XSF Discussion - 2020-04-21

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  135. flow pep.> I find the current experimental XEP updating flow a bit weird. Yep, it is not ideal that some big changes to experimental XEPs get merged without asking for feedback first
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  138. jonas’ why?
  139. jonas’ experimental XEPs shouldn’t be deployed either way :>
  140. flow doesn't matter, gathering feedback prior merge is still sensible as it potentially improves the XEP while avoiding frequent namespace bumps
  141. jonas’ versions are cheap if nothing is deployed :)
  142. flow no they are not
  143. Neustradamus There is a problem to with inbox folder, there are not redirection to official XEPs...
  144. jonas’ Neustradamus, Thanks! Now make a PR to fix it.
  145. flow I also question the sentiment that experimental XEPs shouldn't get deployed, at least for certain definitions of deployed. you obviously want to have them deployed in experimental setups
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  147. Neustradamus It is not up-to-date but I have listed here: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/421
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  152. jonas’ Neustradamus, that’s an issue, not a PR.
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  154. Neustradamus jonas’: I have said, I have listed ;)
  155. jonas’ and I said we need a PR to fix it
  156. jonas’ not an issue
  157. jonas’ issues are worthless if there’s no one working on it.
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  214. pep. flow: I wasn't talking about namespace bumps, even though I disagree about jonas’' “nothing gets deployed”, it's really all just a waste of time for editors not to leave a short period of time here for authors to hear/incorporate feedback :(
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  216. marc MattJ: are you interested in the 401 discussion?
  217. Zash https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0191.html#example-9 This error you should get when you send a stanza to a JID you yourself have blocked, it should have an error/@by attribute of the account, right?
  218. flow pep., I know that you didn't talk about namespace bump, I just mentioned it as consequence of this. To be fair, even if editors would keep PRs open for longer period of time to gather feedback, your process does not make it easy to review the proposed changes
  219. flow Zash, I think there is no reason it couldn't have the 'by' attribute. I haven't read the spec if it is required thoguh
  220. flow Zash, I think there is no reason it couldn't have the 'by' attribute. I haven't read the spec if it is required though
  221. pep. flow: agreed about the reviews
  222. flow pep., \o/ ;)
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  229. MattJ marc [11:21]: > MattJ: are you interested in the 401 discussion? For sure!
  230. pep. if that's a public discussion I'll definitely read it :)
  231. eta can you use chat markers in MUC?
  232. eta I tried and the clients I'm using don't seem to care about the markers
  233. marc MattJ: didn't you get the invitation?
  234. MattJ Maybe, MUC invitation?
  235. Zash I tried sending you one too
  236. MattJ Not sure if yaxim supports them
  237. MattJ Or maybe my firewall rules
  238. Zash Ge0rG, fix it
  239. pep. eta: I think it's done in some conditions. I merged MattJ 's PR re 0333 in MUC. waiting for iteam to pull the updates
  240. marc MattJ: I tried to reinvite you :-/
  241. eta pep., oh right, apparently you might need to include the 'id' field in the <displayed/> element
  242. eta that's odd
  243. eta oh wait, nvm, you always do that
  244. eta pep., is there a link to that PR?
  245. pep. eta, https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0333.html#appendix-revs it's live now :)
  246. pep. https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/927 PR
  247. eta pep., oh, you need unique and stable stanza IDs
  248. Ge0rG Zash: fix what? MattJ's broken default firewall?
  249. Ge0rG I'm pretty sure I reviewed the rules and highlighted that they break MUC invitation an eternity ago
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  283. MattJ TIL `make preview` in xsf/xeps
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  322. rion do we have unicode symbol for muc topic?
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  326. Ge0rG rion: you can sponsor one
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  328. Ge0rG 👥🗩
  329. Yagiza Just read latest version of XEP-0333.
  330. rion sponsor? no idea how.
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  332. Ge0rG rion: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Adopt-a-Character
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  334. pep. I don't think that's what he asked
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  336. Ge0rG there should be a way to pay the unicode consortium to add *new* characters.
