too big of a stanza

  469. Syndace


  470. moparisthebest

    for some definition of too big

  471. Syndace


  472. jonas’

    when I started aioxmpp, I asked, and people told me to trust the server on that one.

  473. jonas’

    and I think that’s a sane way to look at it

  474. jonas’

    obviously it shouldn’t allow you to RCE, and you may handle it more gracefully than OOMing, but what are you gonna do?

  475. moparisthebest

    *maybe*, but RFC-wise does anything really stop a server from just streaming stanzas around?

  476. Syndace

    I'm not sure that's on us to solve

  477. Link Mauve

    lovetox, it throttles a lot in order not to take down any server, no matter how underpowered it is.

  478. moparisthebest

    once you have who the stanza is addressed to, you don't really *need* to buffer it in memory anymore as a server right?

  479. moparisthebest

    just read a bit and send it right out the other end

  480. jonas’

    moparisthebest, you still need to do buffering to synchronise when multiple entities want to same to the same entity at the same time

  481. moparisthebest

    I suspect no servers in the wild are written this way, but they could be

  482. jonas’

    you also have to reject stanzas which are invalid XML

  483. jonas’

    (as per a MUST in RFC 6120)

  484. jonas’

    so you have to at least de- and re-serialise them

  485. moparisthebest

    hmm, well that does imply buffering entire stanzas then

  486. jonas’

    (of course, you can do this by simply streaming SAX events around, no need to build the full tree)

  487. jonas’

    ah yeah, you have to at least keep a copy

  488. lovetox

    damn xmpp.net server test cant do direct tls test ..

  489. Jeybe has left

  490. lovetox

    can somebody test direct tls on movim.eu

  491. jonas’


  492. jonas’


  493. lovetox

    it does send invalid tls handshake for me, and i want to find out if thats my lib or a problem on the server

  494. jonas’

    s2s, c2s?

  495. lovetox


  496. mukt2 has left

  497. moparisthebest

    does it listen on 443? if so you can test the TLS bit with ssllabs.com

  498. lovetox


  499. lovetox

  500. lovetox

    thats the address

  501. jonas’

    2020/03/10 18:58:09 failed to probe c2s to xmpp:movim.eu: tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake

  502. jonas’

    lovetox, ^

  503. jonas’

    my blackbox exporter agrees

  504. jonas’

    openssl s_client agrees, too: 139993024365760:error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number:../ssl/record/ssl3_record.c:331:

  505. jonas’

    yeah, that’s plain XMPP

  506. moparisthebest

    you can also do https://nl.movim.eu:5223/

  507. jonas’

    sending anything with ncat gives me a not-well-formed XMPP steram error

  508. jonas’

    do http:// instead

  509. moparisthebest

    won't let me, HSTS ?

  510. jonas’


  511. jonas’

    then use ncat :)

  512. moparisthebest

    but yes, mostly that works too :)

  513. jonas’

    it’s a plaintext XMPP port, not direct TLS

  514. mukt2 has joined

  515. moparisthebest

    yep that record is wrong, dino will likely fail to connect ever too

  516. moparisthebest

    (yet another reason TCP connect success should NOT be a criteria for not falling back to next SRV record)

  517. lovetox

    yes moparisthebest a user reported this today

  518. lovetox

    and now he cant connect, because i dont try the others ^

  519. moparisthebest

    who's responsible for movim.eu ? edhelas ?

  520. lovetox

    yeah i notified him

  521. lovetox

    but see moparisthebest nobody would find that error

  522. lovetox

    its a thin line to walk

  523. moparisthebest

    well, user would probably have preferred to just be connected though

  524. lovetox

    you dont want to shadow all errors, and you dont want to make your users mad

  525. moparisthebest

    you could maybe report connection errors anyway?

  526. lovetox

    yes, i agree in this case user wants to connect and does not care

  527. moparisthebest

    "hey we failed to connect to X so now we are connecting to Y" or something

  528. moparisthebest

    you won't hear any "UX is easy" arguments from me :)

  529. jonas’

    lovetox, it’s the operators responsibility to monitor

  530. jonas’

    the tools are there

  531. moparisthebest

    10 day TTL on that SRV record, so the fix needs to be make that a direct TLS port, not remove the SRV

  532. jonas’

    the first error I showed you is from a tool to monitor c2s/s2s connectivity on both direct TLS and STARTTLS. it can even do XMPP pings if you give it credentials. it’ll also check whether expected SASL mechanisms are there.

  533. jonas’


  534. jonas’

    maybe I should take the search.jabber.network domain corpus and scan all the SRV endpoints and notify operators about failures.

  535. jonas’

    or at least the corpus of domains affiliated with the top 100 or so rooms

  536. moparisthebest

    I was going to say, a tool is good, but you need another off-network server to be able to run it on for it to be real useful most of the time, not all admins have that I guess

  537. jonas’

    moparisthebest, not really

  538. mukt2 has left

  539. jonas’

    most of the time, failures discovered by monitoring from the outside are not something you can fix either way

  540. moparisthebest

    if you only have 1 server, running the tool and xmpp server on the same machine isn't ideal

  541. jonas’

    it’s not ideal, but it would definitely have caught this problem

  542. moparisthebest

    certainly better than *nothing*, and yes

  543. jonas’

    it will also catch the issue when the server runs OOM

  544. jonas’

    and crashes

  545. jonas’

    it will catch most of the things you can fix locally

  546. jonas’

    it won’t catch when the entire box goes down, but chances are you’ll notice that either way

  547. jonas’

    (and you can ping-probe the up-ness of the box cheaply from the outside)

  548. jonas’

    also, maybe I should start offering XMPP probes to others. it’s cheap for me to do, sending emails on problems is cheap too

  549. moparisthebest

    on my giant todo list is still such a tool/service but also checking things like "is alpn required" and such

  550. jonas’

    moparisthebest, feel free to include basic checks in this: https://github.com/horazont/prometheus-xmpp-blackbox-exporter

  551. moparisthebest

    "is SNI required" as well, similar to ssllabs

  552. jonas’

    "is X required" kind of stuff isn’t interesting for continuous monitoring though

  553. jonas’


  554. moparisthebest

    yep I agree, it's pretty helpful when setting up though

  555. jonas’


  556. jonas’

    extending/rewriting xmpp.net would be the target for this type of efforts

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    > I honestly don’t see the point in proving to the other side that you can do regular expressions on the user input. ahahaha

  586. jonas’

    > I honestly don’t see the point in proving to the other side that you can do regular expressions on the user input. ahahaha

  587. jonas’

    love that wording

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