XSF Discussion - 2020-04-16

  1. tom Gajim does work, and it's UI is atrocious. Not sure if it' still an issue with Pidgin but I always seem to run into issues when people use Pidgin on XMPP
  2. tom *Gajim doesn't work
  3. tom AV calls used to work back in Gajim 0.16.9
  4. tom Not anymore
  5. tom Has pidgin been fixed?
  6. hi alexis hi
  7. hi test
  8. Neustradamus For information: https://github.com/stpeter/jabberdotorg/issues/18
  9. pep. I might not be available for the meeting today.
  10. ralphm pep., live happens. No worries!
  11. ralphm life, too :/
  12. ralphm bangs gavel
  13. ralphm 0. Welcome
  14. ralphm Hi! Who do we have?
  15. MattJ o/
  16. emus Hello o/
  17. emus But actually Im in a meeting now
  18. Guus \o
  19. Guus Shame on our glorious leader for being ambiguous πŸ™‚
  20. ralphm :-D
  21. ralphm Seve?
  22. Seve Hello! I'm here, thanks for the mention, ralphm !
  23. ralphm 1. Minute taker
  24. Guus πŸ¦—
  25. Guus None from the floor?
  26. Guus If not, I'll compile them post meeting.
  27. ralphm Thanks
  28. ralphm 2. Commitments
  29. ralphm I've sent out a bunch of e-mails around sponsoring.
  30. ralphm Naturally I forgot to change the subject for the one to the community :/
  31. Guus Noted, tx
  32. MattJ ralphm, I saw that, thanks for working on it!
  33. Seve Yes!
  34. ralphm I also reached out to my contact for marketing today, too. Will report back when I get a reply.
  35. MattJ Not sure if you got my PM the other day, but I know someone who may be a good fit also
  36. Seve Great, nice to hear that
  37. Guus prods ralphm
  38. ralphm MattJ, thanks, I neglected to follow-up with you, sorry.
  39. MattJ No worries
  40. ralphm Let's pick that up for next week.
  41. MattJ Sounds good
  42. ralphm 3. Topics for decisions
  43. ralphm {}
  44. ralphm 4. Discussion
  45. ralphm I don't think there's something specific we need to discuss today, but any suggestions welcome.
  46. Guus can we put the older ones to bed?
  47. Guus like adopt a character
  48. flow ohhh :(
  49. Guus what do we need to decide on that?
  50. Guus Not saying yay or nay, just want to decide.
  51. flow I think it's a pitty, but if there is no consensus on that
  52. Seve Which character to pick, was what we needed to decide, wasn't it
  53. Guus keeping it on the agenda forever doesn't make sense.
  54. Guus so that implies that we are in favor of doing this?
  55. Guus let's make this concrete?
  56. Seve That is what I recall, but correct me if I'm wronf
  57. Seve That is what I recall, but correct me if I'm wrong
  58. Guus I'd like to either vote, or have a concrete action that will lead to some form of progress.
  59. flow If this is really just about the which character, and not if we want to do this, then I suggest we ask people to submit suggestions and then hold a member opinion vote about which character to choose. (hint: I would volunteer to organize that)
  60. flow But I don't want to put in time for this if no character is adopted in the end
  61. ralphm I think we even decided on the character, but I need to look up which (not the one in the trello comment)
  62. MattJ The last minutes I see say this: "Ralph notes that there is probably enough support to ask the community on what character they would like."
  63. MattJ 2019-09-12
  64. ralphm ok, so many I was wrong :-D
  65. MattJ In which case if flow wants to take this to the community for us, that would be great :)
  66. Guus I motion that we have Florian organize a community-driven character-for-adoption vote.
  67. MattJ +1
  68. Seve Sounds super flow !
  69. flow Guus, i'd like to stress that I envison only a member opinion vote, to which the board is not bound to follow
  70. Guus flow wfm
  71. ralphm yay
  72. ralphm Regarding iteam budget, I believe MattJ would back on this?
  73. Guus 'sounds super' and 'yay' count as votes?
  74. ralphm +1
  75. MattJ No concrete plan yet for iteam, partly this depends on whether we'll ever hear back about eos (the down server)
  76. Seve +1
  77. ralphm Guus: what about your wfm?
  78. ralphm (you need to vote on motions you put forward yourself, too)
  79. Guus I put in the motion - isn't that an implied +1?
  80. ralphm no
  81. Guus ah, sorry.
  82. Guus well, +1.
  83. Guus πŸ™‚
  84. ralphm ok
  85. ralphm MattJ thanks
  86. ralphm 5. AOB
  87. Guus while we have flow here: gsoc status?
  88. Guus so, mentions of unicode make him appear, but mentions of his nickname do not? πŸ™‚
  89. Guus I'm happy to move on.
  90. Guus no other aobs for me.
  91. ralphm 6. Date of Next
  92. ralphm +1W
  93. ralphm 7. Close
  94. ralphm bangs gavel
  95. ralphm Thanks all!
  96. Seve None from me then :)
  97. ralphm :-D
  98. Seve Thank you very much!
  99. ralphm Too slow, Seve
  100. MattJ Thanks!
  101. Guus thanks πŸ˜‰
  102. Seve ;D
  103. MattJ Guus, does Openfire support direct TLS for s2s?
  104. Guus MattJ Yes, but I think it's broken.
  105. MattJ Ok :)
  106. Guus It's rather new - older servers won't have support
  107. MattJ Considering using it for a deployment, currently only needs to federate with Prosody and Openfire (Prosody doesn't support it yet, I wondered if Openfire did)
  108. Guus You're considering Openfire for a deployment?!
  109. Guus Given your background, that kind of surprises me πŸ™‚
  110. Guus We'll probably going to rewrite large parts of Openfire's s2s code later this year
  111. Guus That's badly needed - we're securing funding to do so.
  112. MattJ No, sorry, I should have been clearer - I'm considering using Direct TLS for a deployment
  113. MattJ That deployment runs Prosody, but needs to federate with Prosody and Openfire
  114. Guus ah. πŸ™‚
  115. MattJ Normal s2s wouldn't work
  116. MattJ If you're rewriting s2s, join us in deprecating dialback :)
  117. MattJ (I imagine that will go down well with many of your customers)
  118. Maranda Hmmm it's around from over 2 years... Is that new?
  119. pep. Rather not necessary
  120. pep. not *extremely necessary
  121. Maranda I meant Direct TLS
  122. pep. yes
  123. Maranda I think I implemented Direct TLS in s2s around 2018 or so
  124. MattJ pep.: it makes life a lot easier in some cases when you need to offload TLS
  125. flow Guus, I am sorry, got distracted by another telco. gsoc summary is that we have one excellent proposal and a good one, so we requested a maximum of two slots and a minimum of one. gsoc participation is a bit lower than the previous years, but the involved projects are motivated to mentor the respective students (if we get the slots)
  126. Guus flow Thanks! Let's hope we get both slots!
  127. pep. MattJ, my point. You're only talking about implementing now, when it's been available for "that long", so it's only a nice to have
  128. Link Mauve Ping about https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/697
  129. Link Mauve I think it’s good to go.
  130. Link Mauve ralphm, fyi https://idavoll.ik.nu/ is still 503, you may want to fix that.