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  338. Daniel I'm sure there is
  339. pep. bribery?
  340. pep. lobbying?
  341. Daniel Little bit of both
  342. Ge0rG nah, they demand proof of importance or somesuch
  343. pep. Ge0rG, "My brand is very important!"
  344. Ge0rG kinda-sorta
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  346. Yagiza It seems all the mentions about message type are removed. But section 8.1 says that "Only Messages that can be displayed in a chat SHOULD be markable".
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  349. Yagiza Does that mean that I should not set "type" attribute for a chat marker Message and if my client displays Normal message not in a chat but in a separate windows, I should no make Normal messages markable?
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  352. Blue That's actually a very sad thing about proof of importance. The wikipedia is into removing the article in russian about fediverse due to the lack of importance
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  380. MattJ Yagiza, I'm not sure I understand. I made the last update to the XEP, I didn't remove anything, I only added.
  381. Yagiza MattJ, I know. It seems that part was removed before your last update.
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  384. MattJ Yagiza, I don't see any such changes
  385. MattJ It looks like it has all been typo fixes and state changes since 2013
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  389. MattJ Yagiza, hmm. Are you maybe confusing it with XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications?
  390. MattJ That one discusses types
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  399. SamWhited Quick question to get an overview of what people here think: When writing https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/password-storage.html I specified that SCRAM should be used because RFC 6120 mandates it anyways. However, I tend to think it would be better to start phasing it out and just using PLAIN, so maybe it's best if I don't add requirements for SCRAM-SHA-256. What do people think?
  400. Holger I'm all for it but am not sure you'll easily get a consensus on that 😉
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  403. jonas’ SamWhited, I think this should be an RFC
  404. SamWhited The main reasons I consider PLAIN to be a better option are that it makes the password hash more agile (it's easy to update it to use a new hash, or a higher workfactor on login), it makes it so that server policy can contain password requirements like a minimum length and have a blacklist of common passwords (eg. it can reject "passw0rd", etc.)
  405. jonas’ not a XEP
  406. Zash Can an Informational XEP even make such demands?
  407. jonas’ it’s not really specific to XMPP, is it?
  408. SamWhited jonas’: I disagree, those are too hard for us to update regularly.
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  410. SamWhited Zash: it's just recommendations. I did feel that RFC 2119 language was important to distinguish the importance of various bits of the XEP, but at the end of the day it is informational
  411. Zash > start phasing [SCRAM] out and just using PLAIN Strongly disagree
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  414. Holger One downside is that hash recalculation is expensive so more prone to DoS.
  415. Zash I'd rather get rid of PLAIN and use only SCRAM
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  417. SamWhited Zash: why? As far as I can tell PLAIN is much better in all the ways that really matter (eg. in terms of common attacks that can be prevented). The property of not sending the actual password to the server is kind of nice, but also that isn't where passwords are normally attacked
  418. SamWhited Holger: that's a fair point, but then again web servers always seem to manage to do it okay
  419. Zash So strong is my disagreement that I can't put it into words
  420. Zash SamWhited, you mean we should switch to OAuth?
  421. Yagiza MattJ, yes, maybe
  422. Ge0rG Sending passwords to the server requires storing them on the client though, and this is a very common stealing vector.
  423. SamWhited Ge0rG: also a good point, adding that to my pros/cons list
  424. Zash "The web does it" is not an argument that's going to work on me.
  425. Zash Not unless it's "bring back XHTML-IM"
  426. Ge0rG OTOH, you need to store _something_ on the client, and that will be usable to login to xmpp. However, it won't be usable to login into your Gmail
  427. jonas’ but surely everyone uses separate credentials for all the things!!k
  428. Zash SCRAM lets you store some magic hash on the client and login with that.
  429. SamWhited It's not an argument for "we should do it because we need to do what the web does", it's a counterpoint that it doesn't seem to lead to DOS' in practice
  430. Zash Without doing the *expensive* PBKDF2 operation again
  431. Zash And without the server doing that either
  432. Ge0rG Mmmhmmm! Magic hash!
  433. Zash Just like 5 hash operations and some XOR magic and you're golden
  434. Zash Even if you set the iteration count to a larger number than I'll bother typing out
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  440. SamWhited So rehashing may be expensive, and that's sad, but it's not a security issue so I'm not sure how much I care (unless there were literally no other common security issues to worry about). Requiring plaintext on the client is one, so I guess the question is: is that more common than not being able to set a password policy on the server or passwords being broken because SCRAm provides no agility for hashes and work factors
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  444. SamWhited My guess is that the latter are much more common. In particular, letting servers define a blacklist (no "passw0rd", "aaaa", a dump downloaded from a recent <common web service> breach, etc.) is probably the biggest single way people break into accounts
  445. Zash This is why we need SASL2, which was supposed to provide credential upgrades and the like.
  446. SamWhited Yah, if we could at least get that problem solved it would be good. Not being able to set server policy seems much more dangerous than anything else though, and I think that's just not solvable with SCRAM.
  447. SamWhited I suppose I could mandate that clients all have a policy for disallowing common passwords and what not ("mandate" meaning "if you're following this XEPs advice, do this please", of course)
  448. SamWhited But that feels wrong and less likely to be widely adopted.
  449. Zash It's not solvable with SCRAM doesn't mean SCRAM needs to go.
  450. Zash It's not like you send SCRAM hashes from the client to register or change password, all that's by sending the plain text already.
  451. SamWhited Ahh, that's a good point that I was stupidly forgetting.
  452. SamWhited Okay, so maybe it's just the agility thing and promoting SASL2 is the way to go
  453. Zash The pains with upgrading to SCRAM-SHA-256 is more implementation issue and that you need the plain text password again
  454. Ge0rG Zash: did you just say PLAIN auth? :D
  455. Zash no
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  458. Zash I mean Corporate Enterprise Mandatory Password Change Policy
  459. SamWhited Okay, thanks, that's what I needed to get out of this. I'm convinced for now; leaving it as is. Thanks for sanity checking me (and finding me insane)
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  462. SamWhited I should re-read SASL2. Did an experimental implementation of it when it came out, but I don't recall the details.
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  464. jonas’ I still need convincing that this is a thing concerning XMPP specifically
  465. SamWhited Does it provide a way to force reset passwords? That seems like the most important thing to me
  466. SamWhited jonas’: it's not concerning XMPP specifically
  467. jonas’ why is this a XEP then?
  468. jonas’ an XMPP Extension Proposal document
  469. Zash You need some signal to say "hey, password change time", if you receive the password encoded in SASL PLAIN doesn't matter
  470. Zash Without letting clients fall victim to MITM
  471. SamWhited jonas’: because the XSF is in a position to make recommendations for the public jabber network and it's much better if people can get them in one place instead of all over the place and specific bits of it may be specific and common problems when implementing things for the Jabber network, eg. how to handle PLAIN alongside SCRAM-SHA-1 which are both mandated by RFC 6120)
  472. SamWhited that's not true, PLAIN isn't mandated by 6120 IIRC, but it's common to implement in Jabber alongside SCRAM-SHA-1 for compatibility with the widest range of clients, so having a recommendation for how to do that is good.
  473. SamWhited Another example is the PBKDF2 iteration count. Right now most people use 4096 which is rather outdated (NIST and OWASP recommend 10000). If you look around on the web you'll find a mix of recommendations for various numbers, but which one applies to the Jabber network? Is it a low security environment or a high security environment? Should I use 4096, 10k, or 100k?
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  475. pep. Zash, any clues of how to use Coporate Enterprise Mandatory Password Change sasl policy without sending PLAIN? or was PLAIN assumed
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  477. SamWhited This document clarifies that, even though you're right, technically PBKDF2 iteration count isn't specific to jabber.
  478. pep. I know corporate setups can require password policies, but I'd prefer encouraging SCRAM also fwiw, even during account creation/password change (where it's not used atm)
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  480. pep. Ideally I'd use client certs, but for now we all have to deal with passwords..
  481. SamWhited pep. you can't mandate it during password change or you lose the ability to be agile and then when your password hashing mechanism is broken all your users get their passwords stolen. This is *much* worse than the server getting your password once in a blue moon.
  482. pep. once and for all you mean
  483. pep. Not entirely sure what you mean by not being able to mandate it during password change
  484. SamWhited You can't mandate using SCRAM or something during password change, like you were suggesting, I mean.
  485. pep. Ah otherwise I can't rehash myself
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  487. SamWhited Hash and work factor agility is the most important thing, in my mind. Right now we don't have that and it's a major problem.
  488. SamWhited However, if SASL2 provides a way to say "you have to reset your password" or "you need to rehash with this iteration count and HMAC hash" that solves the problem nicely in my mind.
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  490. pep. But via requiring another channel I can clear the hash/password altogether and for a reset via that other channel
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  492. SamWhited pep.: didn't understand that bit about another channel, sorry?
  493. pep. email etc.
  494. Zash If SASL2 lets you say "reset your password please" *after* you authed, then it's better than forcing PLAIN auth.
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  496. SamWhited Zash: right, definitely after auth :)
  497. pep. But yeah I would prefer what Zash just said
  498. Zash Then you can use SCRAM mutual auth magic to be sure you're giving the new password to someone who knew your previous password
  499. Kev *once* knew, I think.
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  501. SamWhited Anyways, got what I needed. Ping me via PM or email or something if you have more suggestions for the best practices doc. Thanks again!
  502. pep. SamWhited, questions on IBR2
  503. SamWhited pep. good timing, I was just about to /part. What do you need?
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  506. pep. You specify a way to do the register procedure via <iq>, does that mean I can register an account after bind? Or is it specifically for components?
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  509. SamWhited pep. yah, that all needs to be flushed out a bit more. The idea was to make it compatible with components, but sure, if you're an admin and want to register some accounts for somebody it could be used to make that possible after bind
  510. SamWhited We'd probably want to add a discovery mechanism for that though so that servers could decide whether to implement it or not. And it should probably be ad-hoc based instead, but I'm not sure if that should all go in this XEP or a separate one.
  511. pep. ok
  512. SamWhited Bye for real now; thanks again for the discussion on PLAIN v SCRAM!
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  568. pep. Is there a way to maybe break the fork relation between linkmauve/memberbot and xsf/memberbot?
  569. pep. So I get suggested by default to PR against xsf/memberbot
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  571. pep. And github is sloooooow
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  573. pep. "We are investigating degradations to GitHub.com."
  574. jonas’ yeah
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  598. Maranda degradations lol
  599. pep. It's dead Jim
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  608. Maranda It's some evil M$ plot, I bet 😂
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  625. Guus https://igniterealtime.org:443/httpfileupload/c463ba66-b75a-4fe0-b500-11202e11be40/dt180322.gif
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  629. !XSF_Martin Why GIF?
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  638. jonas’ because efficient 8-bit palette encoding?
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  641. flow pep., you can ask github to change the primary repo
  642. flow i've done that in the past
  643. flow simply write them a mail
  644. pep. you can do that with a simple click in gitlab :/
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  648. pep. Also I'm no owner of that repo so maybe they will just tell me off
  649. pep. MattJ, ^ (?)
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  651. jonas’ I don’t seem to wield power on that repo either.
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  671. Ge0rG !XSF_Martin [18:51]: > Why GIF? The patent has expired. GIF is free now!
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  746. MattJ I've sent Github a request
  747. pep. Thanks! :)
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  753. pep. These should be easy changes: https://github.com/xsf/memberbot/pull/2 https://github.com/xsf/memberbot/pull/3
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  807. MattJ That email came out longer than I planned
  808. Syndace Awesome, thanks!&
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  812. Syndace I'm a little surprised that you don't see a difference between responses and actions, maybe I'm still missing something important. I think the two use-cases of memberbot and and mercurial (:D) bot are already an example of why these two are separate, aren't they? One of them you only want for the last message, the other you want for all (or more) messages. One of them you want with backward compatibility using only plaintext, the other one you want with unique ids so that multiple messages are flexibly possible.
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  824. Syndace You could merge both and then define that responses that define a body may only be available on the most recent message.
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  827. Syndace I'd imagine you'd end up with a set of rules that depend on the body to be there or not, essentially splitting the merged element based on that. But that might just be wrong?
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  849. MattJ I don't think I necessarily agree that actions can't have a body
  850. MattJ "!merge 245" seems like a good example
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  854. pep. "merge !245" :p
  855. Zash !merge !245
  856. Zash !merge!!245!!!
  857. pep. hmm I wasn't even picturing "normal" bot commands using this tbh
  858. pep. In general I'd also prefer bots to use ad-hoc I think
  859. Zash in muc?
  860. pep. dunno, it just rejoins my usual rants about semantics in body :P
  861. pep. Even though with a bot you can generally make that more obvious and slightly restricted
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  866. MattJ When one of the people proposing forms or ad-hoc commands goes and implements either in one of the mobile clients in a nice way, I'll listen
  867. Zash Shall I dig up my Buttons implementation?
  868. Zash Had a working prototype hacked up in JabberCat back when I wrote the protoxep
  869. Syndace > "!merge 245" seems like a good example It is a good example, there is no reason to forbid this. But how to handle this cleanly. Have an "unique" flag on each <response>, if set allow selecting the response even if it's not the most recent message, if not set limit to the most recent message?
  870. Syndace Or actually, my argument was that a bot can totally still accept this, just that there is no button for it
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  873. Syndace The button would say "merge" and send an <action-selected> with the corresponding id, the bot could obviously still accept a manually written "!merge 45"
  874. MattJ Sure. But I see no reason to hide the button either
  875. MattJ And as noted there is UX weirdness if buttons just disappear
  876. Syndace No it wouldn't be hidden, just the button would not generate the "!merge 45" output
  877. MattJ Why not?
  878. Syndace No hard reason. It probably doesn't have to, because the mercurial bot will send a "45 merged by foo" notification as soon as you click "merge"
  879. Zash MattJ, question about room activity indicators: Is it supposed to only work while the client is online?
  880. MattJ Yes
  881. MattJ Which is why it uses presence
  882. Zash Mhm
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  886. Syndace My idea was that the bot knows best when to print stuff and when not to. Thus the action buttons would not print anything, because the bot can just do so with much finer control.
  887. MattJ That's kinda my reasoning for giving it the decision about whether there should be a <body> in the user response
  888. pep. MattJ, I'm not really thinking about mobile right now :)
  889. emus has joined
  890. pep. definitely not my main use-case
  891. MattJ pep.: non-mobile is not this protocol's main use case... console users are used to typing ;)
  892. pep. But accepting and having this buttons xep being used does bring "concerns"
  893. pep. As dwd said
  894. MattJ "concerns"
  895. pep. > So I can see that these are useful, but I'm worried they'll end up baking in a data-as-text-body construction which is less than ideal, and tricky to move away from.
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  898. Zash So much text
  899. MattJ Sorry, but that's what we have today
  900. pep. Yeah and I don't like that either :/
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  903. MattJ I know you would like to replace all text messaging with semantic XML
  904. MattJ But users don't care, sorry
  905. pep. Users don't have to know, as usual
  906. Syndace Take the following scenario: a bot for voting. The votes of some members count double, for whatever reason. Now the bot could decide to only print votes of these double-weighted voters, and hide all single-weighted votes to prevent spam. While a little theoretical, that would only possible if the body isn't fixed in the <response>.
  907. Tobias has left
  908. MattJ Sure, so it sets unique ids, no body, and echoes whatever it wants whenever it wants
  909. pep. (fwiw, dave's quote here is a borderline argument in favour of XHTML-IM. I note :p)
  910. Syndace The bot would decide what goes into the body. So why not just have the bot do the printing itself?
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  912. MattJ I think in most cases it will flow nicer if the response comes from the user rather than the bot. But I agree it depends on the use case
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  915. MattJ Feels borderline security-ish too
  916. MattJ Seeing Ralph write "+1" in a meeting is more reliable than seeing a not write "Ralph said +1"
  917. Syndace Having the bot specify text that appears to be from the user?
  918. MattJ Not == bot, my phone refuses to recognise the word
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  920. Syndace Oh, I guess both directions can appear borderline security-ish :D
  921. serge90 has joined
  922. pep. I'm sure ralph would be able to correct that itself if it happened
  923. Syndace Clicking on "yes" and having "no" appear in the chat because the bot defined it that way is also weird
  924. MattJ True, that is definitely a consideration
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  927. MattJ Agreed, no UI should send a body the user isn't aware of
  928. Syndace okay. That's an argument for a) removing labels from (what is now) <response> b) not adding a body to (what is now) <action>
  929. MattJ But you have to trust the bot either way
  930. MattJ Otherwise it will just echo the "wrong" thing
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  933. Syndace yes, you'd have to clarify that then followed by kicking the bot from the MUC :P
  934. Zash Could recommend showing it in UI like "Merge (sends "merge #123")" or somesuch.
  935. Zash or something something descriptions
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  940. Syndace I'd like to avoid mandating such kinds of UI details, though if you want something like that super hard I won't veto
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  943. Syndace I think the cleanest thing we can do is: - Have buttons for plaintext responses display exactly what they will send - Have buttons that trigger actions display what the action does
  944. Zash Yeah, protocol specifications should stay away from UI design, tho offering suggestions is fine.
  945. paul has left
  946. MattJ There is plenty of precedent for UI requirements in security considerations ("This piece of information MUST be clearly visible to the user")
  947. Zash I'm going to default to "that's silly"
  948. MattJ Syndace, makes sense I think
  949. MattJ But we still need to figure out visibility I think
  950. MattJ e.g. now if I wanted to make an in-MUC voting bot, and I wanted to make quick responses for +1/-1, I can't detect what they are in response to
  951. serge90 has left
  952. MattJ Those kinds of buttons would need to be hidden if the bot sent a new voting item
  953. Syndace I imagined that the (action) buttons would be displayed right with the message they belong to
  954. MattJ and then people with clients that don't do actions can't vote?
  955. MattJ or they have to manually type +1 now, and we aren't able to offer them quick responses on mobile
  956. Syndace they could only vote via +1/-1 for the newest vote then, yes
  957. Zash Unless! <delay/> tag something something
  958. MattJ Let's keep the awkward <delay/> tag out of it :)
  959. Syndace oh you're talking about clients that support only the quick response subset of the xep?
  960. Zash eyes `~/src/xeps/origin-timestamps.md`
  961. Syndace i.e. not the actions thing
  962. MattJ No, I'm working on the assumption that clients would implement the whole thing
  963. MattJ But probably not explaining myself well, tired
  964. Syndace Okay. Then if actions are used for +1/-1, people with supporting clients could also vote for older items. Which the bot would and should probably prevent. People with clients that don't support would have to manually type +1/-1 and have it count only to the most recent vote item
  965. MattJ Yeah, you're right
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  969. Zash That's usually not how voting works tho
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  971. Syndace There is a third option which is not covered currently: a quick response that is not limited to the most recent messrage, but maybe until it is explicitly ended. MattJ> !vote votebot> vote started. *+1 and -1 quick responses appear for everybody* someone> +1 anotherone> -1 MattJ> !done votebot> vote done. *quick responses disappear for everybody*
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  973. MattJ I worry about adding work for clients
  974. MattJ But indeed, that is a possible solution
  975. Syndace yeah, that would probably be complicated.
  976. Zash `<in-reply to="xmpp:id"/>`
  977. MattJ (removing the merge button after merging a PR would be great)
  978. MattJ Going to sleep on this - good night!
  979. Syndace I should too, good night :)
